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Summary: Sam wishes he was the damned Impala, at least he might get some Dean love that way. Comedy/crack!fic, Sampala/Dean, Wincest, incest, slash

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Chapter 2

An hour later, he parked Sam outside a bar. "Stop being a pain in the ass, Sam. I need to eat." Drink, flirt, get away from you for a while. He shut the engine off and pocketed the keys.

"But, I don't want to be here. I don't wanna be alone... and this Toyota is scary looking," Sam complained.

"Now you can see the Toyota? Shut up Sam." Closing the door behind him, Dean headed into the bar. He sat down rubbed his eyes and ordered food and a beer. "Thanks sweetheart," he said, giving the waitress a wink."

A half hour later, he'd wolfed down his food, and was drinking... relaxing and flirting. The place wasn't half bad, it had a nice atmosphere. A couple of times, he found himself wanting to make a comment to Sam, just to see his bitchface, but then he'd remember. He hoped this thing wore off soon.

Sam got tired of sitting, parking, whatever, there in front of the bar fast. He had no one to talk to and some big nasty biker had run his fingertips over his hood, making him shudder. It was gross, no it was beyond gross. He was bored, grossed out and lonely. The car's horn blew loud and long. When nothing happened, Dean didn't come out of the bar, the horn blew again louder and longer than the first time. "Deaaan!"

By the time Dean came outside, he was getting a lot of dirty looks. Putting both hands on the hood of the car, Dean leaned in and spoke to the front windows... never mind who was watching. "What the hell's the matter with you, Sam? Told you I was gonna have a couple beers, now cut this out."

"People are touching me!" Sam hissed back.

"People are? Oh, the hell... Just... chill out, stop honking, and stop being a nuisance." Dean took a step away.

"Dean!" the car honked again, "don't leave me, dammit! This isn't funny! There are parts of me I don't want other people touching!" Sam grew quiet, "Just... trust me. Next time you wax this thing, don't spend so much time on certain areas. It's... sexual." He cleared his throat and the engine revved. "Believe me."

Sam was sick and tired of being the damn car. Fine, if he had to tell Dean why he had done this, what had happened, then fine. He would, he'd do anything not to have to be a hunk of metal anymore. Not to have strangers run their hands over him, or spit shine him. What the hell was up with that!? WHO spit shines another person's car!? "Dean, please, I'm begging you, don't leave me here."

His brother was sounding crazy, but yeah, maybe if you were stuck in the body of a car, you slowly went crazy. Letting out a deep breath, Dean turned, came back and got inside. "Fine. Just remember, you owe me one," he said, starting the car.

Back at the motel, he knew Sam wouldn't let him get any sleep if he left. He talked for a while, a little pissed that Sam was giving him short answers. Well what the hell did he want him around for if he wasn't going to at least give him some conversation. Eventually, he leaned his head back, one hand on the gear shift. "Tired," he said.

"Fine." Sam mumbled, still sore about Dean's damn 'you owe me one' comment. Owed him one. Maybe if he wasn't such an ass so in love with his car, Sam never would have made this stupid wish in the first place. No, you wouldn't have made the wish, if you weren't jealous and wanting to fuck your brother. Sam sighed internally at himself. Oh shut up!

"Fine, what?" Dean forced his eyes open.

"Nothing. You're tired. Go to sleep." Sam grumbled.

"Night, Sam." The things he did for his brother.


Some time during the night, Dean slid down on the chair, his head laying on the passenger side, body curled up, trying to fit in the small space. His hand was still curled around the gear lever, like he was hanging on for dear life, sometimes squeezing it when his dreams had him tensing.

The engine was running, again. The grip Dean had on the gear lever felt to Sam like Dean was holding Sam's cock in his hand, squeezing him, sliding sometimes along it's length, like when his hand slipped back down to the bench. Now, as Dean turned to the side, it felt as if Dean was laying draped across his, he didn't even know... hips, maybe? Holding onto his friggin dick like it was his damn security blanket. Sam moaned low, a soft near groan. "Mm, feels so good..." his words came out whisper soft. The engine revved again.

Strange dreams. He was dreaming Sammy had gotten trapped behind a door, a metal door, and he couldn't get him out. "Sam..." He gripped the handle, tugging on it, trying to free him. "Sammy," he muttered, pulling some more, then trying to find some other spot his fingers could grip. "Need..." He needed an axe.

