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The real me

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Summary: Dawn Summers was made again. This time into Harry Potter's sister but she still remmembers Buffy

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeDawnieFR72114,05734824,0734 Nov 0317 Aug 04No

First chapter

Ok, I haven’t decided on the parings yet. It’s after the end of Angel 4th season as you might realized. I would really appreciate your opinion whether it’s good or not.
Oh, and I don’t own Buffy, angel or Harry Potter. And about parings, Skip Ward had an interesting idea, what about Dawn/Snape, thought I have no idea how I would write this. Oh, and idea is totally mine.

Dawn Summers looked around. She saw Willow with Kennedy making out on the couch. Buffy was arguing with Gunn what was the best way to kill Okra demon and Giles with Wesley seemed to catch on old days as watchers. She smiled. She wasn’t so happy since her mom was alive. Everything worked so fine: Buffy at last realized that Dawn won’t hide during the fight and began to teach her to fight again, Willow teached her some magic. It really felt nice to be noticed at last. It was just… Dawn sighted. She missed Anya and Spike so much. After the final fight with the First they came to LA. The ex potentials now full slayers went back to their families. Buffy decided to stay in LA for awhile and Angel gladly accepted them.
“ Hey, watch out.” Dawn smiled at Faith. She was sparing with the ex- principal.
“ Sorry, hun.” Faith never looked as happy as she was now. Dawn came to Angel.
“ Hi.”
“ Hi.” There was a pain in his eyes.
“ You miss him, don’t you?”
“ Yes, I miss Connor.” It was really hard for her to see Angel like this. It appeared that the only ones who knew about Connors existence were Dawn and Angel.
“ He is happy now. That’s what matter.”
“ You are right, Dawn.” He was silent for minute. “ So, Europe?”
“ Yes, Buffy is really fascinated by that idea. She said it was her dream to visit Paris. And Xander needs to get away. He thinks about Anya too much.”
“ I will miss you.” She heard him whisper.
“ I will miss you too.” During the summer Dawn became good friends with Angel. He reminded her of Spike. And Buffy was really happy about the friendship too. She was glad that her ex loved Dawn like his own sister and protected her. The protection part irritated Dawn because Angel protected her mostly of the boys. She realized that if that went that way she was never going to date. There was no way that someone would like a girl whose family was so strange especially when Angel threatet them with death.
“ So when are you starting to work at “Wolfram and Heart”?
“ What?” Angel looked obviously distracted by Buffy. “ Oh, I think next week.”
“ Good.” Dawn smiled uncomfortably. She hated those moments when she had nothing to say.
“ Dawn, I think it’s time for you to go to bed.” Girl looked angrily at her sister. She didn’t even notice when she approached.
“ I am not a child. I can stay up as long as I …”
“ Ok, I just thought you would like to train tomorrow in the morning. But it’s your choice.” Slayer went back to talk with Gunn.
Dawn went up into her room. After few minutes she was in her bed. She had a nice life after all. Dawn smiled and drifted into sleep.

“ Dawn, Dawn, wake up.” Girl hid behind a pillow.
“ Dawn, you don’t want to be late the first day, don’t you?”
“ But Hermione…” Suddenly Dawn opened her eyes. What the hell was going on? She looked around realizing she was in the bedroom. 3 girls was staring at her. Dawn couldn’t understand how the hell she became Potter.
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