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One person, three minds

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Summary: Xander lost a bet with Willow. a bet that has consequences that no one dreamed of

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2.

Chapter 1

Xander grumbled to himself, he had lost that damned bet with Willow and now he had dress up like a girl character. As he picked out the pieces for his costume he grinned, she didn’t specify which character and that was this bet’s saving grace as he combined two different sets of clothes.

Buffy saw Xander come in and she couldn’t help herself and began to laugh and laugh hard, “Oh Xander,” she said, “never make another bet with Willow again.”

“Oh, Willow will pay for this one day,” Xander said, “and she will pay hard.”

Willow came down in her ghost outfit and said, “Next time Xander, don’t let me make the details of the bet.”

Joyce came in and said, “Well Xander, I hope you don’t mind me taking a picture?”

“No Joyce I don’t, but do expect me to burn that picture later,” Xander said

As he walked into school Xander ignored the stares he was getting or at least tried to ignore them, Larry for some damned reason just stared at him.

“Mr. Harris, that costume is not acceptable for children,” Snyder said in a nasal voice.

“I’m sorry principal Snyder but this was what I had to dress as,” Xander said.

“Be that as it may, I will NOT have you corrupt young minds with your outlandish costumes,” Snyder said.

Xander grinned, “You mean I’m free? I don’t have to go out like this then?”

“No, you still have to go out. I think it will be a lesson for you in humility,” Snyder said.

Xander said, “I’m plenty humble, it’s just that I’m not sure I want people looking at me when I am like this.”

“Like I said Mr. Harris, a lesson,” Snyder said.

Xander sighed as he walked out of the office, ‘Guess there was no escaping this fate,” he thought when Larry stopped him in the hall Xander snarked, “What the hell do you want Larry?”

Larry said, “Well Xander, you look kind of good like that,” and with that he walked down the hall.

Xander said, “What the hell was that about?”

Later that evening, Ethan Rayne cast his spell and Xander Harris was filled the Memories of Yuna and Lulu, the shock of having two different women inside of him, the two minds were beginning merged into one. He had gotten the powers of Yuna and Lulu and merging of their personalities.

The new being surveyed the damage being done by the changed children, Yuna whispered, ‘We have to stop them without hurting them,’ and Lulu said the same thing.

Willow ran up to see her Xander shaped friend blast at the demons with fire and ice, scaring them away from innocent people and preventing them from harming anyone else.

“Xander,” she screamed, “is that you!!?”

He looked back and said, “I am not sure who am I, right now I have two minds in one body.”

Willow thought and said quickly, “You are Xander Harris and you are my best friend.”

“I’m not sure about this, I am so confused,” Xander said.

In Xander’s mind, Yuna and Lulu were watching the events and decided that for the boy to survive they had to merge into him completely, they merged into him, before Yuna merged into him she whispered, “Never forgot your dreams or the friends you will make in this journey and we will be here for you.”

Willow watched as one of Xander’s eyes turned reddish brown and the other turned bright green and his hair turned a bit lighter colour.

Xander took a look at Willow and said, “Yes Willow, it is me, just really different. Where’s Buffy?”

Willow blushed as she realized that his new appearance was very handsome.

Xander looked at her and said, “Willow, I don’t think this is time for you to be checking me out.”

“You, uhh, noticed me checking you out?” Willow asked.

“Yeah and I’m going to say now; I don’t think it’s going to happen ever,” Xander said.

Inside he heard Yuna whisper, **Xander, please let her down a bit easier, it’s obvious that she likes you.**

Lulu said, **She needs to get over this crush and spread her wings and find out who she is without someone to hide behind.**

Xander sighed and said, “Wills, you’re my best friend and like my sister, I just can’t picture us dating and right now is not the night to be discussing this.”

Willow’s eyes began to tear and she nodded, her heart was breaking but he was right; they had to find Buffy.

Xander was watching the carnage and swore he saw Spike walking around, his eyes darkened as he looked at the vampire.

Spike was watching the carnage and said, “Well this is just neat,” when he saw Xander and growled, there was something different about the whelp.

“Oi Whelp, what happened to you and why do you look like a girl right now?” Spike asked.

Xander said, “Shut it fang face, this isn’t about me, it’s about you. I thought you vamps took Halloween off?”

“Usually we do but my Dru said something was coming that would change everything and what do you know, she was right and she always is, my girl,” Spike said.

Xander’s eyes darkened and said, “She was right; everything did change,” as he decided to try to summon one of Yuna’s Aeons. ‘Damn it,” he thought, “it isn’t working!!” When he felt a blast of heat and Ifrit appeared behind him.

Spike saw the massive fiery beast that was glaring at him and was backing away when Xander stroked the beast’s chin and Xander said, “Kill him.”

“Bloody HELL!!” Spike screamed as Ifrit chased after him, he heard the beast roar and shoot a massive wall of flame towards him and he had just managed to escape it by jumping into a sewer hole.

Xander sighed and sent Ifrit away and said, “Willow, we have to find Buffy, if she was affected by this spell like we were she is in a bad state.”

Lady Elizabeth was panicking, ‘Where was her father’s estate and what were these weird creatures with the eyes of fire?’ She was going to have to hide in one of these houses.

