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Summary: What happens when a fifth Vault hunter arrives at Pandora? Crossover with Borderlands

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Games > Sci-FiTTrunksFR1812,5941102,05528 Jan 1028 Jan 10Yes
Hello all, I’m sorry I truly am sorry, but I had to write this depending on feedback I may or may not make more. But this game is so awesome, so I’m going to try my best.


“You won’t last long here, not without help, not without guns…. A hell of a lot of guns.”

-Helena Pierce

Xander Harris sat on the rickety bus; it stank of sweat and dust. He was honestly thankful for the respite from Pandora’s hellish sun. He wore a white shirt and black sleeveless ankle length leather coat, blue jeans and black combat boots. On his hands black gloves, fingerless after the second knuckle on all his fingers but his pointers and thumbs, a black classical eye patch over his left eye, a long scar going from his right brow down past his lips to his chin, his right eye was a dark yellow and slitted like a cat’s. His eyes were cold, and a bit hard, the eyes of a killer, although none of the people on the bus looked kind.

The female sitting behind him stank of magic, Xander had noticed she wore black leather pants, black steel plated boots, and a black vest that was armless and barely went past her second rib. Under that she wore a red shirt with a crimson jacket/coat that was just as short and zipped half way up showing a decent amount of cleavage. The “Jacket” barely went past her shoulders though it did cover them. Both her arms had strips of red cloth maybe arm bands around the wrists, light purple tattoos on her left arm, that looked tribal. She had crimson hair that reminded Xander of the woman who’d sent him two million years into the future. The woman who instead of killing him before she ended the world tossed him into a temporal portal sending him here, the woman who he was looking for a way to kill.

The man sitting a bit in front of him made Xander acknowledge his skills. He wore black BDU’s, brown steel toed combat boots with straps instead of laces, a crimson sash on his right hip a holster with a revolver on the left side twelve bullets each with a tip that glistened in the light. He wore a tight vest that was black as well as a black mask with red goggles; the left arm uncovered the right with a bit of a football-esk padding for protection for his right shoulder. His right hand had a normal glove on it, the left however seemed to have a thick leather arm piece that went to his elbow but the hand was still gloved. Xander couldn’t help but smirk at the man’s goatee. A few hairs visible from behind reminded him of dreadlocks. However the sword on his back made Xander fight the urge to remark on them.

In the very back of the bus was a man who even Xander, now 6’ 6”, had to admit was tall. The man looked like a wall of solid flesh. Where a person’s knuckles were on his hands, Xander had noticed screws and bolts, he wore black gloves that went to his elbows, black BDU’s, his head was shaved and Xander had to smirk at the ring’s, one on each fist one with the number “1” the other with the number “2”. Xander had no doubt he’d break a normal man in half with the same effort that he’d put a bullet in them.

The final person on the bus was a man of African American decent, he was wearing armor the only way Xander could think of to describe it was Crimson Lance armor. He wore a cap on his head that made Xander think it was a bald cap at first but the goggles showed the man knew about desert climates. Each of them had guns, the man Xander had dubbed “Goggles” had a sniper rifle on his back, the woman a SMG at her side, the soldier a machine rifle, and the big guy a didn’t have one visible but Xander was sure he didn’t JUST have his fists. Xander himself had a shotgun, few things could take a face full of buckshot and shrug it off.

Xander was surprised as the short stubby man driving slammed on the breaks and said, “Okay folks here we are at Fyrestone, and I hope I see you again, but get off of my bus.”

The five people slowly but surely got off the bus, surprised as a small robot pulled forward giving each a small HUD display for over their left eyes. Xander saw a limit to the amount of damage he could take be put into place as well as a read out of the others, a basic directional device, and a basic read out. He looked at the others and said, “We’re all looking for the vault I take it?”

He knew he looked a bit stupid the HUD reader on his right eye meant he’d had to put it on upside down but it was pointless other wise and as the other’s nodded he said, “What do you say we stick together until we get the feel of the land at least?”

