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Of Love and Vengeance

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Summary: When Lex loses his wife, he swears revenge and remembers the events that brought him to where he is today.

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings(Moderator)MalanaFR1531,812022,5004 Nov 0327 Nov 03No


Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville and all associated characters are the property of their creators/corporate owners. I make no claim of ownership to that, or to any other, copyrighted material.

SPOILERS: AU after the end of season 4 for Angel. The AI team is working at W&H. Spike didn't come back. AU after the end of the season 2 for Smallville. Clark is back, He and Lana are still doing their teen angst thing. Chloe is caught up in her deal with Lionel. Lex is back and has dealt with Helen as it happened on the show.

PAIRINGS: Cordelia/Lex, Clark/Chloe

WARNING: Angst, Character death

NOTE: As far as Superman goes, I'm going with the Smallville universe.I'm disregarding the comic books, and the movies.

In the Future.

I'm going to kill him. My physical strength is nothing compared to his, and I'm not really a match for his other powers either, but I will find a way to kill him. I'll see Superman dead at my feet. I swear it on the grave on my dead wife. She will be avenged. Even if it costs me everything I have. I lost the only thing that really mattered in my life, and he's to blame.

Her funeral was today. I had to stand at the coffin of the love of my life. I can't forgive Superman for that. I won't. He'll pay.

Clark was at the funeral. Chloe was there too, of course. After all, they had known her for years. Clark talked to me after the service. He tried to tell me that going after Superman was a bad idea. He's right. It is a bad idea. It could get me killed. But I don't care. I'm a Luthor. We get what we want. And I want Superman dead.

I still remember the day I met her. Every detail of it is clear in my mind. It was one of the most important days of my life. It was the day that changed everything.

End Prologue
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