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This story is No. 2 in the series "Casanova - AKA Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.

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Trying to move forward

Rating: NC21 – For sexual and violent imagery and descriptions.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.
Read “Expletive Not Deleted” for previous events.

AN - Made some minor spelling corrections to chapters 1 and 2.

AN – Thoughts denoted by asterisks - *I am thinking.*

(Halloween Night)

Drusilla was not in a good mood. A fact that half the minions at the factory would corroborate readily. With the other half bearing mute evidence of her displeasure as piles of dust strewn about.

Spike had gone out to take advantage of the Slayer’s vulnerability that the Stars had told her about.

A part of her anger was at the Stars for not warning her of the danger presented by actions of the Chaos Mage in making the Avatar of Chaos a different kind of soldier. Miss Edith had not whispered in her ear their new message until it was too late. She arrived on the scene just in time to see Spike’s body turn to dust and was so shocked by the sight that she had been rooted to the spot long enough for the four young people to have left the area and make it to the safety of a house.

As Miss Edith was talking to her again, Dru had returned to the site of Spike’s death and gathered as much of his ashes that hadn’t blown away as she could. Next, still following Miss Edith’s instructions, she hypnotized a couple of non-possessed Halloweeners to follow her back to the factory.

Miss Edith told her she needed to be calm and patient for what was to be done so she rampaged through the minions to work off her rage at Spike’s demise till she finally made her way to the room Spike had set up for them. Once there she placed Spike’s ashes in an empty red wine bottle per instructions.

Once that was accomplished she had her two thralls first undress themselves and then slowly undress her. She then took them to her bed for a night of debauchery the likes the two boys had never ever dreamt of in their wildest fantasies.

During the wild bouts of sex, Dru used torn pieces of their clothing to tightly bind their cocks and balls. The former to keep them erect even though she was draining them slowly of blood. The latter, literally gave them the worst case of blue balls ever as their ejaculate was prevented from progressing normally. However, due to her control of their minds, they weren’t aware of the pain caused by the bindings.

Finally, near dawn, when the blood loss was too great for even her will to make them continuing to pump their very swollen manhoods into her vagina and bowels, she yanked the cock and balls from both their dying bodies and squeezed the mixture of blood, semen, and sperm from them into the wine bottle with Spike’s ashes in it.

The next part of Miss Edith’s instructions required her to slice a sliver of flesh from her nether lips. Granted it didn’t have to be very big but did require that it be coated in her sex juices. She had done so a bit hesitantly then sealed the bottle, repeated the spell Miss Edith gave her, and placed it in the small refrigerator Spike had got to store extra blood in for her to consume during the days when live food was difficult to come by because of the Slayer and her group interfering with hunting.

She would have some of the minions remove the bodies and replace the bloodied mattress and sheets later. For now she entertained herself with their corpses by tearing off body parts to siphon off any blood that still remained. By the time she was through, there was nothing left that anyone would recognize of Warren Mears and Tucker Wells.

She wished Miss Edith would tell her why she needed to do all these things but was content for now to luxuriate in the wantonness of deflowering and then killing young boys. It made her nostalgic for the times she and the rest of The Scourge would get invited into an orphanage. Robbing the young charges of their innocence and lives really got her in the mood for some really rough sex with Grandmama and Daddy. Spike didn’t need the extra incentive but even he was inspired to greater heights of hedonism at those times.

Dru fell asleep using an ulna as a dildoe amidst the blood, gore, and sex juices, much of it covering her nude body and hair, with a semi-contented smile on her face as she dreamt of the ‘good old days’.

(November 1)

As Buffy approached the school, her stomach growled, reminding her she hadn’t eaten since breakfast and that had only been a couple slices of toast and a glass of juice.

*Maybe I should go home and eat first?* she mused. But then she thought, *Giles would most certainly stay and wait for me to return but Miss Calendar might not if I stay away too long and I need her to help strengthen the spell she used to keep The Rage at bay.*

So she continued towards the school. As she entered the parking lot area, she noted that only two cars were present, Giles’ and supposedly Miss Calendar’s though she’d never really paid attention to what the computer teacher drove. Cordelia’s definitely wasn’t there and Buffy heaved a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t have to be confronted by her friends over her running off just yet.

