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New divide

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Summary: It’s Hell on Earth. General Xander has seen many bad things and knows that if things keep happening the way they are blood will always spill. Willow can fix it after all these years of suffering, there’s only one catch a sacrifice is needed. Slash & het.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Atlantis ProjectMerKatFR181259,0672314457,09424 Jan 109 May 12No

Little girls


It made Xander feel extremely nervous and like the worst parent in the world but he decided to leave the girls home alone in the base while he went off to test his new toy. He didn’t like it but he liked bringing them along even less. Fighting space vampires is no place for little children. After pulling every promise he could out of the girls to stay inside, eat the three meals he set up for them, feed their little sister, and to not play with anything sharp or flashy Xander set off for the ring. He too made promises to be back as soon as possible.

Hyena paced in his head and let out a whine of worry. {Pups too small to be alone! Predators scent young!}

Xander tightened his grip on the yoke and frowned as he mentally sped up the ship. “The Gwah haven’t found base yet and probably never will. I’ll be back before they can get into any real trouble.”

Hyena whined.


Xander looked at his view screen with wide eyes and mouth gapped open. “That is a big ship.” He watched the purple hued arrow shaped mother ship as if hovered ominously over the planet Bulk it was massive and bigger than he thought possible. “Are you sure my bomb will work?”

+Placed in a vulnerable location it should neutralize the ship. +

“And where is that?”

+Inside the hanger would be best. +

Before Xander’s eyes he watched three ships a fourth of the mother ship’s size detach and head for the planet. Then the docking bay of the mother ship opened up and like a swarm of bees hundreds of arrow shaped ships started to leave. Xander took that as his chance and slipped inside with his cloaked ship without a problem that it surprised him. Did the Wraith believe no one would attack them?

+They have been the dominate species in Pegasus galaxy for the last 10,000 years. No humans have rebelled that they consider a challenge. To Wraith all humans are herds of livestock. Have you ever feared cattle or sheep or pigs in their pen? +

Xander’s stomach rumbled and he had to laugh at the timing. “No, I’ve never feared a sheep or cow or pig.” Images of what Hyena would love to do to either a cow or a sheep flashed through Xander’s mind in vivid detail of blood spray and crunching of bone. It only made his stomach rumble again.

Quiet as a mouse Xander moved through the mostly empty ship with his basketball shaped gift clutched to his chest. He already had one close call with a masked Wraith walking passed him in a hallway but Xander ducked into a broken pod with a dried corpse inside it and wedged himself behind it. The Wraith didn’t even look around as it walked confidently by his poor hiding spot. Soldier made a sound of pure disgust. [Shitty security, sir, a blind man could have found us.]

Xander huffed. “Let’s hope they have no blind Wraith then.”

Finding a perfect dark little corner hidden away from the main hallway Xander placed his bomb on the ground and brushed his little fingers over the top. It glowed blue and metal clamps stuck deep into the floor. The countdown popped up on the small view screen showing 1:59 on it. Xander was running back to his ship with a manic little grin on his face as the counter hit 1:50 and took off in his ship when it hit 1:20. He went to a safe distance away and fidgeted in his seat like a true five year old waiting for something awesome to happen. And it was awesome for him. A hot white coal of burning fire cracking the monstrous mother ship open similar to the fragility of an eggshell, pieces catapulting away each a deadly missile. The ship broke apart in a wonderful and deadly chain reaction like a line of fireworks exploding. The mother ship detonating outward in a wave of force swallowing the two carriers in fire then popping hundreds of the little arrow shaped ships like popcorn. “Man, that’s cool.”

[Can we do that again?] Soldier asked hopefully.


Xander returned to his outpost to the sound of laughter and the sight of a right mess. The spot he turned into their eating area was covered in mashed tubers, salty splats of sweet butter, and yellow prints of corn flour, red sticky juice splashes, and half eaten candied fruits, and in the center of that mess some of their bedding and pillows. A nice mess for Xander to have to clean up.

Smiling with their dolls on their laps Tammy and Tulia were just as messy, food in their blond curls, flour on their faces and clothing, and mouths stained with juice and spackled in sugar. Between the girls Kali is propped up as the girls coo and hold her bottle together. More milk was getting on the baby’s clothes then in her mouth. “Great. You three are gonna need a bath.”

Tammy grinned and waved. “Hi, Xanny! We stayed in like you wanted and ate lots.”

“We ate the apple candy!” Tulia held a nibbled piece out to Xander.

“I can see that. Did you at least eat some of you root tubers and chicken?” Xander kicked a couple of peas and carrot. “I can see you didn’t eat you veggies.”

Tammy crossed her arms and shook her head. “I don’t like tubers mash!”

