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Can death stop a life bond?

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Summary: Julianna's twin was the witch. how will that change everything?

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LA to ST. Louis

Disclaimer: See chapter 1

A/N: if you read this before Jan 31st you may want to reread as I have done some edits to the first two (now first) chapters. RL has taken a fast down turn since the 19th as my computer crape3d out and now I find out my great aunts kidneys are failing or have failed so my updates will be sporadic for a bit.

Crystalinth walked into the office already asking questions so that she could get this slayer back as soon as possible. “Giles I need to ask you a few questions about your slayer, Summers. Where is she likely to hang out and/or hunt? And I will need a general description of her as W & H failed to provide one for me.”

Turning around he smiled sadly, “Just off the strip I suppose. Most of the vampires killed were around Caritas. She’s around 5 foot 1, blond with cheerleader styled clothes.”

Hearing this Crystal was already planning on how she and Ramirez were going to get the girl back to the casino. She looked Giles in the eyes as she replied, “Thanks. If you need help learning to control your beast I can help, once we return with the slayer anyway.” Crystalinth started softly getting a good look at his face as she finished speaking. “Dad, how did you survive...” she whispered, forgetting about how sensitive a shifters hearing was as Giles replied to the comment.

“I don’t have any children nor have I ever seen you before.”

Crystal blushed slightly at her unprofessional behavior and extended her hand, “Sorry, you’re just the spitting image of my father. Crystalinth Mary Antoinette Carn, at your service. Um, crazy question can I do a lineage spell on you? Cause this will quite literally drive me crazy until I can know for sure if we’re related.”

“And what would such a thing require? As I have had a good number of spell go wrong over the course of the years in Sunnydale.” Giles asked pulling his glasses off to clean them intrigued both by the spell and at the though of having surviving family.

“A few herbs, candles, and a drop of blood. It only takes a couple of minutes and it has no risks unless you are from another dimension.

“Then I suppose we could do this now if you would like,” he replied after a moments consideration.

Calling in her magic supplies Crystalinth quickly set up the spell on the desk a scroll beside it for the lineage to be written on. Lighting the candles she looked at him handing over a pocket knife that had been well cleaned. “All I need is a drop of blood on top of the herbs.”

Giles moved over pricking his allowing the blood to hit the herbs. The two watched as the spell activated. The herbs smoked drawing out his family line back to Crystalinth herself in the 1600s. Both start, yelping slightly which caused Ramirez to break off his discussion with Gunn, and rush in.

“What? Is there something…?” He asked, moving over to the two others and the desk.

“There’s nothing just a little spell that needed to be done before we went to get the slayer. Giles can we finish this discussion once Summers is back here?”

Nodding distractedly Giles cleaned his glasses again, picking up the scroll and studying it. “Yes, yes. Please hurry I would like to have Buffy back here before she’s to far gone to save.”

Ramirez and Crystal leave the Casino and head towards Caritas and find themselves attacked by a short blond firebrand welding a stake. The three exchange blows for a few minutes, before Ramirez kicks the stake out of Buffy’s hand at the same time Crystal lands a round house to her head effectively knocking the young girl out.

“That was decisively easier and yet harder then I would have expected. Who would have thought something that small could house such power.” Ramirez grumbled holding his bleeding shoulder where it had been hit with the stake.

Crystalinth picks the slayer up in a fireman’s carry taking in the damage that she had caused. “Well if you hadn’t turned for that punch you wouldn’t have been hit with that stake in the first place. How long have Mac and I worked with you in training? That was a rookie mistake. Now then, let’s deliver our prize and get you fixed up.” Crystal turned back to the casino and set a quick pace, limping slightly from the kick the slayer had landed in the first flurry of blows.

“Alright, alright, so it was that doesn’t mean you have to dismiss it like that. Jeez, Aunt Crystal, I thought you loved me.” Ramirez remarked as they made it back. He left the offices with one of the tigers to get patched up and grab a bit of blood to replenish what he had lost.

“Here’s your slayer Giles. Where do you want her?” Crystal said as she walked into the office pulling her shields back up to maximum.

“Put her on the couch. How did you manage to get her so quickly?” Giles replied, looking up and putting the scroll in to a drawer.

