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Winds of Apocalypse: The Gathering Storm

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Summary: Why? I mean, in all honestly, if you're caught up in a Zombie-Apocalypse, odds are you'll never find out the why? You best just be dealing with your shifted reality as best you can.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything herein except the original characters... But, if you own the Buffy Verse or a Verse with zombies, and you want to hand me the title, I wouldn't complain.

Wind of Apocalypse - The Gathering Storm (Prologue):
Location: Somewhere on I-77 in Cleveland

Buffy sat staring out the window of the bus, staring over the tops of the other cars as the bus slowly made its way through the gridlock traffic.

Another apocalypse prevented. ‘How many does this make now?’ she wondered idly. ‘Eight? Nine?’ Lifting her head away from the glass, she turned and looked towards Xander, who was currently listening to one of the Baby Slayers recap her actions in the prior night’s battle against the latest group that thought it would be great fun to open the Hellmouth wide. “Hey Xander,” she called.

The young man looked up, his eyes meeting her’s, even if only one was capable of sight. “Yeah Buff-ster?”

“What does last night’s count bring the total Apocalypse counter to?”

Xander paused for a moment, ticking off the events of the past few years in his head. “Umm, are we counting the Master as an Apocalypse or not?”

“Nah, personal death issue. Not the world.”

“Ten maybe?” Xander thought for a moment. “Yeah, I’m going to go with ten. Hey, we broke the double digits! Sweet!”

Buffy nodded and resumed her observation out the window. Ten Apocalypses down. And now, a trip to the Mall to celebrate. Well, the Mall and a couple of other stores. But those were Xander stores. Things like plywood, two times fours, windows. They had the horse trailer that they used for large body disposal and supply runs hooked to the back of the former greyhound bus and were planning on bringing it back to the campus filled to the brim with supplies, food and more importantly, clothes.

“Oh crap,” said Robin as he hit the brakes. “Sorry about that guys, looks like there was a wreck a couple hundred yards ahead. Looks like a couple of cars hit each other and then a semi jack knifed across the road. We need to get another two hundred yards before I can get to the off ramp to cross over to get to the mall. Shouldn’t take too long if people stop being lookey-loues.”

Most of the group moaned and bitched for a moment.

“Well, it could be worse,” said Giles as he took a look out the windshield. “You girls wanted to be at the mall before it opened so you could get all the Pre-Labor Day sales. So we’re just catching the edge of rush hour. Another 30 minutes or so and we should be ready for the massive debt you’re all going to inflict on us. Or at least we'll be in the parking lot... Should be empty since the stores AT the mall won't be open for another hour after we arrive.”

From outside the bus, all could hear the sounds of horns honking occasionally. “Stupid bastards,” muttered Faith. “They think honking is gonna clear the road faster. Whata buncha morons.”

A few moments later, the bus had managed to advance a solid twenty feet. The horns were still being honked outside the bus. Most of the teens and young adults were debating on what stores to hit in what order as the DVD they had been watching on the overhead monitors came to an end.

As she was looking for the next Passions DVD, Willow flipped the input to the satellite dish that Andrew had rigged up for the bus soon after its purchase. Almost immediately the signal was decrypted and the pirated signal was set to CNN.

The reporter who was currently on camera seemed more than a little shaken as she spoke. “Rioting has now been confirmed in not only Las Vegas, New York, but has now spread to Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles. Conflicting reports are indicating that the rioters are...”

“Damn what’s got her so panicked?” asked Rona as she looked at the monitor.

The honking outside the bus got louder, going from individual horns being hit to a continuous disharmony which enveloped the bus.

From the back of the bus, Andrew spoke up, his eyes fixed solidly outside. "Um, guys... I think we should start to move now..."

"Andrew, we're stuck in traffic, we can't move..." Yelled Robin from the driver’s seat.

“Yeah, keep it down. We’re trying to figure out what’s going down on the news.”

Before Andrew could respond, Xander spoke up. "Well, its either we move, or the Mongol sized horde of zombies outside are going to open the bus like a can of sardines," said the one eyed carpenter. "So for once, I think we should LISTEN to the dweeb."

End Prologue
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