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Smallville Glory

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Summary: *COA 2010 nominee* With Glory hot on their trail, the Scooby gang thinks to ask for help. This leads them to Smallville, Kansas, where they seek the one being able to go toe-to-toe with a hell god.

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Getting Ahead

Disclaimer: Smallville, Buffy, not mine. Really, don't blame me for anything.

Glorificus smiled. “So you’re Clark’s little girlfriend.”

“Do I know you?” Lana asked. “Why are you in my aunt’s house?”

Glory rose to her feet and was pleased to see that she towered over the smaller girl, although this one wasn’t quite the midget that Buffy was.

“Clark told me so much about you. I thought I’d come by and meet you. The door was open.”

It was now. The back door was broken.

“Why are you sitting here in the dark?”

“I wanted to surprise Clark,” Glory said. “He can be such a fuddy duddy at times and I didn’t want him running over here and trying to spoil the party.”

She slowly circled Lana, forcing the girl to turn to keep her in sight. No reason to spoil the fun. She was going to enjoy this.

Looking uneasy, Lana asked, “How do you know Clark?”

“You could say we’re soulmates,” Glory said. The piece of Clark that was left inside her howled in her mind, and Glory took vindictive pleasure in fantasizing about what she was about to do to this snip of a girl.”

“I’m not Clark’s girlfriend,” Lana said. “I’ve got a boyfriend, Whitney.”

“That’s not what your friend Lex seems to think,” Glory said. She stepped closer to Lana and leaned closer. “Did you know he keeps files on you and Clark and all his friends here in Smallville?”

“Clark is my friend,” Lana said. “That’s all.”

She took a step back and Glory took a step forward. Tearing the head off this girl and throwing it on Clark Kent’s front porch would go a long way toward restoring her pride. It would also unnerve and demoralize him.

Stopping, Glory wrinkled her nose and sniffed. The same underlying smell of rot was here, just as it was in all of her mutants, but this was stronger than any of the ones she’d smelled before.

She reached out to grab the girl, but then stopped. She found herself staring at the girl’s lips.

Lana stood very still for a moment, and then her eyes widened. She smirked a little. “Usually it just works on men.”

She licked her lips and leaned forward. “You aren’t a lesbian, are you?”

Inside, Glory screamed and howled, but something kept her fixated in place. The piece of Clark that she’d stolen was gibbering, and it battered at her mind.

Now Lana was the one circling her, and it was all Glory could do to follow her with her head. “No…that doesn’t seem quite right. What is it then?”

“I’m going to tear your head off,” Glory said, struggling to get the words to the surface. “And leave it on the porch for Clark to find.”

“No you aren’t,” Lana said.

Leaning forward, she stared in Glory’s eye. “It’s almost as though you have a piece of Clark inside you…or is it something else?”

She touched Glory’s arm and Glory felt herself fading away in favor of Ben.

“Wow. You really do have a whole other half, don’t you?” Lana asked, grinning.


“You need me,” Lex said.

Willow shook her head. “All you’d be doing was getting in the way.”

“Like I got in the way while you were escaping from my mansion?” Lex asked drolly. “It looks to me like you could use every hand that you’ve got.”

“We’ve got reason to believe that whatever happens, she’s leaving tomorrow,” Buffy said.

“All the more reason for me to do what I can to help.”

“The best way for you to help is stay away,” Willow said. “Otherwise one of us might have to save you, and that’ll pull us away from the other things we have to do.”

“I’ve fought meteor freaks before.”

“Glory isn’t just another meteor freak,” Willow began. Seeing Buffy’s shake of the head ahs said, “She’s the queen of meteor freaks.”

“I can get you real time footage of what’s happening at the mansion at this very moment, both inside and outside,” Lex said. “Just give me a computer with an internet connection.”

Buffy nodded and Willow said, “I’ll show you what we’ve got.”


“It’s the meteor rocks that warp us,” Lana said. “At least according to my friend Chloe.”

She stepped around the corner and the sound of the refrigerator door could be heard. She returned with a tall glass of iced tea, which she sat on the small table beside the chair.

Ben stared up at her with a glazed look, and his features shifted into those of Glory. She sat in the chair staring up at Lana with hatred in her eyes.

“Most people mutate after just a short exposure…I wore one around my neck for twelve years,” Lana said.

Settling into the chair across from Glory, she said, “I didn’t understand what I was at first. It just seemed natural that I was at the center of everybody’s world. I was the girl in the magazine, the face of Smallville. I was the girl who lost her parents.”

“You can’t hold me here forever,” Glory said. “I’ve got places to be and people to kill.”

“This isn’t about you,” Lana said. “It’s about me. It’s always about me. This is my town and I plan on keeping it that way.”

She reached for the glass of iced tea and took a drink. Noticing the way Glory’s eyes were fixated on her lips, she smirked and held the glass against her face.

“You know something about Clark,” Lana said. “He’s the only one who was really ever able to resist me.”

“I thought you had him wrapped around your little finger,” Glory said. ”If this was really your town you would.”

Lana leaned forward. “He keeps secrets from me. He shouldn’t be able to hide anything from me.”

Glory blinked, then grinned. “He’s got powers, you moron. He’s the strongest thing on this miserable planet, and the second fastest.”

“Oh, I knew he had to have some kind of power, “Lana said. “He couldn’t resist me otherwise. It’s the fact that he won’t tell me. I’m wearing him down, though.”

“He’s far beyond you,” Glory said. “When you are food for worms and the rest of your miserable species is dust, he’ll still be here…unless I manage to kill him first. He’s almost as far beyond you as I am.”