Sam's breaths grew heavier, the car bouncing and swaying on it's shocks, engine revving over and over again. "Yeah... need... me too..."

"Fuck." Dean shouted, getting angry as the door wouldn't budge. He started to try the knob again, but it was like someone had put vaseline over it and it was slippery. His fist kept twisting around it, unable to get a good grip. "Sam... oh God... suck." This really did suck, he just wanted his brother out.

Sam gasped in a breath, the hood popping open, "Yes, oh God, yeah, suck it. Please, ohmygod..." Sam could only imagine what that would feel like, having his brother's soft looking full lips wrapped around his.... yeah, okay, it was his gear lever, still... at the moment, it was the same damn thing. Stop laughing! The trunk popped open then, just before the horn blew.

Dean jacknifed up, hand going for the gun in the waist band of his pants before he realized... nothing happened. It was Sam. Again. "What the hell? This time you have no excuse, none," he shouted, opening the door and getting out. "You said to stay with you, I did... and you do this? Now you turn that engine off and stop blowing that horn. You got that, or I'll work it so you can't blow the damned thing." Slamming the door shut, he started walking toward the room.

The Impala's engine shut off. There was a long silence before the passenger door opened and Sam pulled from the car, his gaze on the closed motel room door. With a sigh, he walked around the car, closing the trunk then the hood, before turning and walking toward the motel room door. Slowly raising his hand, Sam reached for the door knob. Stepping into the room, Sam gave a small sheepish smile. "I - we should talk." Sam cleared his throat, hanging his head, hoping like hell that the damn erection he was still sporting didn't show.

"Sam!" Dean shot off the bed and grabbed his brother, hugging him close. "Don't get used to it, I'm going to kick your ass next." Clapping him on the back, he let go of him.

Sam hugged his brother back, turning his head so he could breathe in his brother's scent, nose pressed against his neck. "Yeah, I kinda figure you will." Sam told him softly.

"Glad you agree." He tried to pull away but felt Sam still holding him. "You can let go now."

Sam shook his head slightly, nose still pressed against his neck, "No... I can't. Don't want to."

"Huh? Sam, let go." His eyes widened as he felt Sam press closer. "What's going on... something else happen? Did you damage the car?" He started to pull away with more force, anxious to see his baby.

Sam held tighter. "Car's fine. I'm not though," Sam told him softly a soft moan escaping, hot breath against his brother's neck.

"You look fine, you're fine. Sammy?" His brother hadn't clung to him like this since he was a kid and Dean had no idea what to make of it. He did stiffen at the sound of the moan. Nah... "Alright, let go and tell me what's wrong."

Sam's arms wrapped around his brother slid slightly lower, hands pressing Dean closer. "You can't tell?" Sam asked him, burying his face more against Dean's neck. "It's why I became the car, why I'm me again. It was the wish demon. I have to face my desires."

"Yeah?" Dean waited, trying to understand. "Sammy, tell me." He'd asked him to tell what the wish was that the demon had granted, but Sam had been cagey about it. "You want my car?" Maybe he'd gotten attached to it while Dean had been in hell. "You... you know everything that's mine, it's yours too. Even if I act like it isn't," he said. "Been letting you drive her more." And still, his brother's grasp on him didn't loosen.

"No," Sam shook his head slightly, keeping his face buried. After another few minutes, Sam took a deep breath, slowly pulling his head up to look into Dean's face. He licked his lips and tried to think how to best tell your brother that you wanted them. "You, uh, you remember when you were in my trunk? When you were under me? Touching me?"

"Touching the car... yeah, I remember. You kept thinking something was wrong back then too, nothing was wrong with the car Sam. Nothing's wrong with you." He felt something crackling between them like electricity, his eye sought Sam's out again and he cocked his head.

Sam shook his head slowly. "Would you want to do it again? Touch me?" he licked his lips, hazel eyes searching green, "be," he cleared his throat, internally bracing for the punch, "inside me."

"You want to be the Impala?" Dean's eyes widened. "You... Sam, this isn't funny. Seriously, dude, let go." He wondered if Sam had found out somehow how he'd felt before Sam went off to college. It had taken Dean the entire two fucking years to re-train his brain and his body not to think of his brother sexually. He'd gone with every girl he could, forced Sam out of his mind each time he jacked off, and somehow he'd done it.

