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Summary: It’s Hell on Earth. General Xander has seen many bad things and knows that if things keep happening the way they are blood will always spill. Willow can fix it after all these years of suffering, there’s only one catch a sacrifice is needed. Slash & het.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Atlantis ProjectMerKatFR181259,0672314457,09324 Jan 109 May 12No


Title: Camp

Author: MerKat

Fandom: SGA/BTVS

Pairing: John/Rodney Ronon/? Tayla/Kanaan

Summary: It’s Hell on Earth. General Xander has seen many bad things and knows that as long as things keep happening the way they are blood will not stop spilling. Willow can fix it after all these years of suffering, there’s only one catch a sacrifice is needed. It’s Earth or his life.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything within the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or Stargate universes. I plan for there to be same sex romance within the story. If you do not wish to be exposed to that kindly move on to another story. I apologize a head of time for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes.
Hyena speak in Xander’s head {. . .}
Soldier speak in Xander’s head [ . . . ]
Fish speak in Xander’s head < . . .>
Anyone’s mental speak ‘. . .’

On the floor scattered into piles Xander spread out all the possessions he had; knife, knife, leather bracelet with protection spells on it, his favorite double axe that he kept strapped to his back at all times, leather gloves, army jacket, small axe, three knife, five throwing knives, wooden stake, iron stake, silver stake, hand gun, lead/silver bullets, holster, satchel, magical smokes and lighter, and a small bomb making kit, and tons of straps and buckles that no longer fit. Xander sighed, he should have tucked in some survival packs with food, just because he wasn’t an active fighter didn’t mean he had to go all soft. Shit happens. Shit did happen.

“Ok Xander lets think for a while . . . You’re on an unknown planet, you’re a brat again, you have no food, no water, and no way home. I’m so fucked.” Xander bitched to himself. He picked up his favorite axe and was very disappointed when he couldn’t hold it one handed; his pudgy pink fingers couldn’t fit all the way around it. The urge to have a fit was so tempting he almost threw the axe down just so he could stomp his feet and whine about how unfair everything was. Taking a deep breath Xander pulled the shreds of his adulthood to him like a tattered cloak, he had the body of a small child it didn’t mean he had to act like one. Slipping every weapon back into its own little compartment Xander put the heavy coat on and almost fell over with the weight of all the weapons. The coat brushed the floor like one of those fairytale kings robe and with each swishing sound it made Xander feels a little more hysterical. Before the shit hit the fan the coat was long on his frame and flapped around his hip but it fit around his shoulders just so. Was comfy. The jacket was a scavenged gift from one of Xander’s slayers, it was his and he would never part with it. Pulling a sharp little knife from his oversized boot Xander started cutting off excess fabric from his pants, he needed more fabric protection then his thin shorts could provide, but was unhappy with what was left of his pant. The pants left looked billowy and swallowed his skinny legs, it looked almost like a dress. One stiff wind could make his balls crawl back up into his body and never ever drop; someday he wanted his deep badass general voice back! Using the scrap fabric Xander made a belt and tied what was left around each thigh to keep the cold air from blowing up his dress/pants.

Squaring his shoulders Xander tried to get his bearings. He could be here for days or years he needed to get his head out of his broody ass and start surviving. He had been surviving for years, it’s his superpower, and he could do that here as anywhere. “I need to check the perimeter. Find shelter and food” He could spend forever sitting on his skinny ass hoping for Willow to pop out of the air or he could move, survive, and live. He should be happy to be alive! So why wasn’t he?

He must be real fucked up for being disappointed that he’s alive and not dead. With just a glance Xander could tell the building was crap. It was too open, too damn old, and ready to crumble like a house of cards. Xander would shit a gold brick if it stayed standing for more then another three years. The only stable part of the building was the remains of a long metal wall and the stone-ish metal circle thingy in the middle of the open space.

So time to march into the great unknown and do the survival thing. Great. With his coat dragging behind him in a depressing manner and his weapons making each step a battle with gravity Xander dragged his sorry behind to the woods. Lush woods. Tall trees with deep red bark, needled so green they were almost black, the scent of cedar in the air, and blue sap leaking from cracks between the bark surrounded Xander. Tree cones littered the brown earth ranging from the size of his fist to the size of his head, some resembled pine cones, others onion blooms, and one or two green ones were triangle. The leafy trees looked like giant beach umbrellas, their plumage so thick one could hardly see through it. At the base of the leafy trees small blue flower bushes with round yellow berries that held the light scent of lemon tea, they grew in bunches.

