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Summary: Faith is related to someone just as badass as she; and Andrew finally falls in love. *Slash and het pairings*

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You arrogant bastard

Author's Note: Is anyone still reading this? If they are:

Warnings: mucho swearing, booze, sexual situations up ahead.

R&R please.


Faith, Anya and Connor moved in unison- flowing smoothly from one kata to the next, keeping their breaths in tandem in and out, in and out as they wound down.

They had just finished with that evening’s training melee, a three way spar that had gone from routine into pure fun. It was interesting to fight both Connor and Anya who combined the best of Faith’s fighting techniques. Connor had the instinctive strength and speed, reveling in the moment of pure violence and physical exertion. He was a natural fighter, someone born with the skills and talents needed to succeed in almost any fight.

Whereas Anya moved like a training video for how to Bruce Lee your opponents into a concussion, all the while contemplating your next change of hair color. She fought with excellent technique but sometimes lacked the passion needed to carry her forward.

She was a terrifying multi-tasker like that.

Faith would have felt proud of her friend, had she not just received a beautifully varied in coloring bruise to her left temple and a gash between her ribs where Anya had kicked her across the room because she apparently felt like it. And it had also been a while since she had gotten laid and Faith was the easier target because Connor was looking a little murderous around the eyes and she also felt bad kicking him because he was so damned scrawny.

Apparently, she didn’t feel bad kicking Faith- Anya explained thoughtfully, it was because she tended to think of her as someone that had almost murdered Anya’s ex and that was endearing.

Faith tried not to think too much about Anya’s thought processes lest her head began to hurt even more.

“Alright then,” Anya bowed to Connor and then to Faith, “I’m off to the showers, because frankly- I’m starting to smell worse than a Grvalnik after their death day, and might I suggest that the two of you do the same?”

“Kinky,” Faith leered in return, crouching down to fold their mats with practiced movements, “shower sex and I didn’t even have to buy you dinner.”

“As a proper lady I feel like I should require a three date minimum before I put out,” Anya said primly, running her hands into her hair before tying it into a messy bun with a ponytail she had around her wrist.

“And yet?” Faith quirked an eyebrow and straightened up, the mats safely put away near the wall.

“I can’t seem to care,” Anya shrugged and gave a wicked looking wink. “You light up my life.”

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Faith finished off the song, that annoyingly popular one that always played on the radio and was like magical glue. It stuck in your head whether you wanted it to or not and stayed there.

“I’m going to,” Connor said sniffily, “before you two manage to embarrass me even more.” He waved his hand magnamoniously, “and you can carry on with your loser selves when I’m out of here.”

“Well, look at sonny boy here,” Anya drawled out, one hand on her hips as she eyed Connor with interest, “getting all interestingly belligerent on us.”

Or,” Faith waved a hand, “as the normal people would put it- getting all uppity.”

Anya grinned, shifting her weight, “well damn son-“

“Looks like there’s about to be a whoopin’,” Faith finished, smirking ferally.

“No,” Connor raised his hand, pointing his index finger first at the blonde girl then the dark haired slayer, “don’t you dare.”

“Oh I think we dare,” Faith began advancing on him, a spring in her step. “Don’t we Ahn?”

“Damn right we do,” Anya exclaimed gleefully, mirroring the other woman’s steps.

“On the count of three,” Faith gave Connor a wink.

“One-“ Anya.


“Three!” they both shouted and darted forward, quick as ever, jumping on top of the loudly laughing boy. Connor laughed like he was younger than he was, a sharp, surprised sound that felt like a butterfly startling out of him.

He was shockingly ticklish for someone who had the nickname of ‘The Destroyer’ attached to him since six months of age.


Faith was eating lunch, two roast turkey sandwiches, a bag of baked Lays, two pickles and a glass of orange juice when her sister walked through the doors.

Faith was sitting at the entrance desk, stuck on telephone duty since Andrew was out with Jesse and Anya was out hitting up some of the local watering holes. Demon activity had dwindled down drastically in the last week, never a good sign and they were feeling a little wary of what they could mean.

Connor had mumbled something about distance education courses, disappearing into the upper levels of the hotel along with an alarmingly large backpack. It thumped and clanged loudly when he had dropped it on the floor, so it was either filled with a lot of heavy books or conversely with a lot of heavy weaponry.

Either way, it was worrying but Connor was a big boy and he could handle himself.

“Hey,” Letty nodded over to where Faith was busily attacking the sandwiches.