Sam continued looking into Dean's eyes, unflinching. "I'm not laughing."

"Did you find my letter?" He was panicking... no Sam couldn't have found it, the letter he'd written so long ago and never sent. He had no idea where it had gone, and he'd told himself he must have tossed it into the trash or something. He'd written it when he was drunk. "That what this is about?"

Sam frowned at him and now it was his turn to cock his head in confusion. "Letter? What letter?" he huffed and pulled an arm from around his brother, still holding onto him with the other as he ran his free hand through his hair with an exasperated sigh. "Dammit, Dean,I'm trying to tell you that I was jealous of your stupid car, alright!?" Sam spat, "And then I was dumb enough to wish it was me that you were being like that to, and... and..." He blinked and pulled away from his brother, turning on his heels to pace away. "Nevermind."

"Sam... Sam come back here. Come on, you can't lay that on me and expect me to catch up..." He ran his hand over his jaw, watching Sam pace, wondering how it could be true. "Of my time... you mean the time I spend on my car, that's what you were jealous of." His heart was banging against his chest. Of course it couldn't be anything else... no fucking way.

Sam nodded as he paced, "The time, sure," he allowed. "Time, attention," he stopped pacing to look at Dean, "the love you give that," he pointed toward the window, the car out side, "hunk of metal and not," he pointed at himself now,"me!" Sam told him, voice raising. He started to pace again, head bowed, shaking it. "I mean, I know it's fucked up, I know it and I've been trying like hell to just ignore it, just let it go, but then I was cursed due to my own stupid big mouth and I had to come to terms with facing my desires." He stopped pacing, his gaze laser focused on Dean's face. "Well, here I am, facing them," he held his arms out.

"Desires. You want..." One by one, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Sampala getting him to go into his trunk and into his engine for a dozen nonexistent reasons. The revving of the engine, the honking, the shaking. The oil... His chest rose and fell. "You... you came on my face! Anywhere else might have been fine but..."

Sam's chest was rising and falling with his rapid breaths having worked himself up about this. He stared at his brother for a few moments before finally tearing his gaze away to look at the floor. "Well, that was an accident. I didn't know your face was...there." He cleared his throat, forcing himself to look back up.

He was still trying to come to terms with this. "Sammy... I don't get one thing. Overnight, suddenly you just... want this? What if it's another kind of demon, making you want this?"

Sam shook his head, lips pressed together tightly, "No, s'not over night. Been a while now." He gave another nod, "I wish it was a demon, I really do, but," he shook his head. "It's not. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Dean put his hand out. "Sam... you sure about this?"

Sam tore his gaze from his brother's face to look down at the offered hand, then back up. He gave a nod, jaw clenched. "Yeah, I am." He swallowed and started to reach for Dean's hand only to pause. "You aren't gonna hit me... are you?"

"No." Dean took a few steps, then put an arm around Sam, pulling him into his embrace. "No, not gonna hit you. Gonna get your engines revving. Gonna have you honking, and squirting..." He started to lean in for a kiss, then stopped. "What part of you was the damned gear lever?"

Sam smirked and ducked his head, looking up at his brother from under long bangs and his brows. "Uh, I dunno if you're ready for that knowledge yet." He cleared his throat and swallowed.

"Yeah...maybe we should talk about that later." He pulled Sam with him, backwards to the small sofa, pulling him down over his lap. "So, what do you think? Shall I take you for a spin, Sammy?"

Sam leaned in, his lips near Dean's. "Motors already revved," he told him softly. "Kiss me?"

"You bet." There was only a split second of hesitation, before Dean brought their mouths together. At first, it was a tentative kiss. He was surprised to find his brothers lips so soft, yet firm and well defined under his mouth. He sucked Sam's bottom lip, pulled back, looked into his eyes to make sure they were still on the same page, before slanting his mouth over Sam's again, this time pushing his tongue into his brother's mouth, stroking his palet, his tongue, and exploring every corner. His arms tightened around Sam, pulling him closer as he groaned softly. He'd dreamed this... years ago... he'd dreamed this. Maybe it was his own wish coming true.

