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Little Lost Girl

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Summary: This is what happens when your daughter gets 'Snow White' on DVD. (Nominated for the 2010 COA Best Movie Crossover)

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Movies > Snow White and the 7 DwarvesMissEFR71478071,55015 Jan 1015 Jan 10Yes
Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Snow White.

A/N: You can blame my daughter for this one. She's been playing Disney Princesses and Snow White obsessively. (Someone kill me, please!)


She stood there with her glossy black hair, impossibly white skin, blood red lips, and vacuous expression on her face.

Buffy leaned closer to her Watcher and stage-whispered, “Are you sure she's not a demon? She's very pale. Maybe she's a vamp?”

Giles sighed and began cleaning his glasses. “No, Buffy. She's neither a demon nor a vampire. She appears to be an ordinary human.”

“Oh, yes,” the stranger simpered in her soft, girly voice. “I am just an ordinary girl. I can cook and clean, and I look after seven of the dearest little men in our cottage in the woods.”

Buffy quirked an eyebrow at that statement. “Er... you run a boarding house?” she asked, trying to take a nice interpretation on that.

“Oh, no,” she replied with a tinkling laugh. “I was escaping from the Queen's Huntsman when the delightful forest creatures led me to the dwarfs' cottage. Well, with all my adventures, I just fell asleep on their beds. When they came home, we talked, and agreed that I would look after their home for them, because they are so busy working that they didn't have time for it anyway. And, besides,” she added confidentially to Buffy, “men aren't really good at looking after a house, not like we women are.”

“Giles,” Buffy whimpered. “She's being...” Buffy waved her hands helplessly, “something. Do something.”

“Yes, well,” he began uncertainly. “I dare say you should like to get back to you very … useful … life, and maybe one day you will find your 'prince', and live happily ever after.”

“Oh, do you think so? Oh that would be wonderful,” the stranger gushed.

“Ah, yes. Well, I shall just have to set up a ritual -”

“You're going to use magic?” she gasped, fear written across the vapidly pretty face.

Giles frowned. “Not all magic is evil,” he replied sternly. “If you wish to get back to your cottage in the woods, this is the only way to do it.”

“Oh, well, if you say so. I'm only a girl, and don't know anything about that.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at that.

Giles bustled around for a few minutes, setting up the ritual to his satisfaction. Once he was ready, he instructed the girl to get in position. With some intoned words, some smelly herbs, and a flash of light, the girl was returned to her own dimension.

“Oh, thank God,” Buffy sighed. “I was beginning to get the urge to bake something.”

Giles started back, eyes wide. He whipped of his glasses and started cleaning them. “Yes, well, maybe you should have a lie down until the feeling passes.”

Buffy scowled at him. “Very funny, Giles,” she responded before scooping up her backpack and stalking out of the library.

Giles stopped cleaning his glasses, and grinned at her departing figure. “It's just too easy, sometimes,” he murmured.

The End

You have reached the end of "Little Lost Girl". This story is complete.

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