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Keyblades in Sunnydale

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Summary: A couple years after they saved the universe for a second time, and Riku, Sora and Kairi have been enjoying calm, gentle Island living. But now they want to get out and go to college. Why not UC Sunnydale?

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom Hearts(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1522,2090370524 Jan 106 May 10No

Chapter One

Title: Keyblades in Sunnydale
Author: Joyful

Summary: It's been a couple years since they saved the universe for a second time, and Riki, Sora and Kairi have been enjoying calm, gentle Island living. But now they want to get out and go to college. So they take a gummi ship to a world they hadn't been to before.

Disclaimer: Disney and Square own all of it, except the crazy story idea which is mine.

Notes: I looked up at my fiance and said “I want to write a BtVS/Kingdom Hearts crossover” and he said, “Send the trio to UC Sunnydale.” This will probably became a crazy, ridiculous crackfic, but, at least I'm keeping myself amused, and that's what matters. For Bunny-Wan Kenobi, always.

I don't know when this will be finished. I don't know why I have the files for five WIPS open two days before the next semester starts, but I've had some stories started for ages and I feel a serious need to at least publish the first chapters.

Chapter 1

“So, are we all packed?” Sora asked as he looked at the back of the Gummi Ship.

“Yep,” Kairi replied. “You know what this is reminding me of? All those years ago when we built that raft to go exploring, before out first adventure began.”

“That was the day I gave into the darkness,” Riku remembered. It still bothered him that he had made so many bad choices and endangered his friends so many times, just because of his own foolish lust for freedom. “We were supposed to leave the next day.”

Sora and Kairi enveloped Riku in a group hug.

“Hey, remember Donald's rule, Gummi ships run on happy faces, so no frowning,” Sora teased, poking Riku in the side. Riku smiled. They had a quick goodbye to friends and parents, and then they were ready to go.

“I have one thing to do before we go,” said Riku, and he pulled out a Paopu fruit, and cut it into three equal pieces. “This way, no matter where we go, our destinies will always be entwined. Though they always seem to be anyway.” The three of them shared the fruit, and then boarded their ship.

The trip was fairly uneventful. They managed to warp to the world and hide their ship rather effectively without any Heartless or Nobody interference. Once they landed, they checked in at the school to get their dorm assignments. Sora and Riku were roommates, so they decided to all move Kairi's stuff into her room first. The three Destiny Islanders lugged Kairi's belongings across campus to her new room. Sora and Riku carried the boxes above their heads, as usual, not noticing the odd stares they were getting.

“Apparently boys don't carry boxes like that in California,” Kairi, who had a barrel balanced over her own head for easy carrying, said. “Look” Across from them a well-muscled brown-haired guy was holding a cardboard box in front of him.

“That must be a really uncomfortable way of carrying things,” Riku remarked. “It's horribly unbalanced.”

“Well, lifting and carrying isn't usually considered comfortable,” the tall boy with sandy-brown hair said. You guys aren't from around here, are you?” he asked, as they walked.

“No,” Kairi said, balancing her barrel on her head. A slight breeze caught the edge of her sarong, and her hips sashayed side to side as she walked. “We're from the Islands.”

“Ah, that explains it.” The brunet nearly dropped his box watching her walk. The two boys next to her cleared their throats

“I'm Riku, and that's Sora” the taller boy said, “And that's Kairi.” The redheaded girl winked at him.

“Graham Miller,” the brunet said, as they approached a building marked Lowell House. “And this is my stop. Hopefully I'll see you soon. It was nice meeting you.”

The boys helped Kairi carry her things to her dorm room where a pretty blonde girl was already unpacking her things.

“H-h-hello. I'm T-T-Tara Maclay. I took this bed, but we can switch if you want,” she offered

“No, thank you,” Kairi said. “I'd rather have the bed under the window. My name's Kairi, and these are my friends Sora and Riku.”

“N-n-nice to m-m-meet you,” Tara said, taking Kairi's offered hand. The two boys set down their boxes and Tara looked at them directly for the first time. “Did you all bind yourselves together willingly?” Sora was confused for a moment, before he took a careful look at some of Tara's belongings, but Kairi and Riku caught on right away.

“You are a good witch, aren't you,” Kairi asked.

“Of c-course,” Tara said. “S-so are yourselves. Especially you. You radiate white magic,” Tara said to Sora. “Is it even woven into your clothing?” she gasped.

“A gift from three good fairies,” Sora said simply.

“Tara,” Riku said gently, but with a firm tone, “It's very nice to meet you, but Sora and I need to find our own dorm, we'll come back to check on you and Kairi after we've gotten settled in.” Riku didn't want to overwhelm the young witch who needed to finish her own unpacking. Also, he was afraid Sora would accidentally reveal his secret identity within thirty seconds of meeting the girl, and while that might not be the end of the world, it wasn't exactly starting off on the right foot either.


“That should make things fit better, and I like it more,” Riku said, and Sora had to agree. They lofted their beds, shunting them against adjacent walls, and placed their desks under the beds, It made the room seem much larger.

“I like sleeping up here, it's almost like being in our tree house back home,” Sora said.

“Almost,” Riku agreed.

“It's weird being so far inland, you know? When I was searching for you and Kairi, I would often find myself on dry land, far away from water, sometimes for long periods of time, but I always knew we were going back to the Islands together. I never moved to the mainland before on purpose,” Sora said. “But at least this town isn't far from a beach.”

“I know. It's weird. So lets get unpacked so we can get Kairi and go explore the outside of this place.” So they unpacked a bit more and then went to find Kairi and get some food.

*End Chapter 1*
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