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Xander's New House

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Twisted Road". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: One year after Sunnydale fell, Xander goes to Princeton *(SERIES COMPLETE)*

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Television > House, M.D. > Xander-Centered(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoyFR1536114,41644637238,51923 Jan 1019 Apr 11Yes

Jack's Magical Journey

Everyone was comfortably ensconced within the belly of the enormous friendly kitty. He was making excellent time and Xander was surprised that the motion was extremely comfortable, so comfortable in fact, that he was beginning to feel mellow, almost sleepy. Giles and Cordelia rested comfortably, lying in slightly depressed areas that had formed as they were laid down. Giles head was even elevated a little, as House had wanted. Xander looked out the ‘window’ as the city and then the desert began to flow by. This was definitely Xander’s favorite way to travel. With all the ugliness that was his life sometimes, there were amazingly wonderful moments too. This one ranked very near the top. If only he could go by Catbus every day, he would be a very happy man. As if the Cat knew his thoughts, Xander’s ‘seat’ seemed to become even more comfortable as he settled himself into the Cat’s warm ‘embrace’. The soft sound of purring combined with the comfortable loping ‘gallop’ seemed to lull everyone to quiet for the first few miles, even Anya. It worked until they were passing through the Badlands.

“You have several options, you know,” said Anya conversationally.

“Options?” asked Xander.

“For sex, of course!” said Anya. “I mean there’s all those slayers…”

“Anya!” said Xander.

“That’s a girl after my heart,” said House, chuckling. “I wish my exes were so encouraging about my sex life!”

Wilson kicked House in the ankle, which since they were barefoot for the trip in the Catbus, actually caused Wilson more pain than House. Both men winced, and House glared at Wilson – an expression that changed rapidly to spiteful amusement when House figured out just how much Wilson had hurt his own foot. Wilson looked off into the distance with a sulky expression.

“What did I tell you?” Xander said to House.

House just smirked and made a mocking pantomime of zipping his lips.

“You haven’t had sex even once since Sunnydale,” Anya announced. “That’s not good for you.”

There were snickers. This time, not confined to House.

“Anya, remember what I told you about sex talks? How they should be private?”

“Not really an option, Xan, seeing as how I’m dead and I have to go back when we get to New Jersey,” said Anya.

“You want me to be grateful about that or do you want me to miss you?” asked Xander irritably.

“You should miss me, of course,” said Anya. “Just not so much that you miss out on your orgasms too.”

“Tell you what, Anya, if I agree to have sex at least once in the next month, will you leave it alone?”

“Just once?” said Anya.

“How about twice?” he said.

“Twice?” she said.

“OK, three times,” said Xander, whose face was now very red.

“That never used to be enough for you, Xan,” said Anya. “Sometimes we did it three times in one night! You were very good too!”

“I—that’s because it was you, Ahn,” said Xander, blushing at the various expressions of amusement.

They now had the undivided attention of everyone who wasn’t comatose.

His comment seemed to mollify Anya slightly. Then she seemed to realize something.

“Yes, Xander, but I’m dead now. You have to move on, even if you can’t do it three times in one night with someone else. Most people only do it three times a week anyway,” said Anya.

“People move on at their own pace, Ahn,” said Xander.

“You only move when prodded, Xan. I know you,” said Anya, crossing her arms.

“I’m not in high school any more Anya,” said Xander. “Do you have any idea how busy I’ve been – even without the extra apocalyptic fun? Do you know how many countries I’ve been in since Sunnydale?”

“Yes, I’ve been watching over you. You missed a lot of good opportunities,” said Anya. “I’m a good girlfriend! I’m only looking out for your welfare.”

“Girl has a point, you know, Xan,” said House.

“Shut up, Greg,” said Xander.

“Can I offer a suggestion?” said Anya.

“A suggestion?”

“Yes,” said Anya. “You have some very nice choices. First, there’s the doctor. She’s very nicely shaped. Smart too. And she earns good money. Of course, now you’re working for the council, you’re not broke anymore…”

The doctor in question blushed, but she also raised an eyebrow at Xander. Xander’s face grew even redder. Cameron smirked at him.

