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Forgotten Time

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Summary: Xander has always maintained that the deaths from Graduation were his fault, no one knows he can sing. Eventual slash, not sure who's getting paired with Xander. Dont like, DON'T READ!!!

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CSI > CSI Miami
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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Forgotten Time

Forgotten Time
I own nothing but the poem, and am making no money from this, so no getting mad and trying to collect that which isn’t there, namely money, power, or any of that jazz. Any characters from BTVS and CSI:Miami aren’t mine I am just playing with them and will return them as soon as I am done. I promise. All reviews are welcome, all flames will be doused with Halon and fed to the Moat Monster. If you don’t want to read this, then CLOSE THE BLOODY STORY. Ok, all warnings given, now back to the tale.

He pulled the old guitar out of its case and set the strap across his back getting ready to play, sitting on a high stool he looked around and noticed who was paying attention and who were oblivious to the quiet man getting ready to show his heart.
The first chord wove gently into the hazy air of the club and softly, gently he began to sing,

When time is all forgotten
And cares are thrown away
The simple dream of hearth and home
Will not survive this day

He remembered as he was singing, all the people lost at graduation to that bastard the Mayor, how scared they all were, even as they fought not to show it.

These dark and dreary hovels
We all must escape from
Tho not always how we’d choose to
As we face the rolling drum

The funerals were the hardest, he went to every single one, had even asked that one be moved to a different time slot so he could attend them all, after all he was responsible, it was his plan, his call, his fault.

The Heart of All is shattered
The Dreams of One are dashed
The Will of the Land has spoken
As cold fire tightens its hand

He never told anyone what else he did, how he went back later and poured holy water, sea salt, rosemary and thyme to help bless the graves so that if any did start to rise no one would have to deal with them. He had made sure that the very coffins that they were laid to rest in were blessed and warded, and had snuck into the morgue the first night after grad and implanted wood into the hearts of all those that had fallen that night. None would rise, he made sure of that.

A power of blood and passion
A grief both old and strong
These pages have now been written
And now I end this Song!

This was for them, their epitaph if you will, the only way to show their spirits that he was sorry and that he would have given anything for none to fall to the monster that rose that day, and as the last note died away he finally became aware of the hush that had fallen over the crowd, and how riveted they were to him. He smiled softly and unashamed of the tears falling from his eyes, placed the guitar back into its battered and travel-worn case and left the stage as quietly as he had entered it. The clapping started softly and you could hear several people crying in the crowd but soon everyone was standing and clapping for the one who had enough courage to show how much pain he still felt for the death they had all endured.

The man standing in the back of the club felt the tears he had been holding back for so long finally start to break, and as he bowed his head to wipe his eyes he felt as tho someone was looking at him. He looked up his red hair falling into his eyes to see the singer standing right in front of him. The young man smiled at him and gently led him to a table and sat him down, before walking off and getting a couple of bottles of water from the bartender.

"Here, I think you might need this,"

Horatio Caine looked up at the man holding the bottle and smiled ruefully, "I think I might at that." he replied.

"So who was it?" H watched as the dark haired man sat across the table from him and opened his own bottle of water. "I don't remember seeing you at any of the funerals and I think I would have remembered your hair at the least." he smiled and added, "The only person around here that has hair close to that shade is my best friend over there." he gracefully pointed out a young redhead sitting with a couple of girls.

"No one here, it was just a combination of several, but mostly my Mother and my younger brother. I'm all that's left except for my brothers children." H wondered at himself, he was actually talking to someone about the loss of his family and how much it still hurt that they were gone.

"It never stops hurting, but you do get used to the pain. At least in my experience that's how it works. We lost 16 kids at graduation when the gas main exploded, some of them I've known since before I went to school. We didn't always get along but it still hurts that they are gone. There's a few rules here in town I'd like you to follow, I like you and don't want to see you end up a statistic here in town. Stay inside after dark, don't invite anyone in, no welcome mats and stay at the four seasons instead of the roach haven down the street. There's a darker element to this town that we can't get rid of completely, so be careful. By the way I'm Xander." He held out his hand and H looked at it and shook it. "So why did you decide to visit our fair Hellhole?"

"I'm Horatio and believe it or not I came to see a friend's relative, wait, did you say Xander? As in Alexander Harris?"

"Huh? How did you know that? Wait, Horatio...Horatio Cain from Miami? Shit! You work with Timmy! My cousin!" H watched as Xander sat back in his chair and smiled at him with a familiar look on his face, a look he has seen on his favorite trace expert. "So what has my entirely too smart for his own good cousin gotten himself into this time?"

"He got shot, mostly to his vest but his arm did get clipped by a bullet and he's fussing that he's not getting back into the lab instantly, I can't stay with him since I run the lab and the contact number we had for you didn't work. I decided to fly out and see if I could get you to come to Miami to help Speed out. I would have just left it, but when we couldn't get ahold of you Speed insisted I come out here and get you."

"Luckily I'm already packed, I was going to go on a road trip starting tomorrow, we can go now if you like. I am so going to kick his ass for this, he better had been cleaning that gun of his!" Xander growled as he got up and signaled to the redhead in the corner. “Just give me a sec I gotta say bye to my friends.” H watched as Xander went over to his friends and gave the girls hugs.
Xander looked at Willow and said, “Remember Timmy? My cousin?”

“Yes…What’s going on?” she replied.

“Just found out he’s been shot, gotta head out now instead of tomorrow so I figured I’d say bye now. Love ya, Wills, you be good and have fun, K?” Xander gave her a hug and asked, “Give my love to the girls and Oz, and tell Giles I’m gonna miss him. I’ll call when I know more.”

H watched as Xander walked back to him and then he followed Xander out to his car. He watched as Xander took out a military style rucksack and hefted it onto his shoulder before turning to one of the guys outside the club, “Hey Rich! Still need a set of wheels?”
“Hell yeah! I’ll give you a grand for it!” The young blond reached into his pocket and pulled out a checkbook that he pulled the full thousand dollars out of and handed to Xander.

“Sold! Thanks man I gotta jet, my cousin got fragged and needs me to kick his butt. You take care and get her checked out soon, I changed the fluids but something isn’t sounding quite right.” Xander signed over the title and then said, “You’ve got ‘til tomorrow to get insurance on it cause I’m canceling the policy then, do it early and get something really comprehensive, that should help with any work needing done.” Xander winked at the kid and then turned to Horatio and said, “We’d better get going, I don’t wanna be out here long. They walked the block to H’s rental Hummer and Xander sighed as he got in. Xander could only worry and wait, it was now up to H to get them back to Miami and to Speed.
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