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Stranded In Santa Barbara

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Summary: Buffy needs to find a way home after being left behind. Luckily there's always a boy.

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Having Missed The Bus

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Psych.

FFA: Buffy Summers/Shawn Spencer

A/N: So I decided to do some FFA pairings in with the Psych world. For non-ick purposes I'm making Shawn and Buffy only two years apart rather than 4. This series takes place the semester before Buffy goes to Sunnydale and when Shawn was 17 in the psych world. Enjoy.


Buffy stomped her foot on the ground. She had missed the bus. Her stupid retarded soon to be boyfriend jock had made her late. He had asked her to get his helmet when she went to get her pompoms from the field. Only she couldn't find his dumb helmet right away. By the time she had found it and gotten back to the parking lot, the bus was gone. She had no way to get back to L.A. And her phone was in her bag which was on the bus. She was going to make that boy grovel for weeks before finding a better boyfriend. That boy obviously did not have the right potential. She looked around the parking lot, it was completely empty.


Buffy tried not to jump at the voice behind her. She turned slowly. There was a boy behind her. He had the bad boy persona working for him in so many ways. He also looked like he was a couple years older than him. Even better he was really really cute. “Hey you got a phone? My bus left me and I'm like completely stranded.” She shot him her ten thousand megawatt smile.

“Nah.” He said with a shrug. “But I can get you one. Come on.” He held out his hand.

Buffy didn't give it a second thought. They started walking back towards the school. “I'm Buffy.” She was ready to defend her name. Santa Barbara might be in California, but when she wasn't in L.A. she got a lot of crap about her name.

“Cool name. I'm Shawn.” Shawn smirked at her.

Buffy pushed on the door at the front of the school. “It's locked.” She pouted.

“Nah you're just not opening it the right way.” Shawn took a key out of his pocket and opened the door. Once they were through he took her hand again. He led her to a line of phones and even gave her a quarter. Buffy was just about to call her mom when they heard someone walking towards them. “Damn.” Shawn muttered. “We need to get out of here.”

“But like I have to call my mom Shawn. I'm sure the janitor will understand.” Buffy said as she started dialing.

A loud voice came from down the hall, “I've already called the cops. I've had it with your break-ins and stupid pranks.”

Shawn yanked Buffy away causing her to screech. “Really, we gotta book.” Then they were running down the hallways. They made so many turns that Buffy had no idea where they were. But the sound of pounding feet behind them never faltered. “We have to split up.”

“But I have like no idea where I am.”

“Take the next right and the second left door. Go back to the field, I'll meet you by the bleachers.” Shawn stopped then to kiss her briefly. “I'll find you a way home Buffy.” Then he tore off in the other direction.

Okay so that was totally out of the blue, but Shawn was so much a better kisser than soon to be humiliated head jock jerk. Then she ran in the direction he had pointed in. Thank god she was still in her uniform otherwise there was no way she would be able to run this much. Buffy took a couple of deep breaths once she was by the bleachers before sitting down. Now all she had to do was wait for Shawn. Hopefully he got away. Because he may have looked all bad boy in his yummy leather jacket but he wasn't the least bit grungy. And he was totally sweet.

“Hey what are you doing out here?”

Buffy looked up, it was a police man. 'Time to do some waterworks.' She thought.
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