Finding a thin but well used animal trail Xander followed it down a grassy hill to a small lake. At the lake were tall birds that looked like paint spattered storks, rich browns, misty blues, and mossy greens dotted their skinny bodies. A couple of them flew away but the biggest ones stayed and watched him intently with large black eyes. They walked around like strutting roosters and used their slightly curved beaks to gobble up green plants and an occasional small silver fish. Falling to his knees Xander cupped some water into his hands and took a deep drink. The water tasted pretty damn good, any water would taste a thousand times better then piss filtered or magic purified water he was used to. Dunking his head in the water Xander groaned at the blissful feel of it trickling down his neck and back. Deep inside his mind Xander’s inner beasts groaned too.

Reflecting in the surface of the water was Xander’s image. Soft round cheeks, large eyes, plump little red mouth, and long bendy curls completed a sickeningly cute picture. Xander now looked like one of those adorable babies one would see in the back of the magazines along with the funny stories and pictures of pets. He looked pudgy and soft and huggable and hated it with a passion. War generals are NOT supposed to look like rugrats! Using muscle memory Xander tried to glare fiercely into the water and groaned with dismay. A glare that made slayers tremble and demons quiver looked no fiercer then a puppy baring its teeth in play, a small fluffy puppy baring its teeth in play. It looked cavity making sweet. Xander splashed the water hatefully to dispel the image of the scowling/pouting toddler of doom.

Looking toward the sun Xander figured he had about two hours of sunlight left before dark so he would either have to find shelter fast or head back to the ruins. Finding a creek Xander followed it to a wall made of yellow stone; the creek must have been an impressive river at one time because the stone wall curved and ripples from water erosion and had dozens of old water marks. On a small white sand beach was a crack in one of the warped walls, a crack just big enough to wriggle into if one was bendy enough. Settling inside Xander cleared out leaves, dead bugs, excess sand, and the dried up carcass of a two tailed three eyed rat creature thing.

Shedding his heavy coat Xander grabbed his little axe for gathering fire wood. It was kind of chilly and he didn’t want to be in a strange place without light when nightfall came around. After struggling up the mud caked bank of the creak Xander found a fallen tree. With a good hold on his axe Xander raised it above his head and swung. Xander frowned with distaste when the wood barely dented at the casual swing. Going to smaller limbs Xander used more force and cut them off the log until he had a good pile to drag back to base camp. The dragging back took time since his new body was pretty useless and small, he cursed like a veteran sailor the whole way.

Piling the branches together Xander plopped down on the sand and thanked Willow for the little indulgences she gave him. Digging in the pocket on the inside of his coat Xander pulled out the silver lighter and the wooden cigarette case. Endless magical smokes and a lighter that never failed to light were maybe Willow’s finest Wicca creations as far as Xander was concerned. Besides the nasty habit of gaining a new scar every time he left the safe house to fight Xander started smoking so he would always have something to do with his hands and wasn’t obligated to fill oppressive silences (Empty jokes and fake sunny-side-up attitude could only do so much). Pulling out a stress releasing cancer free (Thanks to Willow) cigarette Xander put it in his mouth and used his silver rune covered lighter to light it up. He took a deep pull before holding the still lit lighter against the dry wood. He watched the magic infused fire follow his will and jump from branch to branch creating a good sized blaze. The warmth seeped into his body and slowly he started to relax. Xander sat by the waters edge again and looked at the image of a 4 year old smoking and enjoying it. It looked a bit fucked up even for him a man who faced hell, demons, and angels. Snuffing out the cigarette in the sand Xander got up and stretched his three foot nothing body. “Time to find something eatable while I can see. Don’t want to be a scrawny little spitfuck forever.”

Grabbing his gun, his favorite knife, and throwing blades Xander started scavenging for eats. He headed back toward the lake since it was an area he kind of knew. The storks were gone and he doubted he could get fish with what he had. Shooting fish only worked in the movies. Back at the lemon tea smelling bushes Xander picked some berries off it. He would have to test those to see if they were good to eat. Putting a handful into the pocket of his shirt (more like dress) Xander went on the hunt for meat or at least something he knew was eatable. Finding another one of those weird slight boned many horned deer Xander aimed his gun and was about to pulled the trigger when a tiny baby deer clamored out of the bushes to join its mom. It was all legs and neck, small and grey spotted, it looked right at Xander with curious wet eyes unafraid. Xander sighed and moved on even though a snarling part of his mind was saying there is an easy meal in front of him. He wasn’t all that comfortable with killing baby animals or orphaning them.

He found a green field with tough looking long haired hares, like the marines of the bunny world. Xander watched them bounce around like hyper little dogs on crack and coffee, crossing over each other in a graceful dance on fast forward. They blended together and made it hard for Xander to target one with his knife. Finally when one bounced up and away from the others Xander threw his knife and missed. Cursing his tiny hands Xander took careful hold of another throwing knife and threw it. It hit the animal but didn’t land where he aimed it; he was aiming for the neck and a kill shot. The animal made a high pitched squeal noise as it fell to the grassy floor with the throwing blade in its ribs, while the other rabbits scattered like leaves blown away in a strong wind. Xander scampered over to the twitching animal to finish it off. Grabbing its head and body Xander tried to snap its neck but couldn’t muster enough force and keep a good grip. Cursing loudly Xander straddled the animal’s long body and clamped his thighs around it. With his strong but small hands he grasped the squealing rabbit’s head and twisted. Bone snapped and the animal went limp. A piece of Xander relished in the kill, he was self-sufficient and able. Sitting down right there in the field Xander started cleaning it. He sliced open its belly and pulled out the stomach, heart, and other organs, and then he started skinning it. Xander spread out the brown gore covered pelt and wondered if he should bother tanning it. He didn’t know that much about tanning animal fur but he might need the extra cover in the future. Grabbing the cleaned rabbit by its feet Xander headed back to his little base.

After finding some good sized sticks Xander buried the ends of four in the sand at each end of the fire and tied the last one with the rabbit on it to them. Right over the center of the fire the rabbit started to cook and sizzle. Xander looked around his new home and nodded, it would do for now. “Looks like I have all the essentials. Food, water, and a place to sleep. Now all I need is a TV and cold beer then I’ll be all set.”

Xander watched the fire with a blank look on his face as he watched dinner cook. Err . . . Burn. Cook-ish a nice charcoal color. Xander looked up into the darkening sky at unfamiliar stars and two bright blue moons. Xander tipped his head to the side. “One moon looks like a blue potato and the other one has a crater that looks like an eye.” His voice cut through the silent night like a red hot knife through a block of butter and made him feel lonely and pathetic for talking to himself. The clear night sky was beautiful but Xander couldn’t seem to enjoy it not with homesickness starting to settle in. He wanted to laugh at how fucked up he was, homesick for Hell on Earth when he was in the center of a green haven. The two moons glowed brightly and he could feel their crater pit eyes watching him. Xander could feel an Angel worthy brood coming on.

Week 1
The next morning Xander looked at his pile of mystery berries with indecision and wondered if he should risk eating one. Picking up the soft round berry Xander held it up at eye level. It didn’t look poisonous. Lifting it up to his lips Xander bit into it and sweet/sour juice squirted into his mouth. Xander swallowed and waited for himself to fall over and die or get sick. He felt fine but just in case he’d wait an hour before eating more. Pulling out his bundle of leftover dinner Xander started ripping into the tough almost tasteless smoked/burnt meat.

Sticking his feet in the cool water Xander sighed he had never been so inactive in all his life. His pre-hell life had been all about finding slayers, training them, and killing the occasional demon. Hell-life was about quick and dirty training of scared survivors, running and fighting demons, running from angels, and coming up with survival plans. In his life before the spell he was always moving, always active, always with others around him. “I might as well be dead. What am I supposed to do here? I thought I was supposed to die? The spell said ‘Dead to the world I knew.’” Xander kicked at the water and scowled at the bright sunny sky. A sky he loved and hated at once.

