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The Fading Light of Day

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Xander's Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander’s parents send him to his uncle Charlie in Forks when they suspect him of being involved in gang activity *Slash*

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredSioFR1517,54583110,37223 Jan 1023 Jan 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer, or Twilight. I am not making any money of this fanfic. Please do not sue me!

Warning: Slash, OOC, developing threesome.

Rating: FR-15

Summary: Xander’s parents send him to his uncle Charlie in Forks when they suspect him of being involved in gang activity

Author: Sio

A/N: I did go over this fanfic for spell and grammar, that being said my grammar and spell is worse than that of a 5 year old. So if you spot any mistakes please point them out and I will fix them.

A/N: Please enjoy and review.


The Fading Light of Day

His parent’s were worried about him, and his gang related behavior. His parents were worried about him. So instead of sitting him down and talking to him about their concerns like normal people would do. They were sending him to his mother’s brother way out in the middle of freakin nowhere. Xander supposed that it was easier for them to not have to deal with him if he was as far away as possible, provided of course that they didn‘t have to pay for it. Out of sight, out of mind and all that jazz.

Xander adjusted the strap of his duffle bag as he got off the bus for the last time. His oh so loving parents had been too cheap to even buy him a plane ticket. So instead Xander was busing it. He’d spent a night in a flea infested motel room, not that he’d gotten a wink of sleep, what with being on high alert the entire time. You could take the boy out of Sunnydale, but you couldn’t take the Hellmouth out of the boy.

Chief Charlie Swan was waiting for him, not quite the smiling man that Xander remembered from his childhood summers in Forks. His Uncle Charlie was stiff and authoritarian, shooting a disapproving glare in his direction. It was obvious to Xander that his loving parents had phoned ahead to let Charlie know what a delinquent his nephew had turned out to be. Xander bit back a deep defeated sigh. His uncle didn’t speak, he just tilted his head sharply in the direction of the cruiser. Xander followed him matching the man’s fast pace. All Xander wanted was a comfortable bed and to sleep for a few days.


Charlie opened the trunk of the car and watched his nephew put his worldly possessions inside. He found it hard to believe that the little boy that used to shove two hotdogs simultaneously into his mouth could be involved with a violent street gang. Looking at the teen Charlie could see that Xander walked with a confident air, something akin to ’don’t fuck with me.’ Again Charlie had second thoughts about bringing his nephew into contact with Bella, he didn’t want the wrong element around his daughter.

Charlie opened the back door of the cruiser and motion Xander in, maybe if he gave Xander a small taste of what could one day happen, then the kid would straighten out. He was expecting an argument, or at less some sort of fuss, but Xander just slipped into the back seat as quiet as a whisper. The kid pulled the door closed without even looking at him, like this was the treatment that he had come to expect, for some reason that twisted Charlie’s gut the wrong way.

Charlie got in and started the car, flipping on the radio to his favorite country music station. Ah, the music of pain. He waited a second sure that Xander would complain, when no words were forthcoming he looked into the rearview mirror. Xander was fast asleep in the backseat his head leaning against the window. He pulled away from the parking spot and began the journey home. It was going to be along drive, Charlie hoped that the kid wouldn’t wake up before he figured out what he was going to say to him.


Xander relaxed as the radio was turned on, as if that signified that there would be no talking. Xander leaned against the window and closed his eyes, maybe if he pretended to be asleep, Charlie would leave him alone.


It was raining when they pulled up to the Swan residence. Xander had to wait for Charlie to open up the door for him as there were no handles in the back of the cruiser. Once the door was open Xander sprang free, stretching out his aching muscles. Charlie was just about the give the teen a lecture on what the expectations for his behavior were, when the door of the house swung open with a bang.

“Xander!” yelled Bella running to her favorite cousin, throwing herself into his arms. Xander grabbed her up and swung her around narrowly missing Charlie in the process.

“Heya, Tinker Bell!” Xander’s frown gave way into a lopsided smile, and Charlie could once again see the little boy he knew.

“Don’t call me that! ZannyXan.” Retorted Bella with a huge smile. “Come on lets get inside, it’s pouring out here.”

“I have to get my bag.”

“Oh don’t worry about it. Dad will get it.” Before Charlie had a chance to naysay that assumption, both teens were already in the house the door closing behind them. Charlie swore under his breath, this situation was not off to a good start. So much for the tough as nails uncle, it was hard to be intimidating when your daughter all but ordered you around. Charlie sighed and went to get Xander’s bag. He open the trunk and paused. This would be the perfect time to search the bag for drugs. Bella should have Xander distracted with food by now.