Sam moaned into the kiss, kissing his brother back, tangling their tongues together, giving as good as he got as he wrapped his arms around Dean, fingertips digging into his brother's back as he held onto him tightly, like he might wake up and find this too another damned dream. Only this seemed better than any dream he could remember, he could taste Dean, smell him, actually feelhim under his hands, the warm wet heat of his mouth crushed to his own. Kissing harder, Sam moved his head from side to side, one hand rising to cup the back of Dean's head, digits tangling in the short soft golden brown strands.

Dean broke the kiss in order to drag in a few much needed breaths. "You smell like you, and the Impala's engine... any idea how fucking sexy that is?" Expecting to get a bitch face or a retort, he pushed Sam back against the arm of the sofa, leaning over him and bring his mouth down once again. This time, his tongue immediately penetrated Sam's, searched out his tongue and started a controlled dance. His hands were free to roam over his brother's body, to touch him in ways he never had before.

It was on the tip of Sam's tongue to tell Dean that he really knew how to break the mood, to glare at him and huff, only he never got the chance before he was pushed back and was moaning into his brother's mouth, arms wrapping back around him.

Dean pushed Sam's tee shirt up, moved his hands under, kneading his stomach, his chest... learning how he felt. His mouth slipped to Sam's ear. "Feel so good, bro. So damned good."

"Mmm... yeah..." Sam answered breathlessly, his breaths coming him faster, heavier as he ran his hands over his brother's back, down to his ass, cupping his ass in his hands, pressing him down as Sam lifted his hips, moaning softly.

The pressure on his ass had Dean grinding his hips down over Sam's, groaning as their hard cocks slid together. He moved his mouth back and forth, kissing Sam, committing his taste to memory, loving how his brother clung to him, pulled him closer. His hand lingered over the side of Sam's chest, occasionally he'd pinch his nipple and rub his thumb over it, loving his brother's reactions. He really needed to get the shirt off.

Sam panted and moaned, arching and thrusting against his brother, hands roaming over his back, up to his hair and down, grasping his ass again, pressing Dean against him as he writhed and bucked, face flushed, eyes passion glazed.

Lifting up, Dean pulled on Sam's tee, tossing it on the ground the instant his brother lifted his arms. Then he pulled his own shirt up, tossing it on the floor too before helping Sam get his long legs up on the short couch, and laying down on top of him, welding his mouth over his brothers for another long, heated kiss.

Sam ran the tip of his tongue along the roof of his brother's mouth, tangled it with Dean's own tongue, moans sounding deep in his throat only to be swallowed up in the kiss, hips bucking more frantically, hands running over Dean's form possessively.

"Mmm, so good," Dean muttered, loving how Sam was touching him everywhere, not at all shy or hesitant. The way he was rubbing against him... fuck, he could feel Sam's arousal, hard and hot against his jeans. God, he wanted the pants gone, wanted everything that separated them off. Lifting up, straddling Sam's thighs, he ran his hand down the center of his chest, "Vrrroooom. Beep... beep," he added, squeezing Sam's cock over his jeans, and starting to unbutton them, a smirk playing on his lips.

Sam's passion glazed eyes focused on Dean's face, frowning, brows furrowed in confusion, breaths panting out through parted lips, cheeks flushed. "Wha?" Sam asked breathlessly, "Did-" he frowned harder. "Dude, did you just beep at me?" He blinked at his brother as though he had just lost his mind. Reaching up Sam cupped each side of Dean's head. "New rule... you're not allowed to talk," he said breathlessly as his head lifted off the arm of the love seat, mouth slanting over Dean's.

He didn't even get the chance to argue he hadn't been talking, all he knew was that Sam's mouth was against his, and little brother was damned demanding. They kissed as he undid Sam's jeans and pushed them down to his thighs. His hand brushed against Sam's rock hard cock, coming back to grasp it in his fist. He squeezed, and slowly started to stroke up and down, much like he would when he was jerking himself off.

Sam gasped, their lips pressed together, but no longer totally kissing. Their breaths panting out into one anothers' mouths. "S'good, Dean..." Sam mumbled, pressing in, tongue flicking between his lips to lap at the interior of his mouth as low moans and soft groans breath from deep in his throat, hips thrusting his cock into his brother's hand.