Hunting demons was something Xander knew and if he was honest with himself he lived for it. He didn’t really flourish with the scars, the blood loss, the pain, and death, but hunting got his blood moving and made him get up in the morning, it gave him purpose. What was he supposed to do here? Here in this lovely forest he was nothing, useless, and without purpose! Being purposeless sucked! ‘W-what if I’m never found? Can I live here and n-never hunt demons again? Never see W-Willow?’ Inside his mind three figures awoke at his unease, call them hellmouth taint, survival mechanisms, multiple personalities, or past lives, they were there for him, helping him, with him.

Fur rustled, a growl sounded, and deep acid green eyes opened. A yipping haunting laugh sounded and Xander had to press his lips together to keep the noise in as his own vocal cords yearned to echo that inner laugh. Hyena, the spirit animal that possessed his body and never left instead merging with his soul. Hyena is the part of him that values family/pack, she is bloody, fierce, commanding, and protective. The thud of thick boots echoed, the sound of a gun being racked then cocked, a mental solute and a faint ‘Sir’ echoed in his head. Soldier was the calm and rational part of his mind. Xander could feel Soldier inside his head waiting for orders, ready for action, and ready to dish out wisdom. Soldier is the loyal, righteous, wise, and calm part of him. The last to stir was a weaker manifestation then the other two. He was more an original piece of Xander, instincts given a voice. There was the soft sound of water splashing, fins shifting in the current, and three sets of eye lids opening to reveal black pit eyes. Fishman is what was left of the mermaid incident. Fish gave him some strength but is cold blooded and uncaring like a shark.

Hyena was the foreign body, like a virus/parasite that fed him strength instead of hurt him. She was now so much apart of Xander’s soul that she could never be removed, like an impossible knot they were intertwined. Soldier was an echo of him, past lives him, other dimensions him, the him’s that were soldiers. Dozens of echoes turned into Soldier and left an imprint in Xander’s soul. It’s something he could have gotten rid of but found too valuable. Fishman is what he was going to turn into. He was Xander with gills, poisonous spines, and sharp shark-like teeth. He is in Xander’s blood. They are him, and not him. They are his hunting companions, his fucking way to cope with all the yuck life throws at him, his mental flaw. He needs them, wants them. ‘So what do I do?’

Hyena snorted as she pawed at the grass in her mental landscape. {Survive, hunt, live. Pack will come. Blood tree come.} Her voice was deep and halted like someone learning English.

‘And if Willow doesn’t come?’ Xander dug in his oversized coat for his lighter and smokes and just looked at both sadly. Willow’s magic was newly tainted when she spelled the items, he could feel the grayish magic almost crackle against his skin. Magic sensitive skin thanks to his possessions and hellmouth taint.

Soldier shifted from foot to foot in Xander’s mindscape and tightened his grip on his gun. [We must learn our surroundings, Sir. Enemies could be about so we must stay alert. We are vulnerable now with our weaker form and lack of fighting unit. We need to know the terrain around home base, Sir. Find any locals if there are any.]

Xander lit another one of his handy cancer free cigarettes and mentally thought of chocolate as he put it to his lips. He breathed in the smoke and rich dark chocolate flavor hit his tongue. He inhaled again with much enjoyment, in Hell-on-Earth it was the only desert he got with his tasteless rations. ‘And if there are locals? What do I do? Pretend to be a poor lost boy? Cry for help? Quiver my lip like a helpless puppy?’

All were silent for a moment then Hyena spoke. {Survival important. Pride not so important.}

Xander nearly choked on chocolate flavored smoke when the proudest creature he had ever talked to said pride wasn’t important. ‘I don’t really know how to act like a kid! Haven’t been one in over 55 years! Besides we don’t even know if there are people here on this rock. Probably wouldn’t help me anyway.’ Xander took a long drag of his fag as he watched small silver fish dart past his toes. The urge to jump into the water and rip their little silver bodies apart was tempting; he hadn’t taken a long swim since the beginning of the war between Heaven and Hell. Water was just too precious to bath in.

[Not smoking when you meet hypothetical locals might help, Sir.] Soldier snipped.

Xander rolled his eyes and flicked the bud into the water and watched as the little fish nipped at it. Xander’s mouth watered as he watched the fish and his body leaned forward as if to go in. Xander mentally pushed Fish to the back of his mind and forced himself to lean back. He didn’t need to get himself all wet right now. ‘Stop it!’

A wet hiss and teeth snapping sounded.