The other’s nodded and soon the five were headed towards the gate. Only for Xander to raise an eyebrow as some kind of ATV truck thing hit the ground, the waist high robot that had told them to call it “Clap-trap” panicking and going into hiding. However as he heard gun fire he could only smirk at "Goggles" had blown the brains out of one of the driver’s skulls. Even as Muscles said, “Geet ova here and open da gate little robot.”

The robot did as told as it said, “Good they're gone follow me please.”

As the group headed forward Xander couldn’t help but smirk as the Clap-trap picked up more of the masked men, each wearing a black mask with a red A mark on it, what appeared to be a Kevlar vest, BDU pants, and knee pads as well as combat boots. As it pointed a gun at the girl Xander was surprised to see her calmly put three rounds into each of the men’s knee caps, before sending grey matter and blood flying with a third three round burst. Even as “Goggles” climbed the wheel of the now driver less truck and put a single round through each enemy head. The Soldier firing his machine gun and getting center mass or head shots.

Xander winced as the big guy broke one of the thugs chest’s open even as he moved to the side of the clearly unhinged gun man’s line of sight and fired he knew at this range the buck shot wouldn’t’ be fatal, but it did slow him down. Moving forward he pulled the dagger from his boot and jammed it into the area in the side of the man’s neck, twisting even as the man dropped Xander grabbed his gun checking the machine gun’s slide he brought it up to his shoulder and hit the nearest three gun men in the chest with five round bursts.

As Xander looked around a bit he said, “Goggles we clear?”

The man fired a round before nodding as he said, “Yeah, let’s go.”

Soon the men were moving forward scouting the area, Xander found a few bills a bit of ammo and decided to keep the machine gun. Using a strap of fabric to rig a quick holster for the shotgun, as he approached a red chest he whistled, opening it he let his eyes run over the guns saying, “We got some decent armaments here, who wants an upgrade?”

The girl smirked as she said, “Toss me the handgun it should work.”

Xander nodded tossing her the handgun which with the skill of a woman Lara Croft would envy she checked the slide and slid in a new round. He took the shotgun for himself it seemed to have two barrels but also a pump for more, as he checked it he was impressed that it had two slugs loaded behind the main ammo tubes. Loading it with four he dropped the shotgun he’d been carrying originally even as “Goggles” looked at the chest and shook his head, “None for me thanks.”

The Soldier shook his head “no” as well even as the wall of a man took the two remaining guns loading both before putting them in his waist band. Soon the team was moving forward, about fifteen minutes later after a arriving at the town of Fyrestone, and meeting the local “Doctor”; Dr. Zed and getting a useful trinket he slowly approached the base. Apparently some local scum bag was bleeding the town folks dry literally and something told him helping the town’s people would help him find the vault. Plus the others seemed very interested in the idea.

Xander looked at them saying, “Witch, you mind going in while Goggles covers you? Me, Soldier boy, and Wall will go head in first.”

The red head raised an eyebrow, “Lilith is my name, and why should we listen to you?”

The man nodded popping his knuckles as he said, “Yes, why should Brick listen to puny man?”

Xander smirked, “Let me tell you why.”

Suddenly Xander reached out grabbing Brick’s belt buckle he pulled hard using his foot to push off of the mountain of a man, the belt snapped sending the behemoth’s guns and pants falling as he grabbed his pants Xander sent at least six hard punches to the thick man’s face; as Brick backed up he threw a punch at Xander which Xander ducked and sent several punches to Brick’s left kidney.

Brick took another step back, but Xander went down kicking the behemoth in his left knee sending him down to his knees and jamming the gun into his face saying, “That answer your questions big man?”

Brick nodded as he smiled, “Sure little man, Brick’s impressed.”

Xander nodded as he looked at the other three saying, “And to be fair does anyone else have a better idea, the way I see it this damned planet doesn’t want us to live so what’s wrong with having four people to back us up, gods only know what stands between us and the vault, and what’s inside will make us all richer than gods, I just want to get home and I’ve heard the alien tech might let me do that, you can each have a fourth of the money.”