Charlie unzipped the bag. A bunch of clothes all balled up in the typical male teen fashion seemed to make a bid for freedom. Charlie pushed them to one side to explore the duffle further. There was a wad of one and five dollar bills probably totaling about a hundred and fifty dollars. A slightly dog eared picture of a group of people, none of them looked like typical gang members, there was a pixie like red head who was smiling shyly, a gorgeous if somewhat short blonde grinning at the camera, an older man with glasses in a tweed jacket who looked mighty uncomfortable. Xander stood in the middle beaming, looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Charlie put the picture down as something metallic caught his attention. In the very bottom of the bag was a wicked looking knife in a sheath. Charlie felt his chest tighten, oh no, his nephew was mixed up in something. Charlie pulled the knife from it’s casing.

“Careful, that’s really sharp.” A said a voice from beside him. Charlie jumped his free hand going to his gun. Xander was standing beside him, seemingly unperturbed by the invasion of privacy.

“Xander what are you doing out here in the rain?” asked Charlie before he could think about what he was saying.

“Hmm Bella sent me out here to get you, are you done with my bag?” asked Xander. Xander ignored the fact that Charlie had his knife, he shouldered the man out of the way and zipped up his duffle slinging it on to his shoulder. He headed inside not paying any attention to his gaping uncle. If the man wanted to believe the worst about a nephew he hadn’t seen or taken interest in for years Xander would let him.


Bella made Hot chocolate for Xander who was putting away his clothes in the guest bedroom. She stirred the powdered chocolate into milk in the saucepan. Charlie was sitting in the living room watching sports doing his best to ignore both teens. Xander climbed down the stairs and went into the kitchen.

“So Forks huh? What happened to the spoon and the spork?” asked Xander trying his best to lighten the mood.

“Ran away with the dish.” Bella giggled

“I see… So…What’s new with you Tinker Bell?” asked Xander getting two cups out of the cupboard.

“Stop calling me that!” Bella demanded, but she was still laughing. Xander suspected that if he did ever stop teasing her, she would be disappointed. Bella got a far away smile on her face. ‘oh no’ thought Xander ‘it’s a boy.’

“Well I met this boy…”

“Yeah?” encouraged Xander.

“His a little strange, but who isn’t?” Bella tried to be evasive, something she unfortunately sucked at.

“I could name several people.” Replied Xander with a grin, which got bigger as his cup was filled with chocolate goodness.

“Ha ha you’re a riot.” Bella said sarcastically, she was getting into their old routine. “You’ll meet him at school tomorrow.” Bella paused “So…you’re a criminal now a days?”

“Not in anyway that can be proven.” replied Xander with a shrug.

“Dad did a background check on you, he said you where questioned by the Sunnydale PD for a murder.” Bella informed him blowing on her hot chocolate then taking a small sip.

“I witnessed it, the police in Sunnydale are allergic to detective work, and because I was there I did it.” Replied Xander taking a sip of his hot chocolate and burning his tongue, he winced but still took another sip. “My parents freaked out, which is typical, the first bit of attention they’ve paid me in years.”

“That sucks Xander.”

“Tell me about it. Charlie’s going to be treating me as if I’m a felon thanks to whatever my parents told him.”

“Why don’t you tell him what really happened?”

“Why would he believe me?” asked Xander, Bella found herself without an answer.


Xander woke from a nightmare covered in sweat. He thumped his head against his pillow. Xander hated those dreams about Jesse, and now it seemed that Kendra had joined him. In his dreams Kendra always blamed him for not saving her, ’you saved Buffy but not me’ seemed to be the recurring theme. Xander looked at his clock 5:30 am. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep, so he decided to go to for his morning run. Something that he had been doing since that Halloween.

When he got back at 6:30 the house was still quiet. Xander grabbed a change of close and went to have a shower. By the time he was out and dressed Bella had stumbled her way down the stairs and was banging around the kitchen organizing her breakfast. Xander put his school bag by the front door. Ready to go at a moments notice.

Charlie came down the stairs last, dressed in his uniform. He said nothing to Xander but wished Bella a good morning and headed out to work.

Bella smiled at Xander throwing a soggy Cheerio in his direction. Xander secretly planned his revenge against his cereal throwing abuser.


The halls of the high school were a fire with whispers of Sheriff Charlie Swan’s criminally delinquent nephew.

“I heard he bit the head off a live duck.”

