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New Life,New World, and they're still killing...

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Challenge 4949 :New Life, New World ....". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy and Faith are sent to the Anita Verse because of wish. Answer to challenge 4949

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Anita Blake > General > DramaFireWolfeFR21127190,09419325196,6365 Jan 1013 Sep 14No

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Wishes and portals

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following TV shows or Books ideas. They belong to their respective creators who are a lot more inventive then I am. I am just borrowing the characters and the challenge from Whimsicality. The challenge is listed below and this is my version of it.

A/N: Thoughts are in Italics as is any telepathy. This takes place after Faith came to Sunnydale in BTVS but before she becomes totally evil. She has stabbed the Deputy Mayor but not gone to the dark side just yet. This takes place after Anita has taken over the Pard and before Olaf comes for Anita in her universe. Anita is in a Triumvirate with Jean-Claude and Richard but has not yet chosen which male she will be mated to. Ratings will vary but can go as high as NC-17. The story line will have pairings similar to the Anita Blake universe so if this offends you please do not read.

By: Fire Star Betaed By: Whimsicality Challenge By Whimsicality

Challenge 4949: New Life, New World, and they're still killing monsters.
There are a lot of amazing Anita Blake crossovers on this website and I'd like to see some more. Specifically this challenge is set during Buffy's season three after Faith has shown up but before she accidentally killed Finch. Buffy and Faith are friends at this point although they have some issues to work through, one night while out patrolling they somehow end up transported to the Anita Blake World (can be set at any point during the series) the method of this transportation is entirely up to you and your own creativity.
Once they get there I don't want them to meet up with Anita right away or any of the crew excluding maybe a few of the more minor characters. They quickly realize that this world isn't like theirs and as they can't get back they need to create lives for themselves. They manage to get identities (neither of them are hackers nor do they control magic so please don't go that route, I'm thinking maybe more intimidating or working for a hacker/criminal to get their identities or something similar, or even legal if you can swing it) and become licensed vampire executioners.
It would be nice to see them meet the AB crew after the executioners become federal marshals but isn't necessary. At some point of course, after they've become acclimated to this world, they cross paths with someone(s) in the main AB world and the story goes from there. It would be great to see some creative ways for this to happen, maybe they know Rafael or Edward, or even Bert who hires them to take over some of Anita's police work so she can focus more on zombie raising.
Some things to keep in mind:
They're both relatively innocent compared to who they are in later seasons so keep in mind that they may be surprised by some of the things they come across in the course of their work.
Neither of them are into research which they now need to do to stay alive and succeed and it would be nice to see that transition instead of an immediate 'oh we're bookworms now!'
Yes they are stronger and faster and are excellent with weapons (although some fun learning to use guns etc anecdotes would be nice) but the vampires of this reality are different and would pose more of a challenge so keep the 'hundreds of official kills' to a minimum ;-)
But it would be nice for them to be more confident and knowledgeably by the time they come across Anita so that they're on an equal playing field.
Any pairing is up for grabs including any of Anita's men, the unattached men, or even Buffy/Faith
Also you can go any route with what happens to their abilities and strengths in this world, changing things, adding things, get them scratched by a were, whatever floats your boat but please make it a gradual learning curve and no immediate crazy power boosts.
There's no length limit because I'd even enjoy some drabbles along these lines but of course if you feel like writing a full length story I will worship at your feet.
I am posting some art to go along with this challenge in my fan art story Sleepless Dreams so feel free to check it out or snag some if you do write something.

New Life, New World, and they're still killing monsters.

Part One Wishes and Portals

Buffy and Faith ran side by side, movements graceful and in sync. They were chasing this new werewolf pack through the deep forests outside Sunnydale, the part dedicated to the Carpathian Wolf reserve. Neither slayer had time to consider the irony of this name however as they attempted to bring down the rogue pack. Giles had received a rather concerned call from Daniel "Oz" Osborne warning them that this pack had moved to the Hellmouth. Once a Scooby always a Scooby, as Xander would say. Because the young wolf was still trying to gain control over his own transformations he had been actively seeking out others of his kind. It was this attempt that had brought him into contact with this pack that had no desire to try to hide what they were. They sought to control the Hellmouth to blackmail the local citizens into paying them to protect it. There was only one real problem with that idea. The Hellmouth belonged to the Slayer and her sister Faith. Neither one was about to allow anything to hijack their charge.

It had taken several years and a lot of pain but the two women were now as close as ever. They had worked out their issues and now considered themselves a family. Both women had come to see that their past actions had been based on misconceptions and their own worst fears. Once they had a chance to talk they had found a middle ground. One of the things that had finally healed the breach was the fact that both loved Dawn. Dawn admired and respected both slayers and managed to make them see that they were being foolish. She had shouted at them that they were sister slayers and that they should care about each other because they alone got what the other was dealing with. Buffy and Faith had felt foolish and finally sat down to talk it out.
Both young women were also extremely angry because the pack was deliberately infecting the locals. Dawn Summers and her friends had nearly been made furry last Tuesday when they had been kidnapped. This had sent the slayers on the hunt to track down and deal with the threat.

