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Dove of Hope

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Summary: Crossover of my new favorite television show and one of my favorite BTVS characters. One disallusioned partner helping out another disallusioned partner. I'm not sure where this is headed so any feed back is welcome.

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Television > Beast, The(Past Donor)DianasisFR1811620155328 Jan 1028 Jan 10Yes
Whedon and friends still own everything Buffy and friends spout off. The Beast no more belongs to me than does Dirty Dancing. I only think it does in my dreams...

See, I never figured I'd be some kind of hero.

But this here being the villain was so not in the picture.

Sure no one'd spot me for a goody two shoes but that don't mean I weren't quality goods.

So when that smartie, Ellis, comes round with his yarn of getting it all back and gaining trust from those that matter, I see nothin' wrong with a little moonlighting from my routine.

This cell ain't goin no where. The same punch punks would probably be beating me back here and the food wasn't anything to miss.

After all, what'd I have left to lose.

(A/N Life happened and my muse died on this one. If anybody wants to add on let me know. The cross is Faith / The Beast(Patrick Swayze)

The End

You have reached the end of "Dove of Hope". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking