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Zeppo: The Star Wars tales

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Summary: During Zeppo An accident occurs and three unlikely travelers wind up far, far away

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredborgthreeofnineFR1546,66102011,4204 Jan 1014 Apr 10No

A Zeppo's end

A/N: While working on the next part to Xander the Magus this little bunny popped up and pranced about until I had to pet her. Now shes happy. Hope you enjoy!

Discliamer: I dont own Buffy nor Star wars. I also don't own the idea of Eve. Forgot to place this when i posted, oppps.

Willow stared in horror at the hydra-like demon rose from the floor of the library. She heard Giles mutter something about it having have grown but right now the only thing she could think about at the moment was Oz and Xander. As she muttered out the beginning of the spell to reseal the Hellmouth, Willow admitted to herself, even if she wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, that they were a little hard on Xander but at least he wasn’t here tonight. Xander would live, even if it was only for one more night, and she wouldn’t have to witness him dying while trying to save them. The one she feared for the most was Oz. If they failed he would be the first one to suffer and it would be all her fault. She should have found a more safe and secure site for him while this was happening. Or maybe a spell that would allow him to either change at will or stop changing altogether. As soon as this was all over she would put all her effort into trying to help Oz. All thought of her boyfriend and her best friend was driven out of her mind as one of the hydra’s head knocked her back into the wall. Little did she know that Xander was indeed at the high school tonight and was at that very moment facing down an undead O’Toole over a large home made bomb.

“You’ll die too!” O’Toole told Xander, a glint of fear in his eyes.

Xander merely shrugged and smiled. “I like the quiet.”

Giles and Willow had read everything they could on the Hellmouth and what effects might occur when it opened. One effect that they had dismissed, as nobody in their little group used them, was one line that warned about the unpredictable effect the energies of the Hellmouth had on the ‘devices of man’. O’Toole, feeling fear for the first time since he had been revived, reached over the bomb to disengage the timer.

Unseen by both parties the Powers that be watched the confrontation with impassive faces. As O’Toole reached across the Eldest of the powers, a man with gray hair and beard gestured and the scene froze.

“The boy once more emerges victorious.” A female power said.

“He doesn’t have to.” Eldest told the enclave.

“We are forbidden to directly interfere with mortals. The boy must be allowed to live or die according to his fate and destiny.” One of the males answered.

“We have all seen what might be.” The Eldest pointed to Xander. “This boy may prove our undoing just as Eve was the undoing of the Greek powers. We must not allow him to destroy us.”

“We are overlooking one possibility.” The youngest power among them, a little girl with white hair down to her feet, said. “It may be our fate to be destroyed by this young man. That our time has come to an end.”

“No,” Eldest said “Without us the mortals would perish. They require us to manage the war with the darkness or they will perish.”

“I believe,” The youngest spoke once more. “That that was the exact same argument that the Greek powers used to justify the killing of a mere babe. Is history repeating itself once more?”

Her words set fire to the powers. Arguments broke out as one side or the other spoke for or against taking action against Xander. While they were arguing the Youngest tilted her head to the side, as if she was listening to something. Finally she broke into the yelling mob.

“Very well.” She did not yell but her voice pierced the noise being created by the others and they fell silent. “The majority of you wish the boy removed. I will go with the majority on this issue. In fact I will even remove him for you.”

“How?” Every power in the room spoke at once.

“It is simple. I will merely use the tools that fate has provided us. These will be more then adequate. The boy, one touched by the hand of chaos, shall be removed from Earth and shall trouble you no longer.” She told them.

“You mean trouble us.” The Eldest corrected her. “You are one of us.”

“I am not.” She answered. “I am simply an adviser. I have given my advice but you have chosen to ignore me. Now I will act in accordance with your wishes. Now unfreeze it.”

The Eldest narrowed his eyes in distrust but did as she commanded. The scene began right where it had left off up until Jack went to pull the wire. The youngest made a gesture, so small most of the others missed it, and Jack’s head began to swim. Seeing double yet knowing that he had mere seconds until the bomb detonated Jack pulled a wire, the wrong wire. The resulting explosion would have normally fed the open Hellmouth and allow the demons inside to have free rein upon our world. Luckily the energies of the Hellmouth worked against itself in this instance. Having been completely drenched in the dimensional energies of the open Hellmouth the bomb tore open a wormhole to another place. The wormhole sucked everything in: Xander, Jack, the doors and even werewolf Oz were drawn in.

The young power nodded in satisfaction and turned to face the others. “It is done. The boy is no longer a danger to you.”

“You Fool!” Eldest grabbed the Youngest by the front of her robes and lifted her up. “What about that portal? It will devour everything and soon Earth will be no more!”

The Youngest’s eyes flashed a bright sliver and the Eldest flew across the room and slammed into the wall. “Do not forget who you are assaulting. I will excuse your more recent behavior as those that you normally come into contact with are morons. Try that once more and I will release my full power against yours and I doubt that your brothers and sisters would lend you their aid in this fight. Now, “ She turned back to the scene and it rose into the library proper. “I was about to deal with the wormhole with my most effective tool. If you would excuse me.”

In the library Willow flew to her feet, her eyes going entirely black. Spreading her hands out in front of her a deep sliver stream of power flew from them into the Hellmouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, the energy forced the hydra back into the Hellmouth once more. Once it was completely back in the energy completely covered the opening. “Giles, Now!” Willow yelled.

Together the two of them, Giles using his knowledge and Willow providing the raw power, they cast the spell and sealed the Hellmouth. The energy that Willow was using did not stop there; It kept going down into the depths of the school until it encountered the open end of the wormhole and sealed it as well. Before the young power left Willow she saw a chance to ensure that the witch continued to remain her vassal. She touched Willow’s memory and altered it. Now Willow would believe that it was her, using magic she barely understood, that created the wormhole. Worse yet, she would know that Oz and Xander were both lost to it. Satisfied with her manipulations the youngest departed, leaving a broken, crying Willow upon the library floor.
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