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Third Time Lucky

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Summary: On Halloween 1996 Xan{16} became a solider, on Halloween 2000 Xan{20} became a Mage, now on Halloween 2006 Xan{26} becomes a detective, uh oh

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Anime > Pet Shop of Horrors
Charmed > Xander-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
LadySFR1841,7150914,83911 Jan 1022 Jan 10Yes

chapter 3

chapter 3 - 2006, This shit has got to end

Xander sighed as he finished pulling his recently dyed hair {he's now gone blonde} into a low ponytail.

He twitched the fabric of his ankle-length glaringly Asian pants, they were colored a dark, midnight blue.
They were also made from a strange, foreign material {Chinese/Japanese silk} and the name of the garment was odd as well.
It was called a Karusan-bakama and was a type of Hakama {Japanese Samurai trousers} that had been made to look similar to the ballooning trousers of the Portuguese.
They had what amounted to a cuff on the bottom of the ankles so that the ballooning fabric would not open out like normal Hakama.
However they would, due to their design, be extremely useful as they gave an increased range of movement to the wearer if they needed to run or fight.

The light yet thick long-sleeved shirt that he had pulled on was most certainly taken right out of a cartoon.
It was navy blue in colour and was made of a strange, almost metallic material that seemed to be cotton, silk and titanium in one.
It was a shirt highly similar to those worn by Shinobi in the Anime Naruto, this was because Xander had bought it from a Cosplay shop.
He had customized it with fabric pens of course and had drawn archaic protection symbols on the cuffs and hems and stenciled a silver wolf howling at a ruby moon on the front.

He grabbed his gun holster and pulled it on, slipping his gun into it carefully so that it rested just beside his ribs.

He slipped three specially made belts into place, two crossing his front and back to form an X and the other wrapping around his waist, into the belts he slipped two small Wakizashi, some packs of ammo, some stakes, some holy water and a few Garlic Bombs and Solar Grenades.

He grabbed a black coat that Angel, Spike, Cordelia, Buffy, Willow and Harmony had 'created' for him, it was a mix between an ordinary floor-length trench/duster and a Slayer-Slayerette trench/duster, meaning that it had extra pockets for weapons.

He frowned and grabbed a pair of blue contacts that made his eyes seem like a murky, mysteriously emotionless blue.

He pulled a few more miscellaneous weapons out of boxes and trunks and dropped them into pockets, there was a spool of high grade high tension piano wire, a few senbon, a handful of Shuriken and two kunai.

Xander walked out of the room and looked at his friends, none of them were wearing an outfit, they'd stopped after the fiasco in 2000.

Xander grinned at the kids, "Ok so lets get some candy!"


Ex-Detective now Freelance Martial-Artist Ronin Leon Orcot was and always had been a man of many things, patience was, unfortunately never one of them.

This problem had also unfortunately been passed onto Xander after the 2006 Halloween incident.

However, something good did actually came out of this catastrophe, that something was called D, Count D.

Apparently, the 'Pet Shop of Horrors' was not only a Japanese cartoon made to entertain but was also a reality {i.e. it existed in real life}

As such Xander had a Kami to catch.
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