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The Key to Konoha

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Summary: Buffy and Dawn go through the portal at the end of season 5 and end up in a new world.

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Anime > Naruto(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1511,671071,44124 Jan 1024 Jan 10No
Title: The Key to Konoha
Author: Joyful
Summary: Buffy and Dawn go through the portal at the end of season 5 and end up in a new world.
Fandoms: BtVS, Naruto
Disclaimer: Absolutely none of this belongs to me, and I make no money from it.

Notes: This is one of those fics I shouldn't be writing. I'm behind on schoolwork, I've got several unfinished fics to works on, and I'm not certain where this one will end up. But The idea won't get out of my head, so I'll write a few things down and see what happens.

Chapter 1

“Buffy, I have to jump. It needs the blood.”

“No Dawn, I can't let you,” Buffy insisted. “I can't lose you. But I can't destroy the world either” She checked herself over. She too was bleeding a little. Buffy saw the resolve in her little sister's face and saw the portal opening below them. That's when she made her decision. She wasn't going to lose her sister, but she wouldn't leave her unprotected either. Buffy scooped Dawn up in her arms and, holding her tightly, she jumped.


Tsunade-sama had a headache. Sasuke was still with Orochimaru, Naruto was coming back from training with Jiraya tomorrow and the Akatsuki were still presumably after Naruto and the rest of the jinchuriki. She had just sent Sakura home from her lesson and was going to have a nice bottle of sake. As she raised the bottle to her lips, she looked out the window. Blue light was gathering in the middle of the sky, swirling and sparking. It formed into a circle, and two bodies fell from it, about six feet onto the ground. It looked to be two young women, and withing second they were surrounded by jounin. Tsunade looked at the bottle. Maybe today was as good a day as any to stop drinking.


As she fell to the ground with her sister in in her arms, Buffy wondered idly if that was what going through a blender and a microwave felt like.

“Dawnie, you still with me?”

“Yeah,” Dawn said. “I think so,”

“Good. 'Cause we've got company.” Buffy watched several men surround them, most wearing dark blue and dark green and a symbol that looked like a funky spiral. Buffy recognized their colors and movements as resembling a military unit, and assumed they were some sort of soldiers. Some had scars on their faces and wore bandages. The man with the most facial scars asked her something in a stern voice.

“Oh crap. Dawnie, how good is your Japanese?”

“I've got like, a dozen phrases from watching monster movies and anime with Xander.” Dawn greeted the men with 'hello' and 'my name is Dawn,' and 'I don't speak Japanese.' The man pointed at himself and identified himself as Ibiki, and then took them to holding cell.

“Where do you think we are?” Dawn asked.

“I think were in some alternate dimension that's similar to feudal Japan. I saw what looked like a radio as they brought us is, and I think that's a security camera,” she said, pointing. “So they have some technology. But I find myself suddenly wishing I'd paid more attention in world history.”

“I've watched some specials on feudal Japan on the History Channel,” Dawn said, “But I don't know how helpful that will be. Ow,” she added, holding her hand to her stomach.

“Are they still bleeding?” Buffy asked.

“No, the blood's stopped flowing, but they still hurt. I feel weird though. I think the portal did something. Like, it sparked something. I'm starting to remember more and more.”

“More about what?” Buffy asked, worried.

“The universe. Dimensions. Magic. It's like, the Key got woken up, but I'm still me.”

Buffy pulled Dawn to her chest and kissed her sister's forehead.

“Of course you're still you. You're Dawn Summers, my sister, and you always will be.” Buffy paused. “I don't suppose you've suddenly remembered how to speak Japanese fluently?”

“Nope. But I think I remember a translation spell.”

“Really? What do you need?” Buffy asked, hopeful and hesitant at the same time.

“My blood and your blood, draw a circle around us with it, then we sit facing each other, cross-legged, like when you meditate.”

“Got it,” Buffy said. She pushed the table and chairs aside, and then took her boot knife. She took the blood from both of them in her hands together and painted a circle on the floor around them. They knew they were being watched, but hoped they weren't interrupted.


“Ibiki-sama, what do you think they're doing?” Anko asked.

“Some sort of jutsu. I don't recognize it. They're not making seals though.”

“Should we try and stop them?”

“No. They haven't attacked us yet. They seemed as surprised to be here as we were to see them. Maybe they're going home, maybe they're doing some sort of translation jutsu. Is Hokage-sama on her way?”

“I am here, Ibiki,,” Tsunade said appearing behind them. “What do we know?”

