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Summary: Faith is related to someone just as badass as she; and Andrew finally falls in love. *Slash and het pairings*

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheShulikFR152970,3862428171,73719 Jan 1018 Jan 12No


Disclaimer on Ch.1

Please let me know if I should continue with this. I will still write my other Fast and Furious crossover, but this idea just came to me today. I need to know if anyone's interested in reading *this* version of that universe.

They stare off at each other, the years of estrangement, of silence unbroken by any communication stretch between them.

They’re sisters, yes, but they share only one parent- their mother. Desiree Andrews, the alcoholic embodiment of every social worker’s nightmare, Boston Irish and promiscuous as hell.

Letty was lucky, she got to stay with her father- Robert Ortiz after Desiree skipped town. Two years old and already motherless, she was much better off than Faith Lehane who would be born from Desiree’s union with a would be murderer in South Boston.

Letty’s dad eventually went to prison for grand theft auto, so maybe they both have screwed up genes but the girls have never been that friendly and they’re not about to start now.

“What are you doing here?” Letty asks in her usual drawl and it instantly raises her little sister’s heckles.

“Andrew’s one of my friends,” Faith is slightly defensive as she answers.

“Huh…” Letty nods and purses her lips. She makes a movement towards Faith and the other girl tenses.

It’s funny cause Faith’s been fighting things bigger and badder than her for the last eight years and yet, the arrival of her older sister has her unnerved, tense and nervous.

Letty steps back with palms slightly raised as she sees the twitchiness in her little sister, “I drove Jesse here. His car’s been impounded and he didn’t want any of the others to know where he was going.”

“I get it,” Faith nods and relaxes imperceptibly as she sees that her sister’s not going to try and do something stupid, like *hug* or some weak shit like that.

They stare at each other again.

“I didn’t know you were in LA,” Letty decides to be the civil one for once.

“I wasn’t planning to be, but my job’s taken me here. This is the new home base for now,” Faith explains and moves towards the elevators.

“Really?” Letty doesn’t let any excitement permeate her voice, but she is. Excited that is. Her sister’s back in the same town as her and maybe this is a second chance to right so many wrongs.

“Yeah,” Faith nods. She wants to get out of here, Letty’s presence is too much, too thick in the air and too electrifyingly intense. Letty reminds her of Desiree, of Boston, of summers spent waiting for big sister to visit and of the disappointment when she didn’t.

“Where you going?” Letty asks as the elevator dings open.

Faith doesn’t answer her but holds up the pack of cigs with her left hand.

Letty glances at Andrew’s door and makes a decision, she steps inside the elevator with her sister and smirks at Faith’s wince. “I’ll come with ya.”

The elevator ride down is tense, both girls are agitated but Faith even more so.

Letty’s had a chance at a normal life, even growing up without a mother- she was much better off than Faith. Robert Ortiz was a good man, at least what Faith can remember of him which isn’t much outside of rare visits and her mom’s calls for financial help.

“So where do you work?” Letty asks her, one infamous eyebrow up in question. It seems that they’ve inherited that eyebrow from their mother, Faith has it too.

“Security for a private firm,” Faith feeds her the company line.

“Really?” Letty drawls out and Faith smirks at the obvious disbelief.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

“Nah,” the older sister shakes her head in amusement, “just thinking that you surely don’t look like the corporate type.”

And Faith doesn’t. She’s a little taller than Letty, but built like her- all dangerous curves and flashing eyes.

The little garden outside of the hospital is well tended, a maze carefully raised from the bushes and Faith busies herself with the cigarette as she sits on the bench.

“How’s Desiree?” Letty doesn’t look at her.

Faith shrugs, “dead.”

It’s been exactly ten years since Letty’s talked to her mother. Their moms’ final years with Gable aren’t exactly the shining moment in either sister’s history.

Letty looks a little shocked at that, “who’d you live with?”

Faith pulls at her cigarette, “a friend.”

