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This story is No. 2 in the series "Casanova - AKA Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.

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Literature > ClassicscmdruhuraFR211727,09847150,26028 Jan 1017 Dec 14No

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We're having your baby

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: Greywizard.
Summary: The Scoobies deal with the aftermath of Halloween where Xander ended up bedding Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia with the result being the latter two are pregnant.
Read “Expletive Not Deleted” for previous events.

AN: I chose Literature as the crossover type because much has been written about Casanova, especially by himself.

The five individuals arranged themselves around the research table. Willow and Cordelia sat on one side, though obviously with the maximum space possible between them. Miss Calendar and Xander sat on the other side, sitting closer than that but still not too close. Giles was at the head of the table with Miss Calendar to his left and Cordelia to his right.

They sat in silence for a few heartbeats.

Finally Giles said, “First off, let me say that as long as Willow, Cordelia, and Buffy corroborate that they consented to Xander’s advances, assuming that fact is revealed at all, he should not be charged with Statutory Rape under California law. However, your parents might still try and take some type of civil action against him if you reveal to them who the father of your child is. Given that and the fact that the both of you are carrying his child, it would probably be best for Xander that you not admit you know who the father is, even as you emphatically state that you were not forced into having sex. Now, this is just a suggestion for you to consider, because it would be unfair for him to acknowledge one child and not the other. Therefore, your options would be either you both keep him a secret, or you both admit he is the father. Neither course of action will be easy on you all.”

Continuing, he said, “Now, according to this morning’s paper, the chaos of last night is being attributed to someone dosing candy with some drug that made people behave as they did. This would provide a mitigating factor for your actions when you have to reveal your conditions and also give Xander a possible out, should the three of you decide to reveal that he is the father of your child.”

“As for when you inform your parents, that will be up to you but sometime in December would be normal for you to have made sure your period was late,” chimed in Miss Calendar. “Your best strategy for not having told them about having sex is that you were embarrassed and that, since you had not been forced, you didn’t want to cause an uncomfortable discussion about something that happened as part of the Halloween chaos. If asked who you were intimate with and you’ve all decided you don’t want to point at Xander, just say he was in costume. That way, you’re not lying to them.”

“Cordelia,” continued Miss Calendar. “You should be able to continue cheerleading at least 'til the Christmas break. The exercise will do you good, anyway. It might be best that you not be the top of the pyramid, though, to avoid being injured if you fall.”

Switching back to speaking to both Willow and Cordelia, she continued, “Now you both need to try and act as normal as possible, even though you know you are pregnant. As I indicated, you should be able to continue your normal routines at this stage without any adverse effects to your child. Normal, that is, except for helping out with the actual slaying as you’ve been doing, Willow.”

Turning her gaze to Xander, she said, “Xander, you need to keep from fawning over either Willow or Cordelia if your role in this is to be kept secret. I’ve noticed a strong protective streak in you, and knowing that Willow and Cordelia are having your babies is going to ramp that up. Now, that’s not saying you shouldn’t keep them from getting injured if the situation arises, but you will need to rely on them to not deliberately put themselves in situations where they could be injured.”

“Right,” said Giles, rejoining the conversation. “I believe your first order of business is to decide whether to reveal, to you parents at least, that Xander is the father of your child. To that end, could you please tell us how you believe your parents will react to your condition?”

There was some silence before Willow meekly spoke up.

“My parents will both be upset that I didn’t tell them about my having sex shortly after having done it. Especially since I would have realized after recovering from the ‘spiked candy’ that it was unprotected sex. They would be concerned not only with possible pregnancy but also STDs and my having to deal with those issues on my own. They will be worried that I can’t tell them who it was I had sex with, but as long as I assured them that I wasn’t forced, I don't believe they will push for an abortion, though they might go over it as one of my options.”

“I don’t think I should tell them that Xander is the father,” she continued a bit more quietly and turned towards Xander. “While they like you and appreciate you being my friend, this would make them disappointed in you. It would be easier for them to accept your concern for my and our child’s welfare as the support provided by a good friend. And to be completely truthful, the fact that you’re not Jewish would also not put you in a good light as far as my father is concerned.”

Before Cordelia could say anything, Xander spoke up, “I think it should be our secret that I’m the father of Willow’s and Cordelia’s children. In either case, once my parents found out, they’d try to cook up some scheme to get money out of your families. The Rosenbergs might not be as well off as the Chases but they’d still want money to keep things quiet and if you tell your parents, they might just involve mine since I don't think either of you is intending to terminate your pregnancy and it would come out eventually if your parents knew.”

“Might as well make it unanimous,” said Cordelia. “If Xander couldn’t be charged with at least statutory rape, my father just might offer to take you bird hunting and ‘accidentally’ shoot off your bird for violating his Princess.”

Xander and Giles both winced at the imagery, as did Willow and Jenny in sympathy.