“I heard he murdered someone in cold blood…

“…got some girl pregnant, and is hiding out here, what kind of jerk…”

Xander ignored it the best he could. He collected his class schedule and headed to the school library to sign out his text books. Xander felt a ping of homesickness when he entered the library; he was really missing the gang. He hoped that Giles had found Buffy by now, and that she and her mom were okay.

Xander made his way to his first class. Which was extremely boring since he’d already covered this material at Sunnydale High.

When lunch rolled around he was extremely happy. He got in line after some seriously smelly high schooler. Xander concentrated on filling his plate and not on the hairs that were standing up on the back of his neck. Xander was after all very good at ignoring the things he didn’t want to deal with. Xander found an empty table.

The entire room went quiet. They were all staring at him. Xander wondered what he had done this time, maybe he’d kicked someone’s puppy. The whispers started up again as a pretty little petite girl with hair sticking out at odd angles sat in front of him. Xander looked up as he swallowed his food and almost choked. He could tell by the way that girl was smiling at him, she wasn’t human, no one human paid Xander much positive attention.

“Hi I’m Alice, you must be Xander, Bella’s cousin. She’s been telling us all about you!” Alice reached out her hand waiting for him to shake, which Xander did. He was struck with how cold her hand was, his mind shied away from the word vampire, it was day time after all.

“Hi Alice, nice to meet you.” No harm in being polite. A pale boy with longish dirty blonde hair sat down beside Alice. Xander felt an uncomfortable shiver go up his spine.

“This is Jasper, Jasper this is Xander; Bella’s cousin.”

“Jasper.” Xander greeted with a nod, but his didn’t offer his hand and the other teen didn’t either. Alice rolled her eyes at them, but smiled.

A long brown haired teen slammed down her lunch tray. “Who’s this fashion disaster?” Xander’s chest got tight as he couldn’t help but think of Cordy. His ex-girlfriend who didn’t think a long distance relationship would work. Xander blinked, the pain he had been feeling seemed to float away, even as he tried to grab it back. Xander looked up to find Alice talking to the new arrival and Jasper staring at him with a devouring gaze. Xander swore to God that if the other teen licked his lips Xander was out of there.

Seconds later Bella plopped down beside him. “Hey Xan.”

“Hey Tink-”

“Done call me that!” Demanded Bella flicking Xander’s ear.

“Sure thing.” Said Xander, but his smile said he was going to keep on doing it.

Two more teens joined their table, Xander was feeling very much surrounded, none of these people but himself and Bella were human. Xander could feel the metal impression of the soldier shouting orders at him to get out of enemy territory. The hyena, well she wanted a meal, anyone in the cafeteria would do. What about that rude girl that had insulted them?

Xander pinched the bridge of his nose, the noise in his head being coming almost to much.

“Xander are you okay?” asked Bella and Alice at the same time.

“Ah fine, just a headache. I think I just need a little fresh air.” Said Xander getting up and leaving the table careful not to run. He wasn’t sure what the pale teen’s were but he was sure that they were predators; predators he didn’t want to entice by running.


The Cullen’s were slightly mystified, none more so than Jasper. Who had never encountered a human that gave off so many conflicting emotions. It was almost as if there were several beings each giving of different emotions. There was a general feeling of unease, but then a huge amount of paranoia; under the surface seemed to be a hunger, one that almost matched that of a vampire. Jasper couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Edward frowned “I think Xander may have multiple personalities. I can hear more than one set of thoughts” he whispered to his siblings so that Bella couldn’t hear him.

Alice smiled dreamily she after all could see things the others couldn’t. The next little while in there life’s was going to be very interesting, and she could say for certain that she and Jasper would never be bored again.


Well the first day could have gone better, but no one died so that made it an improvement on the many days that Xander had gone through in Sunnydale high. Xander reflected quietly on the drive to his uncle and cousin’s home. He made a mental note to phone Giles and ask for a couple of books that could tell him exactly what the Cullen’s were. With there complexion Xander would have put his money on Vampire, but they were out during the day and not snacking on the populace which made them unlike any vampire that Xander had ever met. Maybe they were vegetarians? Xander silently scoffed at his own idea.

Bella opened the door to the house. Xander was a lot quieter that she remembered, all the rumors at school must have upset him. Bella watched Xander kick off his shoes onto the matt by the door. She bit back a sigh, the fact the Xander didn’t want to be in Forks radiated from his every pore, and she didn’t think her dad was helping any with the way he was acting towards Xander.

Xander went up stairs without saying anything. He knew it was rude and that Bella had done nothing but support him from the very start of this miserable adventure, but Xander wanted some time to himself to sort out the voices in his head before it became and issue that literally bit him on the ass. Xander gracefully dropped to the floor taking the traditional meditation posture that Giles had taught him.

