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Stranded In Santa Barbara

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Summary: Buffy needs to find a way home after being left behind. Luckily there's always a boy.

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Shawn leaned against a lamp post. He had made it to the game like he said he would. He had scanned the faces of the opposing teams cheerleaders. He didn't see her. He sat through the entire game, hoping that maybe she would show up late. But the game had finished and she never showed.

Hemery's cheerleading squad walked past him giggling the entire way but three of them sayshayed their way to Shawn and one other walked to him normally. “Hey.” The prettiest and most likely most stuck up one said. “I'm Candy and this is Mel and Gina.”

“Sup.” Shawn said. The three giggled and started talking at him. He gave one word answers but that only seemed to make the giggling worse.

“You're Shawn.” The girl who had hung back from the others finally spoke.

“Wait, as in Buffy's Shawn?” Candy smiled cruelly. “Little Miss Pyro was actually telling the truth.”

Shawn straightened, “What do you mean?”

A few of Hemery's football players walked over to them, “Hey Candy is this punk bothering you?”

Candy smirked at Shawn, “Come on we're going to miss our bus.” She led them away leaving the quiet girl in her wake.

“What did she mean?” Shawn asked the girl.

“Buffy kinda got expelled. There was an accident at the gym. One that involved fire, like a lot. Nobody really knows where she went. It happened two weeks ago.” She said.

“Oh.” Shawn shoved his hands into his pocket.

“Sorry.” She said before jogging toward her bus.

He stayed there a minute before a police car pulled up beside him. The window rolled down to reveal his father. “Shawn, get in. I'll give you a ride home.”

“I'm not suppose to get rides from strangers, unless they have candy or maybe it's comics.” Shawn said.

“Get in the car Shawn.” Henry leaned over to open the door. Shawn huffed before getting in the car and slamming the door behind him. Henry pulled a photo from the glove compartment. “Here I thought you might want that.”

Shawn looked at the photo. It was the mug shot that he had taken of himself and Buffy. “Thanks Dad.”


the end

The End

You have reached the end of "Stranded In Santa Barbara". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking