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Third Time Lucky

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Summary: On Halloween 1996 Xan{16} became a solider, on Halloween 2000 Xan{20} became a Mage, now on Halloween 2006 Xan{26} becomes a detective, uh oh

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Anime > Pet Shop of Horrors
Charmed > Xander-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - a flashback on Halloween 2000

Xander finished off his outfit by pulling on a white jacket, he carefully buttoned up the annoying garment and sighed as his hands fell to the weapons concealed within his clothes.

A small pack containing ten Sunlight Grenades, a pack containing an assortment of Aspen, Rowan and Oak Stakes and an old chair leg, three bottles of Holy Water old an old crucifix.

Xander exited his apartment and sighed, this Halloween would be different, as it was his first Halloween in England, the last two having been held alone in Africa.

Xander shivered and pulled his jacket tight around him, wishing for a moment that he had brought an outer coat, a duster would have sufficed.

The wind seemed to still as he walked to the Headquarters of the Reformed Watcher's Council, he shivered, not from cold but a fear that something was about to happen.

Xander sighed as he entered the building, "alright kiddies let's go get some candy alright?"

The Mini-Slayer's and Mini-Watcher's nodded, smiling brightly at the prospect of free chocolate and other sweet items, the other Senior members walked up to him and headed out of the door, Buffy dressed as a Martial Artist, Faith dressed as an Assassin, Willow dressed up as a Witch and Giles dressed as a Librarian.


This time when the change had occurred Xander had been aware of it, his time in Africa had honed his ability to sense magic to a point where it almost surpassed the Slayer Sense.

While Xander was not aware of exactly what he had done during the possession, he was at least aware of what had occurred to cause the black out.

Buffy had the memories of someone who was a master of Jeet Kune Do, she had a new style to add to her already impressive arsenal.

Faith had the memories of someone who had been trained from the age of three to be a killer, her abilities had just skyrocketed because of this.

Willow hadn't changed much because she was already a Witch, although she learned a few new spells that could come in handy if they ever needed them.

Giles hadn't dressed up this year so he was alright, if a little annoyed that either Ethan or Ethan's apprentice Rory had done this spell.

Xander had the memories of both Wyatt's, the Wyatt who became evil and the Wyatt who became good, he was balance, pure and simple, he had the Witch and Whitelighter powers, but also the Warlock and Darklighter powers, everything needed a balance.

He just hoped that he could separate the memories and organize them.
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