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Smallville Glory

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Summary: *COA 2010 nominee* With Glory hot on their trail, the Scooby gang thinks to ask for help. This leads them to Smallville, Kansas, where they seek the one being able to go toe-to-toe with a hell god.

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Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or settings. Buffy and Smallville are owned by others.

The waters were warm and pleasant lapping against her skin. Glory closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax. Things were finally going her way, and with any luck, by the end of the evening she would be restored on her throne.

Although the tear in the fabric of space here wasn't as promising as the one in Sunnydale, Glory couldn't argue with the accommodations. The Sunnydale portal would have had to have been located in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a slum.

Here she could enjoy a scented bath and prepare for her return in style. She allowed herself to fantasize about what she was going to do with her Enemy when he returned. She had no doubt he would return; he was a hero and heroes were drearily predictable.

Yet he was vulnerable to the one substance that was more common in this area than on any other area of the planet, and with the aid of it, sh wouldn't have much trouble capturing him. She'd take him with her to the other side and she'd make him her consort.

Rumor had it that he was only fifteen, but child-brides were something of a tradition in her social group, and it meant he'd be easier to train. She'd seduce the morality out of him.

Hearing the door open she said, "Bring me a towel."

"Get your own darn towel," she heard. Opening her eyes in shock she saw the witch standing above her with her fingers touching her head.

A moment later she felt pain as the witch forcibly ripped a part of her out of her head. She opened her eyes in time to see the witch running with the other one, the pretty little thing she'd drained in the past.

She rose out of the water and grabbed for her robe. This wasn't going to be allowed! Not on her special day.

Her mind reeled and she had trouble focusing, but she moved quickly enough to catch sight of the two witched turning the corner at the end of the hall. She belted her robe and charged forward only to find that the end of the hall descended into stairs. She tripped over the hem of her robe and found herself tumbling down the steps.

She was on her feet an instant later, only to see the girls running out of an outside door. She charged down the hall and punched her way through the door, which flew off its hinges.

It took her a moment to realize that this was the door on the opposite side of the building, away from the tower and her army of mutants. She'd posted guards, although their reliability was questionable. Dealing with the insane was aways a chancy proposition.

She felt herself being grabbed from behind even as two slayers stepped in front of her.

Glory struggled, then realized the was being held by the Enemy. She struggled, but whereas before she would have been able to struggle out of his grasp with a lot of effort, she felt weak and strangely listless.

"Not feeling up to par?" One of the Buffys asked. She held up the glowing orb in her right hand. "It might have something to do with this."

She threw the orb into Glory's face where it smashed and burned.

Struggling feebly, Glory grimaced at the pain of the magics of the orb. She could feel it burning away a portion of her invulnerability. It weakened her, leaving her weaker than the Enemy.

Luckily, she hadn't been caught completely off guard.

She heard the movement from above a moment before they did. One of her guards on the roof dropped a rock to the ground beside them, and her Enemy's grip suddenly loosened and he fell behind her.

"I didn't know they'd started mass producing you bitches," Glory said, "But I don't care."

She stepped forward, intent on destroying the both of them. To her surprise, the Buffy without the large hammer ducked nimbly to the side and moved behind her. Glory was still confused from whatever the witch had done, and she found herself turning.

The Buffy with the hammer hit her in the back of the head, and for the first time in her battles with the Slayer, she actually felt pain.

The second Buffy grabbed the glowing rock and threw it into the distance with a pitch that would have made a major league pitcher proud. She was helping the Enemy to his feet when a bolt of lightning struck her from above.

Falling to the ground, smoke rising from her neck, she made a whirring noise and then stopped moving. Where the lightning bolt had struck, the skin burned away, exposing wires and gears inside.

Since when was the Slayer a robot, she wondered.

Were they all robots?


"Are you all right?" Willow asked Tara, holding her tightly.

They were out of sight of the battle with Glory; Willow didn't trust the hell god not to try to make an example of Tara as a matter of sheer principle.

Tara nodded, holding her and sobbing.

Willow felt the telephone buzzing in her pocket. She wanted nothing so much as to hold Tara and never let her go, but she had a role to play in this battle, and she wasn't going to let any of her friends down.

"They've got her on the ropes," Chloe said on the other end of the line. There was a sense of grim satisfaction in the girl's voice, and Willow belated remembered that Lana had been Chloe's best friend."You need to get around to the other side and create a distraction."

"We've got to go," she said to Tara. Pulling her along, they ran across the front of the house. Most of the mutant guards had moved around to the back, in preparation for guarding the tower from intruders

The rest of the gang was ahead of them, peering around the corner at the assembled army of mutants. Peering around with them, Willow realized that the group had grown in size since she'd last seen them. There had been only thirty five inmates released from Belle Rev, but that number had somehow expanded to well over a hundred.

Glory had expanded her army with some of her normal victims, Willow realized. They wouldn't be as dangerous as the meteor freaks, but they'd be bad enough if anyone got within arm's reach of them.

The spell that had restored Tara normally would have wiped her most of the way out, leaving her with little more for the rest of the battle. The boost she'd gotten from the meteor rock, though was less than halfway gone.

"Let's go," she said.

Their job was to keep the mutants distracted, to keep anyone from helping Glory until it was too late. Additionally, if they could keep the army distracted, then Spike could come up on the tower from behind and go to the top to rescue Dawn.