Sam's hands moved, reaching between them, frantically unfastening Dean's jeans, nearly busting the zipper in the process. Once he got the denim open, Sam slid his hand inside, under the cotton of Dean's boxers, long fingers wrapping around his brother's shaft, stroking him.

As warm fingers closed around him, a jolt of white hot heat went through Dean, making him groan with pleasure. Years ago, he'd wanted this so bad, thought about it, dreamed about it... jacked off to it. But it had been nothing like this. The real thing ... it rocked Dean's world off its axis. Kissing Sam one more time, he lifted up, sitting on his thighs, moving his fist up and down his shaft, eyes locked with Sam's. He loved how his brother's lips parted, how he gasped for air. Loved how his cheeks were flushed, and the way his gaze constantly dropped down to watch what he was doing with his hand.

Using his thumb, Dean brought both their cocks together. While Sam held them together at the base, Dean stroked and squeezed them together, loving how hard Sam's dick felt against his. "This... were you thinking about it... when you were the car?" Dean asked thickly. "Or what were you thinking about. When you came on my face?"

Sam gave a small breathy chuckle, as his gaze darted up to Dean's from where he had been looking watching their hands slide along their cocks. He licked his lips, "Uh, I -"he swallowed as a moan broke from his throat, "I thought about you touching me, you're mouth on me," he answered softly, "about you inside me." A deep groan tore from Sam's throat as his head fell back, neck arched.

"Inside." Dean's body hummed with excitement. "That why...." he bit his lower lip and threw his head back as a way of pleasure when through him. "Why you kept sending me to the trunk?"

Sam's lips quirked into a small smile before his lips parted, tongue darting out to lick his lips. Lifting his head he bit his lip. "Mm, yeah." He smiled, lips parting once more as a moan tore from is throat. Hips bucking his cock into his brother's fist harder.

"Thought I was nuts cause I thought you said for me to crawl inside," he smiled back, increasing the pressure. They stayed like that for a while, gazes locked, both their hands around both their cocks, exchanging soft moans. Dean abruptly got up and off the couch, pushing his jeans all the way down and stepping out of them. He reached for the bottom of Sam's jeans and in one hard tug, had them off his brother. He stripped his shorts off too, then lowered his weight over Sam's. "Gonna make your engine purr, just like my baby's," he whispered in Sam's ear, then moved his mouth over Sam's, kissing him hungrily. Fuck... it was so good between them. Just like everything else they did together, fighting, talking, finishing each others' sentences.

He started to kiss Sam's throat, one hand stroking his chest hard, he couldn't get enough. "Never done this... with a guy. But you make it so fucking easy, Sam," he whispered, sliding his leg between Sam's, clamping his own around one of Sam's as he fucked against him, the pressure building low in his belly.

Sam shook his head as he looked at his brother, lips parting breaths panting, chest rising and falling heavily with each one, his face flushed. "Me neither," he swallowed hard, hips thrusting up to grind against his brother as his head rose from the arm of the love seat, his mouth against Dean's neck, biting hard, then licking away the sting, sucking the sensitive flesh into his mouth, moaning softly.

This felt good, so fucking good, but Dean wanted more... especially after what Sam said earlier. "I wanna... I wanna drive you," he said, giving his brother a look, "park in your garage..." He knew he was asking for it, but hell... how could he resist making fun of their situation....Sam turning into his car ... getting off to his fiddling with the engine. It was just a goldmine for jokes.

Sam slowly pulled his head back from Dean's neck as he started talking, giving him a look that nearly screamed how not funny he was. "That's it," Sam grunted out as he turned slightly at the waist, under his brother, reaching down off the love seat onto the floor, long digits hooking one of his socks.

Bringing it up, he rather unceremoniously shoved nearly the entire sock in Dean's mouth. "No talking," Sam told him, "your gas cap's missing and you're spilling all over the floor, ruining the mood." Sam told him, giving his brother a pointed look before slowly starting to dip his head again to Dean's neck.

Dean spit the damn sock out and moaned as his brother found his sensitive spot. He cupped the back of Sam's head, making sure he concentrated on that spot, between his collar bone and his ear. Between that and the rubbing of their cocks, Dean was quickly reaching the point of no return. "Get on your knees, here," he said, moving off Sam and helping him face the back of the couch.

