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The Vortex

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Summary: It wasn't that we didn't know. It was that we couldn't care. When a vampire is trying to suck you dry, does it matter that he's protected by the same laws as everybody else? I don't think so. (Adult themes and relationships)

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Other
Games > Comic/Superhero
RothFR182039,09122124,5015 Jan 103 Nov 12No

Chapter 18

We pulled up to the curb about a block away from the house we had left not to long ago. I slipped off the bike and into the darkness, masking my Chi. The plan was to have Spike drive back up and go back in, having taken me home cause I had a headache. I'd be written off as a wuss, but I didn't really care about that. What I really cared about was finding Mary alive and well, as well as discovering who was behind this. I didn't think Alison was working on her own, Josh aside, and who was Mary's cousin? I hoped to get answers from Alison and Josh.

I moved through the shadows, into the front of the house, then up the side to one of the top balconies. Alison's parents had their own off their bedroom and like most people kept it unlocked usually. I found tonight no exception and I stealthily opened it and let myself in. The first stop would be Alison's bedroom so I could snap a shot of the purse under her bed. I found Alison's door locked and spent a couple of minutes letting my self in. Then I unmasked my chi and quickly took some pictures. At this point I wasn't sure if they would stand up in a court of law, but I wanted them for evidence just the same. Re-masking I slipped out the door, re-locking it as I went, walking down the hallway and then the stairs, all the way down into the basement where the suspicious rug was hiding something or other.

I made my way to the TV room and peeked through the open door. Mr S was sitting watching Bela Lugosi as the most famous vampire in literature, Lestat and Edward not even coming close. I made my way down to the 'playroom' where Alison had most of her games, toys from when she was growing up, her large TV and stereo system set up and a bunch of other things she had gotten over the years for entertainment. It was semi full of people listening to music, dancing and playing a video game of some type. There wasn't really any way I was going to be able to do this with out something being seen, unless I got the people to leave. As nothing short of a real fire or a raid was going to do that I simply unmasked my Chi and walked into the room.

I had a few seconds before I really got noticed, a good number were drunk or stoned and most of them weren't paying any attention to the door. I went to were the rug was covering the most empty area of the room, knelt down and pulled up a corner. There I could see a magical circle of a similar type to the ones that Doc had been using for whatever the hell he was doing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see people start to notice me, a couple walking towards me, one of the girls I recognized as some one who hung around Alison a lot, ran out the door. I moved the rug so I could see the circle better. It was incomplete in a lot of ways, but in complete in a way that suggested deliberateness, not some one who didn't know what they were doing. I pulled out my camera and snapped a couple more pics to add to the evidence. Pretty soon the people walking over to me had reached me.

"Hi?" I looked up and Heidi Motterson took a step back. "This is, like, a private party. Who are you?"

I liked Heidi she was polite for the most part. The one with her was a pain in the ass though.

"Yeah bitch, who are you?" Harvey Motterson was Heidi's brother and a total dick, even when he hadn't been drinking. "Get the fuck out of here."

I let the rug fall back down and stood up smoothly. Harvey was a pretty big guy, varsity football player and all around bully. I struck out in a series of nerve strikes that caused his body to jerk and he went down to his knees. I crouched down.

"I don't like bullies, I don't like being swore at, dick. Take a page from your sisters book and be polite to the costumed crowd. If you'd said that to Nighthawk your teeth might be mistaken for chiclets all over the floor."

I got up from my crouch and walked to the door, Heidi just staring at me and Harvey gasping for air on the floor. I slipped out and masked my Chi, going into the TV room as people came down the stairs. I could hear Alison going into a tirade and Spike making smart ass comments

"... stupid bitch thinks she can crash my party..." "Maybe she thought it was supposed to be a costumed party?"

I moved into a corner of the room as they went by the door. In a couple of minutes they would come in here and... I watched the door swing most of the way open.

"Dad have you seen some bitch in a costume? She hurt Harvey." Goddess that girl could whine. Mr Stewart got up and gave Alison a glare.

