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Battle Mode

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Summary: sequel to Wildcat. The X-Men meet the Scooby Gang.

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Battle Mode

Part 1

Flashback on Wildcat's epilogue

Turning around, the Slayerettes saw a whole gang of weird people standing near a mausoleum. But what catched their eyes was the small silhouette with red hair standing by their side.

The Wildcat was back in Sunnydale.

* * *

"Willow!" Xander looked at the girl, no, woman in front of him. She had changed so much. The last picture he got of her, she had looked like the innocent teenager he had always known. Now, he was seing a beautiful nineteen year old girl. She was a mutant, a fighter. She wasn't as dependant as before. But in her eyes, he saw a part of the old Willow. She hadn't change that much. She was just more confident and responsible.

Giles was more in control of his emotions. He did saw Willow, but also a bunch of mutants with her. Their was two other ones next to her, a blond guy and a brown haired girl. [Probably her friends.]

Willow wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to embrace them at the same time of running the opposite way. It had been 18 months since the last time she had seen them.

Buffy didn't let her time to choose. The Slayer ran to her old friend and took her in her arms. "Oh, Willow. It's so good to see you. I missed you terribly. Why didn't you phone me? How are you? Who are your new friends?"

That was enough. Bobby bursted into laughing. Willow turned toward him, a little smile and a cocked eyebrow. "What are you laughing at Mr. Freeze?" Hearing her calling him that, he stopped. "Thanks." Willow turned back to Buffy. "It's nice to see you too." Giving her a smile, she looked at her childhood friend. After all that time, he hadn't learn : he was still with Cordelia.

Jean saw an older man standing apart from the teenagers. Walking to him she asked, "M. Giles? I've learn you are the Watcher. Do you have a place we can go to talk privatly?"

Giles was surprise to be called a watcher. Then he remembered, "Willooow!"

"Oops! Sorry Giles. She's psychic so she would have found out anyway."

Buffy picked up the conversation rapidly. Her Watcher wasn't very social. "Come on. This way. We're going to Giles house." And the group composed of mutants and Slayerettes walked to the "base".

* * *

"So, what brings you here?" Giles asked Willow.

The red haired girl sat down on the couch next to Wolverine. "I'm sure you've heard about that mutant Magneto."

Xander, coming back from the kitchen, jumped in the conversation. "Is he the one that nearly killed everyone near liberty island?"

"Yeah that's him. He escaped last week from his plastic cage. I don't know how so don't ask," Willow added seing Cordelia trying to cut her. "The professor has contacts around the world and he knows Magneto's in Sunnydale."

That was Buffy's department. That big evil mutant was coming to her town and she wasn't going to let him take it as his personal amusement park. The Master has been destroyed, Angelus hadn't win his game and even the mayor was part of Sunnydale's history book. "Just tell me where this mutant is and I'm going to kick his ass," the Slayer simply said.

Willow exchanged a look with Rogue. "Buffy, listen to me, oK?" she asked. "I wouldn't have come to SunnyHell if I knew you could handle it. It's not a stake that is going to get rid of him. That's why I'm not alone to warn you. Last time, it took all the X-Men and a major participation by lady luck to take down Magneto. I needed some back up here. That mission is part of my training. I'm not in total control of my powers yet and I need some grown ups to help me do the job. Do you understand?"

Buffy nodded, a bit disapointed. She knew Willow would not tell her that in less it was strickly the truth.

Cordelia raised her hand, trying to get attention. "Sorry to interupt you but...maybe this guy just escaped to have some peace and live quietly for the rest of his life."

Willow glared at her. "Seriously, Cordy, if you could have a chance to go anywhere in the world to have some peace, would you go on the Hellmouth? That's what I thought."

Storm, knowing Wildcat was about to loose control, took her place to explain the rest of the story. "The professor told us he was looking for a mutant in this town. This mutant could be the key to a whole lot of things. We have the mission to find this mutant in danger and fight Magneto off."

Giles finally stepped out of his stupor. He standed up and walked toward Cyclops. "And you're just going to let those kids play in the middle of this war?" he asked, pointing toward Willow, Rogue and Bobby. "I think you have no rights about that. They are not able to fight off evils. They are tennagers. You maybe think you're superior because of genetic and..."

Giles was suddenly slammed into the wall. Before he could move, a wildcat hand gripped his neck. "Once, you may have been the father I never had," Willow told him. "But today, you are just as insignificant as linoleum is to me. So, instead you want to see how "helpless" I am, I suggest you shut your mouth good."

"Wildcat, calm down. Let the Watcher go," Wolverine told her gently. Slowly, he approached her and took her arm, taking her away from the old man. He led her to the couch and made her sit. When Willow was calmer, he made his way back to the trembling man. He let the calws go out and put them near Giles' face. "If you make her loose control like that again, I'll ripe your neck open with no second thoughts." He turned around and took Willow's arm. "Let's go before we let him see what those "kids" can do."

Xander watched as the X-Men left the house. "Well, Bravo Giles." He took his bag and exited the door, a shaken Cordelia and an angry Slayer following him.
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