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The Child Of the Key

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Summary: Dawn discovers an up side to being the Key

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyFaithFR1357,3551286,3574 Nov 0315 Jan 04No

The Child Of the Key

Disclaimer: None of its mine

Notes: This is set after season5 of Buffy but the timing is a little off, because it’s the middle of the summer hols, and Buffy is already back and they know where she was, so it’s a little way into S6 (Dawn is 15 and Buffy is giving UC Sunnydale yet another go) Set after book4 of HP.

Really not sure where this will go, so just bare with me, ok?

Chapter 1

“My god…it can’t be… oh my…”

“What? What is it?”

“I think… I think I’ve found… her.”

“Excuse me?”

“The child. I have found the Child Of The Key.”


“Dawn! Dawn honey, please! I’ve got to go!” Buffy yelled up the stairs to her sister. A minute later, the fifteen year old came jogging down, muttering under her breath. “Finally! I’m going to be late!”

“Well sor-ry. I don’t see why I can’t just stay here… it’s not like I’m a kid.”

“We’ve been over this, Dawnie. Just get in the car.” Dawn rolled her eyes, and walked out of the door. Buffy rolled her eyes and followed her.

About twenty minutes later, Buffy was standing in front of UC Sunnydale once more. After a quick sweep to check for black vans, she headed for her first class, where Willow was going to meet her.

Dawn wondered around the magic shop, looking for something interesting to do. With the lack of demons, school and permission to actually do anything, she was unbelievably bored. She soon came across a crystal ball, through which she could see the magic shop, but it was different; not distorted, just… different. She picked it up, and tried different angles.

“Put that down!” Anya squealed from the counter.

“What is it?” Dawn asked, still starring into it.

“Expensive!” Anya moaned, grabbing it from Dawn’s hands and replacing it on the shelf. Seeing Dawn’s still questioning face, she said, “Ough, it’s an extraneous orb.” Dawn looked at her blankly. “It means different. When you look through the orb, you can see into different dimensions, ok?”

“Cool. Extraneous… hm, cool.”

“Don’t touch it.”

“Then what can I do!?”

“Sit still, keep quiet and touch nothing.” Anya said, returning to the counter. Dawn didn’t remove her angry glare from Anya for several minutes, and eventually Anya caved, “Ok! Arrange those books in alphabetical order, customers keep messing them up.”

“Whoopee. Fun.” Dawn said, kneeling in front of the bookcase. “Anya, half of these aren’t in English!”

“I know.” Anya smiled.

When Buffy entered the shop that afternoon, Dawn ran to her,

“Thank god! Please tell me there’s some demon eating people, or ooh, new vamps in town?”

“No, just the end of my classes.” Buffy said, confused.

“I have to get out of here!” Dawn growled. Buffy smiled,

“So Anya, how’s things?” Buffy said brightly. Dawn looked like she might pop. “Kidding.” She whispered to Dawn. “See you later Anya!” Buffy called as Dawn dragged her out of the door.

When they got home, the two sisters collapsed on the couch and were sharing war stories, Dawn’s of a day with Anya, Buffy’s of the new Psychology professor, when the door bell rang.

“Hm,” Buffy said, “Maybe Will forgot her keys.” She stood, and opened the door, to see a very formidable looking woman, wearing a long, dark green dress and cloak, with her grey hair tied harshly back in a bun. “Can I help you?” Buffy asked.

“Are you Miss Buffy Summers?” the woman replied with a soft Scottish lilt.

“Err, yeah, who’s asking?”

“An honour to meet you dear. My name is Minerva McGonogall.”

A few hours later, Dawn and Buffy were sitting side by side on the couch, eyes wide and jaws nearly touching the floor.

“So I’m…” Dawn said for the fifth time,

“A witch.” McGonogall smiled.

“Because she was made from the key, right?” Buffy said slowly.


“But it isn’t a witch as in Wicca and stuff, but as in wands, and cauldrons, and a whole different world!?” Dawn said, her speech accelerating as she spoke.

“Yes, my dear.” McGonogall replied. “…and we would like for you to join us at Hogwarts.”

“Which is a wizarding school?”

“Yes.” the witch smiled.

“In England?”


“When would I have to go?”

“As soon as possible. You see, most students start at the age of eleven. You’ll have rather a lot of catching up to do.”

“Ok, I like school, but there is no way I’ll be able to catch up four years of school in a month and a half.” Dawn looked almost despairing, but McGonogall could see the spark of excitement in her eyes.

“I think you’ll catch on quite quickly. You were born for it, after all.”

“Uh-huh.” Dawn’s eyes were still wide, but she was revelling in this discovery that she was not just Buffy’s sister. She was not just an ex-key who looks fifteen but is technically only about one. She was a witch, by blood, by birth, by right. “And I’ll be able to come back in holidays, right? …you do have holidays?”

“Of course!” McGonogall laughed, “We have basically the same ones as muggles.”