Xander slowed his breath and concentrated on the feeling of his body. In no time he was plunged into his subconscious. He opened his eyes to see the vast grass plains of Africa. Before him stood the primal hyena and her two small cubs. Xander figured he should be worried about her multiplying in his mind but the worry wouldn’t come.

The hyena tilted her head to the side her tongue lolling out of her mouth. “Young one, we are far from home and pack, why have we come here?” Xander heard the voice of the hyena as a weird melody of voice and growl.

“Because my parents thought that I was to dangerous to be around and wanted to foist me off on someone else.” answered Xander truthfully, it didn’t do to lie to someone that could make your life a misery.

It is dangerous here for us, this territory belongs to stronger predators than we. I will give you gifts, they will help you survive.”

“I don’t need anything-” Xander tried to argue but the beast overruled him.

Your survival is my survival, so you must.” Xander grumbled under his breath, he really didn’t want to know what a primal spirit thought of as a gift. Before Xander could ask further questions his mind switched to a different environment.

Xander found himself in a abandoned streets of Sunnydale bodies of the people he had failed to save strewn around rotting in the sun. This was were the soldier stayed, in the war zone of cost versus win. Xander took a second to consider that he needed some therapy. The soldier was patrolling the streets searching for Xander’s private demons.

We’re behind enemy lines, we must retreat.” The soldier informed Xander, startling the young man.

“Believe me I wish we could.” Xander replied. The soldier looked stern.

This is going to be a cluster fuck, Sir”

“I know.”

Xander woke to reality not feeling as refreshed as he usually did after meditation.


The next day at school wasn’t any better than the first. Some student’s actually crossed the hall to get away from Xander. The teacher’s seemed indifferent to him, as long as he kept to himself in class. He didn’t miss the fact that he wasn’t partnered with anyone for the project in Social class. Xander missed Sunnydale.

At lunch Xander again found himself surrounded by the pale Cullen’s. Xander suppressed his knee jerk reaction of high tailing it out of the lunch room. He didn’t want to upset Tinker Bell.

“Hey Xan! How has your day been so far.” Asked Alice as she broke the crusts off her personal size pizza.

“Apparently I’m Satan here to steal the souls of all the good little boys and girls, some of the students have taken to blessing themselves as I walk by.” Xander said with a sigh, plucking a pizza crust off Alice’s plate. Alice giggled beside her Jasper smirked at him. Xander was glad they found amusement in his pain.

“Come on Xander it can’t be that bad.” encouraged Alice.

“People are saying I’ve eaten the head off a live duck, and I can honestly say that I’ve never run a foul of fowl.” Xander raised his right hand as if he were swearing an oath.

“It will quiet down eventually” Jasper informed him. Xander stared at him, it was the first time the other teen had spoken to him. “What? Why are you staring at me?” asked Jasper.

“You can speak! I thought you were mute, or lost you tongue in an unfortunate piercing incident.” Alice’s bubbly laughter filled the air. Jasper smiled at him then stuck his tongue out. “Ha, real mature Jasper.”

Bell sat further down the table leaning on Edward watching the interaction between Xander and the two vampire, she hadn’t seen Xander that carefree since he moved to Forks. It looked like Alice and Jasper were good for him. Though she worried what might happen if Xander ever found out they were vampires.

Xander snagged another crust, he noticed that none of the Cullen’s were actually eating but rather play with their food creating the illusion of eating if an observer didn’t look too closely. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were out during the day he would swear that they were vampires. What if their were different breeds of vampires like there are different breeds of dogs? After a moment or two of consideration Xander decided that as long as he didn’t find them snacking on some innocent person then he had no issue with them even if they were vampires.


Edward’s head snapped up and he stared at Xander, who had just tentatively pegged them as vampires, how could the human be so accepting? He watched as Xander liberated the chunks of pizza that Alice let fall to her plate. The teen was different, there was no fear, just a cautious uneasiness that Edward found prudent given the situation. From Xander’s thoughts he could tell that the young man was fond of Alice and that he liked making the stoic Jasper smile or smirk. He would also tell that he worried about Bella’s safety but gave no thought to his own.


Jasper couldn’t help but smile at Xander’s antics. For some reason he felt lighter when the teen was around. He sensed that Xander felt attracted to Alice, but also that the young man wouldn’t make a move on her, because he liked Jasper as well. Alice’s emotions were much simpler, she loved him, but felt something for Xander. She had also told him about the Xander that she could see in the future, the one that she loved. Surprisingly Jasper didn’t feel jealous just interested in where this attraction would go, provided the right choices where made.