As she entered the Library, Buffy saw that Miss Calendar was on the other side of the checkout desk bent forward and holding herself up with her forearms on the counter top. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her slightly flushed face.

Giles was a step or two behind her and appeared to be buttoning his jacket.

Both adults looked up at her as they noticed her sudden entrance.

“Buffy!” exclaimed Giles, while Jenny quickly stood up, a guilty look flashed on her face before settling on just surprise. “You’re back!”

Deciding it was best for her sanity not to delve too much into the significance of their actions, Buffy just said, “I went and explained what happened to Angel and ensured he understood that what happened was not Xander’s fault. He understands and won’t be causing any problems because of it. He has also agreed to help out more on patrols to make up for the absence of Xander and Willow.”

“That’s good to hear,” said Giles, though Miss Calendar didn’t appear to be as thrilled with the news.

*I need to contact Uncle Enyos about Buffy spending more time with Angel,* she thought. *I hope he will then tell me why it is important to keep them separated. I didn’t really have to do much as long as Xander and Willow occasionally patrolled with her. I really hope he doesn’t want me to volunteer to help out with patrols, fighting the Hellmouth monster was more than close enough to the action than I ever wanted to get. Getting kidnapped wasn’t all that much fun either but at least I was unconscious for most of it and didn’t have to fight at all.*

“Miss Calendar,” said Buffy, breaking her out of her musings. “Can you strengthen the spell you did? I’m still having Rage Flares every so often and they make it hard to think.”

“Sure thing,” Jenny replied as she surreptitiously as possible disentangled the panties wrapped around her left foot. “Mr. Giles, while I help Buffy reinforce the spell, you might want to research other spells that we might use to not only help her control the ‘Rage’ but also discover the source so it can be dealt with permanently.”

“Yes. Of course,” he replied as he kicked the freed panties into a darkened corner behind the checkout counter.

“Let’s go into the office so we won’t be disturbed while Mr. Giles does his research.”

As the two women went into the office, Giles began making a mental list of what books he would need to review that dealt with memory spells. He knew he would have to choose which each one carefully to ensure they wouldn’t cause permanent damage since those types of spells were very finicky and potentially dangerous to both caster and castee.

About two hours before sunset, Dru awoke with a very wicked smile on her face. She left the room, still naked and covered in dried blood and gore. She found a couple of her surviving minions in a nearby room and commanded them to clean up her room and replace the bedding immediately as company was coming and she wanted the place to look nice.

Having witnessed her rampage the previous evening and not being totally brain dead, they immediately scurried from the room to do as they were told.

Dru made her way to the employee shower room of the factory they were currently staying in. The water was cold because the old water heater wasn’t working but that didn’t bother her. She scrubbed herself quite thoroughly for over an hour to make sure every bit of the nasty boys’ remains was removed from her skin.

Once she finished, she returned to her room still nude. She inspected it to ensure her minions had done as she’d commanded correctly. Luckily for them she didn’t find anything amiss.

She pouted a bit as she had looked forward to a little mayhem before company arrived but decided it was probably for the best that she not get herself dusty.

Going to her armoire, she looked over her wardrobe to select what she wanted to wear to meet the company that was going to arrive. She chose a black corset that would cinch up her waist perfectly and the half-cups would make her breasts look fuller without covering the nipples. She also pulled out a set of black seamed stockings that would be snapped to the garters attached to the bottom of the corset. She also found a pair of black boots with 4 inch stiletto heels.

After laying the clothes out on the new bed and bedspread, she called out for one of the female vamps she knew had survived her earlier rampage and had her assist in dressing her, then combing her hair into cascading waves falling about her shoulders.

The corset was cinched so tight a normal person wouldn’t have been able to breathe. But Dru loved the way it made her breasts and butt seem bigger. She liked the effect so much that she left her top and bottom bare.

She then ordered the female vamp to get the table set for a tea party, which she scurried off to accomplish lest Dru get miffed.

“There now,” she said. “All set for tonight’s guest. We’ll have a grand time and be a proper mummy and daddy to our baby boy. Of course, Miss Edith says he’ll have to be punished first so he’ll be a good daddy and not a bad one.”

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