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Xander Addams...

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Summary: Drabble- Xander didn't tell anyone he was adopted... or that his family might want him back. !!!Nominated for COA awards 2010!!!

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Television > Addams' Family, TheskabsFR1318693208,31721 Jan 1021 Jan 10Yes
I do not own Buffy or The Addams Family... this is just a random piece that got stuck in my head and I had to write it down. I don't see a full story coming from this, but if anyone wants to continue, feel free, please just let me know so I can read it! Thanks!

btw- I based it off the movies more than the show, I didn't really watch the tv show.


She was short, not as short as some of the potentials, but still pretty short. The fact that she filled out the tiny black dress in impressive style only had a few of them flushing in envy. She was reminiscent of a wraith of some sort, pale skin, full lips and haunting eyes that zeroed in on Xander as soon as she stepped into the house.

She hadn’t said a word as Dawn had opened the door, and didn’t shove her way in as much as suddenly appear to float through it.

“Alexander, you should have called,” she announced in a soft monotone. As Xander’s shoulders tensed she tilted her head in consideration, “or at least sent a letter every once in a while. Grams is very upset with you.”

“Xander, who is this?” Dawn asked as she shut the door, waiting for the man to turn around from his seat on the couch.

“My sister,” he smiled as if it were a nervous tick. The girl inclined her head in acknowledgment.

“We felt a nudge when you finally joined the family, why didn’t you contact us?” The disappointment was plain in the slight waver to her monotone, but her face was still a blank porcelain mask.

“I was hoping I was hallucinating,” Xander replied.

“What kind of joining? Xander?” one of the minis shoved his shoulder. Xander got to his feet and turned to face the room.

“My family is weird, the Harris’s are a branch of the main family, but they didn’t have any… special… ummm… Think of it like this,” he scratched the back of his head. “I’m like a Squib.”

“Like in “Harry Potter”?” Dawn asked.

“Kinda…” Xander sighed as the potentials just stared at him. It wasn‘t his fault he‘d been adopted and didn‘t… tell… anyone? Well shit.

“Look, my family had to split us up because, apparently, my skin doesn’t grow back as fast as my sister’s does.” It was a bald statement, the ending filled with barbs. The tiny girl standing against the hallway wall scowled, her breath out in a puff worthy of a dragon.

“I said I was sorry about the flame thrower,” she shot out, “What more do you want from me?”

“Maybe I just wanted you to STOP AIMING AT ME!”

“It’s not MY FAULT that you were NORMAL! It seems it just took a while for your heritage to blossom,” she shrugged. “But you certainly seemed to go full out when you started.”

“What does that mean?”

“Not much, but this,” she pulled a huge cleaver from behind her back making everyone in the house wonder where the hell she hid it in that tiny black dress of hers. Maybe it had been stashed in the white cuffs, but it didn’t seem possible. Maybe that was the reason no one reacted until it was too late, and the cleaver was stuck, blade halfway, in Xander’s chest.

The tiny girl just smirked, her thin black braids danced against her shoulders as the Slayer’s were frozen in indecision. Xander had yet to fall down, to bleed, to do anything they would expect him to do.

“Very funny Wednesday,” he scowled down at the blade. “Who sent you? Mom, Dad, Pugsley?”

“Nope, came on my own. Figured you’d need help to tell your little friends that your heritage has caught up with you,” she stepped forward and, ignoring Xander’s warning hiss, yanked the cleaver from his chest with a warm little squelching sound.

“Ouch,” Xander replied sarcastically.

“Would you rather I use dynamite? Remember playing catch with me as a kid?”

“You were adorable once upon a time,” he yanked the cleaver from her hand and studied it like it held the secrets of the universe. “Wonder what happened?”

“Uncle Fester sent me to summer camp.”

“Is it still standing?”

“They made me sing.”

“That would be a no, then.”


time line: Xander is the oldest Addams child. He is three years older than Wednesday. He was born with the Addams usual aplomb, but for some reason slowly faded until he "seemed" normal. Note: in Buffy canon Xander survives some pretty hefty shit that should have killed him (ie: troll hammer anyone?)

For some reason during the last season of Buffy he regains the Addams traits, although not quite their sense of the macabre (though he never really lost that ironic humor).

The rest of the Addams feel something off about their "spider web" and Wednesday feels the need to confront him about it. So she shows up and lets the cat out of the bag. This is before the final battle, but I wasn't sure if I wanted the "event" to be Xander's eye squishing or not, so I left it vaguish...

Hope you enjoyed!

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander Addams...". This story is complete.

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