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Can death stop a life bond?

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Summary: Julianna's twin was the witch. how will that change everything?

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Anita Blake > GeneralWinterhartFR1524,373083,63418 Jan 101 Feb 10No

From London to LA

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story, Crystalinth, Mac, and Ramirez. Joss and Laurell get the credit for the rest.

A/N: This is my first fan fic so please be nice. Feedback is appreciated and I would love a beta for this. Combined chapters one and two for better flow and I’m working on chapter three now.

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head since I read that the church burned Julianna at the stake as a witch. What if they had the wrong sister and it was her twin that was the witch? Hope you like how this starts it will jump from the 1600’s to 1988 and then to 2008 fairly quickly just a warning to you. Buffy’s slayer senses have been confused by leaving the Hellmouth so it may seem like I’m bashing her a little but she will be back to normal by chapter 4 so I’m pulling the bash warning. I have edited to give some background for Crystalinth and Mac, as well as explain Giles being a shifter.

As the fire consumes her Julianna cries out “Jean-Claude, forget me save him.” Not knowing that Asher hears only Jean-Claude before she is pulled away by her twin Crystalinth.

Crystalinth did a quick scan of Julianna as the healer, Mac, prepared the cream for her third degree burns. “Mac, I’m taking her burns; she’s a week pregnant!” Mac barely had time to look up before Crystalinth touched her twin, collapsing as she transferred the burns to herself, leaving Julianna whole in everything but spirit.

As she passes out Crystalinth flashes back to the week before she came to London and Julianna was captured by the church.


The Hawk’s Captain’s Quarters

“Crystalinth, I’m heading home for a bit once this campaign is completed. Are you still going to London before we head out?”

“Yes Mac, Jewels has been bugging me to meet Jean-Claude and Asher for a while now. I’m just going to speak with her for a bit while the supplies are loaded up. Can you over see the recruits?” At Mac’s nod she gathers her bow and quiver heading into town to the shop Julianna had said she would be at shopping that day.

The two share a few minutes as they sit in a tavern having tea. “So Crystal where’s your shadow at? That tigers’ always with you. Do you have time tonight to visit? Jean-Claude and Asher will be back after sunset, they said.”

Crystal grins at her sister’s rapid fire questions. “He’s back at camp resting. We’re about to head out for a short campaign so, no, I don’t have time tonight. We’ll be back is a few weeks and I’ll have time then. You need me to walk you back, Jewels?” she asks, concerned for Julianna’s safety.

“No, I can get there fine by myself.” Julianna replies, hugging her twin before heading back home. Neither woman notices the priests feral grin at the over heard conversation.


Two weeks later, as the Hawks make their way back to London, Crystalinth feels her sister’s fear and pain through their bond. She kicks her mount into a full-out gallop and, when in range, pulls both Julianna and herself to Mac and the base camp outside London.

*End Flashback*

Coming awake after healing for five months, Crystalinth looked over at Julianna, taking in the sight of the pregnant woman. “Jewels, can you forgive me for not getting there sooner? I . I . if I had, maybe they wouldn’t…”

As her twin burst into tears, Julianna hugged her, comforting them both. “It’s OK; the church would have found another way to trap us. I just hope that Jean-Claude got Asher out.”

“Um, Jewels, I don’t think he was in range when I pulled you out of there and you were under Mac’s shields when you got out the whole ‘forget me save him’ quip.”

“Oh…then he wouldn’t have…” Trailing off Julianna was struck by fact that Mac had yet to tell her where they were, except that it was his home. “By the way, where are we?” she asked, still trying to digest that she had lost both of her loves because of the church.

Looking around for the first time since pulling Julianna’s burns to herself, Crystalinth realizes that they were indeed in Mac’s home. The hot winds blew the heat from the desert into the tent as she replied. “Mac’s world/ reality. Don’t quiet know which it is, though.”

Mac laughed as he came inside with food and drinks, followed by a large tiger. “It’s an alternate dimension, Cat. Those burns are completely healed; I would have liked a little more warning before you did something like that, though. Jewels, it’s time for a checkup,” he said, leading Julianna out of the main area and into the sleeping room of the large Bedouin-style tent. The Arcerian tiger curled around Crystal, supporting her so she could meditate. He began purring as she petted his head to center herself.


The next four months pass quickly. Julianna’s pregnancy proceeds normally and without complications and Crystalinth and Mac pass the time training in healing, psychic, and combat.

“The baby’s coming, Crystal hurry…” Julianna yells out the door of the tent to where Mac and Crystal were sparring. The two ran swiftly back inside after carelessly dropping their practice blades. They work in tandem to deliver a beautiful boy with a full head of blond hair. Smiling at her son’s face Julianna speaks softly. “He looks just like Asher; but what do we name him?”

“That’s up to you Jewels; he’s yours, not ours!” Crystal replies, laughing slightly at the twin teeth in the little one’s mouth.

“Well, alright then. Ramirez Giles Carn, after Dad.”

“You don’t want to name him Jean-Claude or Asher? Why not?”

“I can’t. That would bring up to many memories, both good and bad. Where do we go, not that I’m unhappy here, it’s just the Djinn won’t understand his need for blood. And, Cat, I know you’re worried about your tigers so…” She mused, slipping into a stream of rapid fire questions and observations.

Mac shares a glance with Crystal as they start to pack everything in and around the tent up. “How about Central Texas? I hear that they’re looking for a few good military officers around there. Julianna, you do realize its 1988, right?”

Putting Ramirez in a carry basket, she takes Macs hand. “Has so much time really passed? Ok, then, Texas it is; but what about money and identifications and such?”

Grinning, Mac takes Crystalinth’s hand. Her other was on the tiger’s head. “Once we get there the PTB will provide us with everything we need.”
As they arrived in Texas Julianna was shocked at the changes the city of Iredell had from both London and Mac’s place. The house the PTB had chosen for them was on the river just outside of the city limits on the Hico side. Julianna sat on the porch to feed Ramirez while Crystalinth and Mac set up the house. Once everything was put up they notice a set of four boxes on the table that hadn’t been there a few minutes ago. Mac takes the box with his name glancing through it to notice a DL, Birth certificate, SS card, ATM/Debt, Visa, Check book is tied to both cards with a healthy balance, and the title for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Crystalinth’s box was roughly the same with the exception that the title was for a ford mustang and she also had an exotic animal permit so she could keep her tigers. Julianna’s box was again similar to Macs’ but with out the title, she did have the deed for the house and 20 acres, a marriage certificate to Asher as well as his death certificate. Ramirez’s box on the other hand had only a shot record, his birth certificate, and medical records.

Once they had glanced through their boxes a note landed on the table. Crystal picked it up reading it out loud.

This is to thank you for your aid in the struggle between light and dark. We have given you all a quarter of a million dollars to outfit yourselves for this world, a knowledge of how to drive, English, the laws of the land. For Crystalinth and Mac officer’s training has been given to you and your order’s will arrive with in the week. Julianna we have given you as quiet and safe environment as possible to raise your son in; this shield will dissipate in the next 20 to 25 yrs so use this time wisely as the world has changed considerably. Remember Ramirez is a Damphier and will have the strengths and none of the weaknesses of true vampires. Sunnydale, California and Cleveland, Ohio are located over hellmouths. So if you feel the need to see the United States please use caution, in these areas as they do warp vampires by separating the soul and essence that animates them.

The three share a glance realizing that it is true and that the knowledge is there. “So Mac, want to check out the bedrooms and get our gear set up so that when our orders arrive we can jet out of here quickly? Jewels, I’m sorry we’re going to be leaving so soon but this is something that I’ve missed the last year or so. I love you both you will stay safe right?”
Mac laughed at Crystal’s babble fest and nodded in acceptance as Julianna answered, “I know and I understand just call or write every so often. I’ll send pictures of Ramirez as he grows if you two aren’t here. We love you too. Now go on and get ready, I’ll start some lunch for us”
The two head upstairs and gather their uniforms and such other gear as they will need for in country deployment.

The next 20 yrs pass in a steady monotone that allows all of them to fully understand the changes that the world has made around them. Ramirez grew up as a normal child going to school in Hico as the school in Iredell was so small. Some of the rural school houses from back in London were larger and even they wouldn’t have put him in a class with 59 other students at that young an age. Mac retired from the Army when Ramirez turned 18 and took a teaching job at TSU 30 miles away. Crystal was still on active duty in charge of the Hunter’s program there. Since Ramirez graduated high school in three years he was a little younger than other recruits but over the next few years he gained a bachelor’s in preternatural biology and a post under Crystalinth’s command when they were transferred to LA to deal with one of the Slayers whose senses had been warped by the hellmouths that they guarded.