“ANYA!” said Xander loudly.

The Cat slowed down then stopped.

“Don’t yell,” said Foreman. “The Cat really doesn’t like it when people yell.”

“Sorry, Cat,” said Xander, petting the furry ‘seat’ next to him. “I don’t like yelling either.”

The Cat made a pleased Mrroww, and started moving again, this time, noticeably more slowly than before.

“Is it me, or are we going slower?” said House.

“The Cat thinks they have things to sort out,” said Foreman. “It’s either a more leisurely pace, or leave them in the desert while he drops the rest of us off. Since Xander doesn’t like snakes, he decided on slow.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cat,” said Xander, petting the Cat some more.

The Cat’s purring intensified.

“Then there’s Faith. She needs comforting. She’s very attractive and I know you like strong women,” said Anya. “Besides, you didn’t have enough time the first time. I bet she’d be much more impressed with you now.”

Faith glared at Anya.

“Anya, please!” said Xander, wanting desperately to be invisible. “You don’t have to find me a replacement.”

“You’ve had a whole year. I think it’s enough time. You’re not crying yourself to sleep every night anymore, so you’re over me,” said Anya, using her own unique logic.

“I’m too tired to cry myself to sleep, Anya,” said Xander wearily, completely embarrassed by that new revelation.

“There will be lots of nice single nurses at the hospital. Some are very attractive,” said Anya. “Some are smarter than those uppity doctors too and much more deserving of a nice boyfriend. Just don’t let them know you’re related to him.”

Anya pointed at House.

“Oh?” said Xander, happy to see someone else under the gun.

“They think he’s evil. He’s mean to them. Especially the ones he hasn’t slept with yet,” said Anya. “Or the ones who won’t sleep with him again...”

“It’s not my fault they think they’re too good for me,” said House.

“House!” said Wilson.

“They are too good for him!” said Anya.

Now it was House’s turn to glare.

“Hey!” House cried.

House’s entire team snickered.

“I can’t believe it. You believe the crazy dead person,” said House.

“House, please,” said Wilson.

“Oh, let him talk,” said Xander, with a chuckle. “Apparently, Anya knows all his dirty secrets too.”

“I know all of everyone’s dirty secrets,” said Anya.

The Cat hissed. The Cat slowed down enough so that everyone could see they were now in a woody part of Colorado.

“You’re right of course,” Anya told the Cat, petting it gently. “I’ll try to be good.”

“That’ll be the day!” said Xander.

“Hold on. Thought you wanted me to shut up?” said House.

“That was when Anya was commenting on my sex life,” said Xander with a slightly cruel smirk. “Your sex life is fair game.”

“Damn,” said Foreman. “I think House has met his match.”

“House met his match when he met me,” said Cordelia, using House’s lips.

“Thank you Cordelia! ‘Cause we don’t have enough output from Xander’s not quite alive exes,” said House.

“I’m not dead,” said Cordelia. “Besides, I’m just telling it as it is.”

“I lend you my body, and this is what I get?”

“You deserve it and you know it,” said Cordelia from House’s mouth, though he was obviously trying not to speak. “You’ve been a very bad man.”

“Oh bloody hell,” said Chase, shaking his head. He could barely contain his amusement. “That’s just… sad.”

“You’re fired,” said House.

“No, I’m not,” said Chase smugly.

“Of course, Xander, if you want comfort, there’s always Willow. She was always jealous of me,” said Anya. “She still dreams about marrying you and having your babies!”

“Was not!” said Willow furiously, blushing deeply. “Anya!!! No, I don’t! That’s just ridiculous talk. Totally ridiculous! Goddess! You’re even more annoying than you used to be!”

Willow looked both angry and mortified.

“Anya, hush! Willow’s a lesbian,” said Xander. “You know – Tara, Kennedy… Julie? Julia?”

“Judith,” said Willow, not surprised Xander couldn’t remember her thankfully brief relationship, she barely remembered it herself.