Jasper pulled Alice down into his lap so that they could both lounge on the couch and watch Esme frantically clean before their guests arrived. As if there was a speck of dust brave enough to hang around this house. Carlisle was on the deck barbequing two fine steaks in honor of there guest. This would be the second time Bella came to dinner and the first time for Xander.

Alice was humming happily to herself as she curled up comfortably in Jasper’s arms. She cast her mind’s eye into the future, trying to see what would happen when Bella and Xander arrived. She was annoyed to find that the immediate future where Xander was concerned was fuzzy. It was if a decision made by Xander was never certain until the instant he carried it out. Very annoying, it was a good thing the teen was cute.

All the member’s of the household were alerted to the human’s eminent arrival by the sound of Edward’s car. The clan gathered in the dinning room. It was a few moments until the front door opened and two human heart beat’s echoed throughout the house.


Xander paused taking in the house, he was awed by the house’s design. Light steamed in from the numerous windows. Bella had to call his name twice to draw his attention away from his surroundings. Xander blushed and stammered an apology making both Edward and Bella smile.

The trio entered the dinning area were the family was waiting for them. Xander noticed there were only two place settings. Everyone else appeared not to be eating. Xander quickly scanned the faces that here turned smiling in his direction. Esme and Carlisle introduced themselves.

“We’re glad you came Xander! It’s not very often we have guests.” Esme gushed. Xander gifted her with a shy ah-shucks smile. Xander and Bella sat down at the table.

“Is everyone else not eating?” asked Xander casting glances at the pale faces.

“Nope, we’re on a special diet.” Alice informed him, while Jasper looked pained. Xander sat back in his chair. These people really weren’t trying to hide the fact that they were different from the average human.

“Say what you’re thinking Xander.” Commanded Edward who was standing behind Bella’s chair. Bella herself looked worried but unafraid. Xander blinked.

“I was thinking that you guy’s aren’t human.” replied Xander without fear. “Your not witches.” Xander went on to say. “Not werewolves either,” Some of the Cullen’s lips curled in disgusted. “definitely not werewolves.” Said Xander with a laugh. “Would you special diet be liquid and red?” asked Xander making Alice giggle.

“Say it.” Edward encouraged. Xander cocked his head to the side.

“I get it, it’s against the rules to tell me, well then…Vampires.” Xander rubbed his forehead. “You guy’s don’t hunt human’s do you?”

“No, not anymore we’re all vegetarians, Jasper being the newest convert.” Explained Carlisle.

“I’ve seen you all during the day.”

“But not in direct daylight.” Answered Alice.

“Do you guy’s combust in the sunshine?” asked Xander. The room chuckled politely.

“No, they sparkle. It’s really pretty.” Bella informed him.

“Huh.” That really didn’t jive with what Xander knew about vampire’s. Xander supposed it was plausible that the demonic vampire he knew may be one breed of many.

“Other Vampires?” asked Edward.

“Dude, are you reading my mind? That is so uncool in a cool way. But yeah, I’ve meet some other unfriendly-towards-humans-vampires. They combust in sunlight, crosses and holy water hurt them, a stake through the heart will kill them.”

Rosalie snorted

“Is he mental or something?” she asked Edward. Who shook his head, Xander was telling the truth.

“It sounds like you’ve hunted them.” Interjected Jasper before Rosalie could make another comment on Xander’s mental heath.

“I have.” Xander admitted. “The kind of vampire I’m used to usually aren’t vegetarians, nor do they want to be.” Xander could almost feel the pain Jasper was experiencing. He was likening himself to the vampire’s that Xander was describing. “Hey, don’t.” Xander reached for Jasper’s hand, laying his warm hand over the vampire’s cold one.

“Don’t what?” asked Jasper.

“You’re not a monster.” Xander said firmly releasing Jasper’s hand.

“How did you…?”

Xander shrugged. “I see things.”


Bella watched in amazement as her cousin entertained a roomful of vampires. He seemed so at ease, not at all like her nervous first impression. Even Rosalie had warm up to him. After She and Xander had eaten the family had moved into the living room where Alice had plopped herself down into Xander’s lap swing her leg’s up onto Jasper’s lap. Bella turned her attention to Jasper who, upon there first meeting had just been able to hold himself back from attacking her. Sitting beside Xander he showed none of the strain that she had come to associate with a hungry vampire.

Bella smiled at Edward as he played with her hand drawing her stare from the three on the couch. She grinned at him, she was so glad that Xander was so accepting of the vampires and they of him.


