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One more Xander?

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Summary: What would have happened if the Beyonder had called a certain Scooby for aid when the Spider was about to make his "Deal with the devil"?

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1319551114,5486 Jan 106 Jan 10Yes
Okay I know "One More Day" has been over with for a long time. But to this day I can’t determine how STUPID it was. Too this day I can’t look at a Spider book. I’m not pissed at Spider-Man, it was such a mind fuck of a moment I honestly don’t consider it a “Spide-Man” action, I think it was a guy who dressed in a Spider suit thing.
I mean back during the travesty that was the Clone Saga they took the whole “Deal with Mephisto” thing off the table because it was stupid. That was in the nineties, the worst time in comic history and THEY SAID IT WAS STUPID.
Anyway, here’s my take on the whole thing, with a bit of "BtVS" added. Also I don’t own Buffy or Spider-Man or any of the characters there-in
Xander Harris sat up late one night, clicking through various channels as he tried to find something good on T.V. Anya was asleep in the bedroom. As he turned yet another channel he was surprised as the lights darkened and a powerful looking man appeared. He wore a full body gray suit long hair that went to his waist his eyes white, as was his skin he looked at Xander and said, “Alexander Harris, you are needed.”

Xander swallowed heavily nodding his head he said, “Okay, where am I?”

Xander was suddenly cut off as he appeared floating in a black void, the man from before beside him as well as, his jaw dropped; was that Spider-Man? Peter Parker was surprised to see the Beyonder and a boy or young man appear in his underwear. Mephisto was apparently just as surprised as he boomed, “WHAT IS THIS?”

The Beyonder spoke, “I cannot stop the Spider from making a deal, however a pesky loop hole is free will, if another human, a human who can talk sense, is around who’s to say what will happen?”

Xander looked at Spider-Man, then at the large Mephisto, then back saying, "Isn't he the devil in this dimension?"

"Sort of."

Xander looked at the man saying, “So what deal are you going to make?”

The spider looked at him and said, “I’m going to give him my marriage to my amazing wife to save the life of the woman who all but raised me, who lost her husband because I failed her.”

Xander looked at him thinking about what he knew of the character he spoke, “I seriously doubt Aunt May would want you to sacrifice your perfect happiness for her.”

Peter Parker nodded his head, even as he said, “But she’s like a mother to me, raised me as long as I can remember.”

Xander nodded, “And she’ll be happy, her spirit will get to be with the love of her life.”

Peter nodded his head, saying, “She did say she’d lead a good life and was okay with her fate.”

Xander looked at him as he spoke “Your Spider-Man the greatest hero ever, tempted to trade your very loving wife for a relative who's told you she's okay with dying?"

Peter blinked before saying "Well not really the best."

Xander shook his head, "And I though Buffy had blonde issues, Devils are bad people, they are evil, their behind every bad thing that's ever happened in one way or the other, and YOUR GOING TO MAKE A DEAL WITH HIM?"

Peter looked at him with wide eyes, "You know when you say it like that."

Xander spoke simply, "You’re an idiot."

Peter nodded his head slowly, "Wow, what was I thinking, I was going to trade my very loving and hot wife for my Aunt May who while she raised me and I love her she's a cost in a war, and she's proud to have died the way she did, and accepts that if her dying saves people then I made the right choice, she's such an amazing woman."

Xander nodded his head, images of Kendra, Jenny and Tara flashing in his mind, "Yeah it's hard losing loved ones but sometimes the greater good is more important."

Spiderman nodded, "Yeah it will be hard to lose Aunt May though."

Xander nodded his head, "Yeah well she'll be with your uncle and you can name your kid after her."

Peter Parker nodded his head deep in thought "Very true."

Xander decided to add a bit of information, "Besides your life is a comic book in my dimension, and I seriously doubt she'll stay dead, doesn't happen often."

Spider-Man nodded, "Very true, thanks I was about to make a stupid decision."

"Meh, its okay I had a friend who tried to end the world when her lesbian girlfriend got killed, I understand stupid decisions." Xander said resolutely

Peter’s eyes widened, “Wow, really how’d that go?”

Xander shrugged, “It was interesting, not fun, but I talked her back from the edge.”

Peter nodded, “Thanks you’re a good person.”

Suddenly Mephisto spoke loudly, “ENOUGH, Parker, what is your decision.”

Peter looked at Xander before saying, “No deal Mephisto, my aunt would never forgive herself if I sacrificed Mary-Jane to get her to return, besides she’s happy and she’ll always be with me in my heart.”

Xander nodded even as Mephisto roared with rage. Smacking his hands together everyone was thrown from his realm, as Xander appeared at back at his house he made a mental note not to read comic’s before bed as he got up and headed to bed.
Well there you go folks. Short, sweet, and to the point. I had to do something get a bit of peace in my brain and this did it. Thanks and thanks for reading.

The End

You have reached the end of "One more Xander?". This story is complete.

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