“When she starts dating guys again, you’ll be sorry you didn’t take your chance,” said Ahn, smugly.

“Anya, please stop helping me. You’re embarrassing me and my friends and this really isn’t the place…”

“I don’t care,” said Anya. “I love you and I want to see you happy.”

“I love you too, Anya. I’m sorry I didn’t marry you,” said Xander. “I was just too scared you were gonna try to run my whole life.”

The admission was so soft, only Anya and House heard it.

“It’s not like you had any direction, Xander,” said Anya.

“Now, you’re just proving me right,” snapped Xander, more than a bit annoyed by Anya’s insistent harangue.

“If you promise to try to find someone, I won’t haunt your dreams,” said Anya, sounding just a little contrite.

“So that really was you?” said Xander.

“Of course,” said Anya, “How else could I talk to you?”

“That wasn’t exactly talk,” said Xander softly.

“Well, I figured if I made you horny enough, you’d have to find someone,” said Anya.

“Yeah, Anya, that’s not really the way that works. Thinking about you isn’t really conducive to being with someone else,” Xander’s voice was husky with anguish and a bit of remembered arousal. “It just made me miss you more.”

“Oh,” said Anya. “Well, no sex in future dreams then…”

“Ahn…” said Xander, realizing what he was giving up.

“Well, only if you ask, then,” said Anya, smiling smugly.

“You really need to let the poor man get his rest,” said Cordelia, shaking House’s head.

“Cordy’s right,” said Xander, immediately recognizing Cordelia’s tone of voice.

“Maybe you should try kissing Cordelia. Maybe it would wake her up, like in the fairytales. You know that’s a true story right?”

“What’s a true story?” asked Harry, suddenly interested in the conversation, despite her innate good manners.

“Sleeping Beauty, of course,” said Anya.

“Can you tell me about it? You know, I study…” Harry began.

“You’re an ethnodemonologist,” said Anya. “Of course, I know that. The Lower Beings got quite a kick out of that whole area of studies.”

“So, will you tell me about Sleeping Beauty?” asked Harry.

“Of course! It was a vengeance spell, of course,” said Anya. “That was one of D'Hoffryn’s best… Of course, he was very unhappy when the wizard prince came along.”

“Wizard prince?” said Harry. “I’ve never found record of that…”

“Well, let me tell you how it really went!” said Anya. “I can tell you the truth about Little Red Riding Hood and Santa Claus…”

“Santa Claus?” asked Harry.

“You’re really gonna break everyone’s heart, Anya?” asked Xander.

“Well, they deserve to know he’s real,” said Anya.

“Are you sure you’re not a vengeance demon again?” Xander muttered, but Anya was busy regaling Harry and the others with True Horror Tales of Fairytales and Legends.


Xander was happy to have the focus off his sex life, though a part of him was sad not to be talking to Anya, he had time to think about what she had said. He was grateful he could still look at her and hear the sound of her voice that he’d missed so much these last months, despite her frighteningly frank and often painfully on-target assessment of his life and feelings. He himself had been thinking similar thoughts just before the fight. It was time to move on from the loss of his ex-girlfriend.

It wasn’t as if Xander hadn’t had almost a year to get over her before she’d died. Of course, their behavior in the days before Sunnydale had fallen had showed just how much of a lie that was and how much unfinished business they still had. On one particularly memorable day when everything else was going to hell around them and they could do nothing about any of it, they’d managed to make love so many times he had actually lost count. Apparently, that day was something even Anya wasn’t willing to talk about. Xander was grateful. Thoughts of those last days with her were the closest thing to comfort he’d had this last year. He really wasn’t ready to share any of them with anyone else.

House was next to him.

“What?” asked Xander suspiciously.

“I can see why you’re having a hard time forgetting her,” said House so quietly no one else but Xander could hear him.

“Yeah,” said Xander sadly. “She’s unique.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” said House. “And before you go getting the wrong idea, I like her.”

“I don’t actually need daddy’s approval, you know,” said Xander, more amused than annoyed.

