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Devil May Xander

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Summary: What happens when Xander finds an old red coat in his attic, and it awakens something deep in his blood?

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May CryTTrunksFR1813,410023,4747 Jan 107 Jan 10No
Hello all I know I shouldn’t be posting until I’ve wrapped some stuff up but I have to get this out of my mind.


Xander sat in a heavy silence, his white hair sitting on his head. As Xander looked at the heavy blade across from him he wondered if it was fate or some cruel joke by the gods. Xander had never known of vampires much less Devils until three years previous when he’d hit a bottle blonde named Buffy Summers while on his skate board. Then a little over a year ago his entire life had been turned on its ear. A simple red coat under a skin tight shirt two fake guns, and Chaos had turned him to the closest person to who he dressed as, Dante Sparda.

It turned out the Harris name had at one time had a good man in it until he’d been gunned down given a choice of letting his daughters die or not fight a literal army of demons. The proud half devil warrior had charged into combat, to meet his fate. Upon his death the girls were released and sent back to the human world, where their blood thinned and thinned, until Chaos magic awoke and supercharged the demonic blood that flowed in Xander’s veins.

Soon after that he and Buffy had gotten together, Angel getting told to get the hell out of Sunnyhell by his bosses didn’t hurt. Xander had been there for her and they’d had a very nice relationship. Once Faith had turned up the three had become an odd mix of friends and lovers. Not many people could go hand to hand with a Slayer at anything and Buffy had understood why she needed help the sex had been a surprise to all three of them, but low and behold a week later Faith was like a kid in a candy store, Buffy was okay with everything and quickly approaching comfortable and Xander got to see the two most beautiful women in this world naked every night.

Xander looked up to see HIS Buffy and Faith the Blonde’s hair in pig tails of all things a tight bustier on her chest pushing her “lady lumps” up nicely. In white leather pants and gloves that went from her elbows down the rest of her arms and hands. She smiled at him saying, “Come on Xander we’re waiting.”

Faith nodded, “Yeah X, we got some demons to kill.”

Where Buffy was carrying a RG-6, a magazine feed, with a slightly shortened barrel modified with a shoulder strap, Faith carried two Mac 10’s, he knew they were loaded with hollow points probably filled with holy water as well, even as he knew Buffy’s rounds weren’t lead but depleted uranium probably filled with some kind of explosive. He had to remember to thank Nero for hooking them up with “That guy” an arms dealer for those who “Hunted the wicked”.

He also saw each of the girls “Melee” weapons, Faith two “Trench knives” Sharpened “brass” knuckles with three inch long blades she was crazy effective with them. Buffy’s blade of choice was to this day swords, she carried two, a Rapier at her side for quick attack sand a machete along her back for violent fights.

Standing up he heard a noise and smirked, “Hello Willow.”

The half vampire chuckled, “Hello Xandybear.”

Xander would have rolled his eyes but he knew she was being sincere. Part of him wished he’d found the vengeance demon responsible for summoning vampire Willow to this reality. The spell to return her would have been simple but he’d unknowingly interfered when vampires had rushed in, in the middle. Turns out half devil energy is a bad thing when a demon and human are standing back to back and a powerful spell is being used. When the smoke had cleared Willow was now the first ever recorded Dhamphir, she could go toe to toe with either of his girls and still retained her humanity even if she was a bit unhinged.

He smirked as he saw Wesley wiping down and polishing a few guns. Xander picked up the only two things that had remained of Dante, Ebony and Ivory heavily modified 1911 colts. Even as Giles walked out he was wearing a bullet proof vest as he picked up two Colt Double Eagles, even as Wesley did the same with two desert eagles. Both men chambering slugs and shot into two Remington 870, as the ominous sound filled the room he saw Willow pick up two K-bar knives and slide them into her combat boots. The only thing she was wearing besides her full body leather suit. Even her arms and hands were covered. She also took of all things a pair of revolvers. Xander then took HIS shotgun a heavily modified sawed off double barrel shotgun a clip feed added to the bottom that would allow him twenty shots until he had to re-clip as opposed the normal two. Walking out he said, “Only one thing to say at a time like this, Let’s ROCK!”