They had caught and contained three of the top Alphas and knew that once they had the leader it would all be over. Buffy and Faith hoped that perhaps they could make a deal with the wolves because having extra muscle around to defend the Hellmouth was a good thing. The only thing that was disturbing to the slayers was the fact that these wolves seemed to keep their ability to reason in wolf form. Both slayers wondered if it was because of the pack structure or if there was something more going on. They were highly concerned that this might be a case of more inter dimensional visitors. They did not mind the idea exactly, but it could become a problem if more such beings came through. They might however have found a more neutral demon group to work with.

Working with Spike that one time had proved it was doable to Buffy, and as Faith pointed out they could be valuable allies. After all werewolves were people all but three days of the month. Giles had recently inherited some money from one of the older council members to use to help the Slayers, and both women thought buying back up was a good idea. They both got that not all of the wolves were bad people. Some just needed a reason to be good. Like Faith said she was changing because of the Scooby clan so maybe others could as well. The Alpha female seemed reasonable once she had awakened from being tranquilized. Now all they had to do was catch the male and reason with him.

The Alpha male wolf ran hard and fast. He could not believe he had lost his mate. Those damned slayers had shot her. They would pay. He slipped inside an old barn and transformed into human shape. As he raged he wished...

"I wish those damned slayers would get sent to a place where they have to face packs of my kind, and would have to protect them. Where they too would be prey."


Across the universe the man known as Death knelt at a grave side. Edward carefully laid down the flowers on his two younger sisters graves. He looked up at the full moon and said. "I miss you both so much. I can play at being the big bad Death, what else is there for me really? But the truth is I am only Death to avenge you both. Those damned monsters took you away. I wish...I wish you were here to help me save Anita. She is what I think you two would have been. Smart, sexy as hell, and good people. She is getting too caught up with the monsters though. I think she will lose herself to them. I wish you were here to help me save her. She my only friend and she should be saved. I wish.... I wish I could tell her about you all. But I cannot do that. I could never let anyone know you were dead. If I told someone then it would be real.... Moreover some of my enemies well they might mess with your resting place and then, then would I lose it. There is a reason I buried you here in this old graveyard. No one would know it is our family plot. Well that and because it is so beautiful here. I know mom loved it here. It was like a garden she said."


In Sunnydale a Vengeance Demon listened and smiled. She would finally be able to get even for her friend Anya. She looked at her friend, the patron saint of injured animals, and said, "I will owe you one Connie."

Connie sighed and replied, "All right Halfrek. It is done. Wish granted."

Halfrek grinned as Buffy and Faith were grabbed by a strong wind. Just as suddenly they were ripped away from the demon’s control.

"What happened?" Halfrek asked.

"I do not know. Someone took them from me. They were going to go to Pylea but... I don't know."

There was a loud crack as the balance one uneven shifted back.... Their Lord of Vengeance appeared and demanded, "What the hell have you done?"


The patron saint of Justice for murdered family members heard the wish, and the response from the demon side of his family. He was the flip side of vengeance. He was justice and as such had some strict rules to follow. Balance sucked but it had to be maintained. Archie however rarely cared for the rules, like those two slayers he just snatched and pulled through time and space. His strong arms carried them to St. Louis and with a wicked grin he dropped them down on Edward.

Archie had once had high hopes for the man called Death. Maybe now he could see those plans come to life. It also did not hurt that he got to tweak the demons some, let them do the hard work. But because Edward had wished as well the slayers could perhaps be spared dying when they landed. Not that that would slow either down for long, but why let them have to die first. It would just make their lives more complicated and freak out his own champion. After all despite his job as a hit man Death often served Archie’s best interests so he would get a break for once and maybe become a cleaner champion.

Edward heard a loud crash. It sounded like thunder. His gun appeared in his hand and he ran back toward his family's plot. It sounded like someone was smashing headstones. If it was some punk kid pulling a prank they were going to wish they had never been born.

Edward came to a sudden stop as he saw two women tumble to the ground from a portal. He was not a man who believed in much of anything but what he saw made him wonder if maybe just maybe there was a higher power listening.


Buffy and Faith flew through the air. They instinctively flipped even as they fell to the ground. Their slayer reflexes kicked in and they both landed on their feet in a crouch. The women drew their swords from behind their backs and faced off against Death. Buffy froze and Faith stared in shock.

"Eddie?" Buffy looked dazedly at her older half brother. A man who she thought had been killed overseas in a terrorist attack.

