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Me llamo Felipe

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Summary: Dawn finds an old diary written by a mute servant who can only tells the secrets he knows in writing.

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Literature > Action > ZorrokaekaeFR1331,426031,40327 Jan 1028 Jan 10No

Chapter Two

I don't own anything - see 1st chapter for who owns what.

I am going to keep the chapters small.


They call me Felipe. I am 16. I am a servant to the de la Vegas.

I write this journal knowing that no one can ever read this - at least not for many, many years. But I have to tell someone what I know, and I know I can’t.

Diego de la Vega is more then my master (or rather employer, he says no man can have mastery over an equal). He is my father, brother, best friend, confidante and saviour. He is the greatest man I know. But he is also the defender of this entire pueblo.

Diego found me when I was a small boy. I couldn’t speak (or as far as he knew hear) and I apparently was just another peasant orphaned by just another war, but Diego was more then then just another caballero, he cared for me. The de la Vegas gave me a home and a family.

His father, Don Alejandro, is an exceedingly kind man, who should be so proud of his son; but he is never given the chance to see the man Diego has become. Diego doesn’t realize that I see the hurt in his eyes when Don Alejandro falls for Diego’s deception. I must keep Diego’s secret even from his father, but it breaks my heart.

Since Diego found me I have led a double-life, sometimes I am not sure why I did it at the time, but I allowed everyone to think I am deaf as well as mute. Diego found out my secret, but he has kept my secret. He knows the pain of living a double-life, you see Diego de la Vega is Zorro.


“Zorro” The name resonated with Dawn. She had heard about him - everyone who grew up in small town California had heard about the legendary Zorro. The Robin Hood of Alta California. She had thought he was a legend, although occasionally she wondered if he wore the mask simply to hide the fact that he was a demon. No one ever found out who Zorro was, he simply disappeared one day. Some versions of the legend said that he had conquered injustice and retired. Others said he had moved and taken on different names. Others simply said he had died, but no one had ever found a body. Dawn went back to the book.
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