“The older one is clearly a warrior. She moves and reacts like a jounin, and she had at least one concealed blade on her. The younger one, with the brown hair, told us in broken speech that they don't speak our language. Following the blonde's lead, they came with us submissively. They spoke for a while, and then the blonde drew a circle in blood on the floor. No symbols, just a circle, and now they are sitting in it. They don't seem to be summoning anything with the blood. It looks more like they're meditating. The carry no insignia from any village or country that I am familiar with. The girl wears a necklace of symbols I don't recognize. They may be kanji from their language.” Ibiki told Tsunade.

“Have you observed anything else?” Tsunade asked.

“I think they're sisters,” Anko said. “Either sisters or teammates. They seem to have complete trust in one another, and look at each other with great affection.”

“Alright,” Tsunade said, thinking. “Send for Yamanaka-san. If we cannot speak to them, he can get into their minds and speak to them, or at least find out if they're here to attack us. Meanwhile, let's continue to watch them.”


Dawn and Buffy sat cross-legged across from each other, holding hands. Buffy watched as her sister tilted her head back a bit and began speaking Latin incantations. As her sister's eyes turned completely green—from pupil to white—Buffy felt a warmth around her face, in her head, and down to her throat.

“What did the spell do?” Buffy asked her little sister.

“Hopefully, if it worked, it went into our minds and opened the comprehension centers. The spell should translate the language in our heads so we hear it in English. The spell also worked in our throats. We'll speak English, but—hopefully-they'll hear Japanese. But we won't find out until we try. Have they been watching us?”

“Yeah,” Buffy said. They're on the other side of this wall. I heard them talking, but I couldn't understand it.” Buffy turned her face directly to the camera. “Hey, you want to come talk to us? We're ready now.”

After a few moments the door opened and the scarred man entered with a curvy blond woman who wore a diamond-shaped bindi.

“I am Tsunade, the leader of this hidden village. I would like to ask you three things: what are your names, how did you get here, and how did you learn our language so quickly?”

“Alright. I'm Buffy, and this is my sister Dawn. You may not believe us, but we fell through a portal from another dimension, and Dawn cast a translation spell. We didn't actually learn the language.”

“How does this jutsu work?” Tsunade asked. “You didn't form any hand seals, but we felt your chakra flare.”

“Magic must work differently here,” Dawn said. “You manipulate chakra?” Dawn asked, and the older woman nodded. “Well, this spell sits in our minds and throats. What you speak we hear in our language, and when we speak, you hear it in yours.”

Tsunade nodded. “What is your business here?”

“Well, we landed here on accident. If Dawn can't figure out how to get us home, we'll have to wait. I'm pretty sure my friends back home are looking for us, and Willow—that's my best friend—is a pretty awesome witch. She should figure out how to find us in no time.”

“All right,” Tsunade began, “Here's how this is going to work. I believe you're likely being truthful with me. You're story is too insane to be made up. However, a ninja village has secrets, and you are both an unknown quantity. You will be interrogated for the rest of the day. If my jounin decide you are trustworthy, you will be allowed to stay here. I will likely have you watched and followed for as long as you are here.”

“I would probably do the same,” Buffy began as Dawn proclaimed

“Ninjas? That's so cool!”

“Were I in you place,” Buffy continued. “But as long as you guys are the good guys, and aren't plotting world domination or mass murder, I've got no beef with you.” Once Tsunade deciphered the slang she nodded and left.

The interrogation took hours. Buffy and Dawn were separated and questioned apart from each other. A blonde man shows up during the interrogation and made some funny motions with his hands. Then he was inside Buffy's head. Buffy forced herself to let him look around, at least for a moment or two, until Sineya got pissed. The part of Buffy's mind that was the Slayer didn't like the intrusion to her territory and forced the man out. After Buffy, he went into Dawn's mind. He felt her sincerity, but he couldn't see anything. There was a green haze, and then a powerful force threw him out.

“I'm sorry,” Dawn said. “I know you just wanted to see, but there's too much in my head. I can't make sense of it all and there's no room for you.”

“I think I understand,” the blonde man said. “You seem to be of little threat. I will tell Hokage-sama to allow you to stay, under guard, of course.”

“Of course,” Buffy said. He disappeared, and soon enough they were led out and shows to a small, empty apartment with two beds and little else. They washed up and decided to catch up on sleep. Tomorrow they would learn what they could.

*End Chapter 1*

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Key to Konoha" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jan 10.

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