“You’re just another meteor freak with a bad perm,” Lana said. “The transvestite thing is weird, but at the end of the day, you’ll end up in the nuthouse or dead just like all the rest of them.”

Glory’s hand twitched.

“I let Clark rescue me sometimes,” Lana said casually. “It makes him feel important. I think I’m going to give him a call, tell him someone is in the house with me.”

As she reached for the telephone, Glory’s hand twitched again.


“She’s killed at least ten of her own people,” Lex said. He clicked a button and they could see the corpses still laying out on his front lawn. “That still leaves her with at least twenty five Belle Reve inmates, all of whom have a variety of powers and abilities.”

“What the hell is that guy?” Xander asked.

The bald, eyeless thing that had sniffed out Willow’s trail last night was sniffing around the corpses.

Lex winced. “He was one of the first inmates. They tried a lobotomy, hoping to find a way to eliminate his powers. He gouged his own eyes out. He’s particularly dangerous.”

“How do you know all this?” Buffy asked.

“I’ve been following the meteor infected for a while now,” Lex said. He glanced at Clark, “Trying to find out anything I can about them. I had some of my people hack into the records at Belle Reve.”

“They’ve gotten further on the tower than I’d hoped,” Willow said. She hadn’t missed the fact that Lex had added the number of those she had killed with the tower collapse onto Glory’s total. She couldn’t help but feel grateful.

The tower was already at least a third higher than it had been before Willow had knocked part of it down. She didn’t know how high it was meant to go, but she suspected that everything was on schedule.

After the way Buffy and the others had rejected Faith for killing one person by accident, Willow didn’t want to face the look in her eye when Buffy realized that she’d killed five people deliberately just so that she could get away.

Lex had drawn them a map of the house and most of its secret passages. A look at the cameras in the rooms showed that most of those doors had been torn open already and those passages would no longer be of any help to anyone.

As he flipped through room after room, Willow began to add up the forces they were facing on a piece of paper, as well as their positions. That would change, but it was likely to be of some help.

“There’s Dawn,” Buffy said, and Lex flipped back to the previous room.

Dawn was sitting tied up in a chair, surrounded by brown robed demons.

“She doesn’t trust the meteor freaks with Dawn,” Chloe said.

“Well, she’s crazy, not stupid,” Spike said. “She needs to keep the Niblet alive until the ceremony, and these other blokes just got out of the nuthouse for being violent nutjobs.”

“So if we could get Dawn, we wouldn’t face any of the meteor freaks,” Buffy said. “Except for the ones out front.”

“Why don’t we go get her now?” Clark asked. “It looks like three quarters of the meteor freaks are still working on the tower. They don’t have many out front.”

“Guys,” Chloe asked. “Where’s Glory?”

Willow squinted and Lex began to flip from window to window. It didn’t take long to see that Chloe was right. Glory wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“Perhaps she is in her mortal form?” Giles asked. “A human male?”

“Unless she dressed up like a psych ward patient, there’s nobody here we don’t recognize,” Lex said.


The first Lana knew she was in trouble was when the telephone was ripped from her hand and she went flying across the room.

Glory stood above her, all trace of humanity gone from her eyes.

“I am a god.” She said quietly. “You don’t control a god…not for long anyway.”

She reached down and grabbed Lana by the hair. She began pulling her across the floor, and Lana began to struggle. She’d been grabbed by meteor freaks in the past, but none of them had had this kind of strength, this kind of power.

For the first time in a long time, Lana began to feel truly afraid. She’d pretended for Clark’s sake, but this was something unexpected.

She opened her mouth to scream and Glory kicked her in the ribs, sending her flying across the house. She could feel her ribs breaking, and it was suddenly hard to breathe.

Gasping, she tried to scream again, but all that came out was a wheeze.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you, Lana,” Glory said.

Walking toward her, she deliberately stepped on her hand, crushing all the bones and causing Lana to spasm in pain.

“After tonight, the world won’t be revolving at all,:” Glory said. “Because I’m going to crack it like a shell and wipe it clean of all the vermin you call humanity.”

Glory knelt down beside her and pulled her up by her hair to stare her in the eyes.

“But you won’t be here to see it, will you?”

Lana heard a thump and she felt a moment of pain, and then suddenly her world began to spin. It took her a moment to realize that what she was seeing was her own body laying beneath her, gouts of red painting the wall.

It took almost thirteen seconds for her decapitated head to lose consciousness.


“I have a bad feeling about this,” Clark said.

They were all gathered around Willow’s laptop in the living room, staring at a screen which did not seem to provide any answers. Glory could be anywhere and they had no way to know where she was .

“There are spy satellites looking down on us, “ Chloe said. “I’ve had some success in hacking into them, but I need to have a general idea of where she might be.”

Willow looked at her suddenly. She’d thought she was quite the hacker, but even she wouldn’t have tried to hack those systems.

Of course, she’d let her computing skills go a little when she’d started focusing on magic.

Later, she’d reflect on the way that one moment could change everything. One moment life was normal and sane, and the next everything was different.

The explosion caught them all by surprise, but Clark was fast enough to catch the door as it flew toward them. If he hadn’t, the door would have plowed through them, killing half of them before they even realized something was wrong.

Glory stood in the doorway grinning, her eyes now nowhere nearly sane.

“Hey Clark,” she said. “Here’s a present.”

She threw something and Clark instinctively grabbed it. It took Willow a moment to realize what it was, but Clark was a little quicker.

Glory vanished and Clark dropped Lana’s head and he was gone too.

Lex stared after them both, his mouth open.

The war had begun.
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