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Battle Mode

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Summary: sequel to Wildcat. The X-Men meet the Scooby Gang.

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Part 5

Part 5

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Spike asked, grinning.

Xander glared at him with big round eyes. "You. Stake. Vampires."

A confused look appeared on the blond's face. Turning toward the slayer, he pointed the dark haired boy. "What is he talking about?"

"You staked vampires," the slayer said. "Why?"

"Don't like that Magneto guy," he shrugged. Then he saw a flash of red hair. "And how are you, pet?" Wolverine growled at him. Spike took a step back with a smile. "Last time I was in Sunnydale, you were with chubs but dating the werewolf guitarist. Then it seems you ditched them both and you started going out with another wolf."

"Not exactly," the red head replied.

Spike looked up as lightening appeared in the sky. "Where did that came from?" That's when he saw Storm looking at the sky with...white eyes! "What the hell?!" He finally noticed the visor on Cyclops' eyes. But when he saw the red head, it was THE big surprise. She had yellow eyes with sharp teeth and claws instead of nails. Beside her, he saw the "wolf" with steel claws extended between his fingers. "You're mutants," he dead panned.

Wildcat rolled her eyes. "Duh!"

A curious gleam entered the vampire's blue eyes. "And what does those two do?" he glanced at Rogue and Iceman. The young boy freezed a nearby bush.

Rogue had a devilish smile on her face. "Want me to show you what I can do?"

"Rogue," Wildcat warned. "He'll know soon enough...inless he's too chicken to come and play with us in Magneto's lair."

"I'm not chicken!" yelled the outraged vampire.

Moving her face just inches from his, "Prove it."

He took her hand and tugged her with him to the entrance. "Lets go."

* * *

Wildcat, Wolverine and Spike took the lead : they were the only one that could smell someone approaching. Buffy was close behind to feel the possible appearance of vampires...other than Spike.

"So, pet, how come you're a mutant?" the bleached blond asked Wildcat.


"Ha! Ha! I know that. How come you're with the X-Men?"

Wildcat exchanged a look with Wolverine that turned back to Spike. "How do you know about the X-Men?"

"Met that Xavier guy once. I decided not to kill him."

"You mean he controlled your mind and made you go away."

"Stop changing the subject!" he yelled.

Wildcat sighed. "Alright. I ran away and ended up in front of Xavier's school. He didn't told me it was full of mutants. Rogue noticed my claws one day and I freaked out : I ran away again. Wolverine dragged me back and I'm an X-Men in training since then."

"Keep quiet, you two," Cyclops hissed.

Wolverine grinned at Wildcat and Spike. He let his claws go out and swung them in from of him, making a big noise of rocks rolling everywhere. He turned toward the young mutant. "Sorry. There was a snake."

Spike grinned at him. "I like you Wolvy. You've got that charming character that only I and a few others have."

Jean snorted and Rogue rolled her eyes. "Don't forget the ass." She winked at him.

"Thanks, pet." Suddenly, he stiffed. Beside him, Wolverine and Wildcat were tensed too. Their eyes were looking for the source of the faint noise and the slayerettes were a bit nervous at the gesture. Spike looked up and yelled, "Look out!" He pulled the red head with him, her lover close behind.

Pyro let himself fall down and punched Cyclops as he stood up. Flames appeared out of nowhere and the blond mutant hurled them at Jean. She dodged them and Spike's eyes narrowed as the telekinesis woman lift Pyro in the air and made him fly across the cave. Someone kicked him from behind and he spraled across the floor. He lift up his head to see a blue scale covered mutant fighting with the redhead and Wolverine.

Buffy didn't know whom side to go : kick Pyro's ass with the older members of the X-Men team or help Wildcat and her lover beat the crap out of Mystique? Faith didn't let her chose as her slayer senses went crazy. "Just great," she muttered.

A group of about seven vampires circled the slayerettes. "Lucky, aren't we?" one of them asked, grining. "If it isn't the slayer and her groupies. I hope you're feeling lucky because you ain't gonna get out of here alive."

"Sure of that, mate?"

The fledging exploded into dust. The other ones turned around and froze as they saw Spike. The bleached blond wasn't Sunnydale's master vampire anymore, but the young vampires weren't kidding themselves. Spike was deadly when pissed off.

"We're sorry, Master Spike. But we thought..."

"You thought?! What a joke!" He staked him. The rest of them looked at each other and finally decided it was better to run. A smile of victory appeared on Spike's face and he turned toward a clearly disturbed slayer.

"You know," she started, "I'm starting to ask myself why I even bother to patrol with you killing your own minions."

He rolled his eyes and couldn't control a laugh. He saw the X-Men coming to them, the bunch of them leaving two very dead mutants on the ground. "I think we should maybe move the fight somewhere else. Lets say, where is Magneto."

"Brillant plan, Spike," Wildcat smiled. "And since when are you a genius?"

He laughed at her and put his arm around her shoulders. "Maybe it's your influence, pet." They walked further in the cave, the rest following close behind. "Let's find this guy and go back home."

* * *

"So, you are going back with them?"

Wildcat looked sadly at Xander. "Yeah, they are my family now. But I'll write to you as often as possible."

Taking down Magneto had been surprisingly easy. The mutant had almost all his allies dead or too scared. Most of the vampires had run away, too scared of the pissed off slayer and the dangerous smirk Spike had on his face that promised slow death to anyone in his path.

The slayer walked to her once was enemy. "Thanks Spike. You've been of a great help tonight."

He smiled at her. "Thanks, pet." The blond vampire had talked a bit with Wolverine and Wildcat and had finally decided to go to Westchester with them. He had some talents that could be of great utility in the X-Men. Plus, he would be a great teacher of history because he lives through some of it. Anyway, Wolverine had agreed with Wildcat that he needed some help in the martial arts class : there were too many students for only one teacher and sometimes, they were driving him crazy.

Finally, the X-Men waved back at the slayerettes as they made their way to the airport. The redhead once called Willow had promised to visit sometimes and bring Rogue and Iceman with her.

In the plane, they took their seat, Spike next to Wildcat and Wolverine. "So, when is the next time we kick some mutant ass?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Battle Mode". This story is complete.

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