“Jewels, our contact is a Charles Gunn, it seems that the Slayer didn’t stick to the demonic vampires of the hellmouth as she was supposed to. Are you going to come with or stay here and reminisce on the past like you do every time we leave?”

“I do not. And I will be staying here. Have you forgotten that Mac was going to be here for the summer preparing for classes in the fall?”

“Actually I did…good thing Ramirez mastered those teleport spells a while ago then. I’m still trying to figure out why he has so much of JC’s personality as well as Asher’s. You don’t think? Nah it couldn’t be, could it?”

Crystalinth goes on muttering about magic and childbirth as Mac and Ramirez come down the stairs discussing the Slayer and how her reckless disregard for the law was going to end up with her killed if she didn’t stop going after the mainstream vampires. When he notices Crystal muttering again, Ramirez smiled. “Heya, Aunt Crystal, ready to go? Gunn’s working with Angel Investigations and the LA master to clean up Summer’s mess. He wants us to find her before Angelus does. Max has given us a week before Angelus is aloud to hunt her as he wishes and ‘retrain her senses’. Gunn did say that is should be a quick smash and grab once we get there. Just kick her butt and deliver her to Max and her ‘watcher’. We’ll get 3 free passes for that new club in St. Louis because Max is in tight with him or something.”

“One slow down it’s never that easy and two what new club. Never mind what club if we only have a week before he’s let loose on LA to hunt we have to hurry, who knows what his retrain will mean. Mac can you keep an eye on Jewels for me? Kay thanks. Love ya’ll bye.”


The two appeared in LA and were quickly stopped by Max’s were tiger guards, 30 seconds later the two walked in to Max’s office with the guards following in cat form. Seated behind the desk was Max, with Gunn and a dark haired vampire standing in front of it. “Max, Gunn, and I assume that you are Angelus, pleasure to meet you but we need to get some information on this slayer personally. We would appreciate a rough idea of were she hangs out as well.

“Gunn shrugged, “Why would you need more info on Summers? Did W & H send you anything on her? All you really need to do is tag and bag her and return her here to her watcher Rupert Giles. If you must have more info then he’s in the next office through there. Just don’t push him to hard he’s a new shifter and it’s a little to close to the full moon for him to lose his temper.”

“OK then. Guess they don’t want her found then. Only one question what type of shifter is he? As you can see when my power gets loose tigers seem to have a hard time retaining human form.” Crystalinth asked glancing at the changed guards with a wry smile on her face.

“Leopard, Crystal what did you do to them anyway? And why didn’t it happen last time you where here?” Max replied laughing at her expression.

“Let’s just say a hunt is different then coming up to have some fun so I don’t shield as hard. Not to mention they were in the way.” She cocks her head to the right grinning, “Have you forgotten that I’m a trueborn shifter?”

A calculating gleam in his eyes Angelus walks over to her, looking between the guards and her. “Trueborn? How is that different from other shifters?”

“We react more like family guardians then infected shifters. The gift activates at birth and isn’t limited to one a generation. My other forms, and this is rare, as most only have one, are Arcerian tigers, Egyptian black cheetahs, and this.” Crystal flexes her shoulders allowing her wings to show. “Don’t think about controlling me Max just because tigers are your animal to call. Both Belle and Padma have tried and while I was forced to shift I took out Belle’s favorite childe and tore Padma’s son to pieces I think he’s healed by now not sure though.”

Angelus smirked, “You’d be fun to play with.” He lets out as he turns to leave the office for the casino floor.

“Oh I wasn’t going to try to control you. Do you know how long they’ll be like this?” Max was quick to reassure her hearing how easily she had taken out that childe of Belle’s; tearing up Fernando was just a bonus for her he was sure.

“Once I’m out of range normal shift time for them. Now where is Giles? I need to get some information on Summer’s habits before we start the hunt.” Crystal replied heading to the office Max told her was the watchers.
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