“She attacked us not three blocks from here. Quite the firebrand you have. She’ll be out for a while. Would you like to discuss the spell first or would you explain how she managed to lose the sense of hellmouth vamps to traditional?”

“I guess it would be best to start with Buffy because that is paramount to how we figured out that we’re related.”


Cleveland, Ohio

“Buffy I’m headed to LA to help Angel with a demon that’s causing some problems in LA would you like to come with me or are you staying here?”

“I’ll follow you in a few days I want to run the minis through a few more training exercises before I cut them lose on the hellmouth here. Willow will stay here with them and Xander said something about finishing his sweep of Africa in the next few months and heading back here too, so they’ll have plenty of backup if this demon takes a while to take care of.”

“OK, I will see you when you get there then. Just remember off a hellmouth the vampires are protected by the law and their souls are permanent.”

Giles’ flight to LA was uneventful as was his meeting with the new master of LA, Max. Angel explained the demon and with the help of Max’s tigers the threat was quickly taken care of. The two went out for dinner at one of the newer restaurants on the strip, as they were headed back a rogue weretiger took a swipe at Giles tearing his arm to the bone. Angel, who had merged his soul permanently with the demon that animated his un-life, dispatched the rogue with one well placed blow breaking the fool’s neck. Angel rushed Giles to the hospital, after explaining what had happened, Giles was offered a shot of leopard lycanthropy to combat the tigers’ that was showing signs of having. Without hesitation Giles took the shot. And come the full moon a week later, he shifted. Max offered him a place to stay.

Buffy arrived the next day to help out with the demon only to find out that Giles and the weres had taken care of it a week ago. Max and Angel tell her what had happened to Giles, the slayer freaked out for all of five seconds before she passed out from shock. When she awoke she extended her slayer senses out of reflex, they upon meeting Angel’s aura twisted and showed him without a soul. Buffy came up swinging at Angel only to have Max come in the room and again her slayer senses read the merged aura twisted further telling her that there was no difference between the two types of vampires. Buffy ran to Lorne for a safe place and over the next couple of weeks starts taking out vampires around Caritas.

*end Flashback*

“That’s when you and Ramirez were called in.” Giles said ending his tale. “Would you like to explain how we are related? Because I was told that you are human and a witch.”

“Um, ok, where to start? Julianna and I were born in a small town not far from London in the 1600’s. I ended up leading a mercenary crew, so when I ended up pregnant I gave my son to a retired couple in the Hawks to raise as there was no one else with the knowledge or the skills to lead at that time. When there was someone my son was 12, so I left him there with Rachel and Duncan. Julianna and her lover were captured by the Catholic Church to get back at me for my magic. I pulled her from the stake where she was being burned, and Mac took us to his home to heal. We stayed there until Ramirez was born and I had healed from taking the burns into myself. Once that happened, we teleported back to this plain and it was 1988.”

“That explains so much. Do you know what happened to Ramirez’s father?” Giles asked as he absorbed this information. “Is the offer to help with my beast still open? Will be training here or at your place?”

“Julianna said that the church was torturing him with holy water. Yes, the offer is still open, and I was hoping you would accompany us to St. Louis to unwind. Ramirez and I have been on one hunt or another for the past 6 months. Julianna will be meeting us there.” Crystal answered, “Unless you wish to remain here for Ms. Summers. Max will be able to retrain her slayer senses. I guess being off a hellmouth for the first time since being activated did it.”

“That would be fine I just need to talk to Angelus first.” Giles replied, heading out the door. He was whispering as he walked. “It’s still weird to think of him like that but Angel was the cursed version of him, and Angelus is his true name.”

After a lengthy discussion with both Angelus and Max, It was decided that Angelus would go with them to help Giles control himself if the local pard was unwilling to let him spend full moons with them as neither was willing to cage him. The next night once negotiations with Jean-Claude were completed they headed that way of JC’s private plane, Julianna porting to the airport with Mac before he headed back to teach his classes.

A/N: hope you like this installment I’m not to sure that I like Giles flashback, so if someone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Quick question how should JC and Asher react to Julianna teleporting into the airport. Cause we all know that Anita will great her with a drawn gun.

Love and best wishes,


The End?

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You have reached the end of "Can death stop a life bond?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Feb 10.

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