Tulia did the same. “I don’t like vegibowls!”

Xander sighed and rolled his eyes heavenward. “Bath time.”


Kali gurgled happily as she sucked on her bottle her small pink hands reaching out and gripping the bottle for the first time. She looked right into Xander’s eyes with blue eyes just starting to turn green and made more pleased sounds making Xander’s heart melt. Hyena pushed closer to the surface and purred with contentment. She is always happiest with a pup in her arms.

Xander looked over at Tammy and Tulia napping after a long day of playing in the sun. As the girls slept peacefully on their bed of freshly cleaned furs and Kali kicked contently in his lap Xander felt a well of fierce protective emotion burst inside him. With Gavin lost to him and Willow not here these little girls were his new family and pack. It felt good to hold a baby again.

~ “Would you like to hold him again, Xander? It’s been a while since you’ve really spent time with him.” Rebecca asked gently as she held out the wriggling dark haired babe.

Ever since his child’s birth Xander spent every moment of every day killing demons and working towards making this world just a little safer for Gavin but the task seemed as great and hopeless as moving a beach one grain of sand at a time. Xander looked into wide curious brown eyes, at tiny clenching fingers, and naked pale feet with tiny wiggling toes with fierce love and a bit of trepidation. Xander wanted to hold him but feared dropping the fragile squirming infant since his baby was still and new to the world when he first held him. “He looks real healthy.”

Becky smiled warmly and looked at Gavin with such warmth. “He’s a healthy eater and a very happy baby. He reminds me of you.” Becky held the baby out to Xander and he barely held in the need to step back. It must have showed on his face because Becky let out a little laugh and pressed Gavin into his arms. “Big bad General Xander leader of humanity’s resistance against Hell scared of a two month old baby? You won’t drop him.”

Xander held the baby like a soldier would a live bomb fingers held wide apart and absurdly careful. He stood still like a statue and just looked at Gavin. The baby blinked at him then opened his mouth letting out a yawn and closed his eyes as if saying he was bored now. Xander shifted Gavin closer to him and breathed in the scent of a clean healthy child, a rare thing around the world now these days. Xander brushed his cheek against Gavin’s soft wavy hair and relaxed for the first time in weeks. “Hey, baby.”~

Kali burbled so loudly for attention it almost startled Xander and pulled him from memories of holding a wriggling dark haired baby boy. Xander smiled and pressed his cheek against her soft hair.

Slayer verse

Willow shifted restlessly in her sleep and left out whimpering whines every now and then. Sweat caked her forehead and her eyelids moved rapidly. Her hands twitched and the crystal attached to her right hand flickered brightly and quickly to match her heartbeat. “N-no . . .”


Deep within the darkness he of brilliant light had wailed and raged at his abrupt return to the dark fires and smothering shadows. The world above this one was his to do with as he pleased and now thousands of years of waiting and planning all for nothing. So long had he waited for vengeance only to have it thwarted by the sacrifice of a simple human soul.

He spread his beautiful long white wings as wide and far as they could go stretching from one point of hell to the next and touched the walls and ceiling of his fiery cage. No longer was the Hellmouth an open door he could walk freely through it is now a small hole so diminutive not even Hell’s tiniest imps can get through. It would take him much patience and much clawing at the opening to reach out with even a handful of influence on the world above.

He can feel Gaia’s smug relief and her fierce love for her child/father, the imprudent little human foolish enough to give away pieces of his soul. Dust particles of it glittered on his cage like diamond shards mocking him with every twinkle. He could swear they were laughing at him.

He feared he would have to wait many long years, thousands or millions of years or even for Archangel Gabriel to blow his horn for the great battle between him and Michael. He desired his freedom and a chance to play with the creatures that caused him so much misery, fulfilling his part in the End of Days could stop that.

He feared a long wait till he felt the small window of opportunity, a loophole, a flaw, a fracture, his chance to escape and have back what should be his. Gaia didn’t consume the soul as the spell asked for she only took what she needed to force all of Heaven and Hell back into their corners and lock the semi-formidable doors. The keys for his release where before him just out of reach, the witch and main caster of the damned spell, the soul, and Gaia herself.

It took a lot of concentration but he was able to reach the witch and prod at her buried love for the soul of her dear friend. He increased her obsession, erased all her caution, increased the power of her stupid little crystal, and when her companions wanted to slow her he lessened their caution too. It was all working well for him and when Gaia rumbled with anger at his prodding one of her children it was his turn to be smug. “You should have swallowed him up. This is what you get for your love of them and compassion for humans. You should have sided with me! My creations and I will return to the surface and all of humanity and heaven will bow at my feet! I will prove to everyone that I’m right.”

