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Lifting The Veil

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Summary: Jack O'Neill in leather, Xander in leather and Dominant....what more could you ask for? Two men with a history of being alone, finally find someone who means the world to them. Can they overcome the challenges that lay ahead?

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherDennSedaiFR21517,0030145,6495 Jan 1024 Sep 10No

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Part One

Acknowledgments: Many wonderful thanks to Katrina aka Ryan Wolfe of Sylum Clan for the wonderful help with beta reading, and also for idea bouncing and inspiration *smirks* You're just as evil as I am, if not more so. Love you.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them to play with and they'll be returned in much better shape afterwards.
Author's Notes: I blame this one purely on Katrina and Lady Fox Fire *sighs* And people wonder why I am nuts? After all they wanted both Xander and Jack in leather....

Glancing around the bar, Xander shook his head. Normally this would be the last place that he'd be found, but Lorne had told him that he needed to be here. That, regardless of what plans he might have, if he wasn't here to save a certain person who was going to show up any moment, they'd end up dead. If that happened, well, calling it an apocalypse was an understatement. Lorne had even called in a favor that one of the patron's of Carita's owed him and had them show Xander, telepathically, what the person he was to be watching out for looked like.

Glancing over as the door opened, Xander forced his expression to be neutral as he spotted his target. Sipping at his beer slowly, he forced himself to stay calm. All that Lorne had shown him was the guys face, but damn....if the rest wasn't one hell of a delicious package to boot. He could feel the familiar stirring in his own crotch as he caught the man's eyes and nodded ever so slightly in return.

Watching as the older man slowly made his way over to the bar, Xander smiled at the lovely sight that he made, dressed up in those tight jeans, and the snug t-shirt. It was obvious from his hair cut, and how he held himself that he was military and clearly hadn't let himself go downhill at all, which made this all the more interesting.

Smiling as he watched Jack O'Neill slide up to the bar and order his own beer, Xander waited for him to make the first move.

"Come here much?"

"Not usually my friend," Xander offered softly. "But a friend warned me that you'd be in tonight and that if you weren't careful you'd end up getting hurt. Since a mutual acquaintance confirmed that, I figured I'd better be here."

Jack just raised an eyebrow at that in response. "Interesting."

"Yep, Finn was rather surprised when I called him up and asked for some verification," Xander said smirking as Jack sputtered on his beer. "So since we're both here, shall we take a quiet booth and talk?"

Considering for a moment, Jack slowly nodded. "That might be a good idea. Especially given that Finn didn't say anything to me about this."

Xander smirked at that. "That's because he didn't know why I was asking about you."

Slipping off the stool at the bar, Xander led the way back to a relatively quiet corner of the bar, motioning for Jack to sit down, before he took a seat as well. Just as Jack started to ask something, Xander put a finger to his own lips signalling for silence for the moment, before speaking a soft phrase that he'd learned long ago.

Shooting Xander a questioning look, Jack waited patiently for an explanation.

"Believe it or not, a simple privacy spell," Xander said with a grin. "And yes, I know you're going to say there's no such thing as magic. But how do you explain what the Nox can do?"

Jack's jaw dropped at that, as he stared at Xander. "How the hell...."

"Let's start at the beginning," Xander said with a grin. "You're Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, associated with the Stargate Command program. And I'm Xander Harris, Head Watcher for the North American division of the Reformed Watcher's Council. I'm sure you've heard of us, but you probably didn't expect us to know about you."

Swallowing the lump that suddenly formed in his throat Jack just shook his head slowly in disbelief.

"Now I could prove that I am who I say I am, you could even contact Major Davis and have him verify it for you. Or you can accept it and we can move on with why you were here tonight."

"All right, let's just say that you are who you say you are. Why are you here?"

"Simple, you were following a false lead, which would have gotten you killed. If that would have happened, it would have started a chain of events that the Watcher's found out about. This would have had some major negative repercussions for all of humanity here on Earth. Since the info you were given was only partially accurate, we're stepping in to handle it," Xander offered. "Plus, we've got some resources as far as intelligence that you'd never believe."

"Ok," Jack said slowly drawing the words out. "And who would have fed the SGC the false information and why?"

Xander chuckled at that. "Very simple really, and rather obvious if you think about it; Finn's former bosses did. They knew what would catch your eye and send you running here. With you out of the picture, as they knew what you'd run into, that would give them the opening they needed."

Jack let out a snort at that. "Uh huh, and just what would it be that I was going to run into?"

"Well, it looks like your contact just arrived, so shall I prove my claims," Xander asked. "Especially since I know what he is?"

"Hold on....don't you mean who, not what he is?"

"Tell you what, care to lay a small bet on it Jack," Xander offered smirking. "After all the Goa'uld, Nox and Asgard aren't the only other species out there you know."

Jack considered that for a moment, debating it silently. Everything the kid had mentioned so far was interesting. If he took the bet, maybe he could find out where the damn leak was....if not....."Fine. What's the stakes?"

"Hmmmm, what do you want if you're right," Xander asked casually. "I'm willing to entertain a fair range of options."

"Answers," Jack said simply. "I want to know everything you know about this mess if I'm right, along with who the leaks are that gave you the information you have."

Xander nodded once at that. "Agreed. And if you lose the bet....well I know exactly what I want. I can also promise that you'd enjoy it as well."

Jack shivered slightly as Xander's gaze slid over him, before asking. Having a gut feeling what the kid wanted. "And what do you want then if you win kid?"

