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Summary: Because I simply had to. Willow gets married and Faith meets her match. A surprise cartoon crossover. Femslash implications.

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Television > Surprise CrossoversShulikFR1318211131,22322 Jan 1022 Jan 10Yes
Disclaimer on bottom of page so as not to spoil the surprise.

Faith took a drag of her cigarette and watched as the grey smoke curled into the air.

It was the weekend of Willow’s wedding, thank God that they had finally made gay marriage legal everywhere in the United States. About fucking time.

Faith smirked as she heard Spike and Buffy begin going at it like bunnies in one of the allotted rooms upstairs, those two were fairly inseparable since he’d come back from the dead the second time. B deserved some happiness, she had done enough for the world.

Red’s girl opened the screen door to the backyard and came out, wrapped in a shawl that came up to her knees she was short and petite. She had spiky blonde hair that Faith had seen cut into a thick mass up to her shoulders when Red introduced her to the Council last year. Her diamond ring sparkled as the porch light caught its reflection.

“You okay?” she asked Faith.

“Yeah, just having a drag,” the slayer murmured.

She nodded wrapping the shawl tighter around her shoulders, “aren’t you cold?”

Faith cocked an eyebrow, “not really.”

Her companion snorted, “damn slayer abilities.”

Faith gave her a wink and an exaggerated leer “I could warm you right up if you’re getting tired of Red already.”

She laughed, “oh never, I love Willow too much to even think about something like that.”

The darker haired woman smirked “chill girl, I’m just kidding.” Sometimes it was painfully obvious that the two women were destined to be together, they were both incredibly smart and got flustered exceedingly easily.

She smiled, “I’m glad everybody’s getting along so well.”

“Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Well, I was worried that you wouldn’t like my family, and I know how important the Scoobies are to Willow. You guys are her everything, so it’s *such* a relief that everyone’s getting along so well. It’s taken me a long time to realize that not everybody’s going to be like Hugh and think that my roots are something to be ashamed of,” the blonde admitted sheepishly.

Faith smiled “everything’s going to be okay, don’t worry. Besides, your family’s awesome. Your dad’s promised to take me the annual Policeman’s Barbecue, your sister’s one of the most talented singers I’ve seen and your moms is working overtime to make sure everything goes smooth.”

The back door opened again and Willow came out. She smiled at her fiancée, “hey honey, what are you doing out here?”

The redheaded witch stepped up to her future wife and hugged her tightly, hands entwined with her partner Willow grinned at Faith, “you trying to steal my girl away?”

Faith leered goodnaturedly and drawled in an overly exaggerated Boston accent, “always Red.”

Both women laughed and waved goodnight as they headed upstairs.

Faith smiled and decided to take out another cigarette.

The night was gorgeous and she wanted to enjoy herself as much as she could.

She heard a car pull into the driveway, the door slammed and heavy footsteps sounded closer as whoever it was that just came neared her.

Faith turned her head slightly and examined the newcomer.

It was a fairly tall blonde guy, he had a faux-hawk going on, wasn’t terribly ripped but looked like he still had some solid muscle judging by the way he moved. He had bright green eyes, familiar ones.

Faith guessed that this was the brother. Troublemaker and hooligan turned into the owner of a fairly successful demolition company.

He neared her and Faith could smell his aftershave, something earthy that pulled at her senses.

He slung the duffle he was carrying onto the ground and gave Faith one of those patented bad boy smirks designed to make women’s knees jelly. “You got an another one?”

Faith silently held out her packet, he smiled and lit up with his own lighter. A silver Zippo. Nice.

“You with Willow?” he asked. His voice was nice, not too low, not too high. Held exactly the right amount of huskiness and crackle.

Faith nodded “family.”

“Ah,” he took a deep drag.

They stood in silence for a couple of minutes before he realized that he still hadn’t introduced himself, “oh shit, where are my manners?”

He chuckled, “sorry, I’m Lisa’s brother. Bart Simpson,” he held out his hand.

Faith gave him a good long look and licked her lips, she noticed his gaze follow her movement. “Faith,” she told him with a smirk.

His hand felt hot as it enclosed around hers. Calloused with years of manual labour, large enough to swallow her own deceptively fragile looking palm.

Bart’s green eyes seemed to glow jade in the dark as he looked at his newfound friend, “it’s nice to meet you.”

Um yeah, so please review and remember that the Simpsons belong to Matt Groening and the Buffyverse belongs to Mutant Enemy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Troublemakers". This story is complete.

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