“I still think she’s quite a woman, Xander. I’m sorry she can’t stick around,” said House, putting his hand on Xander’s arm.

“Did Cordy put you up to this?”

“No, I didn’t,” said Cordy.

“But the woman sure does like to eavesdrop,” said House. “And take over my body whenever she feels like it. I have to say it, son. You have unique taste in women! Scratch that, you have scary taste in women!”

“Cordy wasn’t a ghost when I knew her, Greg,” said Xander.

Xander decided Greg was right; he did have scary taste in women. Slayers, demons and witches. Cordy had been the closest thing to normal he’d ever had. “On the other hand, you’re the one who spends time lending her your body.”

“It’s not like anyone else can see me,” said Cordelia. “I hang out with him because I can see him. Besides, he’s amusing.”

“You’re not wrong, Cor,” said Xander. “I just hope Greg and his fancy team can help you get back in your body.”

“You and me both. In the meantime, at least I have someone to talk to for now – even if it’s just your dad,” said Cordelia.

“Hey!” said House.

“Yeah, yeah. You like him,” said Xander, teasingly. “I can tell.”

“What do you know about anything, Xander?” asked Cordelia irritably, making House’s voice sound defensive, and a bit squeaky.

“Oh… I know you, Cordy,” said Xander, grinning at House, whose expression was just a bit uncomfortable.

Xander wasn’t sure whether it was Cordy or Greg who was embarrassed. It was easy to tell who was speaking from the voice, but except for certain very ‘Cordy’ expressions, it was harder to read their body language, partly because they were both snarky, sarcastic people.

“We don’t have to try to cheer you up, you know,” said Cordy, waspishly.

“Oh, is that what you call it?” grinned Xander.

“What would you call it?” asked Cordelia.

“Cordelia being nosy as usual,” said Xander. “It’s OK, Cor, I forgive you. I’m flattered you’re still fascinated by my love life.”

“You mean your non-existent love life,” said Cordelia.

“OK, now you need to go bother someone else,” Xander said, shaking his head.

“Poor Xander,” said House. “You sure can pick ‘em.”

“At least, mine still like me!” said Xander.

“Poor Greg,” said Cordelia. “How many times have you been slapped?”

“Hey!” said House.

“Just callin’ it as I see it,” said Cordelia.

House was staring at an empty point directly in front of him, because Cordelia was standing before him, with one hand on her hip and her tongue stuck out. House gave her a mocking, amused look.

“Very pretty tongue,” said House, laughing at Cordelia’s expression.

“You know, I could moon you, and nobody would be any the wiser,” she said so only House could hear.

“You really think I’d mind?” asked House, grinning lecherously.

“You are annoying,” said Cordelia, pouting.

“Back at ya, my little ghost,” said House, just a bit snappishly.

“Please don’t fight,” said Xander.

“Shut up, Xander,” said both voices at the same time, creating an odd harmonic sound.

“Damn,” said Xander. “That’s just weird.”


Willow really didn’t want to be here. She had intended to go off to a retreat of witches and wizards in the Scottish highlands that Maurice had told her about, but thanks to the situation with Giles, and the new headquarters being established, in of all places, New Jersey, here she was. The council had paid for her to finish her degree in England, and now the council, in the form of Buffy and Xander, were offering to pay for her graduate studies at Princeton. She could study with Harry or she could pursue the more scientific interests that had caused her to apply to Princeton as an undergraduate, what seemed like a lifetime ago. She could see Oz, who she had missed far more than she had realized and she would get to work with Wesley.

Willow should have felt more enthusiastic than she did about coming here. From what Xander was saying, she’d probably see more of him this year than she had last year, since things seemed to have settled down a lot and he wanted to stay near Princeton so he could visit with his father and Marie’s family and fellow slayers. Amazingly, in the last year, they’d established contacts on every continent, and some of the older slayers who had had council watchers years before were much more interested in seeing their younger sisters have a better deal than they had had when they had been potentials, an idea Xander had quickly cultivated. Some of the best new watchers they were hiring were actually slayers themselves.