Buffy had felt that this was the plan that was most likely to work, as well as being the most likely plan to keep Spike from slaughtering dozens of humans with his spiked baseball bat.

It helped, having the information from Lex's cameras. Without that information it would have been much more difficult to come up with a workable plan.

Willow called upon the powers of the earth and sky, and she felt her eyes turning black.


Jinx stood at the top of the steps. "We will stop them here," he said to the crowd below him . "They will not pass."

The crowd cheered and he wondered how many of them understood that not one of them was going to be alive when the evening was over. The goddess would see to it that the scourge of humanity was removed not just from this world, but from all worlds.

As far as Jinx was concerned, it couldn't happen soon enough. The humans smelled bad and they bred far more quickly than his own race. When the magnificent Glorificus rose to her throne, his work of all these years would be fulfilled.

His stomachs tightened as he saw the humans stepping around the corner of the building. Where were the guards he'd posted?

He grimaced as the witch sent a huge fireball flying in their direction.

"Get her!" he yelled, even as the crowd scattered.


"Jeez Wills, are you trying to kill somebody?" Xander asked.

"They got out of the way," she said. As far as she was concerned, they were actively trying to end the world, and if she had to get a little rough with them, that was all right.

Willow felt the pressure on her shields as lightning and fire scattered along their edges. She was intensely glad that Anya had managed to find a spell book in Metropolis with a mobile variant of the spell she already knew. This one had to be maintained, but with it she could push their way right up to the base of the tower and keep the enemies out long enough to reach the top.

The spell burned power rapidly though, and before she never would have had the stamina to keep it up for long. Now, though, she had help.

Tara's hand on her shoulder provided part of the power she needed.

She moved forward, and she felt a smile growing on her face. This was going to work, and this time it was going to be her that saved the world.

The pressure on the shields intensified as the enemy surrounded them and began pounding on the walls with fists and energy and even sticks. She shrank the shields slightly to conserve energy.

"Willow?" Xander asked as the crowd moved inward several steps.

"I've got it under control," she said confidently.


Reeling under the impact of yet another blow, Glory struggled to regain her bearings. She yelled, but none of her minions came. All she needed was a moment of distraction and she'd be able to turn the entire fight around.

The moment came as one of her new minions, a fifteen year old girl with powerful telekinetic abilities came around the corner at a run.

She stopped as she saw Glory and the others, and she squinted her eyes.

Buffy went flying a hundred yards through the air, and Clark stopped and turned to stare at the girl.

Glory immediately began to run toward the girl. She grabbed her and carried her along as she ran around the back of the building toward her army.

Clark followed along closely behind, and then he stumbled and fell.

Glory allowed herself a moment of grim satisfaction. Her minions had been seeding the place with meteor rocks from the moment she'd learned they were his weakness.

She charged toward the group of mutants, who had gathered together in a crowd and were ignoring her.


There were bodies on the ground already; some of the mutants and others had apparently not dodged her fireball quickly enough.

Willow allowed her shield to flow over these bodies rather than attempting to push them along and increase her energy drain, which was becoming critical. Her fingers twitched to touch the rock in her pocket, but she was conserving her energy until the big push.

"Oh no," Xander groaned.

Willow turned and saw Glory charging down the field toward them at only slightly more than human speed. Clark was behind her, but fell. Of Buffy or the Buffy-bot there was no sign.

She stumbled a little and realized they had already reached the bodies. Her lips tightened. She'd promised Buffy not to use the meteor rock unless absolutely necessary, but with Glory coming, that time had come.

She reached into her pocket and then she felt something move at her feet. One of the bodies moved suddenly, lunging up at her with a rock in its hand.

Willow felt the cartilage in her nose crunch as her eyes rolled back in her head. She fell to the ground, stunned.

The shield collapsed.


Laying abandoned on the ground beside the building, the Buffybot's internal servers began to reroute power from the damaged node to outlying nodes. She hadn't had this capacity before, but Jor-El had shown her how to make the modifications even without Willow.

She blinked, but still couldn't move.

The Buffy-bot saw the other Buffy rising wearily to her feet and then charging out of her field of vision, troll hammer in hand.

"You're me," she found herself saying.

She felt stupid for a moment, like she'd been before Jor El had changed her.

Seeing the shadows passing overhead, she blinked. "Pretty."

Sending the prearranged signal, she felt her finger twitch. It wouldn't be long now.


At Glory's shout, the horde that had begun closing in on them stopped. They pulled back a little and stepped away, clearing a path for her.

She knew that she looked battered and bloody, but with Willow on the ground and the other powerful people absent, the others had a look of fear in their eyes, a sense of impending doom.

There was nothing like ripping off a few heads to inspire respect in the insects. Glory made a mental note, even as most of her mind was still spinning merrily away.

"It's time to teach you all a little lesson," she said. Her fingers twitched, and she grinned. "I wonder how your little Buffy will feel when I give her the heads of her seven dwarves..."

Pointing at Willow she said, "Sleepy. At Xander, she said, "Dopey." at Tara she said, "Bashful." and at Giles she said, "Doc."

She swayed for a moment, then looked confused. ""Who can ever remember all the little..."

"Don't forget grumpy." The voice came from behind Glory.

Seeing the crowd scattering from all around her, Glory whirled.

Lex Luthor stood at the top of the hill, and behind him hovered four helicopters bristling with men with guns.

He lifted a long tube to his shoulder and pointed it at her.

"Say goodnight, bitch."

The missile caught her in the stomach.
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