Grabbing Sam's hand, he put it on Sam's cock and helped him stroke. "Don't stall out, I'll be right back," he whispered against his ear, getting off the sofa and heading for his duffel bag.

Sam frowned, even as he slid his hand up and down his hard cock, turning to watch his brother. Stall out... Pfft! If he said one more car term Sam was gonna scream. It wasn't his fault he'd been turned into a car. Well, okay, maybe a little his fault... but still.

Tearing his gaze away from Dean, Sam hung his head as he stroked his hard length, hips bucking his cock into his own fist, low moans working out of his throat. "You better hurry up," Sam told him breathlessly, head tilting back as he stroked himself faster, harder.

"Right here," Dean said, getting on the couch, kneeling behind Sam and kissing his throat. For a moment, he watched Sam working himself and ended up proving himself wrong... yes, he could get harder. His cock nudged against the cleft of Sam's ass, rubbing up and down, making Dean want so badly to just push inside.

Heart banging against his chest, need riding him like her bitch, he managed to pull back and push some of the petroleum jelly from their first aid kit into Sam's hole. He worked it in slowly, then started to use two fingers, his mouth moving over Sam's lower back and ass cheeks... kissing and licking.

Sam sucked in a gasp as Dean's fingers touched him where no one ever had before. Well, other than when he was a car, but that didn't count... did it? If it did, it certainly didn't help the fact that he was starting to tense up, his hand stuttering over his cock as he stroked himself as low groans and gasps broke from his throat. He turned his head to try to see, only to turn it back, hanging it as he panted out his breaths, and then Dean's lips were there, at his lower back, against his ass making Sam writhe and moan, relaxing him more, making his cock surge and pulse in his hand.

"Relax..." Dean crooned, taking his time, soothing his brother with his mouth even as he invaded him with a third finger. Pushing inside, he curled his middle finger and found the gland he was looking for. He stroked it a few times, noting Sam's movements and the sounds he made, knowing he was doing it right.

Sam nodded. Relax. Yeah, he was trying. Pushing back against the fingers in his ass, and thrusting into his fisted hand, Sam moaned, lips parted breaths panting out. Suddenly intense pleasure sang through his body, making Sam tense, teeth clenched, back arched. "Holy fuck!" his hips bucking harder, pushing his ass back against his brother's fingers as moans and groans fell from his parted lips, face flushing.

"You ready for me?" Dean asked, brushing his mouth upward over Sam's back, to his neck.

"Mm, yeah," Sam answered, nodding, "Oh God, yeah..." he whispered breathlessly as his head fell back, exposing his long neck to Dean's lips.

"Thank God," Dean answered, moving his hand up and down Sam's side, then over his stomach, pulling him up against his erection. He rubbed against Sam's ass, kissing him and whispering hotly in his ear about how much he needed to be inside him, like his fingers, how much he wanted to hear Sam calling his name. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out but held Sam's cheek to one side as he aligned himself and started to push inside.

Sam gasped and grunted, tensing, his grip on the back of the loveseat tightening as he clenched his teeth. "Oh God..."

"It's alright Sammy... going slow... alright? Slow," he kept repeating as he pushed inside, moaning at how hot and tight his brother felt around him, fighting against the instinct to buck and thrust... and get instant satisfaction.

Sam nodded, lips parted as he panted his breaths, chest rising and falling with each. "Yeah... Mm...Oh God... feels different than.... the trunk." Sam panted, groaning softly. "So full, stretched," he mumbled softly, head falling back against Dean's shoulder. "Oh God..." he squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Dean push in more. "Burns..." Sam mumbled as his eyes blinked open.

"You're not as roomy as the Impala," Dean muttered, trying to get Sam's mind off the burning as he pushed hard, past the tight ring of muscle and found himself fully buried inside his brother. He held him tight, their bodies plastered together as he barely moved against him in slow, small motions. His hand slid up and down Sam's stomach, touching, caressing him, loving him.

Sam gasped in a breath as Dean pushed fully into him. Panting out hot breaths as he hung his head,his hand slowly sliding over his cock, thumb circling the crown. Taking a deep breath Sam nodded, knowing Dean was waiting for him to tell him if he was alright. "Yeah, M'okay. I'm okay." Sam panted, face flushed, as he slowly thrust his hips, his cock into his hand, barely moving forward then back against his brother.