"You. Very simply put, I want your company for a weekend, uninterrupted, at my complete beck and call. Anything that I say, you do."

Picking up his beer Jack finished it off in a few gulps before slowly nodding. "Fine, if you win and can prove to my satisfaction that it's for real, I'll be at your complete beck and call for a weekend, with no interruptions."

Xander extended his hand at that, smiling that smile that made past lovers shiver in anticipation. "Shake on it?"

Jack nodded slowly taking Xander's hand in his own and shaking on it. "Fine, let's see who's right."

"Simple enough, go over to the bar and bring him back over here. I'll let you take the lead and then I'll prove it to you."


Getting up Jack made his way slowly over to the bar and spoke to the person he'd been told to meet. After a minute of soft conversation they headed back over to the booth where Xander was waiting patiently.

"Darren, this is Xander, Xander this is Darren," Jack said making the introductions while one hand rested on his contacts shoulder. Frowning, just the tiniest bit, as he felt Darren tense underneath his hand as he made the introductions, his expression grew a bit more puzzled as Xander said something in a language that he'd never heard of before.

Darren's reply in something that sounded similar made the frown deepen even further.

"Shall we sit down gentleman," Jack said softly, but his tone filled with warning.

Letting out a sigh Darren did as he was told, keeping a careful eye on Xander.

"So you were saying, Darren," Jack prompted feeling that he was missing out on something major here.

"Nothing," Darren said softly, still watching Xander cautiously. "It's nothing important."

"Oh I'd say it was something, as far as how important, that would depend on your view point Jack," Xander offered glaring at 'Darren'. "This is more accurately "Dar'Ren of the Clan BenShoth, whose people's name is generally not pronounceable by human beings. But he's a half-ling, at a guess. I'd guess on his mother's side, since he didn't want to answer my question."

"Uh huh, interesting," Jack said. "And how do you know this?"

"Shall I prove it the hard way, or do you want to drop the illusion," Xander asked softly, his voice chill as ice. "I can break it if I have to."

Bowing his head, Dar'Ren muttered softly under his breath. Speaking a few soft words, he let the illusion fade away, making Jack swear softly under his breath at what he saw, and smelled.

"There, satisfied Knight?"

Xander just looked at Jack. "Is that proof enough? Or shall I have him introduce us to the fang faces he was hired to deliver you to?"

Shuddering Jack shook his head slowly. "All right, he's obviously not human, but that doesn't mean that he's whatever you said...."

"Go ahead and put the illusion back up," Xander said smirking at Jack's expression. "I can offer you further proof if you need, including the fact that the 'Goa'uld' he was supposed to show you are actually Vampires, or we could speak to your former CO. After all Hammond knows all about this crap, after the NID project that Finn was involved with was shut down with prejudice."

Shaking his head slowly, Jack just muttered about insanity. After several minutes had passed, Jack just sighed. "Fine, I'll accept that Darren here isn't exactly human. But that still leaves the question of who hired him."

Xander just nodded at that. "Care to answer the question or shall I just deal with it the old fashioned way?"

Dar'Ren shuddered at the warning implicit in Xander's voice. "The betrayer's hired me; they who hunted all of the various clans and harmed both the innocent ones and the dangerous ones. They promised that if I did this, they'd leave my clan alone."

Xander let out a growl at that. "I told you're people and many of the other peaceful ones that if they returned to let me know and we'd deal with it."

"If I had, they'd have slaughtered my kin. I could not risk it," Dar'Ren said simply.

"Fine, I'll make sure the Council is aware of the issue, and it will be dealt with more permanently this time,' Xander said his voice even colder than before."I pledge you this upon my honor and my name."

Dar'Ren slowly nodded at that. "I will hold you to that promise Knight. If they do not, then I shall raise the call to all the clans and peoples that the Council cannot be trusted."

Xander slowly nodded at that. "I will contact them and it shall be dealt with. Before the moon has finished her cycle, they shall be freed and those who wronged the various peoples shall be punished."

" just hold on a minute here..." Jack said shocked at the twist the conversation had taken. "You can't just...."

"Jack, it's outside of your need to know. Just let it go, or give Hammond a call later and ask him to fill you in. He has my number as well, and I'll fill him in if need be."

"Fine...sure....whatever Xander," Jack said sarcastically. "Now what kind of proof can you offer that it's 'vampires' that I was set up to run into."

Xander just shook his head at that. "Fine, I'll have Dar'Ren lead us there, and I'll show you the inconvertible proof that you want."


Grinning and barely breath hard as the last of the small pack of vamps turned to dust, Xander turned to give Jack a look. "Now, satisfied that I won our little bet?"

Blowing out a breath Jack nodded reluctantly. "Fine, I'll concede the point. Those definitely were vampires."

"And the bet," Xander asked once more, letting his gaze drift over Jack from head to foot and back again.

"Oh come on...." Jack said glaring at Xander. "You weren't serious about that?"

Xander just smirked and nodded once. "Dead serious. Now I won't force you to live up to your half of the bet, but I had always heard you were a man of honor. What a shame."

Sighing Jack just leaned back against the wall. "Fine, I've never gone back on my word before, and I won't now. Although I can't believe you played me for a sucker like that."

Xander just offered a lop sided smile at that. "You should have known better than to take a sucker bet like that Jack. After all, why would I agree so readily to your terms if I wasn't sure I'd win the bet?"
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