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Family Issues

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Casanova - AKA Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.

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Comes in threes

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.
Read “Expletive Not Deleted” for previous events.

AN – For those wondering about who IPL is from the previous chapter, she’s just a young actress Dru seduced and a throw away character, even though Season 7 had an actress as one of the Potentials who had the same initials, that is purely coincidental. (BTW – Anyone interested in a bridge in Brooklyn?)

AN – Thoughts denoted by asterisks - *I am thinking.*

Buffy’s eyes got real big as her Mother continued, “Is there something you SHOULD be telling me?”

Buffy’s mouth was moving but only inarticulate sounds were being made. Which was sort of a miracle in and of itself since the higher functions of her brain froze up in its attempt to sort through the multitude of inane and totally unbelievable lies to tell her Mother.

Joyce let her Daughter flounder for a few moments even though she was getting more and more concerned about what that floundering meant about the answer to her question.

Finally getting tired of waiting for her Daughter to formulate what was obviously going to be a lie, Joyce said in a tender and understanding voice, “Just tell me the truth. It’ll be easier and I promise not to get mad.”

Hearing her Mother’s voice snapped Buffy out of her fugue but still didn’t get her to speak. She did close her eyes and silently, this time, quickly repeated her mantra to keep her calm as she gathered her thoughts about what to say to her Mother.

Joyce was about to prompt her Daughter again when Buffy spoke up, “Did you read or hear about what went on Halloween night?”

“Yes,” replied Joyce.

“Uh . . . Xander and I were sorta affected,” stated Buffy with a bit of a wince.

“He didn’t . . ” started Joyce.

“NO!” shouted Buffy. “No. There was no forcing of anything. Some cajoling maybe but absolutely no forcing of things. Xander wouldn’t do that.”

“Besides it wasn’t either of ours fault that it happened,” she added. “As I said, Xander and I were not really ourselves at the time. And we’ve talked about it once we were ourselves again. We agreed that things will be awkward for a while but need to try and keep things normal between us until we can both fully come to terms with what happened.”

“Honey,” said Joyce in a consoling tone.

“Mom,” interrupted Buffy before he Mother could say anything else. “I’m aware that Xander has a crush on me and this is going to have some influence on his feelings, but you and I also know that Willow has a crush on him that he is totally ignorant of and I won’t allow this incident to affect my decision to not pursue him. I may dial back my attempts to get Willow to be more assertive in letting him know about her feelings because of this as I don’t want to have this make me push her too hard in compensation for my guilt, but I am not going to encourage Xander in his feelings for me because of this either.”

Heaving a sigh, Joyce asked, “Did you at least practice safe sex?”

“I’m not going to get pregnant from this,” said Buffy as she looked away from her Mother in supposed embarrassment though more to hide her sadness.

Both women were quiet for a few moments.

Buffy then said, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t bring this up to Xander. We both want to keep this quiet and if he knew you knew it would freak him out. To tell the truth it freaks me out almost as much as if you were to tell me the stork didn’t bring me.”

“The stork!” said Joyce, raising an eyebrow. “I know I gave you the ‘birds and bees’ talk.”

“But that only applies to me not you,” replied Buffy, huffily. “For my own piece of mind, I believe that I was delivered by the stork and you did not engage in such behavior.”

“I could tell you such stories . . . .” stated Joyce.

“LALALALALALALALALA,” chanted Buffy as she put her fingers in her ears. “I can’t hear you. I was brought by the stork and that’s final. LALALALALALALALALA.”

Smiling, Joyce reached over and pulled Buffy’s arms away from her head and said, “Okay. You came by stork.”

“However,” continued Joyce with a more serious tone. “I would still like for you to tell me why you were mumbling to yourself about your first time being with Xander, ‘cause from the reverence in your voice I must assume it to have been not horrible.”

Buffy was quiet and Joyce gave her time to compose herself before answering.

“It was better than I have ever imagined,” she finally said quietly as she bowed her head.

Joyce went to her knees and hugged her daughter. She was at a loss as to what to say since she figured from Buffy’s demeanor that she might desire a repeat encounter with Xander, not that Joyce would be sanguine about her Daughter being sexually active with him or anyone else, but Buffy had made a conscious decision to not pursue that in favor of Willow’s prior claim. A noble decision but obviously filled with some regret.

If it weren’t for Buffy’s request that she not embarrass Xander by letting him know she knows, Joyce would ask him his intentions. She still might if she felt it was in Buffy’s best interest. She loved Willow and wouldn’t want to hurt her but she wasn’t her daughter. Buffy was and Joyce would do what she thought she needed to do to see to Buffy’s happiness. For now she would pretend ignorance as best she could and avoid being alone with Xander where she might be tempted to speak to him on the subject.

Buffy let her Mother hold her while she silently said her calming mantra. Not so much to keep ‘The Rage’ away as to just calm her nerves from the conversation she’d just had.

*Xander’s going to kill me when he finds out Mom knows,* she thought resignedly.

Giles’ happy mood had disappeared. The phone call he’d received had delivered very bad news indeed.

He should have guessed that Ethan’s appearance in Sunnydale would be a bad omen for even more problems than just what he’d caused on Halloween. However, Giles was currently at a loss as to how to address the problem. Or the problems that will come about because of this problem.

The current situation facing Buffy and the others made it even more vital that they not become involved. This was simply too dangerous.

It would also complicate his new relationship with Jenny. How was he to protect her from this?

If what he’d been told was correct, he had a week, maybe two before things came to a head. How he was going to pretend things were normal during that time while preparing to face what he had to, he didn’t know. But for everyone’s safety, he had to.

The early bus from L.A. pulled in to the Sunnydale depot only an hour late. Luckily for the passengers, it was still midday and the Sun was shining.

One particular passenger kept to himself and headed off to pick up the keys to the properties he’d arranged to lease via the internet. He’d take a few days to get the lay of the land before confronting his quarry. Then he’d implement his plan. His lack of any feelings about the right or wrong for what he was going to do was just another example of how humans can be even worse than some demons.

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