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Road trip in Forks

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Summary: Xander's road trip leads him to Forks, but Sunnydale refuses to let him go. (Jacob/Xander pairing)

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredJacobPhoenixFR211018,51424915,32726 Jan 1012 Feb 10Yes

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own either BtVS series or the Twilight series

Chapter 1

Xander was visiting Forks when his damned car broke down, ‘Thanks a lot Uncle Rory,’ he thought bitterly as he heard the mechanic state the price to fix it.

“You’re kidding me?” Xander said, “That’s how much it’s going to cost?”

The Mechanic smiled gently and said, “You don’t have the money, do you son?”

Xander muttered, “Not quite sir.”

The mechanic smiled, “Well, you know there’s always places where you can work odd jobs.”

Xander said, “Are there any places hiring then?”

The Mechanic grinned and said, “The Lodge is hiring servers right now, they might give you a job.”

As Xander walked off towards the restaurant that the Mechanic suggested he heard the man say, “Hey, if you need a place to stay you can stay at the motel on the highway.” Xander sighed and thanked him and walked towards the restaurant.

The head waitress saw the young man come in and smiled cheerfully and said, “Welcome to the Lodge, can I seat you somewhere?”

Xander said, “Uhh no, I need a job and I was told you were hiring.”

“Oh then come on in and sit down,” the waitress said, “oh,” she added, “I’m Sally by the way.”

“Hi Sally, I’m Xander Harris.”

“Well Xander, we do need waiters,” Sally said, “do you have experience?”

“Uhh no, I need the job to help pay for repairs for my car,” Xander said.

“Oh,” Sally laughed, “Joey sent you up here. Well, I will hire you of course.”

Xander breathed out a sigh of relief when Sally hired him.

Sally looked at the young man in front of her and it seemed like he had seen way too much in his life.

“Ma’am,” Xander asked, “is there something else?”

“No Xander, I should tell you that it might be awhile before you go home,” Sally said.

“Like how long?” Xander asked.

“You might be here for at least a month if I miss my guess,” Sally said.

Xander’s eyes bugged out and he thought, ‘A month? Oh great googly moogly!!!’

Sally grinned and said, “Don’t worry Xander, you will like it here, it will pass like nothing at all.”

Xander sighed and said, “I don’t even know how much the motel costs but not nearly enough for a month.”

Sally laughed again and said, “Why don’t you live with me? It’s been a while and my children don’t visit anymore.”

Xander said, “Thank you ma’am.”

“Oh, please call me Sally and Xander, your first shift starts tonight,” she said.

Xander nodded and went back to the mechanic’s; Joey looked up, smiled and said, “Ah, you need your suitcase I take it?”

Xander grinned and said, “Yeah, I do. Sally offered to let me stay with her.”

“Ah, Sally,” murmured Joey, “she’s a good old one.”

Xander said, “Yeah, I got the feeling that she’s one of the good ones.”

That night, Xander prepared for his first shift. He wanted to make sure that his first night of work was good, when he got to the Lodge he saw it was packed, ‘Wow,’ he thought, ‘I guess since it’s a small town there isn’t that many places to hang around here.’

Sally grabbed him so he could start to take orders for the night, Xander got the hang of it pretty quickly; the first night went good and Xander met a couple of the people around his age, though the Cullen kids creeped him out because they were so pale, but hey they seemed nice so he would give them a chance.

Xander sighed, Sally was right and even after his car was fixed he really found himself liking the quiet of Forks over Sunnydale.

One morning he was walking around exploring the beach near Forks when he met Jacob Black. Xander was trying to see the whales that you could reportedly see from the beach; Jacob noticed he wasn’t alone so he walked over to introduce himself.

“Hi there, I’m Jacob Black.”

“Oh, Hi there. I’m Xander Harris.”

Jacob regarded Xander with curiosity, he felt something in Xander that resonated with his inner wolf, he had to get to know Xander better.

“So, how long have you been in Forks for?” Jacob asked

Xander said, “About a month, my car broke down and Joey is working on it, when it’s done I’m going to head back to Sunnydale.”

Jacob said, “Sunnydale? Hmm, sounds nice.”

Xander snorted and said, “Then you obviously never been there.”

Jacob grinned and said, “So what do you do for work here?”

“Hmm? I work at the Lodge,” Xander said.

Jacob smiled and said, “Well, maybe I will see you there sometime.”

Two months of living in Forks Xander was starting to develop a routine there, it was peaceful quiet, Xander and Jacob were becoming great friends and he even got to be friends with some of the Cullen’s but what he didn’t expect was one night a old acquaintance came calling and bring his new life crashing down.

