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The Child Of the Key

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Summary: Dawn discovers an up side to being the Key

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyFaithFR1357,3551286,3574 Nov 0315 Jan 04No


Chapter 5

Over the next few weeks, Dawn had lessons with each of the teachers, learning all she had missed in the past four years, and as she had been told, she caught on pretty quick. Draco helped her with anything she had problems with, and sometimes attended her lessons because he frankly didn’t have much else to do. Draco and Dawn often sat up late in the common room, talking. Dawn told him all about the muggle world he’d never had any interest in, and he taught her the ways of the wizarding world. About a week before term was to begin, Draco told Dawn he had a surprise for her.
“What kinda surprise?”
“You’ll see.” He took a long bundle from his trunk and led her down the lawn to the quidditch pitch. As they entered, Dawn looked at the bundle again, and her eyes widened,
“Oooh no.” she said, and turned right around. Draco laughed and pulled her back.
“Wait!” he cried, “You have to try it, I’m telling you, you’ll love it!!”
“I really don’t think so. I’ve had this thing about heights since a certain incident earlier this year.” Draco frowned in confusion, but dragged her back.
“Please?” he said, unwrapping his beautifully sleek broom.
“Ok.” She said, rolling her eyes.
“Right. You take this, cos its better, and I’ll use a school broom.” He fetched one from the shed and took Dawn out into the middle of the pitch. “Ok, lay it on the ground beside you.” He showed her, and she obeyed. “Now hold out your hand and say ‘up’.” Dawn raised her eyebrows, and watched the broom jump into Draco’s hand. She took a deep breath.
“Up.” She called. Much to both their amazement, the broom flew off the ground and directly into her hand. “Cool.” She grinned.
“That’s a good sign.” Draco told her. “Ok, then you mount it like this.” He showed her. “Push off gently.” He couldn’t help a grin as he remembered their first flying lesson back in first year, when Longbottom had sent his broom out of control. Dawn push off as he showed her, and found herself hovering several feet of the ground.
“Wicked!” she laughed. Draco smiled.
“Now just try it out, it should obey your very thoughts… just let yourself go.” He circled her a couple of times. Dawn took another deep breath, and leant forward on the broom. She felt a rush of excitement as she found herself soaring around above the pitch. She let out a whoop of joy, and Draco grinned, flying along side her, he called out, “Not bad! Now here, try getting this ball,” He yelled ‘accio’ and a football-sized ball flew up from the ground, “through one of those hoops.”
“Like basketball?” Dawn let out a groan, she’d always sucked at basketball. However, she felt a new confidence she’d never had in running, so she took the ball and headed to one end of the pitch. She scored. Draco grinned and gave her the ball again,
“How ‘bout with a keeper?” he said. She tried again and he easily knock the ball away.
“Told you!” she yelled, still grinning. “I don’t really think I’m quidditch material.”
“I think you’d do ok.” They played around with the ball for a while until they had to go back to the castle for dinner.
That evening, Dawn made a decision.
“Draco?” he nodded, “I… y’know I said my heritage was a bit more complicated than I wanted to go into?”
“I… would you promise to believe me if I told you?” Draco nodded,
“Of course!” Dawn bit her lip,
“Ok… There was this thing called the key. It was a mystical ball of energy that had the power to open a portal between our dimension and all these other demon dimension. If that portal was ever opened fully, it would rip the world apart, literally.” Draco nodded,
“Well see, there was this hell god, Glory, who wanted to open the portal in order to get home, and there were these priests who were sworn to protect the key, and stop Glory ever finding it. To hide it from her, they transformed it into a human being and sent it to the slayer in a form she would protect with her life.” Draco’s eyes were wide as he gasped,
“You?” Dawn nodded,
“So you’re more than pureblood. You’re…”
“No.” Dawn interjected. “They made me in a way that I would be as close to Buffy’s actual sister as possible. They made me from her. The blood that runs in my veins is hers. And Buffy is very definitely a muggle.” She grinned slightly at the last bit. “So yeah, I’m made from this magical thing, but the other half of me is totally normal, well, not normal, but you get what I mean.”
“So… how come you’re a witch?”
“McGonogall told me that there was once a prophecy that if the key was ever given human form, then that person, ‘the child of the key’ would be a witch… or wizard.”
“Cool.” Draco smiled. “When did all this happen though? I mean your sister wouldn’t have been able to protect you when she was like… six.”
“Hmm, yeah that’s the thing. It happened last year. The monks fiddled it so that as far as any one knew, I’d been here for fourteen years when they’d only just given me form.”