Xander rolled his eyes as barely there gills fluttered on his upper chest rib area. Xander wiggled his webbed toes in the water teasing his mental jackass with the swimming motion. ‘Want, want, want! The sight of real water has you so hard up you can’t talk like a smart fishboy?’

Fish hissed and swam away deep into his mental ocean. Xander was tempted to pull him back and put him in a mental desert for trying to urge Xander into the water but shrugged it off. Doing such a thing wasn’t worth the pouting Xander would have to endure.

“Let’s have a look-see around this place and hunt. Keep your mental eyes open for human signs of life besides the old junk pile and giant fruit loop we first saw when we came here.” As he got up and started climbing up the river bank Xander got a mental growl and a ‘Yes, Sir’ from inside his head. “It’s a good thing none of the generals back home had to be tested for sanity. They all would have put me in a padded room with the good drugs.” Xander muttered to himself wistfully.

Most of the land is wide and flat with the exception of the mountains in the distance and the chasm made from water erosion. If the land wasn’t covered in tall thick trunked trees that looked a lot like umbrella shaped red woods and alder trees, then it was covered in long bright green grass, or bamboo in a fetching shade of pale almost white blue. The land’s rich in plant life and plant eaters but so far Xander had seen no carnivores. Just two kinds of deer creatures the slight ones and a normal looking black tailed, ragged looking bobcat sized hares, noisy red flying squirrels, light brown chipmunks, silver fish, colorful song birds/storks, and--

Xander gasped when a herd of pale grey/white horse-like creatures ran across the field, their coats glittering like moonlight, their hair moving like silk ribbons, and their four eyes a clear ocean blue. “Wow.” Xander watched them with wide eyes as they cut across the field then stopped to graze, two eyes on the food and two eyes looking around. Xander stood still and watched the glittering herd shuffle around and graze for a moment more before moving on since such a sight was reminding Hyena of zebra.

Cutting across the grassy field Xander found another animal path, a path that widened the farther he went. A small smile graced Xander’s face when the path leads him out of the woods and onto a dirt packed road. A road with wagon tracks on it. [Doesn’t look too old, Sir. Maybe there’s a farm around here?] Soldier said hopefully.

Xander nods. ‘Maybe.’

{Careful. Be careful. They could hurt us.} Hyena growled.

Xander rolled his eyes. “I know. Not stupid, cat-dog. Sometimes I wonder why I wake you guys up. Find people Xander! Be careful Xander! Swim Xander! You guys can drive a guy crazy.”

Hyena huffed, Solider snorted, and Fish blew a flurry of underwater bubbles a mix of amusement and annoyance flashing through Xander’s mind.

Five miles down the road Xander found himself in a ghost village that looked like the abandoned set for a medieval movie. Wooden huts, stalls, barns, stores with picture signs, a bar/inn, and a mini castle. Not only was the place silent as the dead but it was heavily damaged. It looked like a bomb went off in the courtyard. The castle was collapsed on one side, some huts were nothing but ash and bits of wood, the roof of the bar/inn was nonexistent, and everything was covered in green vines and dirt. “Damn. Looks like nobodies home.”

Xander walked into the house connected to the stables since it looked less like the wind could knock it down any second. Xander blinked when he entered the living area. ‘Maybe this place is a movie set?’ Xander gently picked up the square gameboy shaped piece of tech. Xander brushed dust off the black screen then turned it about looking for the on button or any button. “How do I turn this thing on?” The screen blipped on and showed a map with a single red dote. “Ok, that’s cool. Voice commanded.”

Xander fiddled with the odd piece of tech and figured out it was a life signs detector since the dote moved on the map when he did. Turning it off Xander pocketed it to play with at a later time. Moving carefully around the room Xander opened a door barely on its hinges to find a bedroom that looked like it belonged to a couple. A vanity with a small oval mirror was covered in glass perfume bottles, silver combs/brushes, and a small jewelry box overflowed with chains and beads. In the closet there were dresses, boots, coats, and work gear. ‘A lot of stuff to leave behind.’

[Agreed.] Soldier said softly.

Xander picked up a small hand mirror and wiped off the dust. ‘Wonder what happened?’

[Maybe they were evacuated to a safer location?] Soldier said with a twinge of unease in his voice.

‘Maybe.’ Xander put the mirror down and looked through the more damaged part of the house. One whole wall was missing in the kitchen area; half of the room was scorched.