Gaia the bright and beautiful shard of God the father of all creation known by many as I Am, the goddess made up of both power and matter rumbled with anger as the barrier between Earth and Hell thinned. She was tired of hearing Morningstar rant. The Earth rumbled, the sea churned, and the wind blew wildly, it all echoed a snide reply down into the Hellmouth. `Shut up and go eat a Twinkie. `

Wings of bright white light ruffled and confusion graced his beautiful face. “A Twinkie?”


Xander wiggled the loose tooth in his mouth with his tongue a frown on his face. He’s losing a baby tooth, one of the front ones that would be visible when he talked or smiled. Xander didn’t like growing up the first time around and this time wasn’t any more fun. The bones in his legs ached at time, muscles cramped from overworking this tiny body, and his gums were aching as new teeth started to cut through. ‘At least I had a growth spurt.’

[You grew an inch and a half, sir. You upgraded from super puny to very short.] Soldier said with a smirk on his scarred face.

‘Oh, shut up! You’re lucky you didn’t shrink too!’

All of his inner self’s except Data shifted uncomfortably at the thought. Hyena back to whelp-hood? She would have been murderous if that happened. Soldier very short like Xander? Fish . . . would Fish be just a boy-fish or would he have turned into a tadpole or something?

Xander wiggled his loose tooth sharply and gave a jerky pull. It popped out with a small sucking noise and a little blood, it was white and small and shiny in his palm. Data pushed closer to the surface of Xander’s mind to look. +Fascinating! Will any more body parts fall off? +

Xander scowled. ‘I hope not.’


It took some searching through the database within the outpost’s computers and slowly reading through the language but Xander found what he was searching for. Wraith planets. [Next target, sir?] Soldier shifted with excitement.



For the next month Xander was able to leave his little gifts in Wraith ships and inside science labs. He did this four times without facing resistance but eventually even a cocky race like the Wraith catch on.

Xander cursed softly under his breath as he ducked behind a rock formation. There’s Wraith everywhere! Not only was he cut off from his ship and the gate he wasn’t even close to the lab he planned on blowing up. Xander looked into the dark sky and felt his worry increase, never had he been away from the girls for more than a few hours to half a day. The night sky is about to lighten on his second day trapped on a Wraith planet.

Inside his mind Hyena and Soldier pressed close to the surface and merged all their skill with his. He is faster, quieter, and stronger now than he normally is but he’s also colder emotionally and is now able to push any worry for the girls clear out of his mind and also shared Hyena’s baser animal traits such as growling and clawing. It takes a bit of concentration just to speak like a normal person.

Fast and light on his feet Xander ran across a clearing and into a grove of young trees. Setting his bomb down Xander activated it and set it for an hour. The grove of trees is close to the lab and when the bomb goes it would at least damage the building. Damaging it would have to do since he spent way too much time playing real life Wraith tag. Passed time to go home. Xander ran west and thanked all that was good that he parked his shuttle next to a river so when the pulse of an energy weapon hit him he went head first into the fast flowing water out cold but away from the Wraith.

He awoke to the flare of pain in his shoulder as he slammed into an underwater boulder, pins and needles through his body, and a major headache. He surfaced to the sight of Wraith ships circling about and small groups of foot soldiers searching the shore. He had to play the waiting game for a while but like the mouse avoiding the cat Xander made it to the safety of his cloaked ship. He plopped boneless into the pilot seat just in time to feel the explosion. The Wraith lab still stood but Xander took satisfaction at the sight of the sparking crumbling hole in one wall and the dead Wraith scattered about.

Xander returned to the base to the normal mess but no talking or laughter. The girls were in a puppy pile sleeping fitfully with tears tracks on their faces. They were wrapped all around each other still and frightened and every once in a while Tammy or Tulia would sniffle. Xander sighed and sat with them on the pile of furs and placed the nipple of the bottle back into Kali’s suckling mouth. “I’m sorry, guys. I’m going to fix this, ok? I won’t leave you like this again.”


For the first time in a while Xander felt something abnormal during his meditation. He felt energized from it and maybe a little lighter, different. It felt strange like getting a strong shot of alcohol poured down into his soul. When he stood up from his meditation he felt dizzy. The next time Data asked him to meditate Xander said no. It was only two days later Xander discovered what that feeling was.

It was a beautiful day with the sun warm, the wind blowing gently, and the sky a cheery baby blue. He brought the girls out to the waterfall pool to play with their toys in the open gardened area and to splash in the shallows of the water. “Don’t go far girls stay where I can see you.” Tammy and Tulia ran off into the sunlight chasing after a small rabbit, Xander was pretty sure they didn’t hear him. Xander spent his time under an umbrella tree helping Kali sit up and keeping her entertained that he hardly noticed how silent it got. It was silent till branches of a tree snapped and awful thud sounded. “XANNY!”

