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The Choices We Make

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Rules We Break". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Andrew's portal sucked Dawn into another world and a whole new kind of problem. Dawn/Michael/Lincoln and Faith/Sam/Dean 3rd story in Rules We Break Series

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Television > Prison Break
Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
FaithWinchesterFR211621,83634413,09914 Jan 1030 Jan 10Yes

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from BtVS, Supernatural or Prison Break and I make no profit from this story.

Author's Note: For those of you who are actually Prison Break fans, you will notice a few things in this story that do not follow the show. They are small but important things, so I'm not sure if that makes this an AU according to the site guidelines, but I'm going to list them here, so there's no confusion.

Sara was a minor player in this world. There was nothing between her and Michael, she's not even mentioned.

L.J.'s mom was not killed and at the point this is written, he has not talked to Lincoln in years and does not want to.

There will be no mention of the Company or any of the conspiracies in this fic, except to state that Linc was falsely convicted.

Also, I won't be following the other cons, just because the amount of time and energy that would take to keep up on would be monumental!

That's it for the most part. I am looking for a beta for this fic and the rest of the series, so anyone interested, let me know. Also, if you haven't already, I suggest you read the two preceding stories first. Thanks!


“Oh for craps sake!” Dawn shouted, as the eerie green light enveloped her body. The last thing she saw was Andrew’s scared looking face as her vision filled with the light and the world she knew vanished.

She let out an involuntary girly sounding yelp when she landed hard on gravel. It was dark and cold and she heard a chorus of cursing and exclamations from all around her. Wincing, she looked up.

The men that surrounded her were sweaty and dirty, wearing clothes that just screamed institution and looking way too tough to be anything but dangerous. There were seven of them, she counted quickly and two of them were cuffed together at the wrist. One of the two shackled together stepped toward her and she instinctively shrank back. He was a wiry man with a shock of dark hair and eyes that made her want to scrub every bit of skin they touched. Definitely creepy.

“Now, where in hell did you come from, sweet thing?” he asked. His voice was suspicious, with a southern accent and even the way he spoke made Dawn’s skin crawl and she fought the instinct to scoot back away from him.

“Leave her alone, T-Bag,” said the man he was cuffed to. This one was taller, broad shouldered, with hair clipped close to his head and arresting eyes. He held out the hand that didn’t have the cuff on it and she took it, hesitantly. He pulled her to her feet.

“Are you okay?” he asked and Dawn nodded, finally finding her voice as she brushed the loose gravel off the back of her jeans.

“Where am I?”

The men glanced around at each other and the one who spoke had a foreign accent, Russian, she thought.

“Illinois. Where did you come from and how the hell did you fall out of the sky?”

“Cleveland and… um-“ Dawn didn’t know what to say. She could tell them the truth, but she was betting they weren’t going to believe her unless one of them had come in contact with the supernatural side of the world at some point. Magic just wasn’t easy to sell to a skeptic and these guys didn’t look like they were the type to just take her word for things. She was still trying to figure out what to say when she heard a dog bark and all of them snapped to attention.

“We have to go,” said the one with the accent, “now.”

“What about the girl?” asked another, a big guy with a shaved head, deep voice and an intense gaze. The inane thought vanished when she realized they were deciding her immediate future.

“Leave her, she’s not part of this,” said one of them, from behind her.

“Can’t leave her, C-Note, she can point them right at us and then we’re screwed,” said another and Dawn’s head spun, trying to follow their voices in the darkness. She could see some of them fairly clearly in the moonlight, others weren’t much more than shadows.

“No, you can leave her, I mean, me! I swear, I won’t point anyone! I don’t even know who you are and I don’t care,” she said, quickly, but she was pointedly ignored.

“So what the hell do we do then?” asked a voice that sounded very young. She caught a glimpse of a guy who didn’t look much older than her, standing back a bit from the others.

Someone moved toward her, she thought it was the guy with the accent and the big guy was suddenly there, in front of her, pushing her back, until she bumped into the tall one.

“No way, John. Not happening,” big guy was saying.

“What’cha gonna do, Linc? Bring her along? Not like we have a whole lot of options here!” said John.

“Hey, standing right here!” she said, annoyed, but again, it was like she hadn’t even spoken.

“I’ll look after her,” came that oily voice from earlier and from beside her, she felt someone touch her right arm. She jerked it away and felt a strong hand on her shoulder, pulling her back.

“Hands off, T-Bag. Your last warning,” said the taller man.

“Enough of this!” came a Hispanic accented voice. “Michael, if we’re bringing her, then bring her, Papi, but we have to go, now.”

“What’s your name?” she heard and she looked up at the man beside her.

“Dawn. Dawn Summers.”

“I’m Michael. Can you run, Dawn Summers?”

Not sure about the spelling of the Spanish "papi", so if I'm wrong, someone please correct me
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