It’s another point of contention that Faith has with her sister, Letty *knew* everything that Desiree put her through.

She was there, she *saw*.

And yet, she didn’t do anything to pull her out of the situation.

Faith grounds out the cig and gets up, “come on. I want to say bye to Andrew before I get back.”

Letty silently follows her back inside.

Jesse’s half sitting with Andrew in the bed. The blonde haired watcher has his head on Jesse’s shoulder as they come back in. Their hands are entwined.

Faith comes into the room first, and Jesse almost startles as he tries to extricate his body from his lover’s embrace.

Andrew’s eyes are especially bright as he looks at the intruders to his private moment, he grips Jesse’s hand tightly and tugs him back at the bed.

Jesse’s skittish as he eyes Letty’s silent face, he’s nervous.

Faith guesses that her sister’s friends don’t know about the young guy’s sexual orientation. From what she remembers, Letty always *did* run with a pretty rough crowd, it makes her teeth itch but she knows that she’ll protect Andrew’s boyfriend from any asshole that tries anything. If only because it’s Andrew, and he’s the only one that’s followed her to LA from the old crew.

“Uh, hey Let,” Jesse chuckles nervously as his eyes race around the room nervously.

Faith notices that the hand clutching Andrew’s, poor kid’s knuckles are turning white. She winces in sympathy for his nerves.

Letty notices Jesse’s tenseness and she smiles, a real, kind smile that subconsciously mirrors her little sister’s.

“Jesse yo, chill,” she tells him.

Letty approaches Andrew’s side of the bed and offers her hand, “hey, I’m Letty.”

Andrew smiles and winces slightly as his cracked lip stretches with the movement, “I’m Andrew.”
Jesse looks insanely grateful at his side.

Andrew switches the conversation to less dangerous topics and as per usual, he fails miserably in his attempt at finding a less controversial topic, “so you guys know each other?”

Faith answers “no,” at the same time as Letty tells them “she’s my sister.”

Andrew blinks and Jesse hiccups at the sudden rise of tension in the room.

Faith grimaces and rolls her shoulders back, she zips up her jacket and tells Andrew “yo Andy, I see that everything’s five by five here, so I’mma bounce. I’ll be back tomorrow, alright?”

Andrew nods “sure,” but Faith’s already gone, just a whirl of leather, cigarette smoke and long chestnut hair.

Letty sits down into one of the hospital chairs, she eyes the still nervous Jesse and decides to switch her attention to the decidedly more calm Andrew. Maybe the kid’s less spastic than Jesse or maybe he’s just so doped up that he’s really out of it, but either way- Letty decides to do some interrogating on her little sister’s whereabouts.

“How long you known Faith?” she asks the blonde kid who’s practically cuddled into the blushing Jesse’s side.

Andrew sounds a little dreamy as he answers, “Four, five years maybe?”

He giggles loopily, “it seems so much longer with everything.”

Huh, so the kid *is* doped out of his mind if the worried expression on Jesse’s face is anything to go by.

Letty gets up and stretches, she takes out a pen and writes a little note on hospital stationery. She takes out her car keys next and gives them to Jesse, “I’mma walk home. It’s not that far, and you can take the car after you’re done.”

Jesse blinks, gratefulness in his gaze and relief at a few extra hours with Andrew in his suddenly loose limbs. “You sure?”

Letty nods with a smile, “yeah man. Take it easy, your boy’s in the hospital.”

She then gives Andrew the note she’s written, “can you pass that on to Faith?” she asks him.

He nods, a gleam of lucidity in his eye.

Letty gives them a wave and turns to leave, as she opens the door Jesse calls out to her.

“Hey Let?” he sounds nervous.

Letty turns back and gives him a wink, “I dropped you off at one of your friends’, you’re staying late so I left you the car.”

Jesse frowns, he absently runs a hand through Andrew’s pale blonde hair, “I don’t have any other friends besides the guys.”

Letty looks solemn as she gazes at both of them, “you do now.”

She leaves.
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