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Witches and Wonders

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Summary: Willow wants to start a new life, but soon learns magic will never escape her for too long.

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Charmed > Willow-CenteredIfonlysheknewFR1352,452134,5234 Jan 105 Jan 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: BTVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Charmed characters belong to Constance M. Burge. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material/characters in this story. Unfortunately, I also do not profit off of any of it.

Set during Prue's run, after the series end of BTVS.


Willow sat in the floor of her hotel room, eyes slowly shutting and reopening. Dozens of spell books lay before her. After leaving Sunnydale - or what was left of it, she always had this paranoid suspicion that they hadn't actually destroyed the hellmouth, much as she knew they did. Or that some creeping evil was lurking behind her, always peering over her back.

Buffy and the others were furious that she wanted to leave, but who could blame her? Willow wanted, for once in a very long time, to live an average life. She knew the rest of the crew were all in England, doing some kind of work with the new slayerettes and watchers council, but she couldn't bring herself to join them. So much loss. Between losing friends and Tara... Thinking about Tara still brought tears to her eyes.

"Toughen up, missy." Willow told herself, slamming a book shut and sending dust all around the room.

She decided it was time for coffee and headed to her car, in search of a gas station. She'd been looking for apartments around the city, but San Francisco wasn't exactly a small, quiet place. Homes were in high demand. She wasn't even sure why she'd been drawn here.

The miles seemed to gather in front of her as she drove. Maybe she wouldn't go back to the hotel, maybe she'd just keep on driving forever and ever. That caused her to be sent into a fit of laughter. No, she couldn't do that. Eventually, she found a gas station that suited her needs perfectly.

Inside there were a few people. Normally she'd wait until they exited, but pulling an all-nighter was causing her to drift off just watching them, so she headed in. Willow was making a cup of coffee next to a petite brunette when she accidentally hit the girl's cup and sent it spiraling into the woman. Except, it didn't.

The cup froze in midair as the woman raised her hands up, as well as everyone else in the store. She gasped in shock.

"You didn't freeze!" She yelled, looking over her shoulder, "Phoebe, this girl didn't freeze."

"Looks like we found a good witch!" The girl, Phoebe - also a pretty brunette said, appearing next to her, "Are you a good witch, then?"

"I'm not... I don't practice magic anymore."

"But you're a witch, you have power. Or you would have frozen."

"And I'm thinking the lovely powers above us," Phoebe said, pointing to the ceiling, "Meant for this to happen, Piper."

Willow had seen many things in her day, but time-freezing witches weren't one of them. And even if they were, that was the type of thing she was trying to get rid of.

"I have to go, excuse me." She said, rushing past them.

"Wait a minute!" One of the girls called after her, but Willow chose to ignore it. Of course, Willow being Willow was too nice of a person and couldn't exactly ignore someone, so when she made it to her car, she decided to double back and see exactly what the girl wanted.

"Can I help you with something?" Willow asked, trying her hardest to make her voice sound stern - a hard feat with one so soft.

"I think you should come back to our house and have a talk. I'm Phoebe, this is my sister Piper." The girl held out her hand and smiled brightly. Politely, Willow introduced herself as well. Her sister, Piper, looked less enthusiastic about inviting a stranger that didn't freeze according to their magic into their home.

"I'm Willow. I'm new around here." She admitted, thinking that getting to know a couple girls that knew about magic wouldn't be too bad.

"Well, Willow... We have a lot to ask you."
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