Faith grunted in response and stuffed half a pickle into the mix.

“Nice,” Letty made a face and pulled up a chair to sit across from her, “classy.”

Faith frowned and thought about it for a second, but she was trying out this new thing where she was trying to actually get along with her sibling so she swallowed the heavy lump of disappointment and moved the plate with the second sandwich towards Letty in clear offering. There was more in the kitchen anyway.

Letty laughed, “thanks, but no thanks,” she pushed the plate back. “I’m not hungry, and you need to eat like three times as much as I do.”

Her grin grew even wider at the look of obvious relief on Faith’s face as she possessively moved the plate closer to where nobody else could lay claim to it.

She raised an eyebrow at Letty who had picked up one of the business cards that Anya had made up, complaining that they couldn’t use the old ones because the angel on their cover looked like a turtle with haphazardly flaying appendages.

“These are nice,” Letty waved the card, “did Andy design them?”

Faith nodded, “yeah,” she swallowed the large bite of the sandwich and chased it down with some of the OJ, “I think both him and Jess worked on it.”

“Man,” Letty shook her head, “I still can’t believe that little Jesse’s actually in a serious relationship.” She laughed incredulously, “it seriously fucks with your head.”

Faith paused with the sandwich in the air, “the fact that he’s in a relationship or the fact that he’s in a relationship with a dude?”

Letty rolled her eyes, “I knew he was gay the first time he looked at Bri-“ she stopped.

Swallowed, visibly holding back.

Not for the first time, Faith found herself at a crossroads. She didn’t know whether to be grateful or incredibly pissed off for Brian Spilner. He destroyed the whole of the status quo, destroyed Letty’s relationship, broke up the fragile family unit that douchebag Toretto had managed to build up around himself. He was unpredictable, a wild card thrown into a pit full of sharks and Faith could feel it- the results of his actions were still in the upcoming future.

Brian Spilner wasn’t done.

She could smell it on him, the secrets he was hiding, the guilt shadowing his every step and she knew with the bone deep certainty of years of slaying instincts- that Brian was still going to bring a whole bunch of bad news.

On the other hand though, he was indirectly responsible for Letty and her having another go at a relationship- and no matter how much he fucked things up in the meantime, a very large part of Faith would forever be grateful to the blonde pretty boy for giving her sister back to her.

“Yeah, well-“ Faith shrugged, giving a glib grin in return, “pretty boy ain’t exactly a good indicator of someone’s gayness, if you know what I’m saying.”

“No,” Letty made an interested face, despite herself and leaned back on the chair, throwing her arm around its back, “I don’t.”

“He’s not exactly the manliest dude on the block,” Faith grinned, “in fact- he’s probably girlier than me and you put together.”

Letty’s eyes widened almost comically wide before she threw her head back, laughing uproariously.

By the time she had quieted down, Faith had finished with her food- and had cleared the table of any remnants of edibles. She was feeling nice and full, relaxed and mellow. Her turn for patrolling was coming up in three hours and if the night was going to go as easy as it was going, then maybe she could even get a little shut eye at the desk.

“Hey, there was actually something I wanted to talk to you about,” Letty began cautiously.

Faith cracked open one eye and watched her sister.

“It’s like this, yo…”

Letty spread her arms, “I’m starting to feel restless. Like, there’s an itch beneath my skin and the longer I spend doing nothing- the more it keeps buzzing inside me. Like electricity or some shit.”

“Alright,” Faith opened the other eye and leaned back on her chair, regarding her sister thoughtfully. “I’m guessing you got an idea what you want to do about that?”

Letty smiled with that mischievous look in her eyes that she got whenever she was about to either do something incredibly stupid or life threatening or when she was about to hustle you out of your last hard earned dime.

“You know I ain’t too smart,” she began, raising a hand when it looked like Faith was about to object, “nah, lil sis- we both know that shit’s the truth. I dropped out way too young and I just don’t have the patience to go back. I’m not the research type.” She drummed her fingers on the back of her chair, watching Faith’s reaction so far.

Faith nodded at her to continue with what she was saying, feeling more and more curious as Letty laid her plans out on the table.

“And yeah, I can throw down with anyone that looks at me crooked- but I’m not exactly super powered there,” Letty took a deep breath, “so I’ve started looking into how I could help you guys hold down the base. It’ll take me some time to figure out something good, but I need to know that you’re on my side. That you’ll back me up.”