School continued as usual for Xander most everyone ignored him, excepted for Bella and the Cullen’s, but Xander didn’t seem to mind anymore. In fact he was embracing his new found dangerous loner status. He found it incredibly amusing that some of the ladies were sending him come-hither looks.


Jasper set his tray down beside Xander, even though the entire table was empty at the moment. The teen bimbo that had been heading towards Xander quickly redirected her destination under Jasper’s harsh amber glare. Xander snickered under his breath. It was no longer unusual to see Jasper sitting next to Xander, in the beginning it had caused quite the stir. Jasper had never sat with anyone unless surrounded by the other Cullen’s.

Jasper had begun to truly relax in Xander’s company finding his vampire instincts did not react to Xander as if he were a typical human. Indeed the lack of fear that Xander showed had Jasper’s vampire mentality accepting the human as a coven member. This made it much easier to control the blood lust. Jasper wandered if Xander realized that he was leaning into the vampire’s personal space and giving off content/happy vibe’s like a cat in a sunbeam.


The other Cullen’s were soon to appear, Alice slipped in the other side of Xander bracketing him in the middle. Bella looked happy and completely absorbed in whatever she and Edward were discussing. Which Xander found out later was baseball, perhaps the second most annoying sport in existence. Edward gave him a look, probably listening to his thoughts, but Xander just smiled. It took the majority of lunch for Alice to pout and wheedle her way into making Xander promise to come and at least watch the family game.


Apparently you couldn’t even watch a baseball game without a jersey, so Xander had been forced to borrow one of Emmet’s as his frame was too big for one of Jasper’s shirts. The drive to the field took about a half an hour. It wasn’t until the storm came that the game truly began. Xander realized why they had chosen there playing field so far out of town. Xander was sure that he should have been terrified every illusion of human frailty was dispensed with, all that was left were the graceful deadly predators.

Jasper stood beside him waiting to be called up to bat, the vampire was showing off his skills with the bat by tossing it in the air and catching it. ‘heehee talented hands’ Xander couldn’t help but blush at his thoughts. Jasper gave him a knowing look in the form of a smirk.

It was finally Jasper’s turn at bat. As soon as the ball had been thrown Xander noticed a difference in Alice’s expression. Something was very wrong.

“Stop” cried Alice, Xander watched as all the vampires on the field speed to where Esme and Bella stood. “They were leaving but then they heard us.” Alice continued. She looked fearfully at Bella and Xander obviously worried for their wellbeing.

“Let’s go” commanded Edward as he started to herd Bells toward the jeep.

“It’s to late” Carlisle informed them. Edward turned to Bella, gaze intense.

“Get your hair down.” Bella hurried to comply.

“Like that’s going to help.” Snarked Rosalie “I can smell her from across the field.

Jasper grabbed Xander’s arm and pulled him close. Xander knew better than to struggle, even as Jasper sniffed his neck. Xander must have smelt too human because Jasper began to lick his neck. Xander could feel his skin tingle, almost to a degree that it stung. Jasper sniffed him again, he must have found it sufficient because he let Xander go.

“Stay close to me Xander.” Jasper commanded him, Xander nodded. Even after the impromptu cat bath Xander was willing to trust Jasper.

The family of vampire’s and their two human companions turned to face the coming threat. Xander soon got his answer to what that was wrong as three vampire’s walked out of the forest and into plain view. Xander new instantly by the intense predatory presence of these three that they where not vegetarians. Xander assumed the telltale sign were their blood red eyes. Edward had moved Bella beside him in order to protect her, the very same thing that Jasper was doing to him. Xander did his best to control his fear not wanting the vampire’s to turn their interest in his direction. Unfortunately Bella was not so accomplished in this area of emotional suppression.

Xander watched in morbid fascination as the vampire introduced as James scented the air. As the dark vampire tried to initiate a game of baseball.

“You brought a snack, how nice. I hope you’ll share.” James rumbled. Victoria and Laurent scented the air as well eye’s moving to Bella. All at once everyone was at each other’s throats. Xander suppressed a sigh, why did he always get into these kids of situations? You know the one’s where he could end up the snack of some super powered creature.

The Cullen’s turned to leave, but Edward stayed behind glaring at James. Xander was being pulled towards the vehicles, Xander went with the flow allowing himself to be shoved into one of the cars. Jasper climbed in beside him as Alice started the jeep and drove at breakneck speed towards the Cullen homestead.


Laurent had informed the Cullen’s of James’ plan to hunt Bella. Xander thought that there must not be a lot of loyalty between the more predatory type of Vampire. Xander watched the family going into battle mode.