Soon the Scoobies were up to their eyeballs in demons at they stepped out into the quad. Literally a hundred creatures that looked to be living scarecrows except for the bugs crawling from their “Eye sockets”, each wielded a Scythe, or a dagger. Xander knew he’d have to use “it” no other blade could survive the strain a half devil put on his tools. Thus he’d taken it, as both a huge boon and an odd event, when he’d found the “Devil arm” Rebellion in a locked trunk in his attic. Deciding to hold off on showing his ace in the hole he said, “Bingo, let’s ROCK!”

Wesley and Giles fired the first shots of the battle, two slugs punching three inch round holes in the closest Fearcrow’s faces, Even as Faith jumped into combat her trench knives “Begging for blood” Buffy opened up with the rifle, how the antitank rifle was able to fire the grenades so quickly and accurately Xander had no idea.

Even as he pulled Ebony and Ivory firing the handguns as if they were machine guns from the rapid rounds released. However as he was overwhelmed he tossed both into the air pulling out “Nighthawk”, the modified shotgun, he fired quickly rending most of the nearby demons to nothing but rotted carcasses. Even as he heard the shotgun fire behind him cease replaced with pistol fire he hoped the plan would work, out of all of them Giles and Wesley were the most vulnerable. This split second of worry cost him as one of the scythes connected piercing deep through his stomach. Grunting he turned only to see the demon responsible get its face blown off. Grabbing the Scythe he yanked it out in a minor explosion of gore and blood he suddenly spun it decapitating all nearby demons before cutting four and then tossing the weapon away knowing it was useless now. It had barely hit the ground before bursting into ashes. Being a half devil made it nearly impossible to kill Xander but too many wounds took too long to heal. With a punch he knocked one of the nearby Fearcrows' heads clean off. Pulling Ebony he fired several rounds into various demons. Realizing there was no way they’d reach the mayor in the time that was left Xander made a harsh call, jumping up on the nearest Fearcrow’s shoulders he ran forward pulling the mighty rebellion from his coat as he saw the mayor; the man’s eyes widened as he recognized the blade even as the eclipse started Xander did everything in his power jamming the blade into the Mayor’s heart, even as a shower of blood shot from both sides of the impact wound, Xander pulled his shotgun and unloaded it into the Mayor’s face.

The mayor stumbled backwards before saying, “Poor poor boy you almost made it, but you’re too late.” Suddenly the mayor’s skin started ripping as the sound of bones breaking echoed. Xander’s own blade was sent flying back to his hand even as he stepped back.

Xander looked at the mayor shifted into a LARGE demon even by what his memories of Dante told him. Those same memories drilled him on certain techniques. Both guns “Barked” as multiple rounds flew out pounding the snake not doing a damn thing as far as he could tell. As the giant snake demon reared back, trusting the Dante memories and his own skill, as the snake struck he moved to the left bringing the blade down and across the snake’s left eye. Even as the snake screamed/roared out backing up the snake tried to find him with the remaining eye pulling both guns Xander let more rounds fly into the creatures “face”. As it struck with its tail, Xander back flipped firing more rounds from his handguns, noticing the destroyed eye rapidly healing itself Xander let loose a minor swear word. Deciding to use the demon’s bulk to his advantage Xander kept back flipping causing the demon to destroy quite a few Fearcrows with its tail. Back flipping he paused in his ammo blasting aiming two bullets and charging the bullets with as much energy as the gun barrels would hold he pressed both triggers two bullets arcing with dark red energy hit the snake devil in its eyes as it roared Xander grabbed one of the fear crows using it as a jumping board as he reached his maximum height he propelled himself higher above the mayor’s head Xander put the sword down, his feet on the side of the hilt his boots pressing on the guard even as the creature tried to find him. The sword was driven in with all the weight of Xander’s body behind it into the creatures head, even as he felt it pierce the thick hide but the iron like muscle beneath that stopped the blade cold, he raised his guns and fired both into the air the kick back acting as a hammer strike to a nail. Once Xander felt it was down far enough he kicked off the blade letting go of both handguns as he went up he turned palm striking the very end of the skull pommel of the blade as hard as he could. The blade sunk a good six inches however with a sickening roar the creature nailed our favorite half devil with its tail sending him flying through the air and bouncing off of the hard ground. Standing up a good fifty feet from the snake he’d grabbed the falling Ebony before being knocked away.

