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Summary: Buffy falls through the rift at the end of Season 5 and ends up somewhere else.

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Chapter 1 - The Slayer and the Bear

This is my first fanfiction of any type, and probably the first fiction I've written in 3 or 4 years. I hope to make this one fairly long, but who knows how that will go? Since I've never done this before I don't know what to expect, except to hope that other enjoy.

I haven't watched Buffy in many years, although I do follow many stories on this site. I also haven't read an Anita book for the last for 4 or 5 releases - I'm just not into the new and desperately slutty Anita. If I make a mistake please let me know, I'll try and fix it. Or I won't.

I've only got a rough idea in my mind, so I've set it at FR21 just in case. If there are any relationships or deaths or mutilations or dirty dirty smut, I haven't planned it yet, so please don't be angry. Even though the summary is kind of flippant, I'm intending to make this a fairly serious story. Polar bears are pretty awesome.

standard disclaimer: Of course, the only part of this story I own is the laptop it was written on, and I think technically the bank still owns most of that. Various companies own BtVS and Anita Blake, and none of them are me.


Chapter 1
A Parallel Dimension
Waking up felt like slogging through a swamp, waist deep in mud. It wasn’t the instantaneous jump from repose to alertness that seemed to come to her since she had become the slayer. From that alone she knew something was wrong. Well, that and the excruciating pain. Buffy’s body ached so much she could barely move. Groaning, she turned her head slightly to the side so that she could see where she was, the effort almost too much for her.

Cave. I’m in a cave. A cold cave. Jump through a hole in the walls of reality and instead of dying, I fall into cave. She thought about that for a second. That’s not too bad, actually. A little bit of time to rest up, a little bit of cave crawling and we’ll see where the hell I am and how to get home. Cave-age is definitely better than death.

She made a half-hearted effort to get up, but her body hurt too much and she was exhausted. First fight a hell-god, then fall to what was supposed to be your death – those things took a toll on a gal. It was ok. For now, she was relatively warm, relatively safe, Glory the fashion challenged Hell goddess was defeated, Dawn was alive and safe. Somewhere. For now, she could rest and trust Slayer healing take care of her.


She was awoken, some indeterminable time later, by what could only be described as snuffling. Playing as if still asleep, she could hear whatever it was coming closer to her, grunting, snuffling, sniffing. After a second she felt whatever it was push her over, Buffy couldn’t stop a groan from escaping her aching body. There was as surprised grunt, and then more snuffling, and then hot breath and a cold nose on her face. And then wetness. On her face. From a tongue. GROSS! Dog drool! She pushed the cold nose away from her face, belatedly realizing that the nose was way too big, and felt sharp teeth holding her hand in place.

Opening here eyes her heart accelerated to 5 billion beats a minute. The creature that had a second ago been licking her face was not a dog, but a bear. A white bear. A polar bear. A huge white polar bear. Even if I wasn’t achy and wounded, without a weapon this thing is going to maul me. Doesn’t help that I can barely move, and it already has my hand in its mouth. Buffy Summers, killer of thousands of demons and vampires, defeated Glorificus in single combat, done in by the Coca Cola mascot.

Minutes later, the bear hadn’t killed her. It had increased the pressure on her hand slightly, drawing pinpricks of blood where its massive eyeteeth had been and then let go of her hand with a lick. Then it had settled down close beside her, its warm fur covered body seemed to radiate heat, warding off the chill she had felt earlier. After five minutes for her heart to slow down, and a look at her hand to see that she had already healed the tiny wounds the bear had given her, Buffy realized that her earlier exhaustion hadn’t left her, but had only been forgotten in the moment of panic. Soon the heat and the rhythmic sound of the bear’s deep breathing lulled her back into sleep.

The Anitaverse – Saint Louis
Jonathan Ives lay on his hotel room bed, flipping though a book and dreaming of Death. Of the death of Death. A death so horrific it would be noted of even in the jaded circles that the assassin known as Death traveled in. A massacre was what Ives was after - but more than a massacre - he wanted something truly remarkable. Absurd amounts of money had traced Death to Saint Louis and to associates of his that he actually seemed to like.

Death seemed fixated on a woman – Anita Blake the rather famous animator - so she had to be slaughtered as well, preferably first. While he was getting her, he might as well get her boyfriend and ex. Get the few friends she had. Get the people she worked with at the little animator`s office. It was like a death sale, and just thinking about it made Ives giddy. A slaughter sale, EVERYONE must go!

The book he was reading had cost him a strictly incredible sum of money. The first chapter described in detail a ritual of summoning. The second outlined the author`s guesses on the cost of the summoning – what sacrifices were necessary. The last chapter, the shortest, contained 15 names and a brief description of each, gleaned from sources too vile for most sane people to consider looking through. It was these names that was crucial – a demon`s true name was the only way to summon it into this dimension, and the only way to exert brief control over it.

Ives shivered as he read the brief but horrible descriptions of things he knew were entirely real. . These were not just demons he was summoning – these were arch demons, the demons that demons were afraid of. Jonathan Ives had decided that the best form of revenge was to bring against his enemy something so powerful, so chaotic, and so unholy that no force on earth could stop it.

Iscendiechurg-Dubstinrarrd he read A fiend of madness. It projects an aura of madness and terror. Anyone within the reach of this aura is driven into insanity, which for many is permanent. It does not eat per se, but instead drains the life energies of those beings within his aura. Information bartered from a Demonic source – has never been summoned into this plane.

No no no...that wouldn`t do. Ives was not a fool – even with careful preparation the chances of him escaping the demon were slim. He had been studying and planning for this revenge for years, and he was willing to die if it meant he achieved his goals. Still, if he did manage to escape he wanted to be sane for it, to be sure he could savor the destruction of his enemy. Still scanning through the names, he settled on the one that seemed perfect.

Sineya - Sineya is fiend that prefers to eat non-humans. Usually it appears as a feral young girl, or as a being made of black smoke. Its favorite meal is vampires, although it has been known to kill and eat whatever creatures it can. In the past it has cleared large cities of their supernatural population in a single night, completely ignoring the human population. Its powers appear entirely physical. Summoned minor demons speak of Sineya as the slayer of her own kind. As long as it is not antagonized and given sufficient exchange, Sineya is fairly safe for a human to summon.

That had serious promise. Send the demon after the master of the city and his interests would almost immediately involve the animator and invariably Death, since he was in town. He flipped back to the pages that described the sacrifices required to bring Sineya across dimensions and settled in to read.
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