"What have I said about language Alison? I haven't seen anybody unusual and no one came in here." He gestured around to the obviously empty room.

"Sorry Daddy, if you see her, let me know. I'm gonna kick her ass." I could almost hear Mr S rolling his eyes. "Enjoy your movie Dad."

They left the room and he closed the door over, turning to walk back to his chair. That's when I got him in a sleeper and took him down. He struggled for about a minute and then he was out. Checking to make sure he was still breathing fine I locked the door. It would give me a moment or two to be ready for an assault. It was funny how most of the rooms in this house locked. I moved him, propping him up in his chair and then binding his arms and legs. Then I popped a smelling salt while I held a hand over his face. He twitched and jerked awake, his eyes snapping open staring with total surprised at me.

"If you scream I'll just have to hurt you again." I smiled at him under the mask. "And then there will be more violence and I'll still end up waking you up again to get answers. Understand?"

He nodded and I removed my hand.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? What gives you the right..." His voice was low but angry, not that I blame him, but at his last question I cut him off.

"I'm Silence. I'm here because I have information that some one in this house has helped to kidnap a young woman named Mary and what gives me the right is my life long sense of Justice." At the mention of Mary's name he goes pale and just sort of slumps. "Why did Alison do it and why did you allow it?"

"Alison is a bit... crazy. She's my daughter and I love her, but she's out of her mind. She makes a good show, but people are just things to her, play toys. She's been that way since she was young."

Wonderful a real, live sociopath. There really aren't that many out there actually, but I had one here.

"So you're afraid of your own daughter? You could have just locked her up." My voice was full of disgust. "Where is Mary?"

"She's a witch, a fairly powerful one. She'd have gotten out of any mental hospital eventually and then she would have come after us." He shrugged. "I don't know where Mary is for sure, but I think she's at her parents house, somewhere."

"Who is Mary's cousin?" He paled even more. My mind going through all of the places on Black land she could be. "Who in the Black family besides him is in on this?"

"His name is John Black, by the way that Alison talks about him he's some kind of mage or preternatural creature. Hell, he could be a mutant. I don't know. I do know that he's up to his ears in this whole mess." He struggled with his bonds, trying to get more comfortable. "Maybe her father, maybe not, I really don't know."

"Well that would explain loads." I stood up and stretched. "Here is what is gonna happen. I'm going to go now and let you finish your movie. I will leave the keys to the cuffs on the table here. You will do nothing for about 20 minutes and then you will un-cuff yourself and spend the rest of the night praying she's still alive and in one piece."

"She's still alive. John needs her alive to do something... something Alison is helping him with. They were gonna do it and leave her to be found by the authorities. They hope it will be blamed on who ever is killing the other preternaturals." I raised an eyebrow at him. "Alison likes to talk about her plans for the future. She loves an audience."

"If I find out you are more involved than just a silent observer, I'm going to come back and hurt you badly." He nodded as I disappeared from his sight. He looked around in terror trying to see if I had just fooled his eyes for a second. I moved across to the door and waited till his head wasn't in that direction to open it and slip out into the hall. My luck was holding that there was no one there. I walked up stairs and left the way I came in, silently moving across the neighbours lawns. When I got far enough away I phoned Spike.

"Oi." Ah brevity, thy name is Spike.

"I have the information. We'll have to deal with Alison later."

"Well don't get your knickers in a twist, I'll be right there."

"I'll be waiting." I hung up the phone.

In a couple of minutes Spike rolled up to where I was supposed to meet him. I made sure he wasn't followed and then appeared.

"Damn Bit, you really have to tell me how you do that." He got off the bike. "Where are we going?"

"To the Black estate. According to Mr Stewart she's there some where. Also John Black is some kind of power house, though magical, preternatural or superhuman he says he doesn't know." I got on the bike. "Then we'll have to come back here and take care of little miss sociopath."

"You take me to all the fun places Bit." Spike got on and off we went.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Vortex" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Nov 12.

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