Xander heard a scream and said, “I think Buffy’s over there.”

Lady Elizabeth saw what appeared to be a man wearing a lady’s dress and a common hooker come towards her, she said in a haughty tone, “Stay away from me you commoners.”

Willow said, “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

Xander said, “I think I could petrify her, it could make the night go easier.”

Willow thought it over and said, “No, we need her, need her in the flesh.”

Xander sighed as he heard Lulu’s voice whisper, **Spoilsport.**

“Hey, wait a minute,” Xander said, “let’s talk to Giles; he might have some answers about what’s going on.”

As they ran towards Giles’s home they ran into Angel, who looked at Xander and said, “What the hell are you dressed as?”

Xander simply said, “Need a light?” And caused Angel’s jacket to catch fire.

Angel ripped off his jacket and screamed, “What the HELL?”

Xander said, Please don’t get me angry right now, it’s been a real bad night.”

Yuna whispered, **Xander, apologize to him right now, that wasn’t nice.**

Xander sighed and said, “I’m sorry Angel, it’s been a bad night.”

Angel just sat there dumbfounded and thought, ‘Did Xander Harris just apologized to ME!!?’ he thought.

Willow looked confused and said, “Xander, are you feeling alright?”

Xander said, “I’m feeling fine, I just thought setting him on fire was a bad idea.”

Angel said, “Xander I will be alright and thank you for your concern.”

Xander blushed and said, “You’re welcome Angel.”

Angel chuckled and said, “By the way Xander, you do look good in that dress.”

Xander said, “I lost a bet and because of what’s going on, I have two girls whispering things into my ear.”

Angel said, “Well no matter, hopefully you will be back to normal when this is over.”

Willow said. “Well, I don’t want to break up the happy moment but Buffy just ran off.”

“Damn it!!” Angel said, “I will go look for her and you two head to Giles, maybe he can figure something out.”

Xander nodded as they split up and ran to Giles’s house.

Giles was sitting at home enjoying his tea and the fact he had the night off when he heard the door knock, he went to the door and saw Xander and Willow look at him.

“So what’s going on? Why is Xander dressed like a woman and are his eyes two different colours?” He asked.

Xander said, “I lost a bet to Willow and everyone is becoming their costumes and that includes Buffy; who right now thinks she is a noblewoman from the 17th century and doesn’t have her powers right now.”

“Good lord, is everyone changing into their costumes?” Giles exclaimed.

“Not everyone,” Willow said, “just the children and students who bought their costumes from that new place in town.”

“What new place?” Giles asked.

“It’s called Ethan’s,” Willow said.

Xander said, “I’m going to check that Ethan guy out,” as he rushed out.

Giles screamed, “Xander NO!!! You don’t know what you are doing!!!”

But it was too late, Xander ran to the store, ignoring Giles’s scream.

Giles looked at Willow and said, “Go and find Angel and Buffy and make sure they are alright.”

Meanwhile, Xander had finally gotten to Ethan’s place, he saw the chaos sorcerer gloating over his chaos and said, “You sick son of a bitch, people could die.”

Ethan looked at who said it and recognized the boy who bought the dress and make up, he smiled, “Well, you look good don’t you?”

Xander said, “Okay, now that’s getting creepy.”

Ethan grinned, “And what are you going to do to me; use your fairy princess magic on me?”

Xander said, “Let me help you with your complexion,” and cast Bio on Ethan.

Ethan fell down and began to hack and cough, his face turning green, “What the hell did you do to me you little blighter?”

Xander smiled and said, “It’s called bio and I will cast antidote on you, if you tell me how to end this spell and do hurry, you don’t have much time.”

Ethan began to cough even more violently and said, “Alright you bastard break the statue, the damned statue on the table.”

Xander smiled and cast thunder on the statue and destroyed it, causing the spell to end as he collapsed.

Ethan began to feel better but as he went to see the boy he was surprised to see the young man’s hair still the same shade of brown and his eyes were still different colours, “Bloody hell!” he whispered and ran away.

Giles came in a few moments later to look for Xander and Ethan and saw the boy on the ground; he sighed as he picked up Xander and drove him home.

The next day Xander woke up and, remembering the night before, he ran to the window and saw his eyes were still two different colours and his hair was still that light shade of brown.

“Damn it!!” He screamed in rage, when he heard two female voices calm him down. Yuna whispered, **Xander calm down, it’s not as bad as it seems.**

Lulu said, **It could be worse Xander; we could have been dead.**

Xander sighed and said, “At least I am still a man, with man parts.”

**So,** Yuna said, **what will you do now?**

Xander sighed and said, “I don’t know, I think we should go to Giles, maybe he can help.”

Lulu asked, **Do you still have our powers?**

Xander thought and said, “Let me see” as he concentrated and cast fire, “Damn it, looks like I do have your powers.”

Yuna said, **Xander, maybe we should go on a pilgrimage to find out**

A/N: so guys what should everyone’s reactions be and should Xander go on his own journey and this will be slash by the way, I just haven’t figured out with who yet and what show also what should I cross this with let me know okay guys


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