Faith stood from her chair, “of course Let. You’re family, you know I’ll always be here for you.”

They both didn’t mention the fact that until recently, the fact that they were family was probably something that worked against them.

“Thanks,” Letty looked pleased. She stood up, looking uncertain. “I need to go work on something in the garage.”

“Alright,” Faith shrugged and was about to sit back down when Letty took a step forward and enveloped her in a tight hug.

“Thanks,” Letty said feelingly, “for everything.”

Faith smiled at her. “You don’t have to thank family.”


Letty frowned and leaned further, reaching on the tips of her toes to see into the depths of the engine. Sweat beaded on her brow, she felt grimy from having worked on the car the whole day, dirt and grease staining her hands and clothes. Her back was killing her from bending over the engine for so long and she was pretty sure that she was going to have a sunburn on her shoulders before the day was done- benefits of having an Irish mother.

It felt fantastic, being back in her element without having to worry about Dom and whatever money making scheme he’d be getting himself into. Without having to pace beside him like a guard dog wondering when the next time she’d catch him with a pair of skanks- it felt amazing to be free.

“Got you, you little sucker-“ Letty grinned triumphantly and reached over with her wrench, twisting the bolt in place.

She exhaled, straightening up and wiping the sweat off her forehead as she did. There was beer in the small garage fridge that Anya had bought at one of her garage sales, grinning triumphantly as she had driven back to the hotel, like a victor coming home with her spoils of war.

Anya was the nester out of all of them, going out into the world and actively looking for things that would make the Hyperion more like a home and less like an office. They owed it to her, the fact that the Hyperion looked less and less like an abandoned haunted house but like an actual, functional hotel again.

Anya was funny like that, coming back with something special for each of them every time she went into the world. She had picked up a new motherboard for Jesse the last time she had driven downtown, much to the tech geek’s obvious delight. In the past, she had bought Letty’s favourite beer home after Letty had complained of working in the heat all day. She knew Faith’s favourite weapons shops and Andrew’s more obscure bookstores.

Trying to thank her for it though would usually result in a very uncomfortable blonde sulking for the rest of the day.

When Letty had asked her sister about it though, Faith had just laughed and told her that Anya didn’t want people thinking of her as being ‘weak’ and these little gifts would best be appreciated silently.

Letty raised a bottle upwards in a silent toast to Anya’s thoughtfulness and twisted the top off with a practiced flick of the hand. The beer felt amazing after working in the heat.

She walked towards the car she was restoring, tracing her curves lovingly. She was truly a beauty, a ’67 Chevy Impala- midnight black, with some previous mods that the old owner must have put in and a classic leather interior. When Letty had seen her at the impound lot, battered and bruised and still gorgeous underneath the dents- she knew that it was the one she wanted.

Faith’s birthday was coming up and Letty would damn make sure that the beautiful girl was ready by then.

She walked in front of her, eye coolly assessing all the work she still had to put in.

Beneath the damage, the car truly was remarkable- it sucked that she had been so banged up. When Letty had first called in the ‘favour’ from the lot owner, she had briefly wondered what had happened to the car and the driver to bring it to this condition but she had since let it go. There was no use wondering about the past.

Letty took another pull of the beer and smiled before she felt it. Another presence behind her, so close that she swore she could feel the hotness of a breath on her sweaty neck.

She whirled around, raising the beer bottle threateningly.

“Whoa! It’s just me Let, calm down-“ Brian Spilner said with a smile.

Letty snarled and took a step towards him, making with the bottle like she was about to smash it over his head.

“What makes you think that’s going to stop me?” Letty sneered.

“Uh-“ he looked uncomfortable at least, rubbing the back of his neck with unconscious grace. “I didn’t really think this through before coming here.” He smiled sheepishly at her, those bright blue eyes of his faintly glowing with the backlight of the sun highlighting his golden blonde hair.

Like staring at the sun for too long, it was a dull sort of pain- realizing what everyone else had already known before. Brian Spilner really was attractive, and that was even compared to the rest of them- who were by no means slouches in the uggo department, he glowed. Compared to the rest of the guys, who were distinctly guys- Brian was beautiful, tall and lanky with the sort of face that the angels in her old house used to have.

Letty’s pop was a lapsed Catholic, but he still practiced whatever facets of the religion he liked best- and she remembered the faces, beautiful and serene, of the saints and the angels in the books that used to clutter her living room bookshelves.