Xander grunted however he was surprised when he saw Buffy yell, the ex cheerleader’s voice ringing, “STAY AWAY FROM HIM!”

Each shot punctuated by a shot from her heavy rifle, bits of flesh and scales being destroyed and blown away on impact. As the snake turned roaring at her Buffy suddenly bent over Willow stepping on her back using the slayer's back like a diving board the half vampire spun, Xander heard Willow saying, “KNOW YOUR PLACE!”

Her heel impacted the pommel of the blade. Kicking off of the hilt she moved away JUST dodging the snake, it’s eyes mostly healed now as its teeth snapped shut where her body had been seconds ago. Xander noticed the blood trickling out of the wound. The snake still seemed enraged lashing out Xander ran over even as Willow distracted the snake. Holding his hands out he crossed his fingers saying, “Buffy hit the bull’s eye from high on.”

Buffy nodded dropping her clip as she moved forward even as Xander leaned down crossing his fingers. Two of the Fearcrows seemed to think Xander was an easy target two of her rifle rounds showed them how wrong they were. Even as one of her tennis shoes touched his hands he hurled her upwards. Instead of firing straight away Buffy waited, waited for that one split second, waited for that one opening the Slayer’s essence would know. Even as her thumb shifted the heavily modified “Rifle” to full auto, suddenly Buffy Summers didn’t exist, only the feral darkness hating slayer and that being felt every bit of its soul flow as it pressed the trigger; the force from the rifle firing sent the body of Buffy Summers back. In a flash Buffy opened her eyes knowing without a doubt the rounds would hit their target. Sure enough right as the rounds were about to miss, the snake shifted, three of the grenades hitting the pommel causing the snake to roar and twist; Buffy emptied the rest of the clip in the thing’s face. Landing she turned around even as the snake was letting its mouth heal she opened fire until the clip clicked empty. Looking at Xander she said, “Sorry love, that snakes hide is thicker than I thought.”

Xander smiled, even as he gunned down to Fearcrows, “Don’t worry babe, I just wanted you to soften him up so my Faith could be shown.”

Buffy looked at Xander even as she pulled her Machete bringing it down with a skull smashing “Thwack” on the nearest Fearcrow, before yanking it out as she said, “What’s god got to do with this?”

Xander smirked knowing his girlfriend was dying into his pun only because he wanted her too as he smirked, “Who said anything about a god?”

Suddenly the mayor screeched in pain as Faith who’d been using her trench knives and Slayer dexterity to climb the creature’s back grabbed a tight hold of the sword pushing off of it to jump very very high back flipping to grab the guard and go into a perfect split thus causing her entire body weight to drive the blade into the softened and already pierced Mayor snakes brain, in a perfect split that would make a stripper envious, and at least two members of the Scoobies feel the need for a serious “Love making” session afterward. The fact that a large spray of black blood followed cemented that fact would seem odd in most relationships. Even as the snake went down and Faith’s leather clad ass touched it the nubile brunette pushed up on her feet saying, “Okay X, now what?”

Xander smirked as he said, “Not sure if it’s dead its regenerating abilities are amazing, so I guess we’ve got to drive this nail home.”

Willow raised her leg and foot high above her head even as Xander raised his as if about to stomp a large insect, both Slayers winding back for a tornado kick as Xander spoke bringing his foot down on the right side of the guard “THIS!”

Willow executed a perfect slam kick on the pommel saying, “TIME!”

Faith let her spin kick fly right to the bend where the guard and hilt met saying, “STAY!”

Buffy finished it off by letting her own spin kick fly to the side of the sword opposite Faith, “DEAD!”

Xander smirked as did the other demon slayers as the sound of a throat being pierced was heard and quite a bit of black blood bubbled up from the sword wound. Xander then pushed the blade separating at least half of the head from the body as he said, “GOT IT?”