Willow couldn’t believe just how much all their lives had changed in just one year. Although they had all traveled and had endless meetings, Xander had turned out to be better at it than even Giles or Robson. He’d been unimpressed by the ‘important’ people he encountered, partly because at first, he’d had no real idea just how important some of them actually were, and partly because he’d faced down much scarier things. More importantly, he’d been someone that even the most fragile slayer and most suspicious family members had found easy to relate to and trust. Unlike the watchers who had had years of old-country, old-council pomposity and protocol to overcome, Xander had simply taken each person as they’d come, and his efforts at even the most obscure languages, had impressed people and put them at ease.

Willow couldn’t believe how much they’d come to rely on Xander over the course of the year. Xander had done an amazing job. He’d done so much to make things happen at the Hyperion and his decisions had saved a lot of lives, though he hadn’t been in the midst of the fight, so much of what had been put in place had been due to Xander and his way with people, including, impressively, the United States military. He’d really made her proud. She really should tell him. Now she realized why Buffy and Dawn were making such a big deal of it, as were the few other council people she’d been in contact with lately.

Willow had been very much an onlooker since the night of the fight and she hadn’t really interacted with him – or anyone else – very much at all. She wasn’t sure how she’d handle the day-to-day job of having to face and deal with people; and to help Wesley set an entire new council office from scratch. The whole thing gave her a bit of a panic attack just thinking about it. At least in London they’d had dozens of retired watchers, researchers and administrators, as well as people who had quit the council over the years, many of whom had come back under the new management. Here, they just had them. Which of course, was why she was here.

Willow felt slightly ashamed. Xander had given up so much last year. They all had, but he’d been grieving in a way none of the others except Buffy, had and he’d done it alone. She was ashamed to realize how little thought she’d given either of them in the months after as she and Kennedy had at first reveled in their win in Sunnydale, and then imploded as she’d realized just how little they had in common other than the slaying and worse, just how much their values differed. They’d lasted just long enough to put distance in her relationships with all her friends, none of whom could stand Kennedy. Buffy in fact, one night in London right after the breakup, had after a couple glasses of wine, admitted to Willow just how much her betrayal had hurt back in Sunnydale. Willow, at the time, hadn’t been ready to hear it, and Buffy had only withdrawn more, further burying herself in the ever-present work.

Hearing Anya talk about Xander crying himself to sleep had broken Willow’s heart – which, if she’d thought about it, Willow would have realized was one of the few things she’d really felt emotionally since the big fight. She’d been mostly numb and eager to escape from it all – the fight, the slayers, the magics, the whole shooting match. Now she was almost glad she was here. Xander had never said anything about his pain. Of course, when had they had the chance? She couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a movie night, or just time to chat. He couldn’t really remember the last time the two of them had really had time to talk at all – or the three of them – even. Of the three of them, she’d been the only one who’d had a single date. Buffy had worked harder than Willow had ever seen her work, both with Giles and with the new slayers. She’d lost count of all the places Xander had visited. She just knew he’d had to get a replacement passport, after adding pages to the old one.

She couldn’t believe Anya had brought up her childish teenage crush. Sleeping with Xander wasn’t something she’d really thought about then, though it hadn’t occurred to her at the time to wonder why, even as Buffy was getting more and more ‘interested’ in sleeping with Angel, and their discussions had been as frank as teenage girls with no sexual experience ever were. Now, of course, she knew why she’d never really thought about sex with Xander or even Oz for that matter, even after they started having sex regularly. Certainly not the way she thought about Tara, or even Kennedy or a few of the other girls she’d been with in the last year. Now, oddly enough, she found herself thinking about Anya’s announcements about Xander’s prowess. Was it exaggerated? She doubted it. Anya wasn’t given to elaboration, she was just brutally, utterly frank and without anything remotely resembling either restraint or tact.

Apparently, a thousand year old ex demon had been impressed. She seemed to think that Faith would be impressed too, though that thought made Willow a lot less sanguine, since it reminded her of all that baggage from high school and just how close she had come to hating Faith. Now, of course, she knew a bit of Faith’s history, and she was frankly surprised it hadn’t blown up in their faces even sooner or worse than it had. Faith and all of them really, owed Angel a great deal for the person that Faith was today. Poor Angel. It was hard to think of him being gone for good. His poor son had hunted high and low for evidence of what had happened to him.