“What do you want?” she shook her head, dispelling the memories of the older times.

“I- uh,” Brian took a step closer, raising his hands in open supplication as he saw her quirked eyebrow and wary posture- “can I come in?”

She stared at him.

Dom had never raced against her. The first time he had seen her behind the wheel, he had smiled approvingly, calling her Mami before turning back to his adoring crowd and raising his hands as the people roared for their king. She had stood there, silent and hurt as he was swallowed by the crowd again- moving through their midst effortlessly. Everyone made space for Dominic Toretto.

Letty remembered Brian’s face after the first race, the pride and boyish glee at almost having bested Dom. Boy was so much worse off than she ever was.

“Come on then white boy,” Letty gestured for him to get into the garage, “before the neighbours see you and think we’re hiring hookers out here.”

Brian laughed, ducking his head as he got his first look at the Hyperion garage.

“Whoa,” he whistled through his teeth, “this is really impressive Letty.”

Letty shrugged, crossing her arms as she took another pull of the beer, thankful that she hadn’t spilled any of it. Who knew when the next time someone would go to her favourite liquor store?

“Far cry from your boyfriend’s old place, ain’t it?” Letty let a little bit of sharpness bleed into her voice. She stood in place, watching as Brian circled the room, touching some of the cars softly, reverently. The complete awe on his face was
somewhat soothing, understandable. If Dominic had to go gay for a douchebag, it was just as well that the douchebag liked cars.

“What did you want Bri?” Letty sighed, frustration bleeding out of her. At the end of the day, her and Dominic were over long before Brian showed his pretty face at the race. It was just a matter of her balling up to the final decision of leaving him.

“Just wanted to see how you were doing,” Brian shot her a glance from beneath his lashes.

Letty could see how his looks must have affected Dominic who had always been a sucker for a pretty smile and some skanky flirting techniques. Hell, if it hadn’t been for the unfortunate bad blood between the two of them- Letty would have probably already propositioned the blonde for a quick fuck right in the garage.

He looked really good, wearing just a simple pair of blue jeans a white t-shirt that made his skin glow.

“Bullshit,” she told him succinctly, “it’s not like we were ever friends white boy. And if Dominic wants something from me, tell him to ball up and get his oversized ass over here himself.”

“You’re half Boston-Irish,” Brian looked at her, “and you still call me white boy?”

“So what?” Letty shrugged. “My sister’s full Boston-Irish but she’s never slept with any of my boyfriends.”

Brian snorted at that, a wry smirk wrapping around his pretty lips.

“What?” Letty snapped out.

Brian shook his head and grinned.

No… Letty thought, Faith wouldn’t have. Would she?

“Race Wars are coming up,” Brian crossed his arms, apparently having decided to get down to business and stop wasting her time- “are you going to enter?”

Hell, he’d stolen her boyfriend, taken away the home she had and had made it impossible for her to look at Leon and Vince without wondering whether the guys had known and just hadn’t said anything to her. And standing there, surfer-boy hair tousled, wearing some of the most basic clothes that Letty had ever seen on anyone- Brian still looked appetizing as fuck to her.

Of course Faith would have slept with him.

“Bitch, if you think I’m going to drop out just cause you’re the new Toretto bitch- you’ve got another think coming-“ Letty snorted, amused as hell at his audacity. She smirked crookedly, “don’t tell me that you’re going to compete.”

“No,” Brian shook his head, “it’s not that.” He swallowed, long neck working as his throat bobbed- “it’s Dom. He’s been acting weird. I’m worried about him.”

Letty couldn’t help it, a very big part of her respected the hell out of Brian for doing this, but still- everything had limits, including his ego. She burst out laughing.

“Let me get this straight cabron,” Letty sucked in a breath and shot him a glance, “you’re here to ask my advice on my ex-boyfriend? Are you out of your goddamned mind?”

“I guess I am,” Brian smiled that supernova smile of his again, shrugging like a little boy that knows he’s doing a bad thing but just can’t help himself. Something pinged within her again and Letty straightened up, fed up with her body’s responses to the man.

It was high time she got laid again, if she was reacting to freaking Brian like this.

“No Bri-“ she told him, gesturing with her beer. Liquid sloshed on the bottom of the glass. “I’ve got no idea what’s wrong with Dominic, but if I was to make an educated guess- I’d guess it’d have something to do with the fact that his family’s broken in half and he’s sleeping with the reason why.” She cocked her head, feeling mean and vicious- especially since she could understand why Dom went for this pretty boy. Brian shone so bright, it hurt to look at him.

“Call it a guilty conscience Bri, and you’re a constant reminder of everything he’s fucked up.”

Brian flinched and took a step back, raising his hands as he did. “Alright, I can see that I’m not wanted here.” He turned to go, “I shouldn’t have come.”

“No Bri,” Letty watched him go, “you shouldn’t have.” He walked fast, that was something at least. She heard the rev of his Supra about two minutes after he disappeared behind a street corner. Kid had enough sense to leave his car far from the Hyperion at least.

Letty whirled around and threw the bottle against the far wall, hearing the glass shatter with morbid satisfaction and wishing that she had snapped Brian Spilner’s neck while she had the chance.

The door banged open and Faith ran in, clutching one of her knives as she stared at her sister- “what’s wrong?”

Letty sucked in a breath and felt something hot and treacherously painful unfurl in her chest.

“You want to go dancing?” she asked her sister.

Faith looked confused as she glanced to where the shards of the beer bottle glittered in the sunlight.

She glanced back at Letty and something must have tipped her off to the state of Letty’s mind, because she just shrugged and picked her phone out of her pockets. “Sure,” she said, "let me just call Anya."


The club looked like her kind of joint, with reggaeton and with hip hop blaring so loudly she swore she could feel the music down in her bones. The strobe lights flashed with regular intervals, illuminating the crowd of dancers moving in a rhythmic dance of sweat slick flesh, hormones and booze.

Letty walked in behind Faith and Anya, feeling uncomfortable going out without any of the guys. It had been a very long time since she had gone out with only girls for company and she had never been able to go dancing with her sister before thanks to their fucked up family history.

It was about damn time.

“I’m going to go get us some drinks!” Anya shouted to them before disappearing into the crowd. The last they saw of her was the borrowed pair of red leather pants she had cajoled Faith into lending her for the night.

“I’m sure I should start worrying about that one,” Faith murmured into Letty’s ear, steering them towards the bar with practiced movements.

Letty laughed, “she’s fine!” and moved after her.

It had been a while ago that Letty had noticed how people parted before her sister, subconsciously moving away from the predator in their midst. It was strange, Letty followed Faith, having known her all of her life and knowing that she was the slayer. The monster killer. Reconciling this warrior vision of Faith with the one she previously had of her, the twelve year old girl following her around wearing a too baggy t-shirt and overalls- it had taken Letty some time to come to terms with it.

They might not have had the best relationship in the past, but at the end of the day- Faith was still Letty’s little sister.

Who was getting checked out more than Letty ever had.

Guys were practically twisting their necks as Faith moved between them, torn between moving away and reaching for her.

'Danger attracts all sorts of idiots'- Faith had once told her during a training session.

They made it to the bar just in time to see Anya’s ass wiggling in the air as she leaned over the stand, talking to a young, blonde bartender, gesticulating wildly while her cleavage bobbed enticingly in his face.

There was no shortage of good looking females in the club but the guy still looked like Christmas had come early.
Letty was just about to say something to Faith when she noticed a familiar hulking shape sulking at the end of the bar. Two girls were blocking her view, but she swore that the muscled arms, the tank top, the slightly slouching posture- all of it looked familiar. And it hurt.

Her heart began to pound erratically almost immediately, like the mere sight of someone that looked like him was enough to unnerve her. She sucked in a breath and took a step closer, wanting the guy to look at her, the girls to move.

Something to happen.

And then it did. One of the girls laughed, throwing her head back, exposing the long line of her throat and it was enough to give Letty a perfect window to see him.

It wasn’t him.

Letty felt almost sick with disappointment, and then immediately felt horrified with herself for feeling disappointed that it wasn’t him. What the hell was wrong with her? Had Brian’s visit really unnerved her that much? He’d broken up with her, had tossed her aside like an old grease rag and here she was getting all emotional over him.

“Fuck that,” she snarled and pushed aside a tall, muscular blonde man with a crew cut who looked startled at her rudeness.

He tensed, posture immediately defensive- a gesture that would have reminded Letty of the fighters that she lived with, had she been paying attention.

Instead, she ignored the guy- watching a snappish “Watch it!” over her shoulder as she moved to where Anya had procured three tequila shots and what suspiciously looked like the bartender’s phone number that she had folded coyly in two before slipping it into her bra.

“Give me these,” Letty exhaled and moved the shots closer to herself, before downing all three in quick succession.

“Whoo!” she shook herself off, before reaching for one of the limes stacked up in a plastic cup at the bar. “More.”

Anya’s eyebrows were almost at her hairline. She quirked a quick grin before signalling to the bartender, “I guess we’ll have more.”

He nodded before reaching over for the bottle of tequila again.

The other people in line started making even louder noises of displeasure at that.

“HEY!” Letty yelled over the music. “I’m having a bad, fucking day alright? My ex boyfriend’s current significant fucking other has just ruined what was going to be a fucking amazing week! I am in no mood for your prissiness and I need just one fucking excuse to rip a bitch’s weave out!”

The two girls closest to Letty flinched away from her, taking two steps away from her personal space.

“Good decision ladies,” Letty told them and gestured to the bartender with a ‘come on’ motion. “you- keep the booze flowing and don’t be fucking cheap with your portions. Don’t make me come closer.”

The bartender smiled, showing all of his teeth and Letty felt Faith tense beside her. “Come on,” she tugged her sister closer, “let’s drink.”

“Are you sure you want to get this inebriated?” Anya asked her loudly, eyeing the bartender with obvious interest over Letty’s shoulder.

“Yes!” Letty said emphatically and reached over, moving Anya’s chin down with her hand. “And you should stop checking him out. He’s blonde. All blondes are douchebags.”

Anya’s eyes widened before she grinned, “alright then.”

She and Faith leaned over, picking up their own shots as Letty straightened her spine and threw her shoulders back. “I want to make a toast,” she said and Faith snorted before Letty elbowed her in the stomach.

“Shut up-“ she hissed. “I’m making a toast!” She could feel the booze making her veins buzz with the electric current of alcohol running through her blood.

“Alright, geez- sorry,” Faith rolled her eyes, grinned and threw her arm around Letty’s shoulders.

It really fucking blew being this short, Letty thought sourly.

“Let’s drink to freedom! Let’s drink to not having to deal with fucking men anymore-“ Letty sneered, “Let’s drink to finally coming in first and not having to deal with a guy’s drama about losing.”

Faith and Anya wisely let her keep talking, exchanging a quick glance with each other. They probably realized that Letty wasn’t making a general toast, but a very specific one.

“Now-“ Letty held up the shot and eyed the two women with her, “let’s get fucking wasted.”

They threw the shots back with loud whoops of agreement and moved onto the dancefloor.

When Letty would later try and remember the rest of the night, she could just remember the proceedings in bright patches of movement and colour.

Fucking Patron.

She would remember:


Dancing with the girls before they got separated by the movement of the crowd.


Licking someone’s salty chest before throwing back another shot of tequila.


Watching Anya dancing with the bartender, the two blondes almost entwined around each other and the guy’s hand on Anya’s breast. She didn’t look like she minded as she ground back against his chest.


Moving towards the washroom, pausing to see two shadowy figures in the darkness of the strobe lights. The guy was sitting on one of the small couches with the girl enthusiastically grinding down on his lap. Her hair was obscuring her from sight, but something in her movements made Letty stop. And then the lights flashed again, passing over them as the girl threw her head back, whipping the hair away from her face.

It was Faith.

Letty gasped before turning away. Her sister was old enough to know what she was doing. She moved towards the washrooms, but before she went in, she shot the couple another glance.

It was probably the booze clouding her mind and the weird lights in the club, but just for a moment- Letty swore that the guy’s eyes flashed bright in the shadowy corner he was ensconced in with her sister.

Letty put it out of her mind- Faith was a slayer, she was fine... and by the time she left the washroom, they were gone.


Letty remembered dancing in between two smoking hot guys. Both of them were well over six feet, muscular and graceful as they danced with her sandwiched in the middle of them. She moved sinuously in between them, feeling her heart beat in time with the rhythm.

The one behind her was bald, black and gorgeous. He was wearing a black dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, exposing very nicely muscled arms that were gripping her hips as they moved in one rhythm. Letty remembered the look in his eyes as he had watched her move, lust filled and assessing. Like he was wondering whether she was good enough to bestow his company on her.

He looked like a jackass but then again, Letty’s taste in men had always been highly questionable.

The one in front of her had looked familiar as he asked her to dance, before Letty had realized that he was the guy she had bumped into at the bar. He was blonde and that should have been enough to turn Letty off, but there was something about him that made her inside melt into liquid heat. He was moving perfectly in rhythm with her and black and gorgeous, working his thigh between Letty’s legs as she ground on it, her panties having long ago soaked through with heat.

His hands were splayed possessively on the sides of her waist, she liked how they felt gripping her.

She leaned backwards, grinding her ass into the guy’s crotch, knowing full well what she was doing even as she did it.

Enough was enough. She was single and she had spent far too fucking long waiting for Dominic Toretto to pick her over his whores.

“What’s your name?” she licked at the shell of the guy’s ear. He shuddered behind her and Letty grinned at blondie in front of her, predatory and feminine. She felt like a goddess, completely in control and loving how these two men made her feel.

“Forrest,” the guy ground out. He had a sexy voice, growly with a gruff undertone to it.

“What about your friend?”

“Graham,” Forrest bit at her neck slightly and Letty laughed.

“Your friend play well with others?” she reached over and gripped the blonde man’s wrists, quirking her lips as she did.

Graham stepped closer.



Letty opened her eyes to the ceiling of her bedroom. Her head felt stuffed full of cotton, thick and heavy and her mouth felt parched. She was definitely dehydrated, but that seemed like the extent of things.

She groaned and stretched, feeling her body pull at sore muscles as she blinked and rubbed at her eyes.

“Huh,” she took a look at her hand, eyes widening immediately as she saw the golden circle on her ring finger. “That’s new.”

She sat up, eyes widening even more as the sheet slipped away from her and she realized that she was naked. She picked it up again, covering her chest as she blinked at her hand again.

That damned ring wasn’t leaving. Letty stared.

Goddamn tequila.

And then she registered the two separate sounds that her mind hadn’t been allowing her to process.

“Oh god,” she turned to her side, where the faint sounds of snoring were emanating from what looked like a very large lump of covers. She carefully lifted one of the covers off the top part of the lump, where the snores were coming from and stared, gobsmacked, at a head of the messiest hair that she had ever seen.

She replaced the cover carefully, wrapped her own sheet tighter around her body and slowly got out of bed.

The guy snoring beside her certainly explained the more interesting aches in her body. But who the hell was in her shower then?

She picked up the baseball bat beside her door, tied off the sheet at her shoulder and waited.

The water turned off and Letty heard sounds of movement from within.

She raised the bat.

The door opened and a tall, wet, dark skinned man emerged from her shower- only one of her small towels wrapped around his hips as he stopped walking and stared at Letty clutching the baseball bat protectively.

“Whoa!” he took a step back, “chill- it’s me. Don’t you remember who I am? We met yesterday?”

Letty lowered the bat slowly. She swallowed.

“Which one of you assholes thought this shit’d be funny?” she raised her hand. The gold glinted obnoxiously bright in the sunlight and Letty squinted, looking away from her hand as she did.

“Um-“ the guy held up his hand, “that would probably be me.” An identical band sat snug around his finger.

“Me too,” a soft male voice said behind her and Letty jumped, startled as she swore and clutched the sheet tighter to her chest.

The guy with the messy hair still looked sleep rumbled, eyes swollen from recent slumber even though he had managed to sneak up on her. He also had a series of bite marks going from his clavicles down to his abs and disappearing beneath his sheet.

Letty flushed with embarrassment. The marks were just the right size to have been made by her.

He was also holding up a hand with the same goddamn ring on it.

Nice man,” the wet guy laughed, pointing at the one who Letty had apparently decided made an excellent chew toy. “Classy.”

“Oh suck my dick Gates,” blondie groused dismissively, but with a real current of affection running beneath his tone.

“Are you sure I haven’t Gray?” wet guy, who was apparently Gates leered at the other of Letty’s new friends. Gray blushed a dull, brick red and Letty was amazingly, terribly grateful that she wasn’t the only one suffering in this situation.

And that was when the situation turned even worse.

The doorknob turned and before anyone could do anything, Anya walked in.

She stopped, staring awestruck at the picture the three of them presented before turning her head to Letty-“your sister owes me fifty bucks,” and walking out. All within the space of a minute.

Letty shuffled back to her bed and flopped backwards, covering her eyes as she thought about the situation she had ended up in. “Fuck me,” she breathed out.

“If you feed us first,” she heard Gates say before she heard a thump and then Gates’s loud exclamation of pain.

She would never be allowed to flaunt her big sister rights over Faith again, Letty thought mournfully and sighed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hide me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jan 12.

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