“I’ve fought their kind before, hard to kill.” Jasper was saying.

“But not impossible.”

“We’ll rip him apart and burn the pieces that should do it.”

The family split into groups two to distract James with Bella’s scent and another to whisk Bella away. Xander found himself in the car traveling back to Bella’s house. Bella was afraid to leave her dad alone so Xander had volunteered to stay behind and do his best to protect Charlie. Although he wasn’t looking forward to it. He had a feeling that he would be blamed for Bella’s departure to parts unknown. Jasper hadn’t been happy that Xander was staying behind but Xander informed him it was what he had to do and that Jasper should know more than anyone that family came before self preservation.

Before Xander got out of the car Alice pulled him into a kiss, Xander felt his entire body flush with heat, he could hear Japer taking a deep breath scenting him. When Alice let him go he took a quick peek at Jasper whose eyes were black. Xander opened his mouth to defend himself only to find it occupied with Jasper’s tongue. Xander moaned his brain short circuiting. Slowly he pulled away certain that he was blushing from head to toe and not entirely in embarrassment.

“Take care of yourself Xander.” Commanded Jasper, to which Xander could do nothing but nod. Alice winked at him and gave him a gentle shove in the direction of the door. Xander got out to find Bella smiling at him in amusement.

Xander rolled his eyes and started for the front door, the next couple of days were going to be bad.


It took less that 15 minutes for Bella to pack and leave her father devastated. Luckily Charlie had someone to blame for his daughters departure, namely Xander. The atmosphere of the house was tense, Charlie had decided that Xander should spend the rest of the evening in his room. Xander had silently agreed pounding his way up the steps and into the bedroom. Xander went to his sock drawer and unrolled his socks revealing several little baggies of herbs. Xander then took out a tiny copper dish from the bottom of his duffle bag. He hope that he uncle was engrossed in TV because the last thing he wanted was to be accused of smoking weed while he was setting protection wards on the house. Xander took pinches of each of the herbs putting them into the dish; mentally he thanked Giles for teaching him how to do this before he left. Xander then poked his finger with the tip of a safety pin, he squeezed two dropped of blood onto the herbs. He then said a short chant of words. The herbs burst into flame letting Xander know that his request had been heard and answered.

Xander pack his herbs back into his socks and put them in his drawer, Xander opened his window to let the smoke out. Xander had his back to the window when he heard.

“Hello little blood bag; where is your friend?” It was James, smirking at him from the window ledge.

“And why should I tell you?” asked Xander raising his eyebrow.

“Because if you tell me I’ll kill you quick.” replied James as if that was a wonderful deal.

“Huh- well in that case my answer will have to be no.” Replied Xander flopping down on his bed. “I’m grounded anyway, so I can’t do anything fun like that… rain check k?” Xander chuckled as James snarled.

James made to jump into the room but a invisible force repelled him back causing him to fall to the ground. He landed with a thump, but of course due to his vampiric nature he was unhurt.

“What have you done?” asked James startled his red eyes wide, never in all his time on the earth had he ever encountered something like this.

“Oh nothin. Just a bunch of hocus pocus.” Replied Xander from his bed not bothering to get up, it’d been a long day.

“I’ll burn the house down!” screamed James in rage now back at the window.

“Try it.” remarked Xander rolling over to glare at the vampire for yelling so loudly while he was trying to nap. “if I can keep you out, don’t you think I have a defense for fire…and flood too, come to think of it.”

“I could go ring the door and give your relative a story about my car breaking down.”

“I suppose you could” replied Xander “But you won’t.”

“I won’t?” asked James cocking his head to the side like a confused puppy.

“Nope, you want the pleasure of hunting something that knows what you are, you want the thrill of prolonged fear. Having your prey’s heart beating so fast that you can almost feel it in your bones.” James was now watching him with black eyes, his fangs showing, and his chest heaving. Xander couldn’t help but be amused as he continued his voice husky letting the hyena out enough to enjoy the reminisce of the hunt. “ You want to see the look in their eyes that first time you break them, and the dieing hope when you track them at their every turn. Letting them know you could take them at anytime but your waiting for that final perfect moment.”

James groaned deep in his throat finding himself aroused by the humans little speech. He kept his stare on the human who seemed to know the need and desire behind his compulsion to hunt. James began to wonder if the human was turned, would he be a tracker like James himself. James had long looked for a proper hunting partner, while Victoria loved toying with humans, she did not understand the need for the chase.

“I’ll be back for you.” James informed the human; who did not look impressed.