Willow still couldn’t get over the fact that Angel had an adult son who’d just been born a few years ago. Even with her life, that was strange. Willow couldn’t believe Angel had actually had sex with that evil slut. Darla, needless to say, was not one of her favorite people, given her attempts to drain Willow dry. Now Willow thought about it, however, Darla was kind of shapely – in a completely skanky way of course. Now she was thinking about sex. She really didn’t need to think about sex, especially boy-girl sex. Especially when thinking about Angel and Darla made her mind drift away into all sorts of unexpected places. This was Anya’s fault. Stupid Anya had to go talking about sex.

Sex, specifically with Xander. Willow supposed that if Anya thought Xander was impressive, it must mean something, right? Maybe… OK, naughty thoughts. She wasn’t into guys. She certainly wasn’t into Xander! Not any more anyway. Xander had never seen her that way, anyway… except for… What if Cordelia hadn’t found them that night? Would they have done it? In the face of impending doom and everything? Wow. Where the hell had that thought come from? She still dreamed about making love to Tara. Those very sweet, very graphic dreams had actually been part of what had finally broken up her relationship with Kennedy. Kennedy hadn’t wanted to share her with Tara, not even Tara’s memory. Since she didn’t plan on forgetting Tara any time soon, she wasn’t sure she would be good relationship material for anyone. She knew that Kennedy had been partly right. She did need to move on and she was sure she would eventually, but Kennedy’s version of moving on meant obliterating and even repudiating her relationship with Tara. That was definitely never going to happen.


Wesley mostly listened to the conversations swirling around him. Listened and watched. Willow, who was sitting nearer to him than anyone else, but not quite close enough to be next to him, was also quiet, except when Anya had embarrassed her, and she’d lashed out indignantly, only to retreat even more deeply into herself. He had considered trying to engage her in conversation, but then she’d leaned back in the comfortable softness of the Catbus, curling her legs underneath her, and closing her eyes, her fingers absently caressing the extremely soft gray fur beside her, something that seemed to please the Cat. He could tell she was still awake, because her face was a welter of emotions, but he didn’t think she was interested in engaging in conversation. He’d never really noticed her beauty before that night. There was something so very erotic about mingling magics with someone as theirs had. There was something about killing Vail with her, which made those moments impossible to get out of his head.

Then Dawn’s magics had opened up a world of emotion and knowledge about Willow’s entire life. He’d felt so much longing and loneliness from her as well as from Giles. Maurice, unsurprisingly had been the most centered, most serene of all of them. Truth magics, necessary as they had been, were very difficult to stomach. He now knew things about Giles that made him profoundly uncomfortable and he was almost grateful he hadn’t had to face him right away, except for the reason for that. He knew that all three of them must know things about him he had never wanted revealed. Neither Maurice nor Willow had treated him any differently, but he suspected that was because Maurice was excellent at reading people to begin with, and was unsurprised by anything he’d seen, and probably, at his age, quite shock proof. From what Wesley had seen, Maurice had an eventful enough life. Willow, on the other hand, had revealed things that had shocked him and more significantly, really worried him. He suspected the reason she didn’t treat him differently was that she was so emotionally disconnected from everything and everyone around her, she really hadn’t processed the things she’d seen during the spell. There was also the fact that her inner darkness easily rivaled or surpassed his own.

Ever since they had killed Vail, Willow had been withdrawn almost to the point of catatonia – or at best, completely emotionally shut down. For some reason he really couldn’t explain and didn’t understand, Wesley was fascinated by and drawn to Willow. He wasn’t sure this was the slightest bit healthy, either, especially given his history with women. For one thing, she was a lesbian, and other than her several lovers, no one knew this better than he and Maurice, and Giles, if he ever woke up. Still, she had awoken something in him that he thought had died with Fred. For some reason, whether it was her magic and her incredible intelligence or her severe emotional damage, whatever that said about him; whatever it was, Wesley had to admit that Willow occupied more than a small part of his mind lately. He hoped he could help her without getting too obsessed with her. One of these days, she’d find a new girl and go on with her life. He really couldn’t afford to forget that. Maybe, with luck, in a place like Princeton, some day he’d find someone too.