Faith on the other hand saw a man she never thought to see again. The one man who had been kind to her. "Ted?" The man who had killed the local pimp to keep her from being used in a snuff film. Her older bad ass half brother who had shown up when she was fourteen and saved her.

Archie grinned as he waved his hand. Time to make certain that the transition went smoothly. Both teens cried out as a sharp pain hit them. They fell to the ground, each grabbing their heads as memories flooded them.

Archie had always hated the way that TPTB treated their champions so he would not hold back from them. They would suffer some but in the end he thought they would value the truth. The memories of the lives of their counterparts filled both young women telling them that they were more to each other, and to Edward. The memories carried both pain and pleasure. They showed lives that had been shared in this universe, a thing fate and the PTB had denied them in their own.

Suddenly Faith and Buffy knew they were more than sister slayers. They were family as was this cold eyed man who they both knew. They were and always had been family. In fact in this world. Faith and Buffy had grown up knowing each other and Edward. This meant that they now had feelings of love and caring to help smooth their still rough edges.

Death watched in shock as his two sisters collapsed on the ground in obvious pain, somehow alive again. He was confused and angry because this was not possible yet somehow he prayed it would last.

Archie moved quickly to explain what had happened. Before he could Whistler appeared. "Those two belong to us." He glared at Death. "They are the champions of our world. You have no right to take them. Your own are dead."

Death saw the man who had just appeared walk over to grab his sisters. He did not hesitate and pulled a dessert eagle and pointed it at the man in the crappy suit. He was not a preternatural being but this thing felt evil to him. "Step back from my sisters." He ordered. His icy blue eyes promised death to any that threatened either Buffy or Faith.

Archie grinned because unlike Whistler he had enough common sense to stay hidden from the assassin. He knelt beside the slayers and said in a soft whisper. "This is your chance ladies. You can have a family and a normal life here." He chuckled at his own humor. ”Ok maybe not the white picket fence deal but more than you would have had in Sunnydale. The memories I am giving you are of this worlds versions of yourselves. Plus you both know Edward has potential. Help me save him. He is a good man. He just needs to have his faith in humanity restored. All of humanity my lovelies. Or you could go back and be pawns to TPTB, Your call. I think you have earned a choice."

Buffy looked over at Faith and in an instant they made their choice. "Whistler get away from our brother," They said as one. Choice really was the only thing Buffy had ever wanted. She could deal with saving the world but had always wanted the right to have a choice. Faith on the other hand considered becoming The Slayer, or even a slayer, one of the best things of her life. It had given her a fighting chance. Yet like Buffy it would have been nice to have been told what they were up against. To choose to be a soldier in the good fight. Also like Buffy she considered Edward family, so the warning in her voice was the same.

Death smiled as Whistler made the mistake of trying to grab Faith. He fired and the balance demon grabbed his left knee in pain.

"Wow, I just usually threaten to rip his ribcage out." Buffy said idly.

Death looked at the blond and said, "See that is where you went wrong Elizabeth. You always need to carry through or the threat becomes meaningless."

"Yeah, I get that." Buffy said with a smile that was eerily just like Edwards.

Whistler cursed and tried to stand and grab Buffy and quickly learned that demon or not he was not up to resisting hollow points in both his knees.

"Say B maybe we should get us one of those. It might make taking down the demons easier." Faith said. She was grinning wickedly.

Whistler suddenly had no doubt that both these ladies were related to the human the demon world called Death. He also now knew why they had all been separated in his world and shuddered at the potential damage they would, and could do. He suddenly knew his bosses had messed up big time and they were going to lose two of their best "tools" Oddly enough he was almost glad of that. Because both women deserved more than to be used and tossed. Plus it would restore the balance and maybe in the end make his life a little easier.

Buffy frowned and said. "Maybe but we need to wait a bit. I mean I'm just going to be turning nineteen and you sister dear are only just about eighteen. I think you have to be older."

"The age is twenty-one in many states but we can work around that." Death said. "I do not know what the hell you are. I do not know how the hell my sisters are alive but know this. No one is taking them anywhere." He was also wondering how his sisters could be five younger than they should be.

Whistler looked and froze in fear. He had faced a pissed off slayer, a mega Wicca, Ripper, and a vengeance demon. He had even faced Angelus; however the human in front of him scared him shitless. Without a word he disappeared. He would need more instructions because as a balance demon he could not harm humans but that one clearly would like to shoot him again.

Nothing was ever easy since Buffy Summers had been called. Then again no one had ever expected Death to find them again. The balance was going to be so screwed. Whistler just hoped his bosses had a backup plan because it was clear that the Chosen two were staying in this world. Not that he thought it was a bad idea now that they realized how they had been played. Because Whistler had a really bad feeling they would make him into fashion accessories if he tried to interfere in their family again.

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