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Third Time Lucky

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Summary: On Halloween 1996 Xan{16} became a solider, on Halloween 2000 Xan{20} became a Mage, now on Halloween 2006 Xan{26} becomes a detective, uh oh

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Anime > Pet Shop of Horrors
Charmed > Xander-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
LadySFR1841,7150914,84011 Jan 1022 Jan 10Yes

Chapter One

chapter 1 - a Flashback of Halloween 1996

Xander stood looking at himself and his costume in the mirror, the greenish military fatigues were a little baggy and the gun was a little bit bulky but it would do for something as simple as tacking little kids trick or treating.

However, there was something missing, the outfit wasn't yet complete, it needed something more, something that he couldn't think of.

A glint caught his eye and he turned, the stupid grin faded from his face and eyes as his uncle's {mother's older brother} dog tags glinted cheerily at him from their place in an old jewelry box, "Uncle C.... Man I miss Ya!"

Xander walked over to the box and carefully lifted up the dog tags, his uncle Charles Kawalsky had died in action a few years ago and his mother had fallen even deeper into the bottle.

He pulled the chain over his neck and smiled as the somehow still warm metal fell against his shirt, "I guess your with me in spirit then eh uncle C?"

Xander slowly exited the house, mind still occupied with the memories he held of his uncle, the man's smile, the man's frown, what his jokes were like.

Somehow, although almost two years had passed since his uncle has been killed the memories hadn't started to fade, unlike Jesse who had died at the beginning of the year and Xander already struggled to see his face, instead seeing the visage of the beast Jesse had become.


Xander looked carefully at his friends to see how their choices of outfit on Halloween had changed them but his observation went unnoticed.

Buffy while physically the same could now ace her French test, had a strange penchant for sewing and had wailed about not having any good earl grey.

Willow was physically the same, she had dressed as a ghost version of her own self so all she was doing was poking the walls and tables to make sure she was solid.

Cordelia, having bought most of her outfit from Party-Town was mainly unchanged, save for a few golden highlights and a grey tinge to her skin.

Oz was too busy with a gig so hadn't got a costume, he was just sitting like usual staring into space, probably thinking of what songs to play for the gig tonight.

Giles hair was a shade more brown, his skin a little younger, his eyes a shade darker, he hadn't really 'changed' but his outfit had been 'younger' so his age had reverted slightly, he now looked to be in his late 30s.

Jenny had always been a looker, but now she was in a word HOT, her brown hair was maybe dark chestnut and shiny to her shoulders, her skin was a luminous pale peach, her eyes were a glowing burnt umber.

Xander, now Xander was almost the same, his hair a little longer and darker, his eyes a little fiercer and lighter, but it was the dog tags, he was so caring about, he had, for a short time, become his uncle, his uncles last thoughts had been 'I hope Xander can recover from this'.

Xander knew that something had happened to change how he viewed the world, he knew that aliens existed now but were aliens actually demons or were demons actually aliens or where they separate?

Only time would tell.
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