“Muggles?” Buffy asked.

“Non-magic folk.” McGonogall told her.

“Well, Dawnie.” Buffy sighed, “I guess it’s up to you. It’s big, but… you always wanted to see England, right? And… it’ll be exciting… and no more helping Anya alphabetise demon texts!” Buffy laughed as Dawn grinned,

“I’m coming! Right now, let’s go!” All three laughed, then Dawn said, more seriously, “I think I will though.” She looked slightly nervously at Buffy, “I mean, you wont have to worry about me getting grabbed by demons or anything… and, I think I need to do this.” Buffy smiled, but it was tinged with sadness. She took Dawn’s hand.

“Whatever you want, Dawnie.” Dawn nodded, and turned to McGonogall.

“When?” Dawn asked simply.

“As soon as you are ready.”

“Right.” Dawn smiled, swallowing nervously. “Can we tell the others about all of this?” McGonogall nodded,

“Of course. As long as they aren’t going to go telling people. If you trust them, then we trust them.” Dawn nodded.

“I’ll call everyone here, ok?” Buffy suggested. Dawn nodded again.

“What do we tell people at school?” she asked. Buffy thought for a moment, and then said,

“The truth. You’re transferring to boarding school in England.” McGonogall stood.

“I’ll leave you to sort yourself out.” She smiled. “Just give this note to my owl when you’re ready.”

“Your owl?” Buffy asked. McGonogall smiled and pointed to the window, where a large owl sat on the sill.

“She’ll get the message to me.” She gave them a little wave, and disapparated.

“Wow.” Dawn grinned. “Wonder if I’ll be able to do that!”

“Slow down missy.” Buffy smiled, “You can’t even float stuff yet… you don’t even have a wand. I wonder what we have to do for that… god, we didn’t ask!”

“It’ll be ok. She’ll tell us later.”

“Yeah… I’ll get the others. You wanna call your friends?” Dawn nodded. Buffy gave her a reassuring pat and went to use her private line to phone the rest of the scoobies.

Several hours later, the gang was assembled in the Summers’ living room, the expressions on most of their faces was much like those Buffy and Dawn had been wearing not so long before.

“So you’re going then?” Willow asked.

“Yeah.” Dawn replied, certain she’d said that already.

“Wow.” Xander said. Anya, however, did not seem so shocked.

“I’ve heard about this type of witches and wizards. Odd lot. Wands you know?”

“Yeah, we heard.” Buffy said, frowning. “How come you never told us there was a whole different world within our own?”

“You never asked! There’s lots I know that you don’t. Am I just supposed to tell you everything?” Afraid that she was about to give them a tour of the demon worlds, or worse, a tour of Xander, Buffy cut in fast,

“No, no, that’s ok. Sorry.”

“You’ll have to show us what you learn during the holidays!” Tara said excitedly. “Hey, you better not get better than us!”

“Don’t think that’s really possible.” Dawn grinned, making Tara blush. “I should get my stuff together. What clothes do I take to last me ‘til Christmas!?” Buffy grinned wickedly,

“Oh, you only need to worry about weekends, Dawnie. You have a uniform during the week, remember?” Dawn frowned at her sister “Sorry, sorry.” Buffy smiled as Dawn punched her playfully. “I’ll come help, k?” Dawn nodded, happy to spend time with Buffy when she knew she wasn’t going to see her for so long, and really, she’d only just got her back.

The next day, Dawn had packed a large suitcase full of clothes, as well as a backpack with everything she thought she might need. Professor McGonogall apparated into the hall minutes after Buffy had sent the owl out. Xander screamed and hid behind Buffy. This earned him an odd look from the witch and playful punches from all the girls. Spike just grinned, and Giles looked disapproving.

“Are you ready?” McGonogall asked kindly. Dawn nodded,

“Just gotta say good bye. Are we going by plane? Or… magic?” McGonogall smiled,

“Magic.” Dawn nodded, and turned to the gang. She hugged them all, including Spike-

“Take care, Lit’le-bit.” She hugged Buffy last, and they both held on for a long time. Buffy tried to hold back the tears, but a couple fell none the less.

“I’ll be ok.” Dawn said, wiping the tears from her sister’s cheeks.

“I know.” Buffy sobbed. “I’m just so proud of you.” She hugged Dawn again, and their friends looked on, slightly shocked, as they knew how detached and emotionless Buffy had been since she’d come back. Dawn stood back, wiping tears from her own eyes, and putting on her backpack.

“I’ll miss you guys. I’ll write.” She smiled bravely. They all nodded ferverently. Then Dawn took the handle of the suitcase and looked to McGonagall.

“All you have to do is take hold of this.” She said, holding out a pen. Dawn looked a question at her. “It’s called a port key. Make sure you’re holding everything you need, then take hold and we’ll be transported straight to London.”

“Cool.” Dawn said, being echoed by most of the surrounding group. “Bye guys.” She grinned, and closing her eyes, touched the pen.


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