"Ungh..." the wave of pleasure that ran through Dean had him gripping Sam's hip and chest, holding him tight and unmoving until it passed, and he knew he could control the urge to fuck Sam hard. Leaning forward, he kissed the corner of Sam's mouth as he started to move his hips, undulating rather than pulling out, still exploring and learning how it felt to be inside his brother.

Sam's lips moved in invitation to Dean's kiss, head tilted back and to the side. Feeling Dean start to move inside of him, Sam groaned, gasping in a breath as his head fell forward. He ran his hand faster over his hard flesh, stroking himself, squeezing, wrist pivoting. When Dean hit that same spot from before, Sam nearly fell fowarad, muscles tensing. "Nauugh..."

When his brother clenched around him, Dean groaned out his pleasure. Sam was like a tight glove around his cock, and Dean was damned sensitive to every movement, every drag of his cock inside Sam making him hotter, making him needier. "Sam..." it was the only warning he managed, before pulling mostly out and slamming back inside his brother's tight body, giving a strangled cry. "Good... oh God... good," he muttered, repeating and then starting to fuck Sam, each thrust a little harder, a little deeper.

When Dean slammed into him, Sam fell against the back of the love seat. "Ungh..." Pushing himself back slightly with the hand on the back of the love seat, Sam moaned thrusting his cock into his fist, then pushing back against his brother. "Oh... Gawwwd..." the words torn from Sam's throat on a long deep groan. Sucking air through his teeth Sam started to thrust harder, pushing back against Dean just as hard. "Oh God... Oh shit..."

"Yeah... hell yeah," Dean echoed, fucking Sam harder, kissing his shoulder, hands groping, pulling him closer each time he thrust.

Sam moaned, thrusting harder, nearly grinding himself back on Dean, his fisted hand moving fast and hard over his cock, precum pearling, wetting the tip and the back of the loveseat as his body rocked with his and Dean's movements. "Oh God, Dean...."

Liquid heat rushed through Sam's veins, pooling low in his belly. This was better than he ever thought it would be, better than any image he'd jerked off to in his mind. Sam's motions start to become more erratic, as his balls drew up painfully tight. "Oh God, Deeean..." Sam groaned, muscles tensing, eyes squeezing closed as he grit his teeth.

Sam's wild motions kicked up Dan's lust, made him fuck harder, striving, climbing, wanting... needing to reach the peak, "oh... God... Sam, now," he growled, his teeth nipping Sam's shoulder at the exact moment he came hard and deep inside his brother, his body shuddering as he released.

Sam gasped, groaning long and loud as the first rope of cum shooting from his cock, wetting his hand. "Oh God, so good, Oh Dean... Shit..."

"Yeah baby... just like that... come just like that," he answered, leaning forward and watching Sam's face, loving the expression of sheer agony and pleasure, all for him. He pulled his brother close, held him tight as they moved against each other with less urgency and slowly calmed, though their breaths were still labored. "Sam?" He kissed him lightly, pulled out and slid down onto the sofa, pulling his brother down over his lap.

If he wasn't so damn winded and if he hadn't just had his brother's dick in his ass, Sam probably would have said something about how odd this position was. Instead, he just tried to catch his breath as he looked at his brother, his clean hand slowly sliding down the back of Dean's head to rest on the back of the love seat behind him.

"You're my baby, too now." Dean kissed him once more. "In my harem. You two girls just try to ... get along, alright? There's enough of me to go around."

Slowly Sam's face slid into one of his best bitch faces as he looked at his brother. Harem? You girls? Reaching down toward the floor with his other hand, his gaze still locked with Dean's as he forced a very fake smile onto his face, Sam hooked a sock and didn't care whose it was. "Oh there's enough of somethin' alright," Sam told him, pulling his hand up, sock in tow and shoving it into his brother's mouth.

"Really, don't talk, you're ruining this for me," he huffed, rolling his eyes as he pulled Dean in with the arm he had around him. Sam smiled at his brother, sock stuffed in his mouth. "That's a good look for you." Sam chuckled, only to laugh harder at the look he got, wrapping his arm around his brother. "And I love you too, Dean," he laughed.


The End

You have reached the end of "SAMpala". This story is complete.

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