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If Only

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Summary: She convinced herself she was right until she couldn't lie any longer, so now she wants to fix everything. But is she to late?

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterBlissfullyunawareFR1816221340025 Jan 1025 Jan 10No
Disclaimer: Sadly Eric Kripke owns Supernatural and Joss Wheadon owns Buffy, so I own nothing.

Main Pairings: Sam/Faith Angel/Cordelia Gunn/Fred/Wesley

They stared each other down from across the room. His blazing eyes that never could decide if they were green, hazel, blue or a combination of all three filled with determination and something else she didn’t want to identify. Her chocolate eyes were filled with grief and anger, two things that were mixed dangerously.

“No.” The word was not a plea or a begged whisper like she expected from him, but instead it was a demand. She’s never taken to demands well usually who ever barked them out to her ended up on their asses with a bloody nose, but this one makes her almost rethink her decision. Almost.

Instead she takes a step forward, her body crackling with the pent up energy she’s holding in to keep herself from walking the rest of the way towards him. “What are you going to do to stop me?” She asked smugness in her voice as she smirks at him and for a second she could see a flash of anger in his eyes while the determination dropped, but it was only for a second.

“I know I can’t stop you. I just won’t let you go without trying.” His words are filled with a sincerity that wants to break her, but she doesn’t allow it. She doesn’t do love, it had been her code since before she could remember. She knew that if she stayed longer she’d second guess herself, but she couldn’t find it in herself to leave. Not yet, you want to see him try. She thought the lie to herself as she ignored the truth that blared inside her.

“So what’s your plan? Begging on your knees, kissing my feet, what? Cause I’d really like to see that.” She jokes arrogantly, tasting the own bitterness and iciness in her words. Instead he walked the rest of the way towards her, his long legs walking the oh so small journey too fast. Makes her unable to comprehend what he’s doing before it’s too late.

He grabs her denim covered arm quickly, pulling her to him as their lips united in a bittersweet kiss. Their passion and anger duel one another, tongues fighting for dominance while her hands found their way into his shaggy brown hair that felt of silk. She bit his bottom lip, sucking it and she soon found herself becoming addicted all over again. This can’t happen! Her thoughts screamed to her angrily but she didn’t stop, didn’t even register that she had to. She just allowed herself to get sucked in.

When she felt the need to breath tugging at her lungs she pulled roughly away, letting her anger at herself manifest into hate for him. Throwing her arm back she punched him in the eye and the sound of flesh connecting with flesh did not satisfy her like she thought it would, instead it made her sick to her stomach.

“I don’t need you, I don’t want you. I never have and never will!” She screams angrily and in the back of her mind she’s surprised the people in the motel room next to theirs hadn’t started complaining. Ignoring that thought she gives him no time to stand up from the carpeted floor of their room where he had fell, instead she rushes to the door, grabbing her duffel bag along the way.

The door closes with a click that rings with finality and it echoes in her head for the whole car ride back to L.A. All the while she convinced herself that she did the right thing.
So what do you guys think? Bad, good, quit writing right now!? Please review and let me know :D

The End?

You have reached the end of "If Only" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 10.

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