{I smell death in the air.}Hyena perked up and made sniffing noises.

‘Yeah. I smell it too.’ Xander stepped lightly through the mess to the overturned table and gasped at the sight before him. The mummified remains of a woman. Xander crouched by the body with a frown on his face. “What the hell?” He touched her cream colored dress and expected it to fall apart in his hand but it didn’t. It was old but not old enough, it was no more worn then his jacket. “How is she shriveled like a prune? Everything should be dust like her.” Xander picked at the ripped thread on her chest and found a weird circular sucker bite mark, a bite one could get from a leech.

[Could it be a mummy, Sir? Like Impata?] Xander shrugged as he exited out the back of the house and found more bodies. Dozens of mummified corpses, all with the same circular bite mark on the chest. Xander walked along the main road of the village and found the remains of men, women, and children, all with wounds on their chests and horrified looks on their shriveled faces. All the bodies way older then their surroundings.

Entering the stables Xander found weird circle shaped pictures of a young dark haired man in brown leathers and a blond woman in the cream colored dress. They were smiling, and holding each other close looking all in love and completely happy. There were pictures of them riding the four eyed white horses, brushing them, training them, and feeding them. Xander recognized the stallion in the picture it was the same one he saw running in the field. Xander picked up a dinner plate sized metal circle with a lens on it and assumed it was the camera. He pressed a square red button making the camera flash and spit out a circle shaped white sheet. The white slowly faded and an image of the stable appeared on the paper. Xander looked at the numbers on the bottom of the image that looked like a date. 0308-09 SL. Xander compared the date on the new photo to that of the old ones. 0305-06 SL. Did the number difference mean months, seasons, years, or was the camera busted? Or was he even looking at a date?

Entering the still standing portion of the stone castle Xander found a kitchen with useable dry goods. Xander also found the remains of the cook, two soldiers, and a creature. The cook was a mummy but the two soldiers and the thing were not. The two soldiers died of deadly lacerations to the neck and stomach with their remains only starting to wrinkle and decay. The creature had blue slick looking skin and it wore armor like a gladiator. Looking for the buckles of the whole face helmet Xander removed it and was surprised to see an almost human face. Xander left the copses where they laid and found himself another piece of technology that was out of place for the setting. A big screen and computer council. “This is one weird village.” Two chairs were set in front of the computer so Xander sat in the unoccupied one, the red haired mummy in the white suit could keep her chair. Pushing a green button that glowed faintly Xander sat back as the screen turned on. A lovely looking young woman with peach colored skin and big blue eyes appeared on screen.

“This is Dr. Via Drewson. I’m one of ten scientists in my colony that came here to study the plant life on this planet. My research on healing herbs is in this computer on a red disk and in files in my office down the hall. My fellow scientists and myself have been looking for ways to combat the wraith and found something here. A planet that can confuse them through smell. The hostile natives of the planet have been using it for years.” She looked terrified and kept looking behind her as she finished tapping buttons to show a picture of a white tulip like flower. Tears watered in her eyes at the sound of screams and gun fire in the hall. “The Gwah, the inhabitants of the planet, are a primitive violent cannibalistic people who use the plant I have name Via flower to play a hunting game with the Wraith. They hunt the Wraith and are hunted by the Wraith. It’s a wonderful game to them, a warrior’s right of passage. They are too simple to realize what they have! A way to fight back, to save lives. I had hoped to get my findings back to my people the Genii but the Wraith have found us and know we know about the plant. None of us will survive this day.” The doctor snuffled. “The computer will only turn on if another human comes into the room, Wraith temperature is far lower then our own. Please whoever you are get my finding back to my people. To the Genii. Please.” As banging started on the door Dr. Via Drewson turned off the feed.

“Ooooook. Creepy.” Xander looked at the mummy girl sitting next to him. “I guess there are monsters to fight here, huh?” Xander replayed the message then went and did as the mummy lady asked and got the red disk and files. Maybe her people, the Genii, would come back? Xander would just keep it safe for whoever comes.

Finding not a living soul in the village Xander took anything he could find of use and left. The dead blue creature was not getting up but Xander didn’t want to hang around incase its friends showed up, not in his weakened state. As ¼ the man he used to be he was not much good to anyone. “I wonder where the Gwah are and if they’ll give me trouble?”

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