It was night at the Lodge when Xander began his shift when he saw a dark haired woman who seemed familiar, when she turned around he saw a face that he saw in his nightmares and heard a chilling voice say, “Hullo Kitten, Mummy has come to make you into her baby, your brother will want one.”

“Oh Crap!!!” Xander screamed as he ran out the door only too crash into Edward and Bella.

Edward and Bella were going to the lodge to check up on Xander; Alice had told him something was up with Xander only to have said man crash into him.

“Oww,” Xander moaned, “sorry sir,” as he got up and began to run again only for Edward to grab him.

“What’s wrong?” Edward asked as Xander struggled to be let go.

Xander said, “Uhh, nothing but I kind of have to get away.”

Edward looked and saw what had scared the boy, he looked into Drusilla’s eyes and sensed waves of madness come off. He looked at Bella and said, “Take Xander and run!!”

Bella grabbed Xander’s hand and took him back into the car and drove off leaving Edward to face off alone against Druscilla.

Edward looked Druscilla in the eyes and said, “Leave, now.”

Druscilla looked at Edward and screamed, “Kitten is MINE!! Not the wolf’s, mine, we shall have pretty tea parties together along with my other baby.”

Edward backed away, he knew he could take her in a fight but something was telling him to run. As he ran after Bella and Xander he heard Druscilla sing, “Kitten shall be mine and we shall drink the sweetest blood.”

Xander had been knocked unconscious when Bella pushed him into the car, he saw only flashes but he felt strong arms lift him out of the car, he looked up and saw a man with pale blonde hair holding him and bring him into a house.

Carlisle looked down at Xander and said, “Alice is he the one?”

Alice nodded and touched Xander’s cheek smiling softly, “Hi there Xander, I’m Alice.”

Xander mumbled something incoherent and passed out.

Esme looked at Xander and went to prepare a room for him.

Edward suddenly ran into the house, he saw that Bella was safe and he was glad to see that the boy was safe also. Carlisle saw Edward and said, “Are you alright?”

Xander woke up only to find himself surrounded by the Cullen’s and said, “What the hell is going on? Where’s Druscilla?”

Alice knelt beside him and said, “We brought you here to save your life.”

Xander said, “Uhh, thanks but I don’t want you guys to get involved.”

Alice smiled and said, “It’s alright, we want to help.”

Xander looked at them, ‘God, why did they care about my problems? It’s not like they could help against Druscilla.’

Edward heard Xander’s thoughts and said, “This might be hard for you to accept but we are vampires.”

Xander’s eyes suddenly flashed green and he backed away from them, he looked at the door and was trying to decide if he could make it out.

Alice smiled gently at him and said, “Xander, we aren’t the same vampires you and your friends fight against.”

Xander’s eyes turned back to their normal brown and said, “I’m sorry if I don’t give you my trust right away.”

Alice said, “We can be patient but let’s introduce our selves,” Xander sat there as the Cullen’s introduced themselves Alice noted happily that Xander seemed to have calmed down.

Carlisle said, “So Xander, is there a reason that vampire is after you?”

Xander sighed and explained to them about his life in Sunnydale, up to when the Mayor attempted to ascend into a pure demon.”

“That’s quite a story young man,” Carlisle said quietly.

“I have made some mistakes,” Xander said.

Carlisle said, “We all have made mistakes and you haven’t really explained why that vampire is after you.”

Xander thought, he wasn’t sure: last he heard Druscilla was in South America, at least that’s what Spike said when he came into town last. He said, “I’m not sure really.”

Alice frowned, she knew there had to be a reason because she had met Druscilla before and it didn’t go well and she still didn’t like thinking about it but she could tell that if she got her hands on the boy in front of her it would be bad.

Meanwhile, Druscilla was dancing around her fledges, she looked around the room saying, “It must all be perfect for when Mummy’s baby comes home.”

The Fledges nodded and ran off, backing away from the large figure watching Druscilla who looked back at him and said, “Soon you will have a new brother and we shall sing our dark songs together.”

“Well that’s just perfect momma,” he said as he came out of the shadows revealing a ministers costume.

Druscilla said, “You are so beautiful my poppet.”

Caleb smiled and said, “Thank you momma,” as his face rippled revealing golden eyes and ridges. He laughed, showing his fangs.

Poll question: Who’s scarier: Vamp Caleb with Dru as the mother or Caleb who was working with The First?


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