“The only problem with not telling my parents who the father is, is that they might ship me away from Sunnydale before I start showing to avoid a scandal once they accept that I won’t abort,” she continued. “Ready made excuses not withstanding, I’m not even sure that even if other couples got groiny last night and there is a mini-population explosion in nine months that they would be less inclined to do anything different.”

“I hadn’t thought of that possibility,” said Willow. “I mean, me being sent away from Sunnydale. With all the conferences and lectures my parents are involved with, they’re rarely home any more. My being pregnant is going to have them not wanting me to be alone. I doubt they’d have me travel with them, so I’d almost certainly be shipped off to some relative somewhere. I could try to talk them into having some relative come here to stay with me instead, but I’m not sure I want to put whoever it might be in danger either.”

Xander was stunned at the thought that Willow, and even Cordelia, might have to move away. How could he help them through this if they weren’t around?

Giles spoke up, “Although your assistance in researching would be missed, being away from the Hellmouth during your pregnancy might not be a bad thing. Although you can encounter vampires and demons most anywhere in the world, your odds of such an encounter would be far less than what they would be if you remain here. I could even use my Council contacts to provide me with an assessment of the threat level you might face once your new location was known. Assuming, of course, that you are indeed sent away.”

The last was said after he’d seen Xander’s unhappy expression.

Jenny also saw the sadness in Xander’s face about the possibility of the girls being sent away, and said, “It’s good to voice these possibilities now, so we can help you all prepare for whatever the next few months will bring and so that you can cope and do what is best for your children and yourselves. So, in that vein, is there anything else you want to discuss?”

Silence reigned as everybody, adults included, racked their brains for any topic that might need to be talked about that hadn’t already covered their immediate concerns.

Finally Xander asked, “Could the ‘Rage’ that Buffy says she feels be affecting her judgment?”

Before anyone else could say anything, Cordelia snarked in, “God, I hope our child isn’t as dense as you! What you really want to know is why she took the ‘Pill’. And that’s simple enough that even you should have been able to figure out that it was because the spell told her she wasn’t pregnant.”

Seeing his confused expression, she continued, “By taking the ‘Pill,’ she saved herself from having to re-face the choice of ‘The World or her Child’. And from what Willow and I saw of her attitude last night, The World would lose.”

Seeing Xander was still clueless, Jenny jumped into the conversation to say, “Xander, if Buffy had been pregnant, would you have wanted her to continue her Slaying?”

“Of course not! It would endanger the baby.”

“So, if she doesn’t Slay, what do you think will happen?” asked the Computer Teacher.

Willow meekly spoke up before he could think of an answer. “Xander, since Buffy came to town, the number of dead and missing people has dropped 38% and is still going down. If Buffy doesn’t Slay, that number goes back up.”

“Buffy knows this as well,” said Jenny. “She admitted it during our talk. I could tell the thought of people dying if she were pregnant disturbed her greatly, but she would probably allow it to keep her child safe.”

Suddenly, Xander stiffened and paled as images from his nightmare came to the forefront of his mind. The gruesome images were actually overshadowed by the point specter-Buffy had made about the Council actions for dealing with a non-slaying Slayer. In his dream, Giles had protected Buffy’s secret from the Council but Xander realized it was because that’s how he perceived the man. With the numbers Willow had quoted, it might have been impossible to cover up any resurgence to pre-Buffy levels.

“Xander, are you alright?” asked Willow gently.

“No,” he replied. “Not really. I -- I had a nightmare last night after I fell asleep in the closet of the computer classroom. It was about what happened to you guys if I had skipped town like I thought about doing.”

“I knew it!” interjected Cordelia. “I knew he thought about heading for China.”

“Actually, in the first waves of fear and panic, I was hoping for a space ship heading for a different planet altogether,” said Xander a bit ashamedly. “However, I couldn’t bring myself to abandon you guys. Whether you hated me for what happened or not, I couldn’t leave you to face this alone. I don’t want to be that type of guy. Especially after my nightmare showed just how bad it could get if I did. It wasn't pretty, but it does help me understand that Buffy did do the right thing by taking the ‘Pill’ when she found she wasn’t pregnant. What I still don’t understand is why she said ‘Shit,’ if spell showed she wasn’t pregnant.”

“That’s also obvious, Doofus,” Cordelia said as she mentally decided to hire tutors if need be to ensure her child would be more like her than Xander when it came to seeing the obvious.

“A part of her wanted to be pregnant. She’d already made up her mind to protect her child from any and all comers. After putting such a large emotional investment into that mindset, it was a let down when it wasn’t true," she pointed out.

"Another sacrifice of something normal to her calling. The loss of a tangible legacy other than just notes in a dusty Watcher’s Diary.”

The other four in the room were a bit shocked at Cordelia’s insight, but all agreed it sounded reasonable. They were also shocked at the tone she’d used when saying the last two sentences. There was a lot of sadness in that tone that might indicate she truly believed Buffy was getting a raw deal.

Of course, no one was more surprised about this than Cordelia herself, though she didn’t let that surprise show in her expression. She had a certain reputation to uphold after all.

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