“So technically you’re about one?”
“Uh-huh.” She frowned. Draco laughed, “Hey!” Dawn exclaimed,
“Sorry.” He said, “It’s just weird. But cool. And if its any consolation, you act way mature for your age.” He grinned. Dawn threw a cushion at him, but laughed too.
“Yeah.” Dawn felt finally totally comfortable here. Draco knew what she was, and still accepted her. It meant a lot.
The day that all the student s were to arrive, Dawn and Draco were called to Dumbledore’s office. Professor McGonogall stood waiting for them at the bottom of the staircase and showed them into the office.
“Aah, Miss Summers, Mr. Malfoy.” Dumbledore greeted them warmly. “It is time, my dear, for you to be sorted. I thought you might want Mr. Malfoy to be here.” Dawn smiled,
“Thank you professor.” The old man smiled at the girl and reached to a high self for a battered old wizards hat. McGonogall showed Dawn to a seat, and she sat nervously as the hat was placed on her head. Not really sure what she was meant to do, Dawn just waited, and nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice in her ear-
Aah, so you’re the one, eh? The child of the key… so much strength, power…but pain, and love, too… so much emotion, passion… hmmm… I think… GRYFFINDOR!
The last word was called out for all in the room to hear, and Dawn saw the immediate disappointment on Draco’s face. Dumbledore removed the hat, smiling broadly.
“Excellent, excellent.” He muttered. “Well, child, Gryffindor it is. All your things will be transported to your dormitory in Gryffindor tower. Professor McGonogall is now your housemistress, so if you have any questions, address them to her. You are still to attend evening classes with some of the teachers for the first couple of weeks, as you know, but today you are free to do as you will.” McGonogall, beaming, led the pair back down the stairs, and showed them to the Gryffindor common room painting. She handed Dawn a slip of paper with the password on, and warned her to keep it secret, before leaving them alone. Dawn got the feeling she meant especially to keep the word from Draco, but she figured she knew the Slytherin password, and anyway, she trusted him.
“Wanna come in?” she asked him. Draco hesitated, then nodded. Dawn looked at the paper, and turned to the fat lady in the picture. “Butterbeer” The painting swung out and the entered. Dawn immediately saw that this was a lot cosier than the Slytherin room, and from the look on Draco’s face, he agreed. “Do you know which is girls?” Dawn asked, indicating the two staircases. Draco shook his head, so Dawn picked one at random. Entering the fifth year dorm she found her trunk by one of the beds. “Cool.” She smiled. Draco stayed by the door. “What’s wrong?” Dawn asked.
“I’m not supposed to be in here. Gryffindor girls dorm.” He said stiffly.
“So? I just spent half the summer in the Slytherin dorms, and came into yours plenty. That isn’t it.” Draco wouldn’t meet her eyes. Dawn swallowed. “It’s cos I’m a Gryffindor now, isn’t it?” Draco opened his mouth to protest, but nothing came out. Dawn shook her head. “After everything we talked about, everything I’ve told you, your gonna be like this over what house I’m in?” she gaped bitterly.
“It’s how it is, Dawn! Gryffindor and Slytherin are rivals! Most… no, all Gryffindors hate me!” he burst out.
“I don’t!” she cried, on the verge of tears. “How can you be like this?”
“It’s how I am, Dawn. This summer has been great… but… I dunno…”
“It’s your bloody rep., isn’t it!?” Dawn spat, “Oh, god, I don’t believe it!! You are gonna pretend none of this ever happened because it would mean you hung out with a Gryffindor mudblood!!” tears rolled down Dawn’s cheek, and she didn’t try to stop them. She’d trusted Draco, and some part of her tried to register the pain she could see in his eyes at her words. He was stricken.
“Fine! Forget all of it! Go back to being what everyone thinks you are, for the sake of you precious reputation. Never talk to me again if that’s what you want. But I wont forget who I know you really are, under all this pretentious shit! Hate me if that’s how it has to go. But I will never forget you.” Dawn turned away to the window, now furious that she’d allowed herself to cry, to show her weakness.
“Dawn.” He repeated, but she didn’t turn. “You’re right.” He said quietly. “Except…I could never forget all this. I never will.” She swung round, but before she could say a thing, he caught her in a kiss. His hand caressed her tear-stained cheek, and she felt herself melt towards him. Dawn wrapped her arms around him as his other hand became entangled in her hair. They came apart, and just gazed into each other’s eyes. “How could I?” he whispered, stroking tears from her face with a thumb. “How could I ever forget you?”
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The End?

You have reached the end of "The Child Of the Key" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 04.

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