Xander’s heart sputtered.

Tulia ran to Xander her eyes very wide and little face pale. “Tammy fell.”

Xander got to his feet. “Stay with Kali while I help Tammy. Where did she fall?”

Tulia pointed at an old tree with hardly any vine, it looked brittle. “By the big tall tree. She wanted to climb.” Tulia’s bottom lip wobbled. “She wouldn’t get up.”

Xander hugged the little girl then pushed her toward her baby sister. “Watch Kali while I go get your sister.” Xander raced off where Tulia pointed with his heart in his throat. What would he do if she was seriously hurt or dead?

He found Tammy still at the base of the old tree with one arm crumbled at an unnatural angle, blood in her blond hair, and scraped and bruised pretty badly. Hyena let out a whine that Xander didn’t even want to keep in. Pulling up Soldier’s medic skills Xander checked for a pulse and gave a shaky sigh when he found one. He felt along her spine for damage and carefully turned her onto her back while keeping her head immobile. Blood flowed freely from Tammy’s head just over her right ear and the arm dislocated and swollen and broken in two places. Deep ugly bruises were forming on her ribs and one or two ribs felt broken. Xander looked up into the tree to see at least a dozen broken branches two stories up.

Xander was so shaken by the sight of Tammy so hurt and still he hardly noticed where his hands were resting. One on the child’s small chest the other on top of bloody curls. That same dizzy lightness poured into Xander through his hands and into Tammy. Before his eyes her wounds washed away like they were never there.

Xander felt so drained and sick he could hardly sit up but he was very thankful as he brushed his shaky hand through Tammy’s hair. Seems he gained his super-duper ascended being power. Xander laid next to the little girl so queasy his belly ached and his head pounded and so exhausted he could hardly keep his eyes open but he was glad.


“I need a safe place for them; somewhere the Gwah and Wraith can’t get them.” Xander grumbled as he looked through the database of the outpost’s main computer. “I can’t take care of them here. I can’t hole up three little girls in this base and hope for the best. Every time I go out it not fair to them and they need more than just me.”

[Surly the Atlantian people left some safe harbor? They wouldn’t just cut ties completely right? Would they disregard their mistakes so easily?] Soldier asked Data.

+They fought a war for a hundred years! Lost many ships and lives, there was nothing easy about that. + Data frowned in thought then four addresses came to mind. +The Dorandin Atlantians had a large weapon outpost but communication with other outposts stopped once the war started raging. They had the largest defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if a protected community still existed. The Icheen Atlantians talked of building a shield around their city. They might have finished before they evacuated. On a planet called Volcano an outpost powered by thermal energy might still be about. It was a safe house and abandoned when the call for evacuation was ordered. The Genii a budding culture had shielded bunkers primitive descendants might have survived using them. +

Xander got the girls ready for a fieldtrip.


Dorandin had a space gate facing the planet so Xander’s first view was of long destroyed Wraith ships floating around the planet. All the ships looked similar to ripped paper planes discarded by a child. The Planet with the weapons outpost was empty of life so it wouldn’t make a suitable home for orphans.

The next address Xander tried was Volcano outpost and was very surprised to find people already living there. Landing his ship next to the gate Xander grabbed Tammy and Tulia’s hands. “Now remember I’m daddy. You stay in the ship until I say it’s safe, k?”

Tammy rolled her eyes and Tulia nodded. “Yes, Xanny.” They both said at the same time. Xander activated the projector and felt the comforting adult shell cover his puny body and opened the ramp to the sight of an older man and his armed escorts warily walking toward the ship from a doorway on a rock formation.

“Hello, stranger, welcome to Taranis. I hope you come in peace?” Said the white haired man clearly the leader.

Xander cleared his throat. “Yes, I come in peace to seek out new life and explore strange new worlds. I’m Zen that way. I’ve come to-”

The man looked from Xander to the ship hopefully. “I’m Chancellor Lycus, are you here to answer our call for aid? You have an Ancestor vessel; do you know how to repair Ancestor technology?”

Xander cautiously nodded. “I do.”

The pretty blond woman standing by Chancellor Lycus’ side looked at Xander with interest. “I’m Norina head of science here on Taranis. If you could aid us with understanding the Ancestor shield and all its many wonders it would be most helpful.”

Xander looked at the hopeful but wary faces and nodded. “Perhaps we could trade.” Xander grabbed Kali in her sling and let Tammy and Tulia step out of the ship with him. “My girls need a safe place to live.”

“All who wish to escape the Wraith and live peacefully are welcome here.” The leader said kindly.

MerKat: Hope you like it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "New divide" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 May 12.

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