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Forgotten Time

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Summary: Xander has always maintained that the deaths from Graduation were his fault, no one knows he can sing. Eventual slash, not sure who's getting paired with Xander. Dont like, DON'T READ!!!

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CSI > CSI Miami
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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Chapter 5 Troublemaker!


Disclaimer: Don’t like, don’t read, and don’t complain that you don’t like! I don’t own CSI:Miami or BTVS, I don’t make money from them. I just play with them and let my cracked out bunnies get their thrills. Reviews are welcome but Flames can be turned back on their casters so they can have the 3rd degree burns. Future slash. Enjoy the story.

Warning: Some emotional angst here, but it’s mixed in with the humor, sorry if anyone gets whiplash!

Chapter 5

Xander rang the doorbell and then smirked as he heard the startled yelp, crash, and then grumbling coming from behind the door. He waited until the door opened and then literally pounced his cousin, knocking him to the floor again and babbling at him at warp speed as Speed tried to get out from underneath the insane young man.


Speed just groaned as he deciphered the babble pouring out of his cousins mouth, “I know Xander, I’ve missed you too, we’ll talk about the girls AFTER you get off of me, I didn’t tell you about H because I thought you needed the chance to enjoy some eye-candy, and I know you are going to be relentless in drilling gun care into my head, it’s one of the reasons I wanted you to come out. You’re much better at gun maintenance than I am and I love you but your heavy so could you please get off me?”

Xander got off of his cousin and helped the older man get up again as Speed finally noticed that H was standing there laughing so much he was in tears. “Oh I am so glad I helped bring the luggage to the door,” he gasped through bouts of laughter, “I hate to think I would have missed that sight, and what’s better I had the video feature on my phone going and managed to get all of it!” at which point he put the phone away and looked at Xander, smiling at him and then leaned over and gave the young man a hug again. “Thank you Xander, I needed that!” then he turned around and getting into his Hummer, headed to his own home.

Xander snickered at the blush on his cousin’s face, “Ha! Got you back for not telling me a redhead was coming to get me, now all I need to do I beat gun care into your thick head and get you back for scaring the hell out of me!” Then he sobered and looked at his cousin seriously, “Your all I really have Tim, please don’t get dead.”

Speed looked at his cousin and pulled him into the house and a hug, “I’m here and alive, Xander, that’s all I can say right now. I will work with you and get more comfortable with my gun so it doesn’t ever jam again, and I will do my best to be careful at work.” He quirked a familiar grin at Xander, “This does NOT mean I am giving up my bike!”

Xander laughed at that, “No, I would never try to take away your bike, you love that thing as much as you do me!”

Speed sobered and looked at his cousin, “No Xander, you come first and always have, you are family, the only family I admit to, and if I had my way you would never go back to that hellhole.” The two looked at each other and Speed nodded to the bags, “Okay cuz, let’s get you set up in the spare room.”

Speed led the way to the surprise he had set up for his cousin when he had first found out about him, and consequently updated as Xander got older. They walked in and Xander stopped just inside the door and stared, this room was perfect for him. There were mint editions of some of his favorite comics in display cases on the walls, movie posters with some of his favorite adaptations of comics to movies, and his favorite action figures on display on some of the shelves. Speed had even found some weapon hangers and had them up just waiting for stuff like his favorite swords and axe. He looked at the Queen-sized bed and noticed that there was a nice set of matching jersey sheets in a wonderful shade of blue, and a comforter in a complimentary shade of forest green. The walls were painted a soft light brown shade that complimented the hardwood floors. All the furniture matched and was made of Oak, and glowed softly in the Miami sunshine. He now had a bed, a nightstand, dresser, and even a desk and chair. There was a laptop sitting on the desk, an i-pod on the nightstand in the docking station that doubled as an alarm clock and stereo. Speed looked at his cousin and asked, slightly anxious, “Do you like it?”

Xander looked at him and there were tears in his eyes. “I’m home, aren’t I?”

“Always, this is always your home.”

Xander reached out and Speed pulled him in and simply held him as he cried for all that could have been and added his own in as he murmured, “I’ve got you now kiddo, and I’m never letting go again. You’re old enough to choose now and no one can say anything, especially not those girls that keep telling you that you aren’t worth it. If you have to go back I can understand, but you will always have a home and family here.” Both men calmed down and laughed a little as they wiped their faces off, then Speed smiled and shook his head as Xander’s stomach growled, signaling that it was time for food. “What do you say, pizza or homemade lasagna?”

“Lasagna? Your homemade lasagna? Where!”

Speed laughed as he headed to the kitchen, “Set the table and I’ll get it out of the oven, oh and Xander, don’t forget to wash up.”

“For food, especially homemade food from my most favoritest cousin in the world, I will gladly do both!” Xander washed his hands and face in the sink and then got the dishes and silverware out and set 2 places at the table. He also put out the hot pad to protect the table from the lasagna pan.

“Thanks Xander, good job.” Speed came out of the kitchen wearing oven mitts and carrying the lasagna pan and jerked his head toward the kitchen, “Could you get the salad and mashed potatoes for me?” Xander nodded and shortly the rest of the dinner was laid out on the table. Speed looked at Xander and asked, “Do you want milk, juice or soda with this?”

“Normally I would say soda but that would be blasphemy with real food like you made, so milk please!” Speed smiled and poured Xander and himself each a glass and after saying a quick prayer of thanks to anyone listening for both the food and the company, they ate.

Author’s Note: This is a short chapter, I know, but I have been concentrating on RL lately. I’ll try to update a little more often, and hope that the bunny doesn’t go on vacation at Orlando without me again!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Forgotten Time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jan 11.

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