“I’ll be here, probably still grounded.” Xander replied before getting up and closing the window, and the curtains, leaving James out in the cold.


When Charlie got the call that Bella was in the hospital her leg broken he was beside himself, his little girl had gotten hurt on his watch. However the fact that Bella wanted to come back to Forks and continue to stay with him left his heart lighter than ever before. It seemed that an argument with Edward’s sister had precipitated the road trip. It hadn’t been Xander’s fault at all. When he had tried to apologized to the boy, he’d gotten this wide eyed stare, like no one had ever apologized to the boy before. That didn’t sit right with Charlie.

Charlie also found himself questioning what his sister had told him about Xander. As the boy hadn’t shown any violent rages while he’d been in Forks. From what Charlie new of delinquents it only took slight provocation for them to react in anger and violence. Charlie knew that the way the kids treated Xander in school and he at home should have caused the kid to erupt but he hadn’t. Charlie was left wondering just what to do, the police report about Xander being a murder suspect was real enough, but then again it was a bit unfair to assume Xander’s guilt when the Sunnydale PD couldn’t prove anything.

Charlie Decided to Give Xander enough rope to swing with or to hang himself with. Xander’s mother had always been prone to certain exaggerations.


Xander had spent a couple nail biting days at home while waiting to hear if Bella would be okay. Xander had nearly lost years of his life in shock when Charlie had apologized for his behavior towards Xander. That was the first time an adult, any adult had apologized to Xander. Also Jasper and Alice hadn’t come by and Xander was doing his best not to angst over either of the kisses.


When Bella arrived home from the Hospital both Xander and Charlie were there to greet her. The ushered her into the house and on to the couch then offered her slightly crunchy mash potatoes and something that had once been chicken. Not wanting to hurt their feelings and flattered by their effort Bella ate the meal with gusto. She’d just make sure to take some Pepto-Bismol before she went to bed.


Once Bella was home things got much easier between Xander and Charlie, they didn’t take about it, but Charlie had started to greet Xander in the mornings and in the evenings when he got home. Bella seemed much more relaxed now that the two men weren’t glaring at each other over the breakfast and dinner table.


Bella looked beautiful in the dress that Alice had picked out for her, even with the walking cast. Xander took a picture with the disposable camera he’d gotten in the drugstore. Bella blinked a couple of times, the flash taking her by surprise. She punched Xander’s arm with a mock growl, while Xander whine about girls always beating him up. Edwards classic car pulled up a few minutes later.

If Edward was breathing, Bella would have taken his breath away. Xander managed to stifle the giggle that tried to get loose when he saw Charlie’s glare directed towards Edward.

“You look Beautiful Bella.” Edward stated causing Bella to blush prettily.

“You too, ah handsome I mean.” Bella corrected herself blushing even redder. That did it, Xander’s giggles burst free. Bella glared at him and punched his arm again. Xander pouted.

“Aren’t you going to the dance?” Edward asked Xander eyeing his jeans and t-shirt.

“Absolutely not” replied Xander with conviction. “School Dances and Xanders do not mix in any amount on any level.” Xander shuddered at the thought.

“You sure?” asked Bella for the fiftieth time.

“Yes, now go have fun you crazy teens.” Xander commanded with a smile. Charlie kept Silent and kept glaring until Edward and Bella were almost through the door.

“You take good care of my little girl Cullen and have her back here at 11:30 in the same condition she left in!” Charlie called out, only half joking.

Xander laughed out right at Bella’s indignant yell of “Daaaa-aaaad!”


Later that evening Xander heard a rock crack against his bedroom window. Xander got up and looked out the window. Alice and Jasper were standing there in their finery beckoning him down with huge grins. Xander opened his window.

“What are you doing here?” asked Xander

“Why we’ve come for a dance Xander Harris, and we’re not taking no for an answer!” declared Alice. Xander couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I’ll be right down.” answered Xander disappearing from the window and into the house. A moment later the back door opened and Xander entered the yard. “How was the dance?” he asked just before Alice grabbed him into a waltz.

“It was nice, we missed you though.” Jasper told him watching his wife dance with the young man. After a moment or two Jasper decided that Alice had taken up enough of Xander’s time. Jasper tapped Alice’s shoulder cutting in. Jasper took hold of Xander and spun him around. Xander yelped in surprise at the sudden change in direction before laughing out loud at Jasper’s overly serious face. The Next thing Xander knew he was slow dancing with both Vampires bracketing him, Alice in front of him and Jasper breathing in his scent at his back. Xander was feeling oddly at piece with the situation.

The three danced into the night, content in each other’s arms.

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