Faith was wondering how she had allowed Cordelia to talk her into coming to Princeton. Why had she listened to Cordelia of all people? Cordelia speaking through that snarky doctor of all people! They were definitely entertaining, but still... It hadn’t been an hour, but thanks to Anya, everyone knew about her screwing Xander, something she really hadn’t intended to share with any of these people. Of course, Willow and Oz had already known, so it wasn’t exactly a secret. Still, she was really over people thinking of her as a slut. Of course, one ‘ex’ didn’t really make her a slut and no one had reacted, but the whole thing had been totally unnecessary. Of course, as soon as she’d seen Anya, she’d known that there would be fireworks. She’d just have preferred them to exclude her. She was supposed to work with Wes and Willow in the new office and she was sure she would end up interacting with the rest of them too, though right now, she really didn’t want to interact with anyone.

Maybe she should have offered to take over from Xander with all the world travel, and given him a chance to get to know his daddy and given herself the chance to get the hell away from here, but Faith wasn’t sure she was world ambassador material, especially right now. She was good at kicking ass, not so good at being nice to asshole bureaucrats, especially not the corrupt ones Xander talked about sometimes. She would end up pissing off the wrong person and get herself shot and dumped in a ditch in some backwater of a country somewhere. She was also not sure a slayer with a useless arm was the best impression for new slayers or their families.

Her mind went back to the conversation. Thankfully, Anya had mostly focused on the poor Z man, so maybe no one had even noticed the bit about her. If Xander was stupid enough to try to comfort her sexually? She might take him up on it… or maybe she’d hand him his head. Depended on the day. From what Anya had said, the man definitely had serious talent, and Anya had certainly made enough noise that one day they’d thought they had the place to themselves, so maybe she should pay him a visit. What did she have to lose? She hadn’t had any since before the fight. They hadn’t exactly had any privacy after everything, even if she hadn’t been in a world of pain, and she and Robin hadn’t been coming apart. Faith rolled her eyes. Robin. Why the hell wasn’t she home with him again?


Xander had almost been dozing off, lulled by the comforting motion of the Cat and the sound of Anya’s voice telling outrageous but true tales to Harry and the others. Then House spoke.

“Hey, Anya. What can you tell us about Giles?” asked House.

“I’m not supposed to talk about that,” said Anya, her expression suddenly shuttered.

“Can you at least tell us if he’s on the other side?” asked Cameron.

“Not the way you mean,” said Anya.

“So he’s not brain dead – or spiritually dead, then, huh, Ahn?” said Xander, hopefully.

“I’m not allowed to talk about the other realms,” said Anya, looking uncharacteristically nervous.

“You could tell us if you’d seen him,” said Xander.

“I haven’t seen him,” said Anya. “That’s all I can say.”

Then the Cat took a great leap upward, and they were landing on the helipad of the hospital and their journey was over.

The End… of the beginning.

What, you say, the story isn’t over? Yes, I had noticed that fact. However, the part of the story in LA is over. I’ve decided to split it into two stories, the second of which will start some time after graduation (or sooner, if Mr. Muse threatens me enough, since I already have quite a few chapters written – they were just waiting for this part to write itself before I could make them ready for prime time).

Thank you all for your support, you recommendations, and for making this, my first Xander story experience so much fun that I’m already working on another one – as well as the sequel for this one. If you’re tracking this, you’ll be alerted when it begins.

Catch you back here, soon, I hope.



btw, Jack was my kitty ;-) as was Mr. Cat. They were both gray. (the Catbus bit is near the end. This is some kind of mash-up with something else, btw, that's not movie dialogue) PM me if this link is broken, please.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander's New House". This story is complete.

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