As Xander yanked the sword out Buffy smirked mischievously saying, “That was an amazing split Faith, those stripper dancing lessons really are paying off huh?”

Faith nodded saying, “Yeah B, amazing stuff, you might have to join me one of these days.”

Buffy nodded, “It would be fun, I’m still flexible from my cheerleading days not to mention Slayer flexibility, what do you think Xander?”

Xander, who’d been trying his best not to think about the subject of his hot girlfriends stripping using various flexibility advantages, looked up and said his voice cracking ever so slightly, “Whatever you want to do Buff.”

Buffy smirked as she said, “Hm, very true I think I just might Faith.”

Faith nodded already having caught on she said, “But we’ll need a nice pole to dance on, do you have any idea where a good pole to strip on would be X?”

Buffy cut off any reply Xander would have made as she said, “Yeah Xander do you know a pole me and Faithy can get all sweaty on?”

It was obvious Xander was rapidly approaching blue screen of death as both slayers moved ever closer, their “Assets” jiggling slightly only for a slightly annoyed coughing to alert them to another presents. Turning around Giles said, “If you hormone ridden teenagers can focus the head is still attached to the body here.”

Xander caught the shotgun with ease, pumping a round into it he blew massive amounts of flesh and scales from the dead demon carcass chambering several more it took about eight slugs to finally completely separate the head from the body. Willow pulling out a knife as she said, “I’m going to skin it, I bet the coat will be a serious protection again attacks, I take it you two want pants?”

Faith and Buffy nodded Faith saying, “Oh hell yeah.”

As Willow looked at Xander he let his hands run over the red coat the coat he’d worn on Halloween what felt like so many years ago. Finally he said, “Wills, if there’s enough I’d like a coat please?”

Everyone looked up at that, Buffy saying, “Xander?”

So much and so little was said in a single word as Xander said, “Dante was a great man, an amazing man and gave me limitless knowledge, but I’m not him, this red coat was his, and while I hope he’d be okay with me wearing it I think it’s time I put it back where I got it, once my new ones finished of course.”

As the group nodded Faith said, “So B, X, where should we go now?”

Xander shrugged, “How about a Sunday Bar?”

Faith rolled her eyes as did Buffy the two walking as Faith said, “I have a better idea it involves us, a shower and whipped scream.”

Xander let out a wine, “What about strawberries?”

Faith laughed, “Your incorrigible but okay, we can that strawberry stuff as well.”

Buffy just blushed as the three walked off into the sunset.

A few miles away three, maybe two “men” with white hair watched the three kids walk away. Smirking the one with the knee length blue coat spoke, even as he leaned on the side of the roof he said, “You are huh, proud of him?”

The one in the red coat nodded, “Of course, kid isn’t bad for a rookie.”

The one in the blue coat spoke, “Really praise from THE Dante, the kid would love to hear that.”

The “man” nodded his head, “Laugh it up Nero, laugh it up, I’d have trained him four times better.”

Nero nodded his head, “Sure, you know he’s going to be pissed when he finds out your alive.”

Dante shrugged, “Yeah probably but he needed to learn from someone more his speed.”

Nero turned, the sword on his back seemingly jumping into his left hand even as the bandages on his right fell away revealing what could only be called a “Devil arm”, even as he said, “Still think I’m below your level?”

Dante smirked and nodded saying, “Yeah and so is the kid, but if he stays on the hellmouth I doubt he will be for long.”

Dante’s own handguns, eerily similar to Xander’s, seemed to jump into his hands but it was obvious these were different just like looking at a true sword and a copy what specifically about them was different was impossible to tell but there was a difference. Even as Nero said, “Oh you know you like him, or else you’d never have given him “It”.”

Dante just smirked saying, “True, so how are we going to do this?”

Nero’s grip tightened as he channeled energy into his devil arm, “Until one of us is out cold same as always.”

Dante nodded both men jumping at one another, the sunset behind them.


Disclaimer, I don't own Devil May Cry or BVtS, or any characters there in.

Well folks, there you go, a not so short one-shot I wanted to do. I MAY do a Glory one as well depending on if you want that or not got some decent ideas.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Devil May Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 10.

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