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Grave Peril

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Summary: During "Human Nature", The Doctor becomes human to hide from the Family of Blood. But instead of 1913 he and Martha end up in Sunnydale. Leaving the Doctor, now John Smith, vulnerable in one of the most dangerous places on Earth...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredDoctorsgirlFR1511,0970231,70421 Jan 1021 Jan 10No
Intro: During "Human Nature", an episode from Doctor Who, the Doctor becomes human to hide from the Family of Blood. He and Martha end up in 1913. Let's change that. Instead, he and Martha end up in Sunnydale and the Doctor, now John Smith, becomes the new history teacher at Sunnydale High School. While looking out for the Family, Martha starts to notice that something is wrong with the apparently peaceful town. Whilst John Smith is far too busy ogling after the new school councillor. Problem is, that the mysterious events seem to revolve around her. Btvs- season 7. D.W-season 3.

Based on Challenge 5132- 'From Timelord to Happy Meal with legs'

Pairings: Buffy/John Smith, Martha/Xander, Buffy/Doctor, Willow/Kennedy, Faith/Robin.

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Doctor Who. They belong to Joss Whedo and RTD respectively.

Chapter 1:

With a sigh Martha Jones glanced at herself in the mirror.

A tad despondent.

Just slightly...disappointed and worried, that was all.

“So it’s not exactly The Moon, or New New York. And you’ve been here all of a week and you’re already bored as hell.” She muttered aloud, as she fixed up her make-up. “The Doctor’s counting on you to do this right.” She nodded firmly, her glance falling to the apartment wall. It wasn’t a big place, but it was fine for one and the account the Doctor had somehow managed to create with that screwdriver of his would easily pay for it.

“Anyway...” She straightened her outfit, nodding her mental approval. “It might just be a clinic, but you’re working in medicine again. It’s an opportunity.”

With that she grabbed her bag from the sofa and headed to the door, stopping only once to glance back to the mirror and murmur a less convinced:

“It’s an opportunity.”

Before heading out into the wide world, and heading smack bang into someone already walking down the hallway, sending sheets of paper flying.

“Oh God I’m so sorry.” Martha jumped, startled and guilty all at once as she stared down at her ‘neighbour’.

His air was utterly flustered, hurried, but so less energetically excited than she was used to. Almost the stereotypical awkward nerd at school, she mentally commented as he began to collect his things.

“Let me help.” She crouched beside him, aiding him in picking up what looked to be essays which had been marked particularly vigorously in red biro.

“I-It’s quite alright Miss Jones, I’m sure it was purely accidental.” He stammered as he clambered to his feet, his brown hair even messier than usual- if that were possible. Looking utterly...well the only way to put it was un-Doctor-like.

He looked so painfully human, almost awkward in his own skin; those skinny limbs which he normally flailed uncaringly now were reined in with jerky and restrictive movements. His normally intense eyes were instead wide and naive. And his usual combination of that wonderful coat and pinstripe suit had been replaced by an ordinary suit and tie combination, only altered by the roadrunner tie and red chucks he still wore on his feet. He must have about 15 pairs of the damn things.

Figured the trainers would stick with him even with his memory erased and replaced with an entirely different life.

A human life.

After a moment of taking in his flustered appearance, she spoke again.

“John, are you sure you’re alright. I mean you’ve been distant recently, and what with the recent disappearances...” She trailed off with a frown.

“Martha, don’t worry. I’ll be perfectly fine, though it is kind of you to ask.” He smiled kindly at her, stuffing lesson plans and marked work into his laptop case with a level of irritation which emphasised that he’d been trying to get the sheets in there for a considerable amount of time to become frustrated.

“I know, it’s probably just me worrying, but...” Martha began once more.

“No, no, no! It’s very kind of you too keep such a caring eye on me, what with this being a new town, and my new job. Very neighbourly, and for that I thank you. I do believe you’re the only other English individual I’ve had the fortune to meet with. But really, everything’s fine, except for the fact that if I dawdle anymore then I’m going to be late.” He glanced at his Mickey Mouse watch with a hissed intake of breath “Very late!”

“Well, you’d best be off then.” Martha encouraged, feeling her heart cracking slightly as he all but sprinted off to catch a bus.

She gave a painfully bitter sigh as she turned to lock her own door.

“Figures, different memories, the same species...and he still doesn’t notice me...” She murmured mournfully before heading down the corridor at a slower pace than her previous companion.

This entire plan was irritating, she decided silently. Even when you ignored the fact that they were on the run from sucking creatures and The Doctor had been forced to turn himself human and hide himself in a pocket watch, something about the entire situation felt...wrong and made her skin itch. It was

It felt too...clean, too bright and too false.

It was almost as if what you could see was pretend.

Not to mention the worryingly high disappearance rate and number of attacks by ‘gangs on PCP’, mind you it was probably connected. Kids unable to stomach the small town life getting in over their heads, it was a common story.

She gave her head a shake, she was here a week and already the lack of excitement was getting to her. So much so that she was jumping at shadows that weren’t even there. She was so used to adventure and everything alien, that boredom and normality made her uncomfortable.

Should that worry her?

In the end she had to be thankful that the period she was stuck in was only a few years off her own time. She had all the technology she could need, but enough not to overwhelm her with the difference- what with being all of three years in the past. Sure the whole shift to America was a bit of a culture shock, but it was a hell of a lot less than The Doctor’s original plan of 1913 England would have been. Martha was merely thankful she’d managed to talk him out of it, convinced him she’d be able to fit in better during a period closer to her own, and that was what they needed.

To fit in.

To be normal.


Just one of the crowd.

She was simply going stir-crazy with inactivity.

After all, what kind of trouble was going to happen in a town called ‘Sunnydale’?

A/N: Read and Review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Grave Peril" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jan 10.

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