Each of them nodded their heads as they agreed to the truce and the plan as the Solider said, “My names Roland, former Red lance, don’t ask why I’m not one anymore.”

The man Xander had named Goggles spoke, “Mordecai, professional sharp shooter.”

The woman looked up next before sighing she said, “Lilith, a wanderer, a siren.”

Brick looked around as he said his lip bleeding lightly, “Brick, I like to hit things.”

They all looked at Xander who spoke, “Xander, I survived on Printera.”

This brought a raised eyebrow from Roland, “Printera, the prison planet, that place is worse than this hell hole.”

Xander nodded as he said, “Yup, I woke up there one day and well here I am.”

They all nodded, everyone knew or had heard rumors of “Printera” a secret prison planet used by the Atlas Corporation for people who got in their way. Supposedly the biggest hive of scum and villainy for the entire universe.

Xander motioned for them to move out and was surprised when Lilith went invisible even as the stench of magic filled his nose. He nodded to Mordecai who pulled himself up into the guard tower staying down Xander then moved forward the rifle loaded as he and Roland got on the left side of the spies encampment, the thick walls offering some cover even as Brick got on the other side, finally he nodded and whistled. Immediately all of the twenty men in camp turned and a loud “Crack” filled the air as Mordecai fired a head shot, the head of the criminal farthest away blew up in a shower of grey matter and blood.

Roland grabbed something from his back and throwing it he was surprised to see a turret pop up and open fire even as Roland moved forward Xander did as well using the gun’s shield projector as it was meant to be used he rained lead down on the enemies. However suddenly the tents opened and a dozen more men rushed out raining fire suddenly he turned just in time to see Brick get hit. The man hollered out as a red aurora surrounded him; the man yelled running into the group of enemies sending punches that literally made bodies explode into clouds of blood.

Xander allowed himself to feel a moment of shock at such raw power, however as Roland grunted in pain Xander realized as useful as the Berserker’s rage was it had to have a limit; indeed his punches were getting slower. Slamming a new clip home he felt “it” building up inside of him. Realizing that unless they got extremely lucky he had no other choice he said, “Roland if I go out of control put a bullet in my head.”

Xander then jumped out from the cover he didn’t even feel the half a dozen bullets as he tossed his coat aside; his form growing muscles bulging, bone breaking and shifting in less than three seconds, Xander was now in a strange human creature hybrid, bounding forward he leap into a crowd of Outlaws, slashing deep causing intestines to fall and throat’s to explode in gore. Even as he bit deep into an enemies neck artery and ripped it out the beast felt blood flowing down its body and reveled in it, bounding through the defenseless enemies as if they were nothing. Their sheer panic at the beast as well as Brick’s continued melee the shots to the back used by a now visible Lilith and Mordecai’s head shots, soon nothing was standing but Xander and Brick, both dripping with blood. The half human half Hyena jumped at Brock who almost calmly grabbed it by its throat saying clearly, “DOWN DOGGY!”

The large man then brought his fist down into Xander’s temple knocking him out cold. Several minutes later Xander blinked in his normal form he said, “Wow, it sure made a mess huh?”

Even as his eyes surveyed the damage he turned at the sound of a gun cocking to see Lilith pointing her SMG at him as she said, “Who, what are you?”

Xander smirked, “An incident with a Hyena spirit during what sent me to Printera, the spirit got super boosted and became a part of me, and thus I can become half hyena half man, limited control.”

Lilith shrugged lowering her gun as she said, “Hm interesting, you’d better get better at controlling it.”

Xander smirked his teeth still bloody as he caught his coat thrown to him by Roland as he said, “Heh, I’ll work on it.”

As Xander looked up the suns of Pandora slowly setting he knew without a doubt that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d have to let the Hyena out.


There you go folks tell me what you think of it, if I should continue it or not. I look forward to your reviews.

Also Disclaimer, I don’t own "Borderlands" or "Buffy" or any of the character’s therein.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xanderlands". This story is complete.

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