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Summary: Faith is related to someone just as badass as she; and Andrew finally falls in love. *Slash and het pairings*

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheShulikFR152970,3862428171,77019 Jan 1018 Jan 12No


Disclaimer: Universal Pictures and Rob Cohen own the Fast and Furious franchise.
Whedon and Kuzui Enterprises are responsible for the Buffyverse.

Okay, I realize I may be a little obsessed but I figure that it's fine, right?

I have my Fast and Furious fics where Faith is Dom and Mia's sister, but this is a stand alone. I wanted to see Andrew finally get the guy, (finally) and I wanted Faith in a slightly different situation than previously seen.

Faith follows Andrew through the streets of Los Angeles, the little twerp walks with a purpose generally unseen in his daily activities with the Council and she wants to know why that is.

He's discreet as he uses the lesser known streets to move through the darkness, wearing all black and emulating his favorite comic book characters- or probably just Spike. If she wasn't so curious about what he was up to, she'd almost commend him on his stealth and leave him be. But as it is though, she's stumbled on him being all strange and her paranoia about deception and betrayal- though not unfounded after the incident with Robin, makes her follow him doggedly.

He's getting twitchy, years of working with the Council have probably taught him to recognize a tail. Faith takes to the roofs, clearing the fire ladder and continuing her pursuit of him from above.

It's been three years since Sunnydale, three years of complacence, of rebuilding and retooling. The Scoobs are now based all over the world, they head an international organization with ties to all the major world governments.

Buffy's asked Faith to head the slayer division with her, but it never really works like that. Nobody else trusts her enough with impressionable young minds and maybe it's Faith's hidden sensitivity, but she'd rather take a field recruiter position than face the poorly hidden speculation and disappointment coming from people who should know enough to trust her by now.

Andrew stops near a bridge, looking around guiltily he rolls his shoulders and takes a deep breath.

Faith cocks her head, the rain is really starting to come down hard, and her hair is plastered down in a heavy curtain on her shoulders.

What the hell is the geek doing?

A car, bright, shiny and full of unwelcome connotations and memories that Faith's worked *really* hard to bury, revs up to him and stops suddenly at his feet.

Faith almost expects the geek to jump backwards but he doesn't. Instead a huge smile graces his face, Andrew's almost beaming as the driver of the car opens the door and gets out.

It's a guy, young looking, sort of geeky, hair awkwardly sticking up at unnatural angles and coltish limbs not quite at peace with the muscle car he's driving.

The way he's looking at Andrew though? Even Faith feels the warm rush down to her toes, standing in the shadows watching two obviously in love people kiss and for the first time in a very long time, Faith the vampire slayer feels lonely.

The unknown guy smiles, sandy hair becoming wetter with every second as he cups Andrew's face and gives him a kiss. Faith's surprised by how tender the dweeb can be, especially after being the focus of his many, many legendary diatribes on her parallels to Darth Vader.

She feels a twinge at the base of her spine and without looking she throws a stake in the needed direction. Not today bub, the vamp won't be disturbing this couple, she thinks. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, mouth open to catch some of the rainwater.

The car's engine revs and Faith opens one eye to see that Andrew and the guy are driving off. She memorizes the license plate just in case.

Fucking dweeb, fucking idiot, fucking Andrew! Faith rages internally even as her fingers shake from the stress of just keeping her cigarette up in the air. Her heart is pounding, because it's one of hers that's laid up in the hospital room nine floors inside. She takes a deep drag and releases the smoky, blue tinged, nicotine scented air.

He shouldn't be going on patrols with them, he shouldn't be combing the cemeteries along with the slayers in the middle of the night, blabbering about Picard versus Kirk and whether Seven of Nine was ever really human. Andrew's a watcher, but because he too has been infected with the stupid scooby vaccine against common sense and an underlying sense of honor and bravery- he is now injured, broken arm and leg and a concussion most likely.

Faith stabs out the cigarette in a vicious motion and heads back inside. She's left Andrew for too long with Vi, and she's not sure whether the redhead won't punch him, concussion or not if he doesn't shut up at regular intervals.

She enters the room and is gratified to see that nobody's dead or holding knives against each other. Andrew's laid up in the bed, uncharacteristically solemn with his head turned towards the window.

He turns to face her as she enters and Faith has to fight not to wince at the nasty bruises and cuts that mar his youthful face.

He coughs and clears his throat, "Vi?"

The redhead hmms in response.

"Can you give me and Faith a moment please?"

It's funny but Andrew sounds almost grown up asking for privacy. Vi complies with a hidden look and shrug as she passes the older slayer.

Faith sits on the edge of his hospital comforter and wishes that she was anywhere but here. Andrew's silent as he stares at her fidgeting, and it is freaking her out to see the normally bubbly geek be so still and serious.

"I need you to call Jesse," he starts the conversation and Faith twitches a little as she recognizes the name of Andrew's whatever he is.

"Who's that?" she raises an eyebrow and fakes a very good attempt at nonchalance.

Andrew rolls his eyes, "Faith come on. I know you know, so why don't we just cut the crap and get to where I ask you to call him and ask him to come."

Faith grins slyly, "Andy, man, never knew that you could do the big boy thing and be all serious for once."

Andrew stills his gaze on her, blue eyes that have seen too much bore right down to her inner core. "I almost died tonight, I don't want to go without settling things with him."

Faith stops grinning and frowns, "it's that serious?"

Andrew nods. "My phone is in my jacket, he's number two on speed dial."

Faith sighs and gets up to where his jacket's hanging inside the hospital closet, she digs around until she finds the Nokia and dials two. She raises an eyebrow and asks him, "who's one?"

Andrew smooths his comforter, "the Council house of course."

Faith smiles a little brokenly and replies "of course." Even as far away from the core group as they are, their main loyalty will always lie with the Council.

The kid is frantic as he rushes out of the elevator, his beanie slightly askew on his head as he barrels into the room almost knocking a sleeping Faith over in the process.

"Whoa!" she holds him up against the wall in a sleepily misguided attempt to protect and render unconscious.

The kid gasps and Faith is slightly disconcerted to see that his gaze still flies to a clearly injured Andrew on the bed.

She cocks an eyebrow "Jesse?"

He nods.

Faith releases him, and he almost dumps to the ground all boneless relief as he watches Andrew's regular breaths on the monitors.

"He's fine, he'll be okay," Faith reassures him in what she hopes is a reasonable voice.

It's been a long time since she's seen this level of affection between lovers, this worry and fear and it makes her uncomfortable.

"I'll be outside kay?" she tells him and pulls on her jacket, maybe she can sneak in a couple of cigs while they reacquaint themselves with each other's tonsils.

Jesse nods and Faith slips out of the room. She closes the door behind her and turns to leave down the hallway.

A hesitant female voice, smoky just like hers, slightly crackly and altogether too familiar stops Faith in her tracks.


She turns around and damn, isn't life a bitch?

Standing there in a pair of scuffed overalls and a slightly too loose wifebeater under a jean jacket is her sister. Hair that's just a couple of shades darker than Faith's is pulled into a sloppy ponytail, she's tanned golden with no makeup marring her slightly imperfect features, but she has the same look on her face that Faith's worn a little too many times in the past.

Faith eyes her silently for a